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Murray Bail - Eukaliptusz
Ausztrália. ​Egy férfi különös fogadás révén hatalmas birtokhoz jut; s míg leánya gyönyörű fiatal nővé serdül, ő eukaliptuszok százait ülteti, mintegy virtuális múzeummá alakítván birodalmát. Leánya 19. születésnapján kihirdeti döntését: az nyeri el a kezét, aki megnevezi a birtok összes eukaliptuszát. S míg az apa a kérőket vizsgáztatja, a lány egy titokzatos idegenre talál, aki varázslatos történetek tucatjait meséli Férfiról, Nőről, távoli tájakról, sivatagokról, országokról, és a végtelen Természetről...

Murray Bail - Holden's ​Performance
Holden's ​Performance is the story of Holden Shadbolt, a guileless and matter-of-fact innocent as he passes through the cities and landscape of Australia. His reassuring silent presence and photographic memory make him useful to men of power and women who appear to need his protection. He is surrounded by larger than life figures whose exploits and adventures Holden follows ex-Corporal Frank 'Bloodnut' McBee, the scrap dealer who woos his mother; his uncle Vern, a shortsighted proofreader who likes facts and eating newspaper with is breakfast cereal; and the crippled artist Harriet, whose twists and curves appeal to Holden as he holds to his own unswervingly straight lines.

Murray Bail - Homesickness
The ​wildly funny novel-never published before in the United States-that put Murray Bail on the literary map. Thirteen men and women on a package tour travel the world, visiting museums, hotels, and shops. They are like tourists anywhere, except that wherever they go-Africa, England, South America, New York, or Russia-they find nothing is as it seems. Challenged by unexpected propositions, differences, and subtleties of life and history, Murray Bail's tourists are in turn repelled, attracted, altered. As the Nobel laureate Patrick White put it, Homesickness, with its "tourists permanently traipsing through the museums of their own obsessions," is the work of "a visual writer with great understanding of sensual man." It is surely one of the most distinctive, original Australian novels of recent times.

Murray Bail - Sidney Nolan - Andrew Sayers - Sidney ​Nolan's Ned Kelly - The Ned Kelly Paintings in the National Gallery of Australia
Sidney ​Nolan (1917-1992) built a compelling narrative around the figure of Ned Kelly, a colorful and wronged anti-hero in homemade armor, and the comic-opera police who pursue him through the vast and featureless Australian bush landscape. The mythologizing of Ned Kelly - a horsethief hanged in Melbourne in 1880, at age 25 - did not start with Nolan's paintings, but his images remain the most enduring and instantly recognizable versions. With the stark black silhouette of Ned Kelly, Nolan found his most powerful symbol and poetic metaphor for Australians' relationship with their land.

Murray Bail - Ian ​Fairweather
Fairweather ​is an entirely new study on this acclaimed artist. Murray Bail has unearthed newly discovered writings and letters, paintings and rare photographs, and has expanded and revised his views on the artist. With 233 reproductions, most in colour, many of paintings and drawings never seen in public, Fairweather is the definitive account of the life and art of this great painter

Murray Bail - Eucalyptus
The ​gruff widower Holland has two possessions he cherishes above all others: his sprawling property of eucalyptus trees and his ravishingly beautiful daughter, Ellen. When Ellen turns nineteen Holland makes an announcement: she may marry only the man who can correctly name the species of each of the hundreds of gum trees on his property. Ellen is uninterested in the many suitors who arrive from around the world, until one afternoon she chances on a strange, handsome young man resting under a Coolibah tree. In the days that follow, he spins dozens of tales set in cities, deserts, and faraway countries. As the contest draws to a close, Ellen and the stranger's meetings become more erotic, the stories more urgent. Murray Bail's rich narrative is filled with unexpected wisdom about art, feminine beauty, landscape, and language. Eucalyptus is a shimmering love story that affirms the beguiling power of storytelling itself.