Rebecca Shaw könyvei a rukkolán

Rebecca Shaw - Civódások ​és csetepaték
Változnak ​az idők Turnham Malpasban... Az újgazdag Brash Craddock Fitchnek odafent a Kúriában minden jel szerint eltökélt szándéka, hogy nyomot hagyjon a falu életében – míg a falué, hogy helyre tegye a pasast. Sir Ralph nehezen alkalmazkodik szerényebb társadalmi helyzetéhez, míg a félénk Muriel ahhoz, hogy felvitte az Isten a dolgát. Mindeközben a Jimmy Glover életében beálló szerencsés fordulat még őt magát is meglepi, az örökké pörgő Jimbo Charter-Plackett pedig pletykálkodik, ami következményekkel jár… Ám ezeket az ügyeket elhomályosítja egy vérlázító tett: Alan, a nem túl közkedvelt csapos megüti Flicket, Jimbo lányát. Még mielőtt az eset okozta felháborodás elcsitulhatna, heves vita kerekedik Sir Ralph tervei miatt, ami az egész falu életére hatással lehet…

Rebecca Shaw - Country ​lovers
The ​lively Barleybridge Veterinary Hospital is bustling with energy. Everyone is working hard to make sure that sick animals in the surgery and on the farms are treated. But at the same time some of the staff are coping with crises in their personal lives. Kate is worrying about her exam results and hoping she can get into Veterinary College. Dan's wife's baby is due any moment. Letty is worried that she may be terminally ill but is afraid to tell anyone. Joy finds that she is still in love with Mungo, a fact that finally compels her husband Duncan to leave home. Rhodri is deeply in love with Megan, a local farmer's daughter, but she can't marry him because she is committed to caring for her elderly father. A wonderfully pacy, funny but tender novel about life in the country.

Rebecca Shaw - The ​Village Newcomers
Ford ​and Mercedes Barclay have decided to spend their twilight years in the lovely village of Turnham Malpas - but will these two newcomers be made welcome? Ford, a former businessman who made his fortune in scrap metal, has ambitious plans for the village - including the funding of a youth club and the hosting of a mock Elizabethan ball, to which all the village is invited. But not everyone in Turnham Malpas welcomes the newcomers with open arms. Mr Fitch, the village benefactor, is less than impressed by Ford's generosity. It isn't long before the two come to blows, leaving Ford and Mercedes to wonder whether village life is really for them. Meanwhile, a letter arrives at the village rectory that causes consternation. The rector's twin children, Alex and Beth, have never had contact with their birth mother. But now, finally, she wishes to build a relationship with them. After so many years of estrangement, should Alex and Beth get to know their real mother? And what of Caroline, the woman who has raised and loved them - will she be willing to let the twins forge their own path? Sparkling with Rebecca Shaw's signature humour, this is another warm, witty and lively tale of village life.

Rebecca Shaw - The ​New Rector
When ​Peter Harris arrives in Turnham Malpas as the new rector, he finds the village people welcoming but set in their ways. Yet despite his own weaknesses and the sadness of his childless wife, he comforts and advises his new parishioners, growing more and more involved with the rural way of life. Then the whole village is rocked by spiteful trick that goes terribly wrong, and a gruesome murder that points to a killer in its midst. Now, more than ever, Peter's pastoral role is crucial - and yet he is wrestling with his own private hell that may still wreck his own life.

Rebecca Shaw - Village ​Green Affair
A ​mysterious visitor has arrived in Turnham Malpas. What can Titus Bellamy want? Is it true, the villagers ask each other, that he has discovered a medieval charter which grants the right to hold a market on their picturesque village green? And if it is true, can he be stopped?

Rebecca Shaw - A ​Village Deception
When ​Harry Dickenson arrives in Turnham Malpas, the warm welcome he receives convinces him to stay. Handsome and charming, Harry quickly earns his place in rural life. But despite his outward friendliness, Harry is a troubled man, hiding memories of a tragic past from which he is desperate to escape. Just as Harry finds some measure of peace, he encounters the one woman in the village likely to turn any man's head. Soon, Harry is caught in an obsessive love that threatens to ruin everything that he has accomplished - and reveal his shocking secret to all. But Harry isn't the only man in the village to fall head-over-heels. Paddy Cleary, the shy gardener, is smitten. But will Paddy find the confidence to reveal his true feelings? And will the young lady return his affections? The villagers must wait and watch, hoping the burgeoning friendship will lead to something more...Rebecca Shaw is a storyteller like no other. Packed with tales of love and heartbreak, passion and regret, A VILLAGE DECEPTION is alive with incident and drama - a perfect, glorious escape from the stresses of modern life.

