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Christie Golden - World ​of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth: The Eastern Kingdoms
For ​over a quarter of a century, Warcraft and World of Warcraft players have been treated to a treasure trove of artifacts, gear, weaponry, and trinkets of both awe and amusement. Now players can get an in-depth look at the items they have collected...and the fearsome powers they hold. From the shining towers of Silvermoon to the sulfurous Blackrock Mountain to the white stone castles of Stormwind, the Eastern Kingdoms are vast and full of wonder. Every corner of the majestic isle contains countless stories, treasures, and more than a few secrets that some would prefer stay buried. Follow Spymaster Mathias Shaw and Captain Flynn Fairwind on an expedition across the Eastern Kingdoms for king and country as they chronicle its history and catalog the weapons, armor, and powers untold that are scattered across this sprawling dominion. Penned by New York Times bestselling author and Blizzard Entertainment writer Christie Golden, Exploring Azeroth: The Eastern Kingdoms is your first step on a truly remarkable journey across the beloved lands of Azeroth.

Christie Golden - Warcraft ​- Durotan (angol)
An ​original tale of survival, conflict and magic that leads directly into the events of the eagerly-anticipated blockbuster movie. In the realm of Azeroth, the strong and fiercely independent Frostwolf Clan are faced with increasingly harsh winters and thinning herds. When Gul'dan, a mysterious outsider, arrives in Frostfire Ridge offering word of new hunting lands, Durotan, the Clan's chieftain, must make an impossible decision: Abandon the territory, pride and traditions of his people, or lead them into the unknown.

Christie Golden - Devils' ​Due
The ​year is 2494. Almost five years ago, Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay were members of the Heaven’s Devils, an elite Confederate marine unit praised for its nerves of steel and combat expertise. After making a stand against their corrupt commanding officer, the two men were forced to go AWOL or risk being unjustly prosecuted and resocialized. Now, Raynor and Findlay are outlaws hounded by an unyielding interstellar marshal. Life, however, has never been better. Each day is another chance to pilfer more credits from the Confederacy’s deep coffers. Each night holds the promise of spending their hard-earned profits in bars, brothels, and gambling halls. But a man can only run so far before the law—and his past—catch up with him. . . . Devils’ Due recounts an unforgettable period of Jim Raynor’s life as he descends into the Koprulu sector’s criminal underworld alongside the street-savvy Findlay. Here, far from his humble upbringing on the fringe world of Shiloh, Raynor will face some of the most trying challenges of his life. The decisions he makes will alter his destiny forever and put his father’s oft-spoken wisdom, “A man is what he chooses to be,” to the ultimate test.

Christie Golden - Battlefront ​II: Inferno osztag
A ​Halálcsillag terveinek szégyenletes ellopása, s az űrállomás megsemmisítése után a Birodalom védekezésre kényszerül. De nem sokáig... A megtorlások sorát egy elit katonákból álló alakulat, az Inferno osztag kezdi meg, mely azt kapja feladatául, hogy kutassa fel és semmisítse meg a legendás Saw Gerrera szabadságharcosainak maradékát. Ezek a fanatikus ellenállók továbbra is egykori vezérük szellemiségét követve vívják harcukat a Birodalommal, s ebben a küzdelemben számukra semmilyen ár nem lehet túl magas, és semmilyen veszteség sem elviselhetetlen. Az Inferno osztag tagjai beépülnek közéjük, hogy belülről bomlasszák szét az árnyak közt tevékenykedő szervezetet. S miközben versenyt futnak az idővel, a küldetésük is egyre veszélyesebbé válik: akár egyetlen rossz lépés is végzetes lehet. A kérdés csupán az, hogy meddig mehet el az Inferno osztag, hogy megóvja a Birodalmat?

Christie Golden - Warcraft ​- Le Chef de la rebellion
Dans ​le passé, le monde d'Azeroth regorgeait de créatures merveilleuses de toutes sortes. Des elfes mystérieux et des nains intrépides vivaient aux côtés des hommes dans une paix et une harmonie relatives - jusqu'à l'arrivée d'une armée démoniaque, la Légion du feu, qui fit définitivement voler en éclats la tranquillité de ce monde. Désormais, les orcs, les dragons, les gobelins, et les trolls combattent pour asseoir leur suprématie sur les royaumes éparpillés de Warcraft. Esclave. Gladiateur. Shaman. Chef de guerre. L'énigmatique orc connu sous le nom de Thrall a joué tous ces rôles. Élevé par de cruels maîtres humains qui cherchaient à le modeler en parfait pion, Thrall a été conduit, à la fois par sa nature sauvage et par une intelligence particulièrement acérée, à poursuivre une destinée qu'il commence seulement à entrevoir. Briser sa condition d'esclave et redécouvrir les traditions ancestrales des siens. Le récit tumultueux de son parcours initiatique - une saga d'honneur, de haine et d'espoir peut enfin être révélé...

