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Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​11. (angol)
When ​the plans to release five singles in three weeks turn into releasing ten singles in ten weeks, it's up to Shuichi to get into the groove before the pressure leads him on a road to nowhere. Talk about working hard for the money! With all eyes on Shuichi and everyone tuning in to hear Bad Luck's latest recording, will this band become the old kids on the block?

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​12. (angol)
This ​final volume of the hit shonen-ai musical comedy is bicoastal to the max! Bad Luck tries to crash Nittle Grasper's gig, but the song Shuichi had planned to sing isn't finished. Can Shuichi steal the thunder from Ryuichi, or has Bad Luck finally missed a beat? Gravitation's swan song spans the glam and glitter of Hollywood to the rock-steady streets of the Big Apple--an old ghost is put to rest, and a new relationship just might be blossoming!

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​3. (angol)
Shuichi ​is devastated to hear that Eiri is engaged- but the show must go on. Bad Luck gears up for their debut performance, and Shuichi is tempted to declare his undying love for Eiri onstage. Will such homoerotic romantic confessions cause a career catastrophe? Fame and fortune seem within Shuichi's grasp, but a member of a rival band has some dirt on Shuichi that could shatter all of his dreams. How long can Bad Luck's good luck hold out?

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​2
Mikor ​már úgy tűnik, Sindó Súicsi álma valóra válhat, hirtelen minden rosszra fordul. A tehetséges gitáros, Hiro, kilép az együttesből, az új menedzser nem engedi Súicsit a szintetizátorhoz, a banda új zenésze pedig halálra dolgoztatja. Az egyetlen akihez mindig fordulhat, a legnagyobb kritikusa, a cinikus és lekezelő Juki. De ahogy komolyabbra fordulnak a dolgok a szerelemben és a zenében, úgy lesz egyre nagyobb a nyomás, és a gravitáció sosem szűnik meg.

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​5. (angol)
Shuichi ​and his band, Bad Luck, are a rising star in Japan’s pop scene, and their chief rival, ASK, seems doomed to the has been status of an 80s hairband. But just when it looks like the top spot on the Billboard charts is Bad Luck’s for the taking, a completely unexpected competitor emerges—Nittle Grasper is reuniting! Now Shuichi finds his idol (not to mention his band’s Keyboardist) his biggest rival.

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​2. (német)
Harte ​Beats und hübsche Boys! Zwischen dem jungen Musiker Shuichi und dem Romanautor Eiri brennt die Luft! Doch ist sich der coole Eiri wirklich bewusst, wie ernst es Shuichi mit ihm ist? Zwischen Gefühlsausbrüchen und Abi-Stress kommen Shuichi und seine Band "Bad Luck" ihrem Traum von der Profi-Karriere einen Schritt näher. Doch der Weg zum Popstar ist lang und steinig ...

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​8. (angol)
After ​going platinum and getting a date with Eiri, Shuichi thought nothing could bring him down. But when Seguchi delivers an ultimatum to the happy couple, Eiri takes it to heart and breaks up with Shuichi. K tries in vain to help a devastated Shuichi recover, but the surprises just keep coming when Shuichi ends up kidnapped and on a plane to the US for a debut!

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​3
Súicsit ​sokkolja a tény, hogy Jukinak menyasszonya van - de nincs idő az önsajnálatra! A Bad Luck végre nagy közönség előtt lép fel, ám a nagy debütálás több meglepetést is tartogat. Felbukkan egy régóta várt híresség és Súicsi nyilvánosan szerelmet vall Jukinak! De mit szólnak a rajongók a kapcsolathoz? Ez akár a Bad Luck végét is jelentheti - a rivális banda ármánykodásairól nem is beszélve! Meddig kerülheti el a Bad Luck a balszerencsét?

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​4. (angol)
Shindou ​Shuichi and his band Bad Luck are on the verge of going supernova. But Shuichi's career isn't the only thing rocketing through the stratosphere - he's found himself starry-eyed over the dark and mysterious writer Eiri Yuki. These two loverboys orbit each other like twin planets, and Shuichi's in heavenly bliss. However, Taki Aizawa, the leader of the rival band ASK, is set to cause a big bang - he's going to expose Shuichi and Eiri's affair! Can Shuichi prevent his career and love life from spiraling into a black hole?

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​1. (német)
Harte ​Beats und hübsche Jungs - Music meets Boys Love!! Der Alltag des angehenden Musikers Shuichi Shindou ist Chaos pur! Als eines Tages zwischen verpatzten Auftritten, Schulnöten, krampfigen Dates und nervigen Aushilfsjobs auch noch der bildhübsche Romanautor Eiri Yuki in sein Leben tritt, gerät Shuichi endgültig außer Rand und Band. Denn der geheimnisvolle Eiri zieht ihn an wie ein Magnet...

