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Jessica Fletcher - Donald Bain - Skating ​on Thin Ice
The ​brand-new mystery in the USA Today bestselling series finda Jessica Fletcher on the trail of a cold killer... Christine Allen's dream of competing in pairs figure skating competitions becomes a nightmare when a series of "accidents" ruins her practice sessions with her partner and coach. And when the body of one of the trio is found dead at the arena, Jessica is determined to uncover the chilling motives behind the murder...

Jessica Fletcher - Donald Bain - The ​Queen's Jewels
In ​the brand-new novel in the USA Today bestselling series, Jessica Fletcher takes a cruise through some rough-and deadly-seas. Jessica Fletcher has always wanted to take a transatlantic voyage on the legendary Queen Mary II. Now, she's finally getting her chance. She's hoping to fly to London, spend a few quiet days visiting, and then depart on the high seas. When she calls her old friend, Scotland Yard Inspector George Sutherland, to let him know she's on her way, he mentions the case of an enormously valuable diamond that was stolen from its wealthy owner, who was murdered during the heist. Jessica is well aware of the story. But when she finally boards her dream ship, the deadly mystery appears to have followed her up the gangplank. Now, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, she must try to enjoy the sumptuous seaborne surroundings while she tries to find a priceless diamond-and the killer desperate enough to take a life for it.

Jessica Fletcher - Donald Bain - Gin ​& Daggers
Jessica ​Fletcher is off to London to deliver the keynote address at a mystery writers convention. She's also looking forward to seeing her mentor, Marjorie Ainsworth, who's hosting a party on her estate to celebrate her latest book. But a routine business trip becomes murderous business--when Jessica discovers Marjorie stabbed to death in her own bedroom....

Jessica Fletcher - Donald Bain - The ​Maine Mutiny
Jessica ​Fletcher is pitching in to help Cabot Cove's first Lobster Festival by writing an article about the lifestyle of the local lobstermen. But instead of getting the story, she becomes tangled in a net of intrigue and murder. And she better sink her claws into this puzzling case-or she may find herself becoming the next catch of the day.

Jessica Fletcher - Donald Bain - Murder ​in a Minor Key
There's ​big trouble brewing in the Big Easy... Jessica Fletcher is getting an insider's view of the New Orleans Jazz Festival from arts critic Wayne Copely. But when Copely turns up dead next to the grave of an old voodoo queen, Jessica must prove that she's no tourist when it comes to murder...