Jack Vance könyvei a rukkolán

Jack Vance - A ​Klau rabszolgái
Roy ​Barch, az ifjú tudós a Földön megtelepedő idegen lekthwaiak szolgálatába szegődik, hogy minél többet megtudjon a felsőbbrendű faj tudományáról. Barch nem szereti az aranybőrű, kecses lekthwaiakat, ám váratlanul megérkezik a csodaszép Komeitk Lelianr, akinek láttán Barch tudja, hogy élete legfőbb célja lesz megszerezni magának ezt a szépséget. Ám a lekthwai lány rideg és közönyös, udvariasan elutasítja a férfi közeledését. Azonban nem csak a lekthwaiak, de ellenségeik, a klauk is felfedezik a Földet, és váratlan rajtaütésükre senki sincs felkészülve. Barch és Lalianr fogságba esnek, és egy távoli iparvilágra, Magarakra viszik őket rabszolgának. A lekthwai lány belenyugodna sorsába, ám Barch nem adja fel ilyen könnyen. Megszöknek, és beleveszik magukat a rengetegbe. Arra a területre tévednek, melyet a klauk vadonnak hagynak, hogy sportból szökevény rabszolgákra vadászhassanak. Csakhogy Barchnak nem tetszik az űzött vad szerepe...

Jack Vance - Emphyrio
Far ​in the future, the craftsmen of the distant planet Halma create goods which are the wonder of the galaxy. But they know little of this. Their society is harshly regimented, its religion austere and unforgiving, and primitive - to maintain standards, even the most basic use of automation is punishable by death. When Amiante, a wood-carver, is executed for processing old documents with a camera, his son Ghyl rebels, and decides to bring down the system. To do so, he must first interpret the story of Emphyrio, an ancient hero of Halman legend.

Jack Vance - Rhialto ​the Marvellous
Rhialto ​the Marvellous takes up the personal and political conflicts among a conclave of two dozen magicians of Ascolais and Almery in the 21st Aeon. The shocking appearance of the Llorio the Murtha, a powerful female force from an earlier aeon threatens to unbalance nature by “ensqualming” or feminizing the magicians. This triggers a tremendous struggle for power and the other mages turn against Rhialto. Hoping to reestablish his rightful place, Rhialto travels to other aeons to restore the missing Perciplex which projects the Mostrament, the constitution of the association. In his final adventure, Rhialto must, ultimately, travel to the very ends of time and space to confront an old adversary whom he had wronged and must commit further misdeeds to restore order. Out of this welter of exotic politics, values systems, personal eccentricity, and magic, the figure of Rhialto slowly comes into focus and takes on dimension. He is a vain, apparently superficial man, not ashamed to demonstrate his melancholy to enhance his reputation. But he is courteous, patient, and subtle, even kind. He is self-aware and introspective as Cugel never could be—the wisest and most sympathetic of all of Vance’s wizards.

Jack Vance - City ​of the Chasch
Someone ​sent distress signals to outer space from the planet Tschai. It was Adam Reith's misfortune to be sent from Earth to investigate. Because when his ship came close to Tschai, it was torpedoed... and Adam escaped to the surface with his life and nothing else. Tschai was a vast planet and previously unexplored. Adam, taken as slave by humans, learned that there were four other intelligent but non-human races dominant on that strange world. And to find the mystery of the distress call and the vicious attack, he would have first to gain his freedom and then find a safe way to pass the city and the alien Chasch and their treacherous cousins, the Blue Chasch. Jack Vance's Tschai novels are considered his masterwork, a constantly changing epic canvas of weird peoples, exotic lands, and surprising extra-terrestrial adventures.

Jack Vance - Night ​Lamp
Found ​as a child with no memory of his past, adopted by a scholarly couple who raised him as their own, Jaro never quiet fit into the rigidly defined Society of Thanet. When his foster parents are killed in a mysterious bombing, Jaro Fath sets out to discover the truth of his origins--a quest that will take him across light-years and into the depths of the past.

Jack Vance - Servants ​of the Wankh
Marooned ​on the strange planet Tschai, Adam Reith agreed to lead an expedition to return the princess Ylin Ylan, the Flower of Cath, to her homeland halfway around the globe. Monsters of land and sea lay before them, and beings both human and alien who might rob, kill or enslave them. Tschai was a large planet, an ancient planet, where four powerful alien races struggled for mastery while humans were treated as pawns; nothing would be easy for Reith on this journey. But the girl's father was enormously wealthy and her homeland technologically sophisticated. If Reith was ever to obtain human aid in returning to Earth, where better than Cath? If he could get there... SERVANTS OF THE WANKH, complete in itself, is the second volume of Jack Vance's masterwork interplanetary saga.

