Frank Miller könyvei a rukkolán

Frank Miller - The ​Complete Frank Miller Batman
The ​Complete Frank Miller Batman contains: Batman Year One, Wanted: Santa Claus Dead Or Alive and The Dark Knight Returns. With a new introduction by Richard Bruning, then DC design director. Batman Year One and The Dark Knight Returns are reprints of their trade paperbacks and not individual issues so they include the introductions to those volumes by Frank Miller and Alan Moore. Wanted: Santa Claus Dead Or Alive comes from DC Super Star Holiday Special 21.

Frank Miller - Xerxes
Frank ​Miller ismét visszatér a 300 világához! Xerxész perzsa király folytatja hódító útját, hogy megbosszulja atyja, Dareiosz vereségét és saját,Thermapülainál elszenvedett kudarcát. A világhódító uralkodó olyan birodalmat akar létrehozni, melyhez foghatót még senki sem látott, ám a nyakas görögök ezúttal sem adják olcsón szabadságukat... A Xerxész annak a 300-nak a folytatása, amely a kortárs képregény fenegyerekeként ismert író-rajzoló, Frank Miller klasszikus mestermunkája, és amely mind eredeti formájában, mint nagy költségvetésű hollywoodi filmadaptációként kirobbanó nemzetközi sikert aratott.

Frank Miller - Family ​Values
Frank ​Miller's first-ever original graphic novel is one of Sin City's nastiest yarns to date! Starring fan-favorite characters Dwight and Miho, this newly redesigned edition sports a brand-new cover by Miller, some of his first comics art in years! There's a kind of debt you can't ever pay off, not entirely. And that's the kind of debt Dwight owes Gail. The girls of Old Town have their own family values, their own laws, and when someone too dumb to know better breaks them, an example needs to be set. Dwight's got his own reasons for taking the job, and deadly little Miho . . . Miho likes to play with them a little first. With a new look generating more excitement than ever before, this third edition is the perfect way to attract a whole new generation of readers to Frank Miller's masterpiece!

Frank Miller - The ​Hard Goodbye
Sin ​City launched the long-running, critically acclaimed series of comics novels by Frank Miller. Having worked on some of the most important comic books in the 1980s, including Marvel Comics's Daredevil and the influential Batman graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, Miller was already a heavy-weight cartoonist, but he hit his stride with Sin City. It gave him the freedom that doesn't come when working on someone else's characters. While the art isn't as polished as in later books, it is in many ways the quintessential Sin City story: tough-guy Marv finds the girl of his dreams, an incredible beauty named Goldie. But when Goldie is murdered on their first night together, Marv scours the bars and back alleys of Sin City to find her killer in hopes of avenging her death.

Todd McFarlane - Alan Moore - Frank Miller - Neil Gaiman - Spawn ​Origins Collection 2.
Featuring ​the stories and artwork by Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane, that laid the groundwork for the most successful independent comic book ever published. Spawn Origins Volume 2 includes classic Spawn stories written by Alan Moore and Frank Miller, as well as the introduction of memorable characters into the Spawn universe. Collects Spawn #7-9 & #11-14.

Frank Miller - The ​Big Fat Kill
With ​The Big Fat Kill Frank Miller is at it again with another comics packed with guns, lovers, losers, and surprises. In Sin City's Old Town, the prostitutes run the show. "The cops stay out. That leaves the girls free to keep the pimps and the mob out." Sounds like an OK place, right? It is until a pushy, loud-mouthed guy who has had one too many drinks comes into Old Town and gets himself killed by the ladies. When they find out who he is, they realize that "it'll be war. The streets will run red with blood. Women's blood."

Frank Miller - The ​Complete Frank Miller Spider-Man
"Despite ​sharing the name of the grimy gunslinger hot to punch Gary Cooper's clock in High Noon, Frank Miller is one of the good guys. Heck, in the world of comic books, he's a bona fide hero, albeit one without a cape, utility belt, or gee-whiz subterranean lair." - Entertainment Weekly

Frank Miller - Hard ​Boiled
Carl ​Seltz is a suburban insurance investigator, a loving husband, and devoted father. Nixon is a berserk, homicidal tax collector racking up mind-boggling body counts in a diseased urban slaughterhouse. Unit Four is the ultimate robot killing machine - and the last hope of the future's enslaved mechanical servants. And they're all the same psychotic entity.