Christie Golden - Twilight
After ​the seeming defeat of the dark archon Ulrezaj on the protoss homeworld of Aiur, Jake and Rosemary become separated as they flee through the newly repaired warp gate. Rosemary finds herself with the other refugee protoss on Shakuras, while Jake is catapulted elsewhere. But Jake does not have long to live: their enemies are regrouping, and Zamara’s essence must be separated from Jake’s mind before time runs out. Jake knows he must survive long enough for Zamara to pass on her vital secret. But which faction—Valerian, zerg, or the recovered and increasingly powerful Ulrezaj—will find them first? His only hope rests with the powerful and legendary Zeratul, but as Jake is about to learn…even a dark templar can have a crisis of faith.

Christie Golden - War ​Crimes
THE ​BRUTAL SIEGE OF ORGRIMMAR IS OVER. Alliance and Horde forces have stripped Garrosh Hellscream, one of the most reviled figures on Azeroth, of his title as warchief. His thirst for conquest devastated cities, nearly tore the Horde apart, and destroyed countless lives throughout the... WORLD OF WARCRAFT Now, on the legendary continent of Pandaria, he will stand trial for his transgressions. Renowned leaders from across the world have gathered to witness this historic event. As the trial unfolds, agents of the bronze dragonflight present shocking visions of Garrosh's atrocities. For many of those in attendance, these glimpses into history force them to relive painful memories and even question their own innocence or guilt. For others, the chilling details stoke the flames of their hatred. Unbeknownst to anyone, shadowy forces are at work on Azeroth, threatening not only the court's ability to mete out justice…but also the lives of everyone at the trial.

Christie Golden - Thrall: ​Twilight of the Aspects
When ​Azeroth was young, the noble titans appointed the five great dragonflights to safeguard the budding world. Each of the flights' leaders was imbued with a portion of the titans' vast cosmic powers. Together, these majestic Dragon Aspects committed themselves to thwarting any force that threatened the safety of the WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Over ten thousand years ago, a betrayal by the maddened black Dragon Aspect, Deathwing, shattered the strength and unity of the dragonflights. His most recent assault on Azeroth--the Cataclysm--has left the world in turmoil. At the Maelstrom, the center of Azeroth's instability, former Horde warchief Thrall and other accomplished shaman struggle to keep the world from tearing apart in the wake of Deathwing's attack. Yet a battle also rages within Thrall regarding his new life in the shamanic Earthen Ring, hampering his normally unparalleled abilities. Unable to focus on his duties, Thrall undertakes a seemingly menial task from an unexpected source: the mysterious green Dragon Aspect, Ysera. This humble endeavor soon becomes a journey spanning the lands of Azeroth and the timeways of history itself, bringing Thrall into contact with ancient dragonflights. Divided by conflict and mistrust, these dragons have become easy prey to a horrific new weapon unleashed by Deathwing's servants . . . a living nightmare engineered to exterminate Azeroth's winged guardians. Of even greater concern is a bleak and terrifying possible future glimpsed by Ysera: the Hour of Twilight. Before this apocalyptic vision comes to pass, Thrall must purge his own doubts in order to discover his purpose in the world and aid Azeroth's dragonflights as they face the Twilight of the Aspects.

Christie Golden - Valerian ​és az ezer bolygó városa
A ​28. században Valerian (Dane DeHaan) és Laureline (Cara Delevingne) feladata a jog és a rend fenntartása az univerzum emberlakta területein. A védelmi miniszter megbízásából a két téridőügynök az Alfára utazik - arra a szüntelen növekvő és fejlődő űrállomásra, amelyhez évszázadokon keresztül százával csatlakoztak a földönkívüli lények, hogy megosszák egymással tudásukat, ismereteiket és megismerjék egymás kultúráját. De az Alfa szívében titokzatos, sötét erő szunnyad, amely kitörni készül és puszta létében fenyegeti a békeszerető lények harmonikus együttműködésének csodálatos szimbólumává vált űrállomást, ismertebb nevén az Ezer Bolygó Városát. Valerian és Laureline versenyt futnak az idővel, hogy fényt derítsenek a rejtélyre és megóvják a pusztulástól az Alfát, s ezzel megmentsék az egész világegyetem jövőjét.