Rebecca Shaw - Village ​Gossip
For ​the locals of Turnham Malpas, the rural peace is disrupted when a famous actor comes to stay to recuperate from illness. Before long he is bored by village life and when he meets Caroline, the rector's wife, he is instantly attracted to her. He agrees to direct and star in a play with the villagers as his supporting cast and Caroline as his leading lady...Before long, the villagers' lives are turned upside down: a marriage is wrecked, a proud man humbled and two people are brought closer together as gossip, scandal and jealousy mount...

Rebecca Shaw - Village ​Fortunes
Things ​are heating up in the village of Turnham Malpas. Now comfortably settled in the Big House, Johnny and Alice Templeton are over the moon at the arrival of their second son. But Johnny's roguish younger brother, Chris Templeton, is visiting from Brazil and causing not a little trouble in the village. For Ford and Mercedes Barclay, returning to the village after all these years - and after Ford's shameful imprisonment - is a big step. Will they be welcomed back or shunned? And will Ford be able to convince people he's a changed man? While most of the villagers greet the pair with open arms, there are those who still have their doubts. Meanwhile, poor Fran Charter-Plackett has some important decisions to make about her future. With all her siblings having flown the nest, the pressure is on to decide what to do with her life. And when her parents discover Fran's shocking secret, things really start to get messy.

Rebecca Shaw - Ördögi ​pletyka
A ​falu izzik a pletykától, és Turnham Malpasban semmi sem az, aminek látszik. A Királyi Tölgyben a szokásos évődés elkeseredett perpatvarrá válik, amikor Caroline konfliktust okoz egy ősi hagyomány miatt. És mi a helyzet a férjével, Peterrel, a falu plébánosával? Igaz, amit róla és a rámenős, új jövevényről, Venetia Mayerről beszélnek? Még az idősebb lakók sem menekülnek a pletyka elől, amikor a Baxter nővérek különc életmódja kegyetlen találgatások tárgyává válik. És milyen gonoszság ólálkodik az ablakok mögött, amely majdnem egy gyermek életét követeli? Peternek muszáj félretennie a saját gondjait, és minden befolyását latba kell vetnie, hogy egyesítse a falu lakóit – amíg rá nem jön, hogy éppen az elhallgatott titkok okoznak babonát, őrületet és tragédiát. Rebecca Shaw nagysikerű sorozata Turnham Malpas nevű angliai falvacskáról és lakosairól szól. A magával ragadó történetek hihetetlen izgalmakkal teli olvasási élményt ígérnek. Ha tetszettek Agatha Raisin és Hamish Macbeth történetei, ne hagyd ki ezt a sorozatot sem!

Rebecca Shaw - Scandal ​in the Village
When ​Jimbo asks his mother, Katherine, to come and live near him in Turnham Malpas, his kindness has rather more repercussions than he anticipated. Before long Katherine is organising the harvest festival display, and causes uproar with her high-handed ways. But Katherine goes too far when she petitions to rid the village of some of its residents. Only Peter, the rector, can control Katherine's more outrageous actions. Finding it hard to resist his natural charm and diplomacy, she gradually begins to mellow as the village works its magic on her...

Rebecca Shaw - Talk ​of the Village
The ​village is bedevilled by talk and all is not as it seems in the village of Turnham Malpas ...Does pushy newcomer Venetia have her eye on Peter, the handsome rector? Is Jeremy, her husband, really making a success of the new health club? And why does Willie's new love set a vicious tongue wagging? In the Royal Oak, the usual banter has turned to bitter wrangling as the rector's wife Caroline makes a challenge over an ancient country tradition and splits the village her husband had so recently united. As the people of the village use the power of words to reconcile or divide, Peter finds it is what isn't talked about that threatens to cause madness, confusion and tragedy.