Frank Miller - Batman: ​The Dark Knight Returns
This ​masterpiece of modern comics storytelling brings to vivid life a dark world and an even darker man. Together with inker Klaus Janson and colorist Lynn Varley, writer/artist Frank Miller completely reinvents the legend of Batman in his saga of a near-future Gotham City gone to rot, ten years after the Dark Knight's retirement. Crime runs rampant in the streets, and the man who was Batman is still tortured by the memories of his parents' murders. As civil society crumbles around him, Bruce Wayne's long-suppressed vigilante side finally breaks free of its self-imposed shackles. The Dark Knight returns in a blaze of fury, taking on a whole new generation of criminals and matching their level of violence. He is soon joined by this generation's Robin — a girl named Carrie Kelley, who proves to be just as invaluable as her predecessors, But can Batman and Robin deal with the threat posed by their deadliest enemies, after years of incarceration have made them into perfect psychopaths? And more important, can anyone survive the coming fallout of an undeclared war between the superpowers — or a clash of what were once the world's greatest superheroes? Over fifteen years after its debut, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns remains an undisputed classic and one of the most influential stories ever told in the comics medium.

Frank Miller - David Mazzucchelli - Daredevil ​- Born Again
"And ​I -- I have shown him... that a man without hope is a man without fear." The definitive Daredevil tale! Karen Page, Matt Murdock's former lover, has traded away the Man Without Fear's secret identity for a drug fix. Now, Daredevil must find strength as the Kingpin of Crime wastes no time taking him down as low as a human can get. Collects Daredevil

Frank Miller - Bill Sienkiewicz - Elektra: ​Assassin
Elektra ​Natchios, usually referred to only by her first name Elektra, is a fictional character in publications from Marvel Comics. She is a kunoichi - female ninja assassin - of Greek descent. She wields a pair of bladed sai as her trademark weapon. She is a love interest of the superhero Daredevil, but her violent nature and mercenary lifestyle divide the two. She is one of Frank Miller's best-loved creations, and subsequent writers' use of her is controversial as Marvel had originally promised to not resurrect the character without Miller's permission. She has also appeared as a supporting character of the X-Men's Wolverine. According to Marvel Comics, Elektra is the world's most lethal woman and one of Marvel's most cold-blooded characters. She has killed more men than just about any other Marvel character while remaining one of the most popular heroines in the Marvel Universe.

Frank Miller - 300
Xerxész ​perzsa király hatalmas serege lépte alatt reng a föld a görög félszigeten, amely az ész és a szabadság utolsó reményét jelenti a miszticizmus és a zsarnokság tengerében. A pusztító hullámnak Leonidász király vezetésével maroknyi, alig háromszáz harcosból álló csapat készül gátat szabni Thermopülánál, a meleg források kapujánál. Csakhogy ők háromszázan nem csupán harcosok... hanem spártaiak.

Frank Miller - Sin ​City - A nagy mészárlás
Sin ​City. A bűn városa. Így emlegetik Basin Cityt, és nem alaptalanul... A világhírű kultképregény-sorozatnak ebben az újabb, önálló történetében Dwight McCarthy és régi ismerősei, az Óváros-beli lányok egy ártalmatlannak hitt csetepaté nyomán kiúttalannak tűnő helyzettel találják magukat szembe. De talán van menekvés a kegyetlen csapdából, talán létezik egy aprócska esély, hogy ismét helyreálljon a "rend". Ám ehhez még nagyon sok vérnek kell lefolynia Sin City utcáin.