Christie Golden - Rise ​of the Horde
Though ​the young Warchief Thrall ended the demon curse that had plagued his people for generations, the orcs still wrestle with the sins of their bloody past. As the rampaging Horde, they waged a number of devastating wars against their perennial enemy -- the Alliance. Yet the rage and bloodlust that drove the orcs to destroy everything in their path nearly consumed them as well. Long ago, on the idyllic world of Draenor, the noble orc clans lived in relative peace with their enigmatic neighbors, the draenei. But the nefarious agents of the Burning Legion had other plans for both of the unsuspecting races. The demon-lord Kil'jaeden set in motion a dark chain of events that would succeed not only in eradicating the draenei, but forging the orc clans into an single, unstoppable juggernaut of hatred and destruction.

Christie Golden - The ​Enemy Within
Sir ​Tristan Hiregaard of Nova Vaasa appears outwardly to be a kind nobleman who would never harm anyone. But his sinister alter-ego, the evil crimelord Malken, finds no act too base when it comes to extending his vast criminal empire.

Christie Golden - A ​klánok ura
A ​véres háború után, amikor a tündéknek, törpöknek és az embereknek sikerült visszaverniük az orkok, sárkányok, goblinok és trollok seregeit, az egykori diadalmas légiónak már csak maradványai léteznek. Az orkok kisebb csapatai ugyan még nem adták fel a harcot, de többségük az emberek által ellenőrzött fogolytáborokban tengeti életét. A titokzatos ork, akinek emberek a Delej nevet adták, csecsemőkora óta az ellenség városában nevelkedik. Kegyetlen ura annak idején harcolt az orkok ellen, most viszont saját fajtájának leigázására készül. Ördögi tervéhez Delejt is fel akarja használni, ám számításaiba némi hiba csúszik. Delej szétzúzza láncait, és elindul, hogy megkeresse az övéit, a klánját. Két világ között őrlődve próbálja megtalálni helyét és végül sikerrel jár: rabszolgából először gladiátor, majd sámán válik, végül ő lesz a klánok ura. A becsület, barátság, szeretet és gyűlölet sagája, egy ork igaz életének története.

Christie Golden - Assassin's ​Creed IV Black Flag: Blackbeard - The Lost Journal
Few ​moments in history have proven as timelessly fascinating as the lawless Golden Age of Piracy, which was largely played out in the Caribbean of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Blackbeard one of the most fearsome captains to sail the seas in this time of rebellion, fortune, intrigue, and adventure is the latest historical figure to take centre stage in the Assassin s Creed® franchise. Thoughtfully crafted to resemble Blackbeard's personal logbook, this illustrated journal delivers a unique insider's view into the world of the game through fascinating entries that provide a firsthand account of the day-to-day lives of the characters. This one-of-a-kind graphic novel featuring beautifully etched illustrations and portraits, wanted posters, detailed ship's logs and maps, newspaper clippings, letters of marque, and more brings the bold world of Blackbeard strikingly to life.

Christie Golden - Arthas
His ​evil is legend. Lord of the undead Scourge, wielder of the runeblade Frostmourne, and enemy of the free peoples of Azeroth. The Lich King is an entity of incalculable power and unparalleled malice -- his icy soul utterly consumed by his plans to destroy all life on the World of Warcraft. But it was not always so. Long before his soul was fused with that of the orc shaman Ner'zhul, the Lich King was Arthas Menethil, crown prince of Lordaeron and faithful paladin of the Silver Hand. When a plague of undeath threatened all that he loved, Arthas was driven to pursue an ill-fated quest for a runeblade powerful enough to save his homeland. Yet the object of his search would exact a heavy price from its new master, beginning a horrifying descent into damnation. Arthas's path would lead him through the arctic northern wastes toward the Frozen Throne, where he would face, at long last, the darkest of destinies.

Christie Golden - A ​ködök vámpírja
Napcsillag ​Jander különleges vámpír: az egykori elf rejtélyes módon megőrizte mindazon tulajdonságait, amelyek életében jellemezték. Vámpírlétének kínjait azonban csak szerelme – egy tébolydában őrzött lány – ápolása enyhíti. Mikor Anna furcsa körülmények között meghal, Jander bosszút esküszik. Bosszúvágyát azonban kihasználják a sötétség erői: az elf vámpírt Baroviába ragadja Ravenloft köde, ahol egy másik vámpírral, a nagy hatalmú Strahd von Zarovich gróffal kell megmérkőznie.

