Jörg Vierke könyvei a rukkolán

Jörg Vierke - A ​legkedveltebb díszhalak
A ​szerző könyvében a legkeresettebb 100 akváriumi díszhal rövid leírásával segít minden kezdő akvaristának a legmegfelelőbb halak kiválasztásában.

Jörg Vierke - Vierke's ​Aquarium Book
Written ​by Germany's leading aquarist/scientist, the man who has popularized the use of aquariums in schools because of their great educational value, this remarkably thorough book discusses every aspect of setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquarium. It covers equipment selection, plants and planting, feeding, breeding and raising fishes, fish diseases, and much more-accompanied by useful and fascinating accounts of hundreds of individual fish species. Illustrated with many line drawings in addition to over 200 full-color photos that enliven and expand the text, the book takes a different approach to aquarium keeping and imparts the secrets of European techniques, making it indeed Vierke's Aquarium Book ... the way the Germans do it.