Henry James könyvei a rukkolán

Henry James - Daisy ​Miller / London ostroma
A ​Daisy Miller (1878) hősnője csinos, egyszerű leány, nyílt modora, kacérsága azonban nem teszi elfogadhatóvá: nem "úrilány", a társaság kiközösíti, és bár bűnt voltaképpen nem követ el, romlatlan élete tragédiába torkollik. A London ostroma (1883) épp ellentétes életpályát rajzol meg. Nancy Becknek "múltja van" már, mikor elhatározza, hogy megostromolja az előkelő európai társaság erődítményét: főrangú házassággal óhajt révbe jutni. És bár korántsem tekinthető romlatlannak - nem tudni például, négy vagy öt férjet használt-e el -, a Daisy Millerénél nagyobb céltudatossága és tapasztalata segít neki. Az élvezetes stílusú, lélektanilag árnyaltan kibontott jellemrajzok finom művészettel ábrázolják az európai és amerikai életszemlélet ellentétét, a női sorsok buktatóit, és az író - azaz a kisregényekben az írót megtestesítő, szemlélődő fiatalemberek - szíve mintha a frissebb, egyszerűbb, élettelibb, még ha kevésbé is előkelő amerikai nőkhöz húzna...

Henry James - Maisie ​tudja
1897-ben ​jelent meg az amerikai írónak ez a kisregénye, de témája ma is életbevágóan aktuális: erkölcsi alapja híján való, felelőtlen, elvált szülők gyerekének lelki fejlődéséről szól. Hatéves Maisie, mikor a bíróság kimondja a válást, s őt az év egyik felében apja, a másikban anyja gondozásába utalják. A szülői kötelesség egyiküknek sem fontos, annál inkább az a lehetőség, hogy most már a gyermek révén is kellemetlenkedhetnek egymásnak. Eleinte a megszabott időn túl is maguknál tartják, megpróbálják hozzáférhetetlenné tenni a másik számára, aztán új házasságot kötnek, s elkezdenek labdázni vele, ide-oda passzolják a kislányt, igyekeznek a másik nyakába varrni, hogy zavartalanul bonyolíthassák kétes szerelmi és pénzügyeiket, aztán a labdajátékba a mostohaszülők is belekapcsolódnak. - Csoda lesz, ha nem merül el az a kislány ebben az erkölcsi posványban! - állapítják meg a helyzet láttán fejcsóválva az ismerősök, s lám bekövetkezik a csoda. Ámde további csodának is tanúi lehetünk. A szerző írásművészete az, amellyel a gyermek szemével nézve, tiszta lelkén átszűrve érzékelteti a gátlástalan felnőttek feslettségét s azt a megrendítően bonyolult folyamatot, melynek során fokozatosan megérik, felfogja helyzetét és környezete fölébe magasodik...

Henry James - The Aspern Papers
COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED: Henry James's famous tale of `stratagems and spoils' is set in Venice in the 1880s. In an elegant and crumbling palazzo old Miss Bordereau lives on with her niece, closely guarding her most precious treasure, a hoard of letters written to her in her youth by the great American love poet Jeffrey Aspern. Adopting a nom de guerre the tale's narrator, a literary researcher, arrives at the palazzo and inveigles the two ladies into taking him in as their lodger. There he watches and waits for the moment to pounce. For he is determined to gain possession of the Aspern papers and willing to pay almost any price. James's tale - in part a warning to over-zealous historians and biographers - grips the reader with steadily mounting suspense and is regarded by many as the most brilliant of all his stories.

Henry James - The ​Ambassadors
One ​of Henry James’s three late masterpieces, and an exemplar of his complex, mature style, The Ambassadors is considered by many the author’s finest work. James himself judged it to be “frankly, quite the best, ‘all round,’ of my productions.” The story follows Lambert Strether, a staunch and stoical New Englander, as hetravels abroad to rescue his employer’s prodigal son, Chad, from the seductive pitfalls of existence in Paris. Yet the social pleasures of the European capital awaken new urges in the fifty-five year old, and he begins to reconsider his own inadequately realized life. He soon beseeches Chad, “Live all you can; it’s a mistake not to. It doesn’t so much matter what you do in particular, so long as you have your life. If you haven’t had that what have you had?” As Strether himself becomes involved in a relationship with the fascinating Maria Gostrey, a second, more determined, ambassador is dispatched. An ultimatum is delivered—and resisted—but then an accident reveals surprising truths to Strether, and he must decide whether his loyalties lie with old Europe or new America. A bittersweet paean to the life not lived, The Ambassadors is one of the most achingly beautiful and moving novels ever written.