Christie Golden - Flashpoint
“Jim, ​I know what I did. I remember. Billions dead . . . because of me!” “That was not you,” Jim said firmly. “That was the Queen of Blades. What they made you into. You’re back to being Sarah again. And we’re together now. So just hush, honey.” He had put off touching the strange tentacles that adorned her head in place of hair. Everything else was so human, so much the woman he remembered, but that. . . . Now he did so, keeping her fingers entwined with his as he reached with his other hand to gently stroke back the spiny protuberances. He steeled himself for the contact. To his surprise, they felt warm beneath his touch, like skin. Like Sarah’s skin. And any hesitation he’d had about still loving her—hesitation he had pushed down so deep into his soul that he himself hadn’t been aware of it untilright now—vanished like a bad dream. But the touch didn’t comfort her. She turned her head, trying to pull away. Respecting her needs, Jim withdrew his hand. “It doesn’t matter. Sarah Kerrigan, Queen of Blades . . . you don’t understand,” she murmured. “Maybe you can never understand. I’ve always been a destroyer of things. Anything I touch, anything I care about . . . that’s why they picked me, Jim. Because I’m a destroyer of things. . . .” She closed her eyes and slipped into unconsciousness. Jim sat back, trying to sort out what she had said. How much of it was real, and how much was the pain talking? And despite what he had told Sarah—despite what he kept telling himself—he couldn’t help but wonder how much of the massacre of billions had been only the Queen of Blades . . . and how much had been Sarah Kerrigan. *** The Queen of Blades has fallen. The sinister zerg leader no longer commands her legions of bloodthirsty aliens against the humans of the Koprulu sector, all thanks to the combined courage and tenacity of Jim Raynor, General Horace Warfield, and a mismatched team of Dominion soldiers and outlaw rebels. Although the queen is no more, Sarah Kerrigan is very much alive. The woman who once controlled countless alien minds in a rampage across the stars has been spirited away by the man who dethroned her. Now Arcturus Mengsk’s Dominion armada is on her heels, roaring for blood. Jim Raynor will need to test his strength, his wit, and his loyalties against impossible odds to protect the woman he loves. StarCraft II: Flashpoint bridges the events that take place in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and the upcoming StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Featuring never-before-seen glimpses into Jim Raynor’s and Sarah Kerrigan’s past, this novel opens a window into a world of passion, action, and adventure.

Christie Golden - Assassin's ​Creed - Hivatalos filmregény
A ​SÖTÉTBEN MUNKÁLKODVA SZOLGÁLJUK A FÉNYT. ORGYILKOSOK VAGYUNK. Callum Lynch nem jó ember. A halálsoron várja kivégzését, amikor váratlanul új esélyt kap az Abstergo iparvállalattól: amíg nekik dolgozik egy titkos kutatóbázison, életben hagyják. Egy a genetikai emlékezetet előhívó forradalmi technológiának, az Animusnak köszönhetően Callum Lynch a cég megbízásából átéli ősének, Aguilar de Nerhának a XV. századi Spanyolországban végbement kalandjait. Callum a régmúlt újraélése közben rádöbben, hogy egy rejtélyes titkos társaság, az orgyilkosok tagjainak leszármazottja. Saját kíváncsiságától hajtva igyekszik felgöngyölíteni a rejtélyeket, amelyekkel szembesül Aguilar életén keresztül, és mérhetetlen tudásra tesz szert. A jelenbe visszatérve minden újdonsült képességére szüksége lesz, hogy szembeszállhasson az orgyilkosok ősellenségével, a nagyhatalmú és elnyomó Templomos Renddel. Callum Lynch ugyan nem jó ember, de azok, akik megmentették és ősei titka után kutatnak, mindennél rosszabbak.

Christie Golden - Firstborn
Jake ​Ramsey, an archaeologist, investigates a recently unearthed Xel'Naga temple on the world of Nemaka, only to discover a dying Protoss mystic. His identity begins to drown within the flood of alien memories, which grant to him the Protoss species' total history. Ramsey soon realizes that he has stumbled upon a secret so cataclysmic that it will shake the very foundations of the universe. FIRSTBORN An original tale of space warfare based on the bestselling computer game series from Blizzard Entertainment.

