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Julian Fellowes - Downton ​Abbey - The Complete Scripts - Season Two
Immerse ​yourself in Julian Fellowes' multi-award-winning drama. The full scripts of Series Two include previously unseen dialogue and drama. Downton Abbey has become a national phenomenon and the most successful British drama of our time. Created by Oscar-winning writer Julian Fellowes, the two series have delighted viewers and reviewers alike with stellar performances, ravishing sets and costumes and a gripping plot. The second series of Downton Abbey opens in 1916 as the First World War rages across Europe. The Crawley family and their servants play their part on the front line and the home front, their lives intensified by the strain of war. Julian Fellowes succeeds in not only riveting his audience with cleverly woven storylines of love, loss and betrayal but also in delivering a social commentary of British life. The Series 2 scripts give readers the opportunity to read the work in more detail and study the characters, pace and themes in depth. With an introduction and commentary from Julian Fellowes, this is an invaluable insight into how he researched and crafted the world of Downton Abbey.

Julian Fellowes - Downton ​Abbey - The Complete Scripts - Season One
The ​full scripts of award-winning Downton Abbey, season one including previously unseen material. Downton Abbey has become an international phenomenon and the most successful British drama of our time. Created by Oscar-winning writer Julian Fellowes, the first season delighted viewers and critics alike with stellar performances, ravishing costumes, and a gripping plot. Set in a grand country house during the late Edwardian era, season one of Downton Abbey follows the lives of the Crawley family upstairs and their servants downstairs as they approach the announcement of the First World War. Fellowes succeeds in not only entertaining his audience with a combination of sustained storylines and sharp one-liners but also in delivering a social commentary of British life. The scripts from season one give readers the opportunity to read the work in more detail and to study the characters, pace, and themes in depth. With extended commentary from Fellowes, highlighting key historical or dramatic details, this book gives invaluable insight, particularly for would-be screenwriters, into how Fellowes researched and crafted the world of Downton Abbey. Featuring full-color photographs. Praise for Downton Abbey "A deft balance of emotion, suspense and comdey." - Daily Telegraph "The sets and costumes are ravishing, the attention to detail painstaking and the performances are brilliant. But above all, it's cracking story." - The Times (London) "There is no mystery about the potency of this series, slathered in wit, powered by storytelling of a high order." - Wll Street Journal "A sumptous, accomplished piece of television." - Guardian (U.K.)

Julian Fellowes - Belgravia ​(angol)
The _New ​York Times_ bestselling novel about scandalous secrets and star-crossed lovers! On the evening of 15 June 1915, the great and the good of British society have gathered in Brussels at what is to become one of the most tragic parties in history - the Duchess of Richmond's ball. For this is the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, and many of the handsome young men attending the ball will find themselves, the very next day, on the battlefield. For Sophia Trenchard, the young and beautiful daughter of Wellington's chief supplier, this night will change everything. But it is only twenty-five years later, when the upwardly mobile Trenchards move into the fashionable new area of Belgravia, that the true repercussions of that moment will be felt. For in this new world, where the aristocracy rub shoulders with the emerging nouveau riche, there are those who would prefer the secrets of the past to remain buried...

Julian Fellowes - Past ​Imperfect
In ​his second novel (after Snobs ), Oscar-winning screenwriter Fellowes (e.g., Gosford Park ) examines the lives of the debutantes and young aristocrats of 1960s England 40 years on. Damian Baxter is a self-made millionaire dying of cancer who for nearly 20 years has had in his possession an anonymous letter indicating that he fathered a child in the early 1970s, right around the time that his group of friends and lovers were breaking up and moving on, often to more unsatisfying lives. Wishing to leave his entire fortune to this child, Baxter asks his one-time friend, the novel's narrator, to visit each of the women who might have written the letter. The narrator's visits and flashbacks to their glory days make up the bulk of the novel. VERDICT While the American woman is a sad caricature, the rest of Fellowes's players more than hold one's attention and sympathy. An interesting reflection on how to cope (or in some cases, how not to cope) with the end of one's era. Recommended. [See Prepub Alert, LJ 5/15/09.]—Julie Elliott, Indiana Univ. Lib., South Bend Szerkesztői ismertető - Library Journal vol. 134 iss. 12 p. 84 (c) 07/15/2009 -- GoogleBooks

Julian Fellowes - Sznob
A ​nemesi családból származó Julian Fellowes tanulmányai befejeztével húsz éven át volt ünnepelt színésze Nagy-Britanniának, 2001-ben pedig Oscar-díjat nyert a Gosford Park című film forgatókönyvéért. Az arisztokraták csillogó és kirekesztő világának jó ismerőjeként írta meg szatírikus és kulisszahasogató művét, amely a brit sajtó szerint egy velejéig sznob regény a sznobok botrányairól.

Annie Gray - Julian Fellowes - The ​Official Downton Abbey Cocktail Book
In ​official partnership with Downton Abbey and with 50 stunning photographs featuring stills from across the series and right up to the latest film release, this collection of 70 delicious cocktail recipes is a lavish toast to the glamorous world of the Crawleys. With a foreword by Julian Fellowes, the writer and creator of Downton Abbey, and an introduction by food historian Annie Gray, this curated selection of recipes spans the world of Downton, from drawing-room party drinks to downstairs hangover cures and more. In addition to classic concoctions like a Mint Julep, Prince of Wales Punch and Ginger Beer, this collection features character-specific twists such as Downton Heir, Turkish Attache, The Valet and The Chauffeur. Photographed using the original lead crystal used on set, each cocktail is guaranteed to raise your spirits, whether by channeling the verve of Lady Mary, the wit of Violet Crawley or the plain speaking of Mrs Patmore. With a brief history of each drink and peppered with quotes from Downton characters, the recipes are organized by the places the drinks were served: The library (stirred drinks and after-dinner drinks) The grounds (refreshing drinks) The great hall (party drinks) The drawing room (pre-dinner drinks and hangover helpers) The village (everyday drinks) With these cocktails, relish the rich traditions and flavours of Downton Abbey without end.

Julian Fellowes - Belgravia
A ​Downton Abbey szerzőjének új könyve Sophia Trenchard a komornája kíséretében céltudatosan halad Brüsszel utcáin; az apja irodájába tart, hogy elújságolja: sikerült meghívót szereznie a társaság egyik legfontosabb eseményére: Richmond hercegné báljára. A lány nem is lehetne boldogabb, hiszen ott végre találkozhat a szerelmével, Bellasis vicomte-tal. Sophia számára azonban ez az éjszaka mindent megváltoztat: másnap a szerelme kilovagol, hogy még egyszer utoljára megküzdjön Napóleonnal a waterlooi csatában. Huszonöt évvel később a társadalmi ranglétrán egyre feljebb emelkedő Trenchard család London legújabb, divatos negyedébe, Belgraviába költözik, és a régóta eltemetett titkok lassan napfényre kerülnek: köztük a végzetes bál beláthatatlan következményei is. Vannak azonban, akik mindent megtennének, hogy a múlt titkai a múltban maradjanak...