Henry James - The ​Real Thing
_The ​Real Thing_ is, on one level, a somewhat ironic tale of an artist and two rather particular models. Yet it also raises questions about the relationship between the notion of reality in our humdrum world, and the means that an artist must use in trying to achieve, or reflect, that reality. Though the protagonist is an artist and illustrator of books, not a writer, it's not hard to imagine that James has himself, and other writers, in mind.

Henry James - Washington ​Square (angol)
"Why, ​you must take me or leave me ... You can't please your father and me both; you must choose between us" When timid and plain Catherine Sloper acquires a dashing and determined suitor, her father, convinced that the young man is nothing more than a fortune-hunter, decides to put a stop to their romance. Torn between her desire to win her father's love and approval and her passion for the first man who has ever declared his love for her, Catherine faces an agonising dilemma, and becomes all too aware of the restrictions that others seek to place on her freedom. James's masterly novel deftly interweaves the public and private faces of nineteenth-century New York society; it is also a deeply moving study of innocence destroyed.

Henry James - Daisy ​Miller / Washington Square
In _Daisy ​Miller_, James paints a vivid portrait of a vibrant young American girl visiting Europe for the first time. Lovely, flirtatious, eager for experience, Daisy meets a wealthy American, Mr. Winterbourne, and a penniless but passionate Italian. Her complex encounters with them and others allow James to explore one of his favorite themes, the effect of Americans and Europeans on each other. _Washington Square_’s Catherine Sloper is Daisy Miller’s opposite. Neither pretty nor charming, she lives with her wealthy, widowed, tyrannical father, Dr. Austin Sloper, who can barely conceal his disdain for his shy, awkward daughter. When a handsome suitor, Morris Townsend, comes calling, Catherine’s father refuses to believe he is anything other than a heartless fortune hunter and sets out to destroy her romance.

Henry James - A ​csavar fordul egyet
Henry ​James klasszikus regényében új nevelőnő érkezik egy angliai vidéki kastélyba. Ez akár egy idill nyitókép is lehetne, a nyugalmat azonban gyorsan megtörik a rejtélyek: mi történt a korábbi alkalmazottakkal, s miféle titokzatos idegenek járnak a kastélyban? Hátborzongató látomások kísértenek, a múlt rejtélyes, a jelen baljós, a valóság és a képzelet határán járunk, és a csavar néha fordul egyet… A regénynek számos filmes feldolgozása van, melyekben szerepelt többek között Marlon Brando (Éjszakai jövevények), Nicole Kidman (Más világ), Colin Firth és Ingrid Bergman. A történet alapján Benjamin Britten operát írt. A csavar fordul egyet most új fordításban jelenik meg az Alinea Kiadó Klasszik sorozatában.

Henry James - The ​Classic Works of Henry James
Henry ​James was a son of one philosopher, and the younger brother of another. The brothers benefited greatly from their father's original ideas on education, and received most of theirs in various cities in Europe. Henry James first studied law, but literature interested him more. An observer of life, James was concrned with psychological truth and his perception increased as his art matured. This selection of his work include five classic novels: _Daisy Miller, Washington Square, The Portrait of a Lady, The Bostonians_ and _The Aspern Papers_.

Henry James - The ​Turn of the Screw and Owen Wingrave
Designed ​to appeal to the booklover, the Macmillan Collector's Library is a series of beautiful gift editions of much loved classic titles. Macmillan Collector's Library are books to love and treasure. This edition of Henry James's classic ghost stories features an afterword by bestselling author Kate Mosse OBE.A young governess is employed to look after two orphaned siblings in a grand country house. Isolated and inexperienced, she is at first charmed by the children - but gradually suspects that they may not be as innocent as they seem. She soon begins to see sinister figures at the window, but do they exist solely in her imagination, or are they ghosts intent on a terrible and devastating task? The Turn of the Screw is one of the most famous and eerily equivocal ghost stories ever written.Owen Wingrave is the story of a son in a long line of military heroes who refuses to follow tradition, yet proves his bravery in a haunted room.

