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Helen Forrester - Liverpool ​Miss
The ​second volume of Helen Forrester's powerful, painful and ultimately uplifting four-volume autobiography of her poverty-stricken childhood in Liverpool during the Depression. The Forrester family are slowly winning their fight for survival. But fourteen-year-old Helen's personal battle is to persuade her parents to allow her to earn her own living, to lead her own life after the years of neglect and inadequate schooling while she cared for her six younger brothers and sisters. Her untiring struggles against illness caused by severe malnutrition and dirt (she has her first bath in four years) and, above all, the selfish demands of her parents, make this a story of amazing courage and perseverance.

Helen Forrester - Twopence ​to Cross the Mersey
First ​and second parts of Helen Forresters poignant autobiography. Twopence was the price of the ferry-boat between Liverpool and Birkenhead. A tiny sum but an impassable barrier for the poor of Liverpool - desperate to escape the city's grinding poverty. When Helen Forrester's father went bankrupt in 1930, she and her six siblings were forced from their comfortable middle-class life into utmost destitution in Depression-ridden Liverpool. The running of the household and the care of her younger siblings all fell to twelve-year old Helen. In slum surroundings and with little food or support from her feckless parents, Helen was forced on her own resources. Told with compassion, humour and a remarkable lack of self-pity, this is a fascinating picture of life in Britain before the Welfare State and the moving story one young girl's courage.

Helen Forrester - Lime ​Street at Two
The ​fourth and final part of Helen Forrester’s bestselling autobiography continues the moving story of her early poverty-stricken life with an account of the war years in Blitz-torn Liverpool In 1940 Helen, now twenty, is working long hours at a welfare centre in Bootle, five miles from home. Her wages are pitifully low and her mother claims the whole of them for housekeeping but she is still thrilled to be working and gaining some independence. The Second World War is affecting every part of the country and Hitler’s Luftwaffe nightly seek to wreck havoc on her home city of Liverpool. Then, tragedy is brought shockingly close to home and Helen is left reeling when she receives some terrible news. But there is no let-up in the bombing and the Germans seem determined to bring the country to its knees. When a move brings more trouble for Helen, she is determined that she will face it, as ever, with courage and determination.

Helen Forrester - A ​Cuppa Tea and an Aspirin
A ​powerful new novel, heart-breaking but ultimately uplifting, from the author of the classic Twopence to Cross The Mersey. Life in a Liverpool tenement block during the Great Depression is a grim struggle for Martha Connelly and her poverty-stricken family, as every day renews the threat of homelessness, hunger and disease. Family warmth remains constant however, despite the misery and disquiet of the slum surroundings, and the indomitible neighbourhood puts up a relentless fight for survival. Helen Forrester's poignant novel relays bleakness and hardships, but celebrates also the spirit of unified hope and the restorative values of the close-knit community.

Helen Forrester - By ​the Waters of Liverpool
The ​third and fourth parts of Helen Forrester’s autobiography takes Helen from her poverty-stricken upbringing into adulthood and her account of the war years in Blitz-torn Liverpool. Helen Forrester continues the moving story of her early poverty-stricken life with an account of her teenage years and the devastating effect of the Second World War on her hometown of Liverpool. At seventeen, Helen Forrester's parents are still as irresponsible as ever, wasting money while their children still lack adequate food and clothing. But for Helen, having won a small measure of independence, things are looking up. Having educated herself at night school and now making friends in her first proper job, she meets a handsome seaman and falls in love for the first time. But the storm clouds of war are gathering and Helen will experience at first hand the horror of the blitz and the terrible toll that the war exacted on ordinary people. As ever, Helen faces the future with courage and determination.

Helen Forrester - The ​Latchkey Kid
CANADA ​1960s Meet Mrs Olga Stych, daughter of an immigrant Ukrainian pig farmer. She has finally made it to the top of the social order in Tollemarche, a small town in Canada’s Bible Belt. But to get there, she has not only had to see off her most determined rival, she has neglected her son Hank. He’s a latchkey kid. As a member of the Committee for the Preservation of Morals, Olga mounts a passionate campaign against the latest ‘immoral’ bestseller. But the author of the book turns out to be her own son Hank… Olga’s fall delights her rivals. And throughout the whole affair, Hank continues to draw strength and support from the one woman who has believed in his work and inspired his love… WILL HER RISE AND FALL SHOW HER ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT REALLY MATTERS IN LIFE?

Helen Forrester - Three ​Women of Liverpool
Liverpool, ​May 1941 The worst week of the Blitz. Helen Forrester produces another moving novel set on Merseyside. An extraordinary story of three brave women, Ellen, Gwen and Emmie, each trying in her own way to deal with the brutal tide of destruction brought on by the air raids of the Second World War. Emmie’s biggest fear is for the safety of her merchant seaman fiancé, far away in the South Atlantic. She lives with her sister-in-law Gwen while she awaits his safe return. Keeping her home perfect absorbs all Gwen’s time and energy. Their next-door neighbour Ellen’s house is destroyed by bombs. How will she care for her five children and husband as poverty threatens? Their lives changed forever when the air raid siren sounded for the first time on 1 May, 1941. Discover their fates as they struggle through all the twists and turns of wartime.

Helen Forrester - Liverpool ​Daisy
LIVERPOOL, ​1931 Meet Daisy Gallagher, a mother from a large Irish Catholic family living in the tough streets of pre-war Liverpool. She’s a huge character, passionate in her loves and hatreds. After her own mum dies, she becomes head of her poverty-stricken family. Her best friend Nellie O'Brien is dying. She needs urgent medical attention. Daisy’s desperation for money leads her into the darkened streets and into the arms of drunken sailors willing to pay. FROM THE BEST-SELLING AUTHOR WHO ORIGINATED THE GENRE, AN ABSOLUTELY COMPELLING NOVEL OF A WOMAN STRUGGLING TO LOOK AFTER THOSE SHE LOVES IN HARD TIMES. Fighting competition, weeping at her own suffering, laughing with her clients, she becomes the toast of the waterfront and earns enough money to help her friend and her family. Daisy manages to hide her new occupation from her loved ones. But what happens when her sailor husband comes back from sea? A BOOK WHICH WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH, CRY, AND HAVE YOU GRIPPED TILL YOU FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO DAISY