Jack Vance - Showboat ​World
The ​amazing adventures of two wily rogues on a planet settled by Earth's misfits. Vast, beautiful, untamed, Big Planet lay beyond the frontier of terrestrial law. Its inhabitans were eccentric misfits, descended from the original refugees from Earth. Those that ran the showboats up and down the rivers knew that each port of call hid its own sinister threat. Apollon Zamp and Garth Ashgale were adept at dodging danger. Two of the wiliest rascals in the business, they were deadly rivals to boot. So when Zamp began his perilous journey to compete in the Grand Festival at Nornune, he knew only too well that Ashgale would try to sabotage his plans. And he had to added complication of a mysterious blonde beauty on board.

Jack Vance - Slaves ​of the Klau
Slaves ​of The Klau by Jack Vance is a short but very intense novel. A lowly, though rebellious human servant to an advanced alien is seized and taken into the most desperate slavery under utterly ruthless masters. His initial attempts at escape turn into an ongoing journey of personal development as his mental strength and power grow to enable him to take command of increasingly complex and hazardous situations.

Jack Vance - Space ​Opera
An ​opera company composed of aliens from a world no human is familiar with makes a concert hall appearance on Earth. Their music is strange, somewhat disconcerting, but the performance closes to rave reviews. The next day, every one of the aliens has vanished. They didn't leave by spaceship, and it seems impossible to believe they have successfully hidden themselves on a strange planet; so where did they go, and how?

Jack Vance - Star ​King
The ​first book in the 5 volume Demon Princes saga. The protagonist's parents were murdered by a posse of 5 galactic criminals, the "demon princes". He vows revenge, and eliminates them one by one. In the process Vance does what he excels at: creating strange worlds, environments, customs, and adaptations that humans have made to live in these conditions.

Jack Vance - The ​Anome
A ​world of strange ways and stranger people. A land where men and women are marked for life. Where they are bound to irrevocable destinies by the proclamations of the Faceless Man - an unseen power which terrorises and controls the world. Durdane is a place where defiance is punished with death. But this kingdom of myriad mystery and incalculable peril is now threatened by a menace from without - the dreaded Rogushkoi. And only one youth, Gastel Etzwane, dares to challenge the unchallengeable, the power of the Faceless Man, in an extraordinary struggle for mastery and for the survival of Durdane...

Jack Vance - The ​Book of Dreams
Howard ​Alan Treesong gave a banquet to ten friends. All died in agony, save himself. Howard Alan Treesong went to his old school reunion to teach his former classmates the meaning of terror. Howard Alan Treesong was the most elusive of the five Demon Princes upon whom Kirth Gersen had sworn vengeance. A galaxy-wide guessing game proved his undoing. Howard Alan Treesong wrote his own holy book and called it The Book of Dreams.

Jack Vance - The ​Brave Free Men
Durdane ​is in the grip of the devilish Roguskhoi. Raping and pillaging in their lethal thrust to their heartland, they annihilate all who cross their path. With spirits sapped by years of silent tyranny, the men of Durdane stand impotent, their faceless leader a prisoner in his own palace. One man alone can save Durdane - the musician Gastel Etzwane. But even he is unaware that worming through the land is a corruption more deadly than anything the Roguskhoi can inflict.

Jack Vance - The ​Dirdir
Getting ​back to Earth from the planet Tschai involved only stealing a spaceship or having one built to order — for Tschai was the abode of several intelligent star-born races and, as such, had spaceyards. But Adam Reith's problem was not so simple. He'd already been lucky to escape the Chasch and the Wankh and a dozen different types of humans, and now his course led directyly to the Great Sivishe Spaceyards in the domains of the Dirdir. But the Dirdir were quite different from the other aliens who competed for this world. They were quicker, more sinister, and had an unrelenting thirst for hunting victims like Adam Reith. The closer he came to his objective, the keener their hunting instincts would become!

Jack Vance - The ​Eyes of the Overworld
The ​Eyes of the Overworld is the first of Vance's picaresque novels about the scoundrel Cugel. Here he is sent by a magician he has wronged to a distant unknown country to retrieve magical lenses that reveal the Overworld. Conniving to steal the lenses, he escapes and, goaded by a homesick monster magically attached to his liver, starts to find his way home to Almery. The journey takes him across trackless mountains, wastelands, and seas. Through cunning and dumb luck, the relentless Cugel survives one catastrophe after another, fighting off bandits, ghosts, and ghouls?stealing, lying, and cheating without insight or remorse leaving only wreckage behind. Betrayed and betraying, he joins a cult group on a pilgrimage, crosses the Silver Desert as his comrades die one by one and, escaping the Rat People, obtains a spell that returns him home. There, thanks to incompetence and arrogance he misspeaks the words of a purloined spell and transports himself back to the same dismal place he began his journey.