Henry James - The ​Golden Bowl
Published ​in 1904, The Golden Bowl is the last completed novel of Henry James. In it, the widowed American Adam Verver is in Europe with his daughter Maggie. They are rich, finely appreciative of European art and culture, and deeply attached to each other. Maggie has all the innocent charm of so many of Jamess young American heroines. She is engaged to Amerigo, an impoverished Italian prince; he must marry money, and as his name suggests, an American heiress is the perfect solution. The golden bowl, first seen in a London curio shop, is used emblematically throughout the novel. Not solid gold but gilded crystal, the perfect surface conceals a flaw; it is symbolic of the relationship between the main characters and of the world in which they move. Also in Europe is an old friend of Maggies, Charlotte Stant, a girl of great charm and independence, and Maggie is blindly ignorant of the fact that she and the prince are lovers. Maggie and Amerigo are married and have a son, but Maggie remains dependent for real intimacy on her father, and she and Amerigo grow increasingly apart. Feeling that her father has suffered a loss through her marriage, Maggie decides to find him a wife, and her choice falls on Charlotte. Charlottes affair with the prince continues and Adam Verver seems to her to be a suitable and convenient match. When Maggie herself finally comes into possession of the golden bowl, the flaw is revealed to her, and, inadvertently, the truth about Amerigo and Charlotte. Fanny Assingham (an older woman, aware of the truth from the beginning) deliberately breaks the bowl, and this marks the end of Maggies innocence. She is no pathetic heroine-victim, however. Abstaining fromoutcry and outrage she instead takes the reins and maneuvers people and events. She still wants to be with Amerigo, but he must continue to be worth having and they must all be saved further humiliations and indignities. To be a wife she must cease to be a daughter; Adam Verver and the unhappy Charlotte are banished forever to America, and the new Maggie will establish a real marriage with Amerigo.

Henry James - The ​Wings of the Dove
Beautiful ​Kate Croy may have been left penniless by her relatives, but her bold, ambitious nature ensures she will not succumb meekly to a life of poverty. If the financial circumstances of Merton Densher, the man she is passionately in love with, are not sufficient to secure her future, perhaps her cunning will. So when Milly Theale arrives in Europe from America, laden with wealth but also gravely ill, Kate sees an opportunity to exploit her vulnerability and devises a plan that will see her and Merton financially provided for. Her scheming is flawed though, for it fails to take into account the inconstancies of the human heart.

Henry James - The ​American
Henry ​James's third novel is an exploration of his most powerful, perennial theme - the clash between European and American cultures, the Old World and the New. Christopher Newman, a 'self-made' American millionaire in France, falls in love with the beautiful aristocratic Claire de Bellegarde. Her family, however, taken aback by his brash American manner, rejects his proposal of marriage. When Newman discovers a guilty secret in the Bellegardes' past, he confronts a moral dilemma: Should he expose them and thus gain his revenge? James's masterly early work is at once a social comedy, a melodramatic romance and a realistic novel of manners.

Henry James - The ​Turn of the Screw / In the Cage
This ​Modern Library Paperback Classics edition brings together one of literature's most famous ghost stories and one of Henry James's most unusual novellas. In The Turn of the Screw, a governess is haunted by ghosts from her young charges past; Virginia Woolf said of this masterpiece of psychological ambiguity and suggestion, We are afraid of something unnamed, of something, perhaps, in ourselves...Henry James...can still make us afraid of the dark. In his rarely anthologized novella In the Cage, James brings his incomparable powers of observation to the story of a clever, rebellious heroine of Britain's lower middle class. Hortense Calisher, in her Introduction, calls it a delicious story, the more so because it confounds what we expect from James.

Henry James - The ​Turn of the Screw
For ​lucidity and compactness of style, James's short novels, or novelles, are shining examples of his genius. Few other writings of the century have so captured the American imagination. When "Daisy Miller," the tale of the girl from Schenectady, first appeared in 1878, it was an extraordinary success. James had discovered nothing less than "the American girl"--free spirited, flirtatious, an innocent abroad determined to defy European convention even if it meant scandal . . . or tragedy. But the subtle danger lurking beneath the surface in "Daisy Miller" evolves into a classic tale of terror and obsession in "The Turn Of The Screw." "The imagination, " Henry James said to Bernard Shaw, "has a life if its own." In this blood-curdling story, that imagination weaves the lives of two children, a governess in love with her employer, and a sprawling country house into a flawless story, still unsurpassed as the prototype of modern horror fiction." "The Turn Of The Screw" seems to have proved more fascinating to the general reading public than anything else of James's except "Daisy Miller.""--Edmund Wilson