Christie Golden - The ​Shattering
Thrall, ​wise shaman and the warchief of the Horde, has sensed a disturbing change . . . Long ago, Azeroth’s destructive native elementals raged across the world until the benevolent titans imprisoned them within the Elemental Plane. Despite the titans’ intervention, many elementals have ended up back on Azeroth. Over the ages, shaman like Thrall have communed with these spirits and, through patience and dedication, learned to soothe roaring infernos, bring rain to sun-scorched lands, and otherwise temper the elementals’ ruinous influence on the world of Azeroth.Now Thrall has discovered that the elementals no longer heed the shaman’s call. The link shared with these spirits has grown thin and frayed, as if Azeroth itself were under great duress. While Thrall seeks answers to what ails the confused elements, he also wrestles with the orcs’ precarious future as his people face dwindling supplies and growing hostility with their night elf neighbors.Meanwhile, King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind is considering violent action in response to mounting tensions between the Alliance and the Horde, a hard-line approach that threatens to alienate those closest to him, including his son, Anduin. The conflicted young prince has set out to find his own path, but in doing so, he risks becoming entangled in political instability that is setting the world on edge.The fate of Azeroth’s great races is shrouded in a fog of uncertainty, and the erratic behavior of the elemental spirits, troubling though it is, may only be the first ominous warning sign of the cataclysm to come.

Richard A. Knaak - Christie Golden - Jeff Grubb - Chris Metzen - WarCraft ​Archive
In ​the mist-shrouded haze of past, the world of Azeroth teemed with wonders of every kind. Magical races and ancient beasts strode alongside the tribes of man -- until the arrival of the demonic Burning Legion and its baneful lord, Sargeras. Now dragons, elves, orcs, and dwarves all vie for supremacy across their scarred, war-torn kingdoms -- all part of a grand, malevolent scheme to determine the fate of the world of... WARCRAFT DAY OF THE DRAGON: A terrifying upheaval among the highest ranks of the world's Wizards sends the maverick Mage, Rhonin, on a perilous journey into the Orc-controlled lands of Khaz Modan. What Rhonin uncovers is a vast, far-reaching conspiracy, darker than anything he ever imagined -- a threat that will force him into a dangerous alliance with ancient creatures of air and fire if the world of Azeroth is to see another dawn. LORD OF THE CLANS: Slave and Gladiator. Shaman and Warchief. The enigmatic Orc known as Thrall has been all of these. Raised from infancy by cruel human masters who sought to mold him into their perfect pawn, Thrall was driven by both the savagery in his heart and the cunning of his upbringing to pursue a destiny he was only beginning to understand -- to break his bondage and rediscover the ancient traditions of his people. Now the tumultuous tale of his life's journey -- a saga of honor, hatred, and hope -- can at last be told. THE LAST GUARDIAN: The Guardians of Tirisfal were a line of champions imbued with godlike powers, each one through the ages charged with fighting a lonely secret war against the Burning Legion. Medivh was fated from birth to become the greatest and most powerful of this noble order. But from the beginning a darkness tainted him, corrupting his soul and turning to evil the powers that should have fought for good. Medivh's struggle against the malice within him became one with the fate of Azeroth itself...and changed the world forever. OF BLOOD AND HONOR: The paladin Tirion Fordring had always believed the Orcs were vile and corrupt, but an unexpected act of honor and compassion sets in motion a chain of events that will challenge his most fundamental beliefs and force him to decide, once and for all, who are the men...and who are the monsters.

Aaron Rosenberg - Christie Golden - Beyond ​the Dark Portal
The ​aging orc shaman Ner'zhul has seized control of the Horde and reopened the Dark Portal. His brutal warriors once again encroach upon Azeroth, laying siege to the newly constructed stronghold of Nethergarde Keep. There, the archmage Khadgar and the Alliance commander, Turalyon, lead humanity and its elven and dwarven allies in fighting this new invasion. Even so, disturbing questions arise. Khadgar learns of orcish incursions farther abroad: small groups of orcs who seem to pursue a goal other than simple conquest. Worse yet, black dragons have been sighted as well, and they appear to be aiding the orcs. To counter Ner'zhul's dark schemes, the Alliance must now invade the orcs' ruined homeworld of Draenor. Can Khadgar and his companions stop the nefarious shaman in time to stave off the destruction of two worlds?

