Olivier Föllmi könyvei a rukkolán

Olivier Föllmi - India
The ​world's most densely populated country, and the tiger's last remaining natural habitat, India is a land of contradictions. In this visually stunning book, photographer Olivier Föllmi captures this land where tradition and modernity coexist-the India of the cell phone and the sacred cow. Föllmi looks beyond the commotion and sensory overload of the Indian street to examine deeper truths about the people and their culture. His photographs convey serenity and stillness, expressing a philosophy and an approach to life radically different from the West's. This award-winning photographer's work includes portraits of people of all classes-farmers and potters, dancers and musicians, parents and children-and probes as well human interactions with animals including cows, monkeys, and elephants. Never does he portray his subjects as exotic objects; rather, his realistic, moving images pay tribute to his subjects' essential dignity and profound humanity.

Danielle Föllmi - Olivier Föllmi - Awakenings
In ​this fifth installment in the Offerings for Humanity project, the authors invite the reader to travel to East Asia. Each photograph by Olivier is accompanied by the thoughts of great masters, including Confucius, Lao Tzu, Dogen Zenji, Shonin Shinran, D. T. Suzuki, Gao Xingjian, and the Buddha.

Olivier Föllmi - Danielle Föllmi - Buddhist ​Himalayas
This ​spectacular book invites the reader on a journey to a faraway exotic land and into an inner realm of spirituality. Photographers Olivier and Danielle Föllmi and Matthieu Ricard have dedicated more than twenty-five years to capturing the essence of Buddhism and the Himalayan spirit, focusing on the beauty of the majestic Tibetan countryside, the Tibetan people—spiritual masters and humble shepherds alike—and their sacred places. This harmonious visual mosaic of the unrivaled richness of this mountaintop civilization is enhanced by texts by eminent specialists on Tibetan culture as well as reflections from political and spiritual leaders of the Himalayan world. Offering a perspective from both within and outside Tibetan society, each of the twenty-one authors—from the noted photographer Galen Rowell to the Dalai Lama himself—provides a window onto the Buddhist Himalayas and the people who inhabit this magical land.

Danielle Föllmi - Olivier Föllmi - Offerings
A ​book to contemplate each day, "Offerings" presents a deeply thoughtful collection of wisdom and knowledge from the masters of Tibetan Buddhism. Three-hundred sixty-five photographs provide an evocative new image every day--each accompanied by a choice Buddhist quote.

Danielle Föllmi - Olivier Föllmi - 365 ​gondolat Indiából az év minden napjára
Nagy ​sikerű könyvük, a "Bölcsességek - 365 buddhista gondolat az év minden napjára" kiadása után Oliver és Danielle Föllmi immár a második kötetüket jelentetik meg az "Emberiség bölcsességei" elnevezésű sorozat keretében. Így a buddhizmust követően most a hinduizmus és nagy indiai bölcsek segítenek minket az elmélyült gondolkodásban.Oliver Föllmi több hónapon keresztül bejárta India területeit faluról-falura, hogy teljesen átérezze azok lelkületét: az időtlennek tűnő tájakét,megkapó szépségű jelenetekét a mindennapi életből, ragyogó portrékét... megannyi képét, amelyek mind egy élő kultúra mélységét és gazdagságát idézik. Egy gondolat egy nappal párosítva a Bölcsességek - 365 gondolat Indiából az év minden napjára az örök India szívéből meríti tanításait: a Védáktól Rabindranat Tagoréig, Gandhin, Maa Purnananandán, Kabiron, Krisnamurtin és az indiai kultúra legnagyobb mesterein keresztül... Egy meditációt segítő könyv a teljes évre.

Danielle Föllmi - Olivier Föllmi - Devotions
Devotions: ​Wisdom from the Cradle of Civilization is the sixth installment in Danielle and Olivier Föllmi’s project Offerings for Humanity, which spans the world’s cultures and traditions. In this new volume, the authors have traveled the Middle East and captured images from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, and many other places. As in the other books, each photograph is accompanied by a quote for each day of the year. Devotions presents not only religious quotes taken from the Koran, the Hebraic tradition, and Eastern Christianity, but also from noted authors such as the Sufi poet and jurist Rumi, the Persian writer and mathematician Omar Khayyám, and the Lebanese-American artist Khalil Gibran. A daily dose of wisdom coupled with breathtaking photography, Devotions allows readers to move a little closer to the heart of the wisdom found in the Cradle of Civilization.

Danielle Föllmi - Olivier Föllmi - African ​Wisdom 365 Days
This ​remarkable yearbook by Danielle and Olivier Föllmi, a follow-up to their successful Buddhist Offerings, presents the wise words of a leading personality in African literature for every day of the year, accompanied by Oliviers beautiful, moving photographs of African people and places, from the Himba shepherds to the Peul nomads, from the deserts of Namibia to the forests of Rwanda and the savannah of Cameroon.

Danielle Föllmi - Olivier Föllmi - Bölcsességek
A ​Bölcsességek különféle iskolák és korszakok tibeti mestereinek üzeneteit és nyugati követőik gondolatait gyűjti össze. Az ötvenkét téma hetekre bontva foglalkozik szenvedéseink gyökereivel, a lét fejlődésével, a párkapcsolattal, a családdal, a társadalommal és az emberiség nagy kérdéseivel. Minden hét egy elmélkedésre buzdító képpel zárul. A Bölcsességek illusztrációi bemutatják a buddhista Himalája, Tibet, India, Bhutan és Nepál gazdagságát és változatosságát.

Danielle Föllmi - Olivier Föllmi - The ​Wisdom of Asia 365 Days
An ​yearbook which presents the wise words of a leading personality in Far Eastern thought or literature for every day of the year, accompanied by photographs of Asia's people and places.

Danielle Föllmi - Olivier Föllmi - Revelations: ​Latin American Wisdom for Every Day
A ​cradle of Nobel Prize winners and a font of ancient wisdom, Latin America provides a wealth of sublime source material for the husband-and-wife creative team of Danielle and Olivier Föllmi. In the latest installment in their Offerings for Humanity series, the authors draw nuggets of written wisdom from the Andean plains to the Mexican desert. Set against the stunning visual backdrop of 365 photographs, taken all across the continent by Olivier, these quotations come from both world-renowned Latin American writers (including Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, and Carlos Fuentes) and traditional Indian spiritual teachings, demonstrating the subtle interweaving of ancestral belief and contemporary thought in one of the world’s most intellectually fertile regions. Like their previous explorations of Buddhist, Indian, and African wisdom, this new volume will surprise, enlighten, and nourish the soul.