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Terry White - The ​SAS Fighting Techniques Handbook
The ​SAS Fighting Techniques Handbook, New and Revised brings an insider’s eye to the most secretive and demanding military techniques used by the SAS (Special Air Service—England’s equivalent of the United States Special Forces). Written by a former SAS commando, this fully illustrated book reveals the amazing tricks of their trade and includes up-to-date information on the role of technology in terrorism and changes in training in the post 9/11 era. Each technique or skill is an essential part of the SAS Playbook to dealing with dangerous situations and has been previously unavailable to the public. Learn: Survival, evasion, resistance, and escape techniques How to use the sun's shadow to determine time and location How to board an aircraft at 130mph Personal camouflage How to read footprints in the field Reconnaissance techniques for all environments - beach, woods, jungle Essentials for an SAS survival pack How to find food and adequate shelter in hostile environments How to enter a submerged submarine How to avoid being tracked How to get your bearings without a compass And much, much more!

Terry White - A ​világ elit katonái
Tartalom: A ​világ elit katonái Kiválasztás és kiképzés A brit tengerészgyalogos kommandó Az USA haditengerész-gyalogosai és a "fókák" A brit ejtőernyősök Az amerikai légi szállítású erők Az izraeli ejtőernyős hadtest Amerikai rangerek A francia idegenlégió Szpecnaz A brit sas A zöldsapkások Az "A" sas-ezred A terrorizmus elleni harc Fegyverek és felszerelés

Terry White - The ​Sceptical Occultist
By ​the author of "Fighting Techniques of the Special Forces", this is a collection of 20 cases of unexplained phenomena. They include the employees of a Cardiff engineering laboratory who challenged a poltergeist to perform while being filmed; a mentally retarded Latvian child who, it is claimed, could read any language that was transmitted through telepathy by her mother; and an Indian woman who appeared to take on the personality of a 19th-century Bengali woman, using archaic language and displaying a wealth of historical knowledge.

Terry White - Fighting ​Techniques of the Special Forces
From ​the training manuals of the world's fiercest fighting units, Dr White reveals the secrets of their trade. This book chooses the best, the most demanding methods used by special forces around the world, including the SAS, the Australian Special Air Service, the Canadian Special Service Force, Spetsnaz, Grenchutzgruppe and the US Navy's SEAL Teams. The techniques described in this book include how to board an aircraft flying at 130mph, how to enter a submerged submarine, how to mount ambushes, how to resist interrogation, how to free-fall from 30,000 feet, how to move down a city street evading sniper fire, how to set up a safe house and how to storm embassies.