Christie Golden - Warcraft ​- A kezdetek
Azeroth-ra, ​a békés birodalomra a háború réme leselkedik. Lakói félelmetes betolakodókkal kerülnek szembe: ork harcosokkal, akik menekülnek pusztuló földjükről, hogy megszálljanak egy másikat. Mialatt mindkét fajt a megsemmisülés veszélye fenyegeti, megnyílik egy átjáró, ami összeköti a világaikat. Mindkét oldalon felbukkan egy hős, aki meg fogja határozni családja, otthona és népe sorsát. Így kezdődik a hatalomról és önfeláldozásról szóló saga, amelyben a háborúnak sok arca van, és amelyben mindenki küzd valamiért...

Christie Golden - Assassin's ​Creed - Heresy
From ​New York Times bestselling author Christie Golden comes an original story set in the universe of _Assassin’s Creed_. Reliving the memories of his ancestor who fought beside Joan of Arc, high-ranking Templar Simon Hathaway slowly uncovers secrets of the past that could dangerously impact his present…and that of the entire Templar order. _An endless conflict. An old wrong. A new revelation._ Simon Hathaway, member of the Templar Inner Sanctum, brings a cool head and detached manner to his new role as Head of Abstergo Industry’s Historical Research Division. But Simon also has an insatiable curiosity, and is fascinated by the thought of experiencing history first-hand through his ancestor--Gabriel Laxart, who fought alongside the legendary Joan of Arc. When he enters the newly-designed Animus for its initial project, Simon finds himself unprepared for what he discovers: How deep the conflict between the Templars and the Assassins goes. What Gabriel will do for the woman he both loves and reveres. And the most dangerous truth of all: Who is the heretic…and who is the true believer.

Christie Golden - Jeff Grubb - Aaron Rosenberg - Chronicles ​of War
Over ​the eons, an endless struggle between the forces of order and chaos has shaped the world of Azeroth and its inhabitants. The orcish Horde’s violent invasion of the Eastern Kingdoms stands as one of history’s most tumultuous periods. Through the Burning Legion’s demonic machinations, the once-noble orcs were transformed into a nearly unstoppable foe and let loose upon Azeroth’s unsuspecting denizens. Yet even in the face of the Horde’s unparalleled fury, brave heroes risked everything to rise up in defense of the... WORLD OF WARCRAFT Rise of the Horde Before the savage orcs began their rampage across Azeroth, they were a proud shamanic race native to the world of Draenor. The cunning demon Kil’jaeden saw lethal potential in the clan-based orcs, and thus he set about molding them into the Horde—a single, brutal force driven by an all-consuming thirst for destruction. But the foul demonic magic that granted the Horde its immense strength began consuming the orcs from within, ultimately threatening to destroy everything that they once were. The Last Guardian Long ago a group of magi known as the Council of Tirisfal was formed to fight a secret war against the sinister demons of the Burning Legion. To this end, the council imbued a single champion with enormous power to act as the world’s guardian. Medivh was one such Guardian of Tirisfal, and he was expected to be the greatest who had ever lived. Yet he was destined to follow a much darker path. From birth a mysterious evil had tainted the core of his being, and his subsequent struggle against the darkness within himself would precipitate the orcish Horde’s invasion of Azeroth . . . and change the world forever. Tides of Darkness During the First War, the orcish Horde laid waste to the once-great human kingdom of Stormwind. From the ashes of this terrible defeat, however, hope emerged. Anduin Lothar, Champion of Stormwind, rallied the survivors of his ruined homeland and valiantly led them to Lordaeron in the hopes of uniting the human nations into a mighty Alliance that could stand against the Horde and its ruthless new leader, Orgrim Doomhammer. Yet as formidable as Lothar believed the Alliance would be, many humans feared that no force would ever be capable of stopping the Horde’s merciless onslaught. Beyond the Dark Portal In the aftermath of the Second War between orcs and humans, the Dark Portal, a gateway connecting Azeroth to Draenor, was destroyed. The orcs, however, did not abandon their lust for war. Led by the mysterious orc shaman Ner’zhul, a fresh wave of Horde fighters flooded into Azeroth. Even more unsettling was that small bands of orcs intent on something other than mere conquest began scouring Azeroth for powerful artifacts desired by their sinister leader. To counter the Horde’s dark schemes, only one option remained for the Alliance: a suicide mission into the orcs’ ruined homeworld of Draenor.

