Rebecca York könyvei a rukkolán

Rebecca York - Spellbound
P.I. ​Morgan Kirkland had investigated strange crimes before, but none as eerie as the murders on Andre Gascon's bayou estate - nor anything as peculiar as the man himself. He lived like a captive at the isolated Belle Vista, disappeared after sunset, drank homemade brews - and avoided the truth. But his dark looks and brooding mien were irresistible to Morgan. Drawn to him as if under a voodoo spell, Morgan, who'd stared down danger for a living, now knew real fear in Andre's arms. Fear that she was falling for a killer...

Rebecca York - Powerhouse
It ​had been five years since he'd last laid eyes on Shelley Young, but Colorado rancher Matt Whitlock would never forget the moment she'd left his ranch without a backward glance.Now, with fear for his son's safety lying heavily in his heart, working together quickly became like old times--as did the rekindling of an attraction that had never really been extinguished. Following leads deep into the snowy mountains of South Dakota, Matt knew it was time to reveal the truth about his past...and its connection to bringing the little boy home.

Rebecca York - Phantom ​Lover
In ​the darkened bedroom of Ravencrest, Bree Brennan was seduced by an unseen lover. A lover whose scorching kiss was strangely familiar. Was her midnight caller Troy London, her onetime love, or was it the mythical ghost who haunted the cliffside, windswept estate on the California coast? A P.I., Bree had come undercover to Ravencrest to find its owner, Troy, and ensure his well-being. But Bree knew she was out of her league the moment she saw its dark rock spires and its creepy inhabitants who claimed a crazy Troy was prisoner in his own chambers. But Bree heard his husky voice, felt his sizzling touch...Exactly who was weaving an undeniable, erotic spell around her?

Rebecca York - Zárt ​ajtók között
Abby, ​a fiatal pszichológusnő kétségbeesett hívást kap egyik volt kliensétől, Sharontól, aki röviddel ezután rejtélyes öngyilkosságot követ el. A lélekgyógyász nem tudja elhinni, hogy a lány önként dobta el az életét. Lehet, hogy aljas gyilkosság áldozata lett? Nyomozása során Abby minduntalan Sharon fivérébe, Steve-be botlik, és nemsokára már együtt próbálnak fényt deríteni a történetekre. Eleinte nem is sejtik, mekkora veszély leselkedik rájuk...

Kasey Michaels - Muriel Jensen - Rebecca York - Key ​to My Heart
This ​Harlequin collection features top authors, romantic stories and a special Valentine's gift item--a beautiful gold-tone keyheart necklace! Here are three tales in which "keys" unlock a woman's heart to romance and true love. Three Valentine's Day short romances include "Love, Emmaline," in which a split couple reunites; "Knock Three Times," in which a personal shopper finds love; and "Remington and Juliet," in which a woman uncovers her rival's secret.