Frank Miller - Batman: ​The Dark Knight Strikes Again
This ​revision of an iconic character, the sequel to Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, has been one of comics publishing's most anticipated events. As installments of the DK2 comic appeared, controversy mounted. Much sloppier and gaudier, the strip didn't really resemble Miller's earlier book, and in the wake of September 11, Miller's in-your-face confrontation with authority figures upset some readers. The collected book edition makes it easier to appreciate why he'd take such risks. Miller sees Batman as an extremist, pushed to the verge of insanity because he can't compromise his beliefs. In this continuation, he's convinced today's world is controlled by powers even crazier and more ego driven than he is. And he's right. Lex Luthor and Brainiac have imprisoned, enlisted or intimidated Earth's superheroes; but the only one they can't control is the hero with no super powers, just furious moral rage. Superman, the ultimate voice of reason, tries to calm Batman. Instead, all hell breaks loose, in pages full of bursting shapes, digitized Day-Glo colors and jagged continuity. Intense as the reading experience is, it's less disturbing than Batman's assault on the masters of America and their accomplices. Miller peppers the book with caricatures of current politicians and pundits rubbing shoulders with outrageously cartoonish goons as they defend a computer-generated president and the Freedom From Information Act. If the masters of power are engaging in terrorism, this work suggests, why shouldn't rebels use terror in return? But how does a successful rebel avoid becoming a fascist leader himself? These are the questions Miller asks in this serious, important comic, a work that's intentionally disturbing in many ways and on many levels.

Frank Miller - Hell ​and Back
Can ​anything be darker than noir? Try Frank Miller's Sin City series. The tasty Hell and Back features Wallace, a brooding artist with a decided talent for hurting people, and Esther, a stunningly beautiful actress accidentally mixed up in a slavery ring that extends far and deep enough to transcend the word conspiracy. The tale twists, turns, and backtracks, teasing the reader with hints of terror to come--until the explosive climax. Miller's art is exactly right for his words; he uses more black than white, and color only when appropriate. The chapter dealing with Wallace's drug hallucinations is beautiful, heartbreaking, and terrifying in turn. Readers interested in the human dark side should find out what fans of Sin City already know: Frank Miller has seen it and wants to share.

Brian Azzarello - Frank Miller - Batman: ​The Dark Knight: The Master Race
One ​of the most highly anticipated sequels of all-time is finally here in BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT: MASTER RACE! In 1986, Frank Miller introduced his iconic take on Batman and changed the face of comics forever. Now, three decades after BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Miller himself has returned with a third chapter to his groundbreaking saga. It’s been three years since the Batman defeated Lex Luthor and saved the world from tyranny. Three years since anyone has seen Gotham City’s guardian alive. Wonder Woman, Queen of the Amazons…Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern…Superman, the Man of Steel…all of the Dark Knight’s allies have retreated from the front lines of the war against injustice. But now a new war is beginning. An army of unimaginable power led by Superman’s own daughter is preparing to claim Earth as their new world. The only force that can stop this master race—Batman—is dead. Long live the new Batman… Collecting the full nine-issue miniseries and its mini-comic tie-in issues, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT: MASTER RACE features incredible artwork from comics icon Andy Kubert (FLASHPOINT), as well as Klaus Janson (THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS), John Romita Jr. (ALL-STAR BATMAN), Eduardo Risso (100 BULLETS) and Frank Miller himself!

Frank Miller - Big ​Damn Sin City
The ​biggest, baddest Sin City ever is here, just in time for fall’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For! This imposing volume, suitable for home defense, contains all seven of Frank Miller's landmark Sin City yarns! In these tales of Marv, Dwight, Gail, Miho, Hartigan, Nancy, and the Yellow Bastard, no corner of Basin City is left unturned, and no bloody deed is left undone. Written with unmatched intensity and drawn in the starkest black-and-white imaginable, with blood-red bits of color, among others, the Sin City books make up the greatest crime saga in comics history, and Big Damn Sin City is the best way to rediscover the whole darn shootin’ match!

Chris Claremont - Frank Miller - Rozsomák: ​Adósság és becsület
Rozsomák ​a világ legnépszerűbb és legveszélyesebb mutánsa, az X-Men tagja. Általában zárkózott, mogorva, ám egy korábbi kaland során találkozott a gyönyörű Marikóval, akivel egymásba szerettek. Mivel egy ideje nem kap hírt róla és a levelei felbontatlanul érkeznek viszsza, elutazik Japánba. Ott kellemetlen meglepetés éri: Singen nagyúr, Mariko apja egy becsületbeli adósságát rendezte azzal, hogy lányát férjhez kényszerítette egy üzlettársához. Rozsomákra megszégyenítő vereségek és kegyetlen ellenségek egész sora vár: rivális Jakuza-vezérek, nindzsák, a Kéz emberei és egy életveszélyes bérgyilkosnő.