Henry James - The ​Turn of the Screw and Other Stories
A ​young, inexperienced governess is charged with the care of Miles and Flora, two small children abandoned by their uncle at his grand country house. She sees the figure of an unknown man on the tower and his face at the window. It is Peter Quint, the master's dissolute valet, and he has come for little Miles. But Peter Quint is dead. Like the other tales collected here - `Sir Edmund Orme', `Owen Wingrave', and `The Friends of the Friends' - `The Turn of the Screw' is to all immediate appearances a ghost story. But are the appearances what they seem? Is what appears to the governess a ghost or a hallucination? Who else sees what she sees? The reader may wonder whether the children are victims of corruption from beyond the grave, or victims of the governess's `infernal imagination', which torments but also entrals her? `The Turn of the Screw' is probably the most famous, certainly the most eerily equivocal, of all ghostly tales. Is it a subtle, self-conscious exploration of the haunted house of Victorian culture, filled with echoes of sexual and social unease? Or is it simply, `the most hopelessly evil story that we have ever read'? The texts are those of the New York Edition, with a new Introduction and Notes.

Henry James - Európai ​látogatók
Ezúttal ​egy Európába átszármazott testvérpár: Eugenia, azaz Münster bárónő, egy német herceg morganatikus hitvese, valamint öccse, Felix Young, a szeretetre méltó, könnyelmű festőművész a hordozója a szerző központi problémájának, hogyan viselkednek az amerikaiak Európában és megfordítva. A testvérek hajóznak a puritánok hazájába, voltaképpen azonban pénzes házasság reményében. Az eredmény? Az igaz szerelem diadalmaskodik, a körmönfont intrika kudarcot vall. A szerző érzékletesen vetíti szemünk elé a századvég szalonjait, ironikus hangvételével valósággal a kor szatíráját adja. Sokrétű művészetével eléri, hogy elmosolyodik az olvasó, vagy pedig felsóhajt: "Ó, amikor még efféle gondjaik voltak az embereknek!

Henry James - The ​Bostonians
'I ​asked myself what was the most salient and peculiar point in our social life. The answer was: the situation of women, the decline of the sentiment of sex, the agitation on their behalf.' Such was Henry James's theme, brilliantly realized, in _The Bostonians_. The story of Basil Ransome, a Mississippi lawyer, Olive Chancellor, a radical feminist, and their struggle for exclusive possession of the beautiful Verena Tarrant has attracted virtually as much controversy as it has readers. Is it simply a Victorian novel of love and marriage? If it is a novel of ideas, does it embody the triumph of chauvinism, or mourn the tragic avant-garde collapse of feminism? Certainly, in the glitter and moral illuminations of its comedy, _The Bostonians_ ranks with James's greatest novels in its portrayal of what it means to be fully human, for both men and women.

Henry James - Egy ​hölgy arcképe
A ​hölgy, akinek arcképét elemző lélekrajzzal, a sokrétűen hajlékony, intellektuális próza művészi pasztellszíneivel festi meg az író, egy huszonhárom éves, szép, okos amerikai lány: Isabel Archer. Mint mondja, azért jön Európába, hogy itt olyan boldog legyen, amennyire csak lehetséges. Útja döntő jelentőségű sorsára. Örökség révén nagy vagyonhoz jut, férfiak hódolata veszi körül, élményekben van része. De a boldogság? Kérőit sorra elutasítja, hogy megőrizze függetlenségét, majd szíve sugallatára mégis férjhez megy - s aztán rá kell döbbennie, hogy eszközül használták fel, és vagyona volt a vonzóerő a házasságban. Isabel, a puritánok unokája azonban kötelességtudatból vállalja az egész életre szóló lelki szenvedést.

Henry James - The ​Turn of the Screw (Penguin Readers)
When ​a young lady goes to a big country house to teach two beautiful children, strange things start to happen and a terrible story of ghosts and danger begins ...

Henry James - Washington ​Square (Oxford Bookworms)
When ​a handsome young man begins to court Catherine Sloper, she feels she is very lucky. She is a quiet, gentle girl, but neither beautiful nor clever; no one had ever admired her before, or come to the front parlour of her home in Washington Square to whisper soft words of love to her. But in New York in the 1840s young ladies are not free to marry where they please. Catherine must have her father's permission, and Dr Sloper is a rich man. One day Catherine will have a fortune of 30,000 dollars a year . . .

