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John Farman - The ​Very Bloody History of London
When ​a man is tired of London, he is tired of life... Samuel Johnson One of the world's most famous cities is sized up by John Farman, the author of the mega-bestselling title _The Very Bloody History of Britain_. London's history is brought to life by powerful storytelling, fact-packed pages and wildly funny interpretations of some of the city's well known and less-known historical landmarks. The ideal guide for discerning travellers of all ages who long to see and hear about something a bit different.

John Farman - The ​Very Bloody History Of Britain 2.
A ​factually accurate and fabulously funny look at the history of Britain from the dawn of civilization to the end of the Second World War. You’ve never had a history lesson like it!

John Farman - The ​Very Bloody History of Britain
This ​is a potted history of life in Britain from the dawn of time to the years of World War II - with the aid of cartoons as an entertaining way to grasp the chronology of events.