Jack Vance - The ​Face
Kirth ​Gersen tracks Lens Larque across several worlds, most notably Aloysius, the desert world Dar Sai and the more temperate Methel. He eventually learns that Larque is a Darsh, born Husse Bugold. He had been deprived of an earlobe and made a rachepol or outcast from his clan for a crime considered "repulsive but not superlatively heinous." He took the name Lens Larque, after the lanslarke, an indigenous creature and the fetish of the Bugold clan. (It was this slim clue that enabled Gersen to track him down.) He then became a notorious criminal renowned for his magnificent, if often grotesque and horrifying, jests.

Jack Vance - The ​Five Gold Bands
Picaresque ​Irish adventurer Paddy Blackthorn is caught attempting to steal an interstellar space drive and is sentenced to death by the ruling council of mutant humans. The mutants' creator bequeathed them the secret of the drive, and with it a monopoly on space travel, which allows them to dominate normal humans. During his escape, Paddy discovers that the knowledge of how to manufacture the engines has been stored in five gold rings, one for each mutant race. The rings are hidden in five secret locations for safekeeping. With the help of a beautiful human secret agent, Fay Bursill, Paddy searches the home planets of each of the mutant species, in the hope that Earthfolk will be able to resume their rightful place in space.

Jack Vance - The ​Gray Prince
When ​Schaine Madduc returned to Koryphon after five years in space, her home planet was not as she left it. The several intelligent species that had lived so long in a sort of symbiotic harmony were at each other's throats. The humanoid Uldra were united in rebellion against the human land-holding community of which Schaine was part. The Uldra revolutionary leader and catalyst the Gray Prince Jorjol was actually an Uldra fostered in Schaine's own home, and upon whom Schaine had exerted a profound influence. An influence far more profound than Schaine would have thought possible. An influence possibly powerful enough to smash her home, her family, and her entire way of life!

Jack Vance - The ​Green Pearl and Madouc
In ​Lyonesse: The Green Pearl and Madouc the magical lands of high enchantment - the Elder Isles, the land, long-vanished beneath the ocean, from which King Arthur's ancestors fled to Britain - come to brilliant life again. In this ancient land the realm of chivalry and the world of faerie exist side by side and it is a place of strange beauty, high adventure and eerie magic. Warring kings renew their conflicts, opposing magicians devise ever more strange and sinister stratagems and Madouc, ostensibly the daughter of the ill-fated Princess Suldrun but in reality a changeling, becomes embroiled in political rivalries, military adventures - and the quest for the Grail.

Jack Vance - The ​Green Pearl
When ​magic ruled and kings were strong... South of Eire and west of Gaul was the land of the Elder Isles, a mystical place of fairy shees, valiant knights, and the powerful magic of sorcerers living and forgotten. Now, as Aillas of Troicinet and Casimir of Lyonesse parry and feint in a duel of wits, the mysterious aura of the Green Pearl enters their souls. Its menas are subtle, but its effects are great, and as the Kings of Elder ready their swords, even the worlds of the immortals tremble...

Jack Vance - The ​Big Planet
The ​objective of the mission from Earth: to stop the ruthless Barjarnum of Beaujolais from expanding his empire on the Big Planet...and prevent the world from falling under this tyrant's domination. Then sabotage forces the craft to crash land, and the survivors face an epic 40,000-mile trek across the dangerous landscape. A SF landmark. "One of the finest writers the science fiction field has ever known."--Poul Anderson. "Vividly compelling...Vance at the top of his form."--Damon Knight.

Jack Vance - The ​Killing Machine
Having ​brought arch-villain Malagate the Woe to justice, Gersen now sets his sights on Kokor Hekkus, another of the Demon Princes. The name Kokor Hekkus, which means "killing machine" in the language of the planet Thamber, does not refer to Hekkus's own predilection for homicide, but to his fondness for horrific and murderous devices, including the giant robotic executioner that first gained him his nickname. The Killing Machine is part 2 of 5 of The Demon Princes Series.

Jack Vance - The ​Many Worlds of Magnus Ridolph
Magnus ​Ridolph, at first glance, did not look like an interstellar troubleshooter. He was not tall and muscular, his skin had not been turned to a rugged color by the numerous distant suns he had visited, and his voice and manner seemed far too mild for an adventurer. Yet there was a chill hardness in his mild blue eyes that warned of the deceptiveness in his appearance. Throughout the galaxy, there were men and other beings - Yellowbirds, Tau Gemini ant-things, Hecatian anthropes - who could testify to the deadliness that lurked behind those eyes. In Magnus Ridolph, Jack Vance has created one of the most memorable characters of his award-winning career.