Maki Murakami - Jun Lennon - Gravitation: ​Voice of Temptation
During ​a break on his premiere tour for the smash-hit pop band Bad Luck, lead singer Shuichi Shindo comes home to spend some quality time with his boyfriend, Eiri Yuki, the famous romance novelist. However, he finds their apartment empty, and the only thing waiting for him is a mysterious, alarming note. Has something horrible happened to his lover? Does it have any connection to that gorgeous lady who's been stalking the writer for the past few weeks? Based on the popular manga and anime, Gravitation: Voice of Temptation is a highly charged, hilarious story about two lovers drawn together despite the overwhelming odds.

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​6. (angol)
Frustrated ​by Ryuichi's superior talent, Shuichi decides to get into his own groove in order to go head-to-head against his idol. And when Eiri makes an unexplained exodus to New York, Hiro convinces Tatsuho to dress up like Eiri and make some magic happen! But when Shuichi gets carried away and locks lips with the costumed Tatsuho, will the face-sucking scandal be too hot for everyone to handle? Or will Shuichi tell everyone to kiss off?!

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​10. (angol)
Shuichi ​returns to Japan and to his surprise, Eiri has come to greet him at the airport. Shuichi reveals that he just wants Eiri to open up to him. Hearing this, Eiri offers to say "I love you"...if Shuichi agrees to pay him every time he says it. Although Eiri is joking, Shuichi is dead serious about raising the money to hear those precious words. However, Eiri says something else that will leave Shuichi so shocked he will be unable to sing!

Maki Murakami - Kanpai! ​1
Jamada ​Sintaró felkészült arra, hogy a szörnyeket őrizze: az a munkája, hogy megvédje őket mindentől. De amikor megismerkedik Naóval, akivel ugyanabba a suliba jár, hirtelen szerelmes lesz... a lány nyakába! Sintaró mindent megtesz, hogy megóvja Naót a bajtól és hogy sokáig nézhesse a gyönyörű nyakát! A Gravitation alkotójának új, két részes mangája.

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​4
Sindó ​Súicsit és a zenekarát, a Bad Luckot egy hajszál választja el attól, hogy üstökösként robbanjanak a köztudatba. De Súicsi életében nem csak a karrier az egyetlen, ami megolvasztja a légkört - hirtelen a rejtélyes író, Juki Eiri csillagának vonzásában találja magát. A két szerető; úgy kering egymás körül, akár az ikerplanéták, és Súicsit mennyei boldogság keríti hatalmába. Taki, a rivális zenekar, az ASK frontembere közben csillagrombolásra készül - nyilvánosságra akarja hozni Súicsi és Juki kapcsolatát. Vajon a szerelmet és a karriert egyszerre nyeli el a fekete lyuk?

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​2. (angol)
Just ​when Shuichi Shindou's rock star dreams seem to be coming together, everything falls apart.His gifted guitarist Hiro quits the band, the new manager wants to take Shuichi off keyboards, and Shuichi finds himself constantly berated by their producer. The one person he can fall back on is his biggest critic, the cynical and abrasive Yuki. But in love, as with music, the more serious things become, the greater the pressure, and gravitation takes its toll.

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​1. (angol)
Shuichi ​Shindou is determined to be a rock star. He has no experience, no talent, and no band. After finding a charismatic guitarist and getting a gig, he's ready to show the world what a genius he is with his powerful lyrics. However, Eiri Yuki overhears his amateurish verse and puts the young musician in his place. Unable to get the harsh criticism out of his mind Shuichi forces himself into Yuki's life and the two find their futures inexorably intertwined. The force that brings them together is like gravity and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

Maki Murakami - Gravitation: ​The Novel
Energetic ​teenager Shuichi Shindo is the lead singer and songwriter for the smash-hit pop band, Bad Luck. He's recently moved in with his older boyfriend, Eiri Yuki, the handsome, sophisticated, and uber-famous romance novelist. Nothing goes smoothly for Shuichi, however. Yuki is inexplicably cold and cruel toward him, more so than usual; due to a rash of publicity appearances on comedy sketch shows, he can't get anyone to take his band seriously; and he's suddenly entered, totally unprepared, into a nationally televised concert with Bad Luck's rival band, Ask. In this often touching, frequently hilarious story based on the popular manga and anime, Gravitation: The Novel details a young man's quest for success in love and music.

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​7. (angol)
Eiri ​and Shuichi's intense relationship continues to escalate as Bad Luck's record races to the top of the charts--Eiri's coming out party on national TV boosts his popularity, as fans chant, "More-more-more!" But just as everyone is feeling sky high, Hiro announces that he's hanging up his guitar and quitting! Will Shuichi's queer eye for the rock guy convince Hiro to return to the stage? Or is the band finally out of luck?

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​1
Sindó ​Súicsi mindent megtesz, hogy sztár legyen. Nincs képzettsége, nincs tehetsége, és nincs bandája. Miután talál egy tehetséges gitárost és lehetőséget kap egy fellépésre, készen áll, hogy megmutassa a világnak, milyen zseniális dalszerző. De Juki Eiri elolvassa a nevetséges sorokat, és földbe döngöli a fiatal zenészt. Mivel nem tudja magát túltenni a kritikán, Súicsi Juki társaságát keresi, hogy