Christie Golden - Jaina ​Proudmoore: Tides of War
The ​ashes of the Cataclysm have settled across Azeroth’s disparate kingdoms. As the broken world recovers from the disaster, the renowned sorceress Lady Jaina Proudmoore continues her long struggle to mend relations between the Horde and the Alliance. Yet of late, escalating tensions have pushed the two factions closer to open war, threatening to destroy what little stability remains in the . . . Dark news arrives in Jaina’s beloved city, Theramore. One of the blue dragonflight’s most powerful artifacts—the Focusing Iris—has been stolen. To unravel the item’s mysterious whereabouts, Jaina works with the former blue Dragon Aspect Kalecgos. The two brilliant heroes forge an unlikely bond during their investigation, but another disastrous turn of events looms on the horizon. . . . Garrosh Hellscream is mustering the Horde’s armies for an all-out invasion of Theramore. Despite mounting dissent within his faction, the brazen warchief aims to usher in a new era of Horde domination. His thirst for conquest leads him to take brutal measures against anyone who dares question his leadership. Alliance forces converge on Theramore to repel the Horde onslaught, but the brave defenders are unprepared for the true scope of Garrosh’s cunning and deceptive strategy. His attack will irrevocably transform Jaina, engulfing the ardent peacekeeper in the chaotic and all-consuming . . . TIDES OF WAR

Christie Golden - Assassin's ​Creed - Eretnekség
Végtelen ​összecsapás. Ősi bűn. Új felfedezés. Simon, mint a templomosok Belső Szentélyének tagja hideg fejjel és a szokott gyakorlatias hozzáállásával lát munkához az Abstergo Industry történelemkutatási részlegének új vezetőjeként. Azonban csillapíthatatlan kíváncsiságának köszönhetően magával ragadja a lehetőség, hogy őse, a legendás Jeanne d’Arc mellett harcoló Gabriel Laxaart emlékein keresztül első kézből tapasztalja meg a történelmet. Amikor első projektje részeként belép egy újonnan tervezett Animusba, meglepő tényekre bukkan arról, hogy milyen mélyen húzódik a templomosok és az orgyilkosok közötti konfliktus, és hogy mi mindenre képes Gabriel a nőért, akit egyszerre szeret és csodál. És köztük a legveszélyesebb igazságra: Hogy ki az eretnek… és ki az igazhitű. Új, az Assassin’s Creed univerzumában játszódó történet a _New York Times_ bestsellerszerzőjétől, Christie Goldentől! A magas rangú templomos, Simon Hathaway miközben egy Jeanne d’Arc oldalán harcoló őse emlékeit éli újra, lassanként a múlt olyan titkaira bukkan, amelyek veszélyes következményekkel járhatnak… nem csak rá, hanem az egész Templomos Rendre nézve.

Christie Golden - Ascension
THE ​GALAXY STANDS LEADERLESS. CAN THE JEDI SAVE IT—OR WILL THEIR ENEMIES ENSLAVE IT? The toppling of ruthless Natasi Daala has left a political vacuum on Coruscant and ignited a power struggle between opposing factions racing to claim control of the Galactic Alliance. Surrounded by hidden agendas, treacherous conspiracies, and covert Sith agents, the Jedi Order must keep the government from collapsing into anarchy—while facing the combined threats of the resurgent Lost Sith Tribe, a deposed dictator bent on vengeance, and the enduring menace of Abeloth, the profoundly evil entity hungry to become a god. “[Christie] Golden’s excellent storytelling captures the essence of the beloved space opera and should leave series followers eagerly anticipating the story’s conclusion.”—Library Journal

Christie Golden - Dark ​Disciple
Based ​on unproduced scripts from the blockbuster TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars! The only way to bring down the dark side's most dangerous warrior may be for Jedi and Sith to join forces. In the war for control of the galaxy between the armies of the dark side and the Republic, former Jedi Master turned ruthless Sith Lord Count Dooku has grown ever more brutal in his tactics. Despite the powers of the Jedi and the military prowess of their clone army, the sheer number of fatalities is taking a terrible toll. And when Dooku orders the massacre of a flotilla of helpless refugees, the Jedi Council feels it has no choice but to take drastic action: targeting the man responsible for so many war atrocities, Count Dooku himself. But the ever-elusive Dooku is dangerous prey for even the most skilled hunter. So the Council makes the bold decision to bring both sides of the Force's power to bear—pairing brash Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos with infamous one-time Sith acolyte Asajj Ventress. Though Jedi distrust for the cunning killer who once served at Dooku's side still runs deep, Ventress's hatred for her former master runs deeper. She's more than willing to lend her copious talents as a bounty hunter—and assassin—to Vos's quest. Together, Ventress and Vos are the best hope for eliminating Dooku—as long as the emerging feelings between them don't compromise their mission. But Ventress is determined to have her retribution and at last let go of her dark Sith past. Balancing the complicated emotions she feels for Vos with the fury of her warrior's spirit, she resolves to claim victory on all fronts—a vow that will be mercilessly tested by her deadly enemy . . . and her own doubt.