Henry James - Turn ​of the Screw / The Aspern Papers
Introduction ​and Notes by Dr Claire Seymour, University of Kent at Canterbury The Turn of the Screw is the classic ghost story for which James is most remembered. Set in a country house, it is a chilling tale of the supernatural. The Aspern Papers is a tale of Americans in Europe, cleverly evoking the drama of comedie humaine against the settings of a Venetian palace.

Henry James - The ​Beast in the Jungle
Henry ​James's devastating and profoundly moving novella is the story of John Marcher, a man who, for as long as he can remember, has been obsessed by the feeling that some life-changing - even catastrophic - event lies in wait for him like a jungle animal. Then the tragic day arrives on which the terrible true nature of the beast is revealed...

Henry James - Daisy ​Miller / The Turn of the Screw
Travelling ​in Europe with her family, Daisy Miller, an exquisitely beautiful young American woman, presents her fellow-countryman Winterbourne with a dilemma he cannot resolve. Is she deliberately flouting social convention in the outspoken way she talks and acts, or is she simply ignorant of those conventions? In Daisy Miller, Henry James created his first great portrait of the enigmatic and dangerously independent American woman, a figure who would come to dominate his later masterpieces. Oscar Wilde called James' chilling The Turn of the Screw 'a most wonderful, lurid poisonous little tale'. It tells of a young governess sent to a country house to take charge of two orphans, Miles and Flora. Unsettled by a sense of intense evil within the houses, she soon becomes obsessed with the belief that malevolent forces are stalking the children in her care.

Henry James - A ​galamb szárnyai
Anyagi ​érdekek és szerelmi szenvedélyek összeütközése tartja folyamatos feszültségben az olvasót, aki most először veheti kézbe Henry James itthon eddig kiadatlan regényét. Kate anyja halála után nagynénje pártfogása alá kerül, aki a lány szépségét és intelligenciáját egy anyagi és társadalmi felemelkedést biztosító házasságban kívánja kamatoztatni. Ám Kate súlyos titkot hordoz magában: szerelmes egy egyszerű újságíróba, Merton Densherbe. A titokláncolat újabb láncszeme Milly, a családi tragédiáktól megtört, bánatos amerikai szépség, aki felejteni jön Európába. Kate gyanítja, hogy a leány valamilyen titokzatos, halálos kórban szenved, így megszületik a terve, hogy a dúsgazdag árva majdani örökségéből alapozzák meg közös boldogságukat Densherrel. Az ördögi tervet azonban nem várt fordulat hiúsítja meg: Merton beleszeret a szomorú szépségbe. Az események Velencében érik el a feszültség tetőfokát, abban a városban, amelyet Henry James sokat sejtetően a halál városának nevez...

Henry James - Washington ​Square
A ​Washington Square magával ragadó dráma, egy apa és lánya elszánt küzdelme, mely tökéletes képet fest az 1850-es évek New York-i szalonjainak világáról Henry James egyik legnagyszerűbb művében. Dr. Sloper, a neves New York-i orvos családi élete nem mondható szerencsésnek: elveszti fiát, majd feleségét. Lányát, Catherine-t nem tudja igazán szeretni. A tapasztalatlan és könnyen elbűvölhető Catherine őszintén beleszeret egy jó fellépésű, csinos fiatalemberbe, Morris Townsendbe. A lány apja felismeri a hozományvadászt a férfiban, s ezért minden követ megmozgat, hogy megakadályozza a házasságot. Hiába azonban az apai tiltás, a lány nem enged. Nem így Morris, aki elunja a várást, és távozik...

Henry James - Ghost ​Stories of Henry James
With ​an Introduction and Notes by Martin Scofield, University of Kent at Canterbury Henry James was arguably the greatest practitioner of what has been called the psychological ghost story. His stories explore the region which lies between the supernatural or straightforwardly marvellous and the darker areas of the human psyche. This edition includes all ten of his ghost stories, and as such is the fullest collection currently available. The stories range widely in tone and type. They include 'The Jolly Corner', a compelling story of psychological doubling; 'Owen Wingrave', which is also a subtle parable of military tradition; 'The Friends of the Friends', a strange story of uncanny love; and 'The Private Life', which finds a shrewd, high comedy in its ghostly theme. The volume also includes James's great novella The Turn of the Screw , perhaps the most ambiguous and disturbing ghost story ever written.