Frank Miller - The ​Art of Sin City
Frank ​Miller’s Sin City has set the gold standard for crime comics, both for Miller’s unflinching stories and for his visceral, powerfully charged art. To honor the artist and his groundbreaking work, Dark Horse is proud to return Frank Miller: The Art of Sin City to print, now in an affordable softcover edition. An astonishing look into a master’s process, containing pieces both published and unpublished, and featuring items ranging from preliminary sketches to promotional images, this beautiful artistic showcase holds everything a Sin City fan, or connoisseur of fine art, could ever hope for.

Frank Miller - Batman ​- Year One
A ​new deluxe trade paperback edition of one of the most important and critically acclaimed Batman adventures ever, written by Frank Miller, author of The Dark Knight Returns! In addition to telling the entire dramatic story of Batman's first year fighting crime, this collection includes reproductions of original pencils, promotional art, script pages, unseen David Mazzucchelli Batman art and more!

Frank Miller - Batman: ​Az első év
És ​akkor elindult a légen át, kiterjesztett szárnyakkal, majd zuhanórepülésben, és a szárnyak egy ember testére erősített köpennyé váltak, melybe belekapott a szél.

Frank Miller - Sin ​City - Ölni tudnál érte
Sin ​City. Bűnváros, így csúfolják Basin Cityt. És nem alaptalanul... Diwght McCarthy valamikor menő fotós volt, de ma már kénytelen beérni azzal, hogy in flagranti képeket készít válóperes ügyekben. Annak, hogy ilyen mélyre süllyedt, egy nő volt az oka. Egy olyan nő, hogy ölni tudnál érte, ahogy barátja, Marv mondja. És ez a nő, Ava, most visszatér életébe.

Frank Miller - Booze, ​Broads, & Bullets
The ​Sin City graphic novels are among the most widely acclaimed comics in history, but Frank Miller is also a master of the quick and dirty yarn. Collected in this sixth volume of his crime-comic megahit are all of Miller's Sin City shorts and one-shots, newly redesigned with a brand-new cover by Miller, some of his first comics art in years! Collecting classics like "Just Another Saturday Night" and "Silent Night," both starring the iconic big lug with a condition, Marv; "The Customer Is Always Right," featured in the Sin City film; and "The Babe Wore Red," starring Sin City's most enduring hero, Dwight, Booze, Broads, and Bullets spans every kind of dark business you might encounter on a cold night in Basin City. It's sure to scratch your Sin City itch again and again, in just that way that makes you itch for more. With Miller and co-director Robert Rodriguez gearing up for Sin City 2, this third edition is being released at just the right time!

Frank Miller - A ​Dame to Kill For
Because ​of a shocking ending to the first Sin City book, many people wondered how successful Frank Miller could be with future tales of his no-holds-barred city noir. Enter Dwight McCarthy, a clean-living photographer who tries to avoid trouble because he knows what he's capable of. His tactics don't do him much good when a girl from his past (who he can't say no to) shows up and professes her love for him. When he finds out she's in way over her head, it looks as though trouble has found him. What's going to happen? You guessed it: people get hurt.

Todd McFarlane - Neil Gaiman - Alan Moore - Frank Miller - Spawn: ​Kezdetek 2.
A ​legendás író és rajzoló, Todd McFarlane a _Spawn_-sorozattal egy ikonikus antihőst szabadított a világra, és minden idők legsikeresebb független képregényfolyamát indította el. Spawn, az ivadék egyetlen más hőshöz sem hasonlítható. Al Simmons kormányzati ügynökkel a saját emberei végeztek. Feltámadva a pokol legmélyebb bugyraiból a Spawn nevű harcosként tér vissza a Földre, és őrzi New York elhagyott sikátorait. Saját múltját kutatva megküzd az őt feltámasztó sötét erőkkel, különös ellenségekkel találja szemben magát, és valószínűtlen szövetségesekre lel. Miközben megtanulja kordában tartani új szuperképességeit, lassanként teljességében megérti mindazt, ami visszahozta őt az élők sorába – és mindazt, amit maga mögött hagyott a Földön. A _Spawn: Kezdetek 2._ kötete azokat a történeteket és rajzokat tartalmazza, amelyek örök érvényű alkotássá tették a Spawnt. Benne rendkívül részletgazdag rajzokat és történeteket találhatunk az Ivadék megteremtőjétől, Todd McFarlane-től, valamint a műfaj olyan nagyságaitól, mint Alan Moore (_Watchmen, az őrzők_) és Frank Miller (_Sin City_). Ez a kötet nyolc, régóta nem kapható _Spawn_-történetet tartalmaz vadonatúj formátumban, amelyek közül az egyik most először olvasható magyar nyelven. A régi történetek mellett eredeti borítókban és a kulisszák mögé bepillantást nyújtó tartalomban gyönyörködhet az olvasó. A kötet elejére pedig egy klasszikus, erre az alkalomra újraálmodott és digitálisan felújított _Spawn_-borító került.