Jack Vance - The ​Narrow Land
The ​Narrow Land is a collection of six short stories and one novella by Jack Vance. Contains the stories: The Narrow Land The Masqerade on Dicantropus Where Hesperus Falls The World-Thinker Green Magic The Ten Books Chateau D'If ( aka "New Bodies for Old" )

Jack Vance - The ​Palace of Love
In ​the midpoint novel of the "Demon Princes" series, Kirth Gersen sets his sights upon the mysterious Viole Falushe. Vance describes this murderous creature as a "sybarite." "Sadistic pervert" would probably be a more apropos phrase.After several false leads, Gersen backtracks the villain to his point of origin --- Earth, of all places! Then the trail moves outward again, to the starworlds and a place back of beyond where there is actually a physical Palace of Love!

Jack Vance - The ​Pnume
The ​Pnume are native to Tschai, living underground in a vast network of caverns with their human slave-species, the Pnumekin. Historians of Tschai, the Pnume collect its past with scholarly disinterest; they hear rumors of Adam Reith - a man who claims to come from another planet, named Earth - and they want him for permanent display in Foreverness, museum of Tschai life! Reith must survive the Pnume tunnels, if he is ever to return to Earth.

Jack Vance - To ​Live Forever
In ​the far-future city of Clarges, you can live forever – if you can make the grade. In Clarges, everyone competes for the ultimate prize: immortality. Gavin Waylock had that prize – the live-forever rank of Amaranth, but lost it when he was accused of murder. Now, after seven years in hiding he begins again the struggle to reach the top. But a strong-willed woman,The Jacynth Martin, is determined to see him fail – and failure means death. SF Grandmaster Jack Vance crafts a classic tale of man against dystopia, rich in intrigue, suspense and dark humor.

Jack Vance - Trullion: ​Alastor 2262
Trullion ​- world 2262 of the Alastor Cluster - is a water-world of fens, mists, and idyllic islands set in clear oceans whose teeming richness provides food for the taking. The Trill are a carefree and easy-living people, but violence enters their lives during raids of the Starmenters, freebooting galactic pirates who live short, perilous lives in pursuit of adventure, rape and pillage. Then there's the planet-wide game of hussade - when the Trill's passion for gambling drives them to risk all - even life itself, on the hazardous water-chessboard gaming fields. Their prize? The beautiful sheirlmaiden..

Jack Vance - Wyst: ​Alastor 1716
On ​Wyst, world 1716 of the Alastor Cluster, millions of people live together in harmony, work only a few hours each week, and share the fruits of their labor equally. Wyst seems a utopia. But the Connatic, mysterious ruler of the Alastor Cluster, knowing better that to take utopia at face value, one day decides to investigate--a decision that may cost him his life.

Jack Vance - Ports ​of Call
Myron's ​parents insisted that he study economics, and Myron dutifully applied himself. But Myron had an aunt--his great aunt Hester Lojoie, a woman of great wealth inherited from a dead husband, and even greater flamboyance of nature. And when Dame Hester came into possession of a space yacht, Myron suddenly saw his long-supressed dreams of adventure bloom into new life.

Jack Vance - Cugel's ​Saga
Pity ​poor Cugel. Not for nothing is he known as the Clever, hero of a hundred mischiefs. But this time the Laughing Magician has triumphed - and Cugel is marooned, penniless, half a world from home. His return to Almery will be extended and exhausting. And Cugel has only his flamboyant resourceful cleverness to rely upon. A lesser mortal might quail, but Cugel...is Cugel.

Jack Vance - The ​Dying Earth
The ​stories included in The Dying Earth introduce dozens of seekers of wisdom and beauty, lovely lost women, wizards of every shade of eccentricity with their runic amulets and spells. We meet the melancholy deodands, who feed on human flesh and the twk-men, who ride dragonflies and trade information for salt. There are monsters and demons. Each being is morally ambiguous: The evil are charming, the good are dangerous. All are at home in Vance’s lyrically described fantastic landscapes like Embelyon where, “The sky [was] a mesh of vast ripples and cross-ripples and these refracted a thousand shafts of colored light, rays which in mid-air wove wondrous laces, rainbow nets, in all the jewel hues....” The dying Earth itself is otherworldly: “A dark blue sky, an ancient sun.... Nothing of Earth was raw or harsh—the ground, the trees, the rock ledge protruding from the meadow; all these had been worked upon, smoothed, aged, mellowed. The light from the sun, though dim, was rich and invested every object of the land ... with a sense of lore and ancient recollection.” Welcome. “The Dying Earth and its sequels comprise one of the most powerful fantasy/science-fiction concepts in the history of the genre. They are packed with adventure but also with ideas, and the vision of uncounted human civilizations stacked one atop another like layers in a phyllo pastry thrills even as it induces a sense of awe [at] ... the fragility and transience of all things, the nobility of humanity’s struggle against the certainty of an entropic resolution.” — Dean Koontz, author of the Odd Thomas novels. “He gives you glimpses of entire worlds with just perfectly turned language. If he’d been born south of the border, he’d be up for a Nobel Prize.” — Dan Simmons author of The Hyperion Cantos.