Rebecca Shaw - Whispers ​in the Village
When ​the rector, Peter, takes his family to Africa for a year so that he can work in a mission, the villagers are bereft. What's more, the locum, Anna, has rather modern ideas and the parishioners determined to keep an eye on her. Then she brings a down-and-out petty thief into their midst, sparking conflict within the community. The Women's Institute comes up with the idea of raising funds for Peter's mission and holds an upmarket pyjama party, midnight skinny dipping and an afternoon's horse racing. Then a message arrives from Peter with the most devastating news - and the villagers are more determined than ever to raise a substantial sum for the mission.

Rebecca Shaw - Village ​Matters
Times ​are changing in Turnham Malpas... Brash Craddock Fitch up at the Big House seems determined to make his mark on the village - and the village is determined to put him in his place. Sir Ralph is having trouble adjusting to his more modest status, and timid Muriel to her exalted one, while a change of fortune surprises Jimmy Glover too. It's all Jimbo Charter-Plackett, fount of all gossip, can do to keep up. But these concerns are eclipsed by tragedy when Flick, Jimbo's daughter, is knocked down by the unpopular barman Alan. And before the shock of the accident has passed, a bitter dispute springs up that could affect the entire village...

Rebecca Shaw - Village ​Secrets
The ​village school is to get a new head, and the inhabitants of Turnham Malpas await her arrival with curiosity. At first sight, Kate Pascoe seems ideal. She's young, pretty and obviously loves her job. But when she introduces meditation classes for her ten-year-olds, and even tree-hugging, the villagers begin to think again. Then a strange malaise afflicts the whole village: lights are seen in Sykes Wood at night; a dog long dead appears to come to life and a sudden shocking death plunges the village into a state of superstitious dread. And always at the eye of the storm is Kate Pascoe...

Rebecca Shaw - Trouble ​in the Village
When ​the people of Turnham Malpas realise that all is not as it should be between Peter, the rector, and his wife Caroline, the smooth running of the village falters. Then the appointment of a new verger causes trouble when events from his past return to haunt him, bringing violence and danger to the peace of the village. And there are the strange goings-on in the church at night, one of the villagers' houses is ransacked; a couple is beaten up… But troubles in Turnham Malpas are put to rest as Bonfire Night at the Big House arrives and the celebrations unite the village once again.

Rebecca Shaw - Az ​új lelkész
Turnham ​Malpas újdonsült lelkésze fiatal, energikus és roppant jóképű. A neve Peter Harris. A helyi gyülekezet tagjait megismerve Peter ráébred, hogy a faluban sokkal mozgalmasabb az élet, mint amire számított. A lakóknak éppen a csökönyös Sharon okoz fejfájást, de gyógyítóan hat rájuk a Charter-Plackett család, akik csinos kis delikát üzletet rendeztek be a régi, szakadt kisbolt helyén. Feltűnik még a tragikus sorsú Suzy Meadows is, aki három gyereket nevel férje öngyilkossága után. Gyászában Suzy Petertől kér támogatást, az új lelkész pedig komoly dilemmába kerül. Mindeközben a falut megrázza egy ijesztő végkifejlettel záruló zaklatássorozat és egy rejtélyes gyilkosság. Peter lelkészi szerepe válságosabb helyzetbe jut, mint valaha, de ennek ellenére legyőzi démonait - az események viszont még így is romba dönthetik az életét. Rebecca Shaw nagysikerű sorozata Turnham Malpas nevű angliai falvacskáról és lakosairól szól. A magával ragadó történetek hihetetlen izgalmakkal teli olvasási élményt ígérnek. Ha tetszettek Agatha Raisin és Hamish Macbeth történetei, ne hagyd ki ezt a sorozatot sem!

Rebecca Shaw - A ​Village in Jeopardy
The ​villagers of Turnham Malpas are in for a shock. With Sir Ralph now dead, his fortune and title go to newcomer, Johnny Templeton. Johnny could not be more different from his well-loved predecessor, and he soon finds himself in conflict with the long-standing members of Turnham Malpas. Meanwhile, there are two other villagers in crises, but theirs is a much more private issue. Marcus and Alice March have longed for a child for years. But when Alice finally becomes pregnant, there are those in the village who question the child's paternity. After all, Alice has grown very close to Johnny... As gossip begins to circulate, Alice must make the most difficult of decisions - whether to follow her heart or her morals.