Frank Miller - That ​Yellow Bastard
In ​a Sin City short story, "The Babe Wore Red," Frank Miller deviated from his stark black-and-white artwork by adding tiny bits of color throughout the story. The girl's dress was red, her lips were red--you get the picture. In That Yellow Bastard, the fourth Sin City graphic novel, Miller's experiment with yellow ink is also a tremendous success. The setup is simple. On the last day before he retires, Hartigan, an old cop, gets a call about an 11-year-old girl who has been kidnapped by a lunatic. Hartigan has got just one more thing to do before he retires: save the girl. Saving her is the easy part, because Hartigan has uncovered something really bad that is not going to stop until it catches up with him. That Yellow Bastard is nerve-racking to the very end.

Frank Miller - Sin ​City - Családi értékek
Sin ​City – a bűn városa. Így emlegetik Basin Cityt, és nem alaptalanul… A világhírű kultképregény-sorozatnak ebben az újabb, önálló kötetében Dwight McCarthy és a halálos Miho egy hétköznapinak látszó megbízás okán indulnak útnak. Rövidesen azonban olyan kényes, titkoktól övezett, sötét ügybe keverednek, amelynek hátterében politikai és alvilági szálak húzódnak. Nyomukban a maffia embereivel, szokatlan párosunkon áll, megmarad-e a törékeny béke, vagy bandaháborútól lesznek hangosak az elátkozott város utcái. E kilátástalan, reményvesztett világban sem lehet kérdés, hogy az ártatlanoknak igazságot kell szolgáltatni… bármi áron. „A VILÁG SZÉP NAGY, TÁGAS HELY, URAIM. SOKFÉLE CSALÁD ÉL BENNE.” Frank Miller korszakalkotó műve alaposan felforgatta az amerikai kommersz comicsról kialakult képet. Az európai képregény és a film noir legnagyobbjai előtt tisztelgő fény-árnyék játékkal egyedi és eredeti stílust teremtett, amelyet a 2005-ben készült adaptációnak köszönhetően a filmtörténetben új fejezetként jegyeznek. A sorozat első négy kötete 2005-ben, 2006-ban, 2007-ben és 2008-ban jelent meg magyarul.

Frank Miller - Sin ​City - A nehéz búcsú
Marv ​nem egy észkombájn, de a kirakós játék mindig is jól ment neki. Amikor hát arra ébred a merevrészegségből, hogy a mellette fekvő szőke istennőt meggyilkolták, azonnal futni kezd. Nyomában ezer veszély: a korrupt rendőrök, a gyilkos lelketlen megbízói és az áldozat barátnői, az óvárosi rosszlányok. Ennek nem lehet jó vége.

Frank Miller - Sin ​City - A sárga rohadék
Basin ​City. Közismertebb nevén Sin City - a bűn városa. Így emlegetik, és nem alaptalanul... A világhírű kultképregény-sorozatnak ebben az újabb, önálló kötetében egy nyugdíj előtt álló, kemény, tisztességes zsaru megment egy kislányt a szörnyeteg emberrabló markából. Az akciófilmek egyszerű világában itt véget érhetne a történet. Ám Sin City, az elátkozott város nem a sablonos történetek, még kevésbé az egyszerű végkifejletek színhelye... Az igazság - ha e komor világban létezik egyáltalán - csak másutt, más időben és egészen más módon juthat érvényre, mint amit a jó és a gonosz szokványos összecsapásai során megszoktunk és elvárnánk.