Christie Golden - A ​Holtak Tánca
Larissa ​Snowmane boldogan, a külvilágtól szinte semmit sem tudva él a La Deoiselle du Musard fedélzetén. Ünnepelt táncosnő. Mindenki szereti, főként a hajó kapitánya, Raoul Dumont. Egy `félreértés` miatt azonban, hogy a titkosrendőrség csapdájából meneküljön, Dumont a Ködbe vezeti hajóját. Mikor kibukkan belőle, Souragne szigetén köt ki. S amikor a kapitány bűnei napvilágra kerülnek, Larissa inkább a félelmetes mocsárba menekül, semmint a kapitánnyal szembenézzen. De jobban járt volna, ha nem teszi, mert a mocsár poklában életre kelnek az elfeledettnek hitt gyermekkori rémálmok. Larissának pedig táncolnia kell - a legendás Holtak táncát - hogy megmenthesse lelkét... Ha a Ködbe veszel, nem térsz vissza, hogy elmondd mit láttál a túlsó parton. Körbevesz a sötétség és elborít a félelem, ahogy egyre beljebb haladsz Az Éj Szíve felé...

Christie Golden - Assassin's ​Creed IV Black Flag: Blackbeard - Das verschollene Logbuch
Ihr ​haltet ein bemerkenswertes Dokument in Händen. Das verschollene Logbuch des berüchtigten Piratenkapitäns Edward Thatch, auch bekannt als der legendäre Blackbeard. Mit Hilfe der außergewöhnlichen Talente eines jungen, künstlerisch begabten Matrosen, der ihm als Chronist diente, sorgte Edward Thatch dafür, dass seine Taten und Gedanken der Nachwelt erhalten bleiben. In diesem Buch ist alles gewissenhaft aufgezeichnet, in Thatchs eigenen Worten: von seiner Entscheidung, sich der Piraterie zu verschreiben, über seine brillant durchdachte Schöpfung des Blackbeard-Mythos und die kühne Seeblockade von Charlestown, South Carolina, bis hin zu seiner ungewöhnlichen Freundschaft zum »Gentleman-Piraten« Stede Bonnet. Eindrucksvolle Zeichnungen des Chronist dokumentieren nicht bloß den Alltag an Bord eines Piratenschiffs, sondern gleichermaßen entscheidende historische Augenblicke. Am wichtigsten jedoch ist womöglich, dass Thatchs Logbuch die Geschichte eines Mannes enthüllt, der Blackbeard in punkto wagemutiger Fluchten und schieren Schneids in nichts nachsteht - die Geschichte eines bislang unbekannten Piraten namens Edward Kenway.

Christie Golden - Warcraft ​- Durotan
Draenor ​világának vad és szabad orkjai mind hosszabb telekkel és mind soványabb zsákmánnyal kénytelenek szembenézni. Különös látogató érkezik ezen a zord órán a Dérfarkasok klánjához: Gul’Dan, a titokzatos vándor, aki új, vadban gazdag világot kínál az orkoknak. A törzs vezére, Durotan, élete legnehezebb döntésére kényszerül: hátrahagyhatják-e a hagyományt, a büszkeséget és az őseik földjét? Elvárhatja-e népétől, hogy vakon kövessék az ismeretlenbe? Ez a túlélésről, mágiáról és véres harcokról szóló történet vezet el a WarCraft: A kezdetek című filmhez.

Christie Golden - Shadow ​Hunters
Driven ​by the living memories of a long-dead Protoss mystic and hounded by the Queen of Blades' ravenous Zerg, archaeologist Jake Ramsey embarks on a perilous journey to reach the fabled Protoss homeworld of Aiur. Seeking a vital piece of Protoss technology, Jake finds that Aiur has been overrun by the Zerg. Descending into the shadowy labyrinths beneath the planet's surface, he must find the sacred crystal before time runs out -- for him...and the universe itself. Yet, what Jake discovers beneath Aiur is a horror beyond his wildest nightmares -- Ulrezaj -- an archon comprised of the seven most deadly and powerful Dark Templar in history...