Henry James - Washington ​Square (Heinemann Guided Readers)
Washington ​Square is the story of Catherine Sloper, a naive and young woman who's never had happiness in her life and is always trying to live up to everybody's but mostly her father's expectations.Her father,Dr Sloper has always found her dull and unattractive thus never finds love in his heart for her. When she grows up, he tries to mold her into a social lady but fails to do so because of Catherine's lack of ability to hold decent conversations and act like a normal lady.Things get tense when a young man, Morris Townsend comes in the picture and uses his charm to make Catherine fall in love with him. He intends to marry her and in this way obtain her wealth. Dr Sloper realizes his intends almost inmediatly and prohibits Catherine from seeing or marrying him, saying if she did he would dishenrit her but Catherine as the first act of rebellion against her father, goes to see him. When she explains Morris her father would disinherit her, leaving her with only her mother's wealth, he turns down his marriage offer and gets out of town. Later on in the story, Catherine's father dies, leaving all of his money to Catherine. Morris finds out about this and returns to try to charm Catherine again. However, when he goes to her house he does not find the same Catherine he had left and fails to accomplish his goal.

Henry James - London ​ostroma
Henry ​James regényeinek, elbeszéléseinek visszatérő motívuma az Európát járó amerikaiak élete, sorsa, szemlélete. Daisy Miller (1878) című korai kisregénye egy szép, egyszerű, természetes amerikai lány tragédiába torkolló életéről ad képet, Daisyt a jól nevelt európai "társaság" kezdetben idegenkedve fogadja, majd kiközösíti, s még csak meg sem kísérli senki, hogy megértse európai szemmel nézve szokatlan viselkedését. A London ostroma (1883) hősnője ugyancsak amerikai, egy sokat próbált elvált asszony, aki elhatározza, hogy ha törik, ha szakad, ő bizony megostromolja a bevehetetlennek mondott előkelő európai társaság bástyáját. Az Aspern-levelek (1888) már másfajta világba viszi el olvasóit, Velencében éldegél, és őrzi féltett ereklyéit egy töpörödött kis amerikai vénlány, aki valaha egy híres költő múzsája, sokszor megénekelt szívszerelme volt. Ebbe a poros, zárt világba tör be egy fiatal amerikai irodalomtörténész, a halott költő életrajzírója, s forgatja fel az öreg velencei palota itt felejtett lakóinak egyhangú életét. A finom tollú stiliszta nagy művészettel megrajzolt alakjai belevésődnek a modern olvasó szívébe is, soká nem felejtjük a szépre-jóra éhes kis Daisyt, a mohó, törtető Nancy Beckert, a velencei palota öreg kisasszonyait - Henry James-nek, az Európába szakadt amerikaiak avatott krónikásának megannyi teremtményét.

Henry James - Daisy ​Miller
Travelling ​in Europe with her family, Daisy Miller, an exquisitely beautiful young American woman, presents her fellow-countryman Winterbourne with a dilemma he cannot resolve. Is she deliberately flouting social convention in the outspoken way she talks and acts, or is she simply ignorant of those conventions? When she strikes up an intimate friendship with an urbane young Italian, her flat refusal to observe the codes of respectable behaviour leave her perilously exposed. In "Daisy Miller" James created his first great portrait of the enigmatic and dangerously independent American woman, a figure who would come to dominate his later masterpieces.

Henry James - The ​Figure in the Carpet
'Did ​she know and if she knew would she speak?' The story of an unsolved literary mystery that explores what James referred to as "troubled artistic consciousness" Introducing Little Black Classics: 80 books for Penguin's 80th birthday. Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of Penguin Classics, with books from around the world and across many centuries. They take us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden of blossom in Japan, from Tierra del Fuego to 16th-century California and the Russian steppe. Here are stories lyrical and savage; poems epic and intimate; essays satirical and inspirational; and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions. Henry James (1843-1916). James's works available in Penguin Classics are The Portrait of a Lady, The Europeans, What Maisie Knew, The Awkward Age, The Figure in the Carpet and Other Stories, The Turn of The Screw, The Aspern Papers and Other Tales, The Wings of The Dove, Washington Square, The Tragic Muse, Daisy Miller, The Ambassadors, The Golden Bowl, Selected Tales, Roderick Hudson, The Princess Casamassima and The American.

Henry James - The ​Portrait of a Lady
A ​classic novel in which young American Isabel Archer is eager to embrace life and makes her choice from the suitors who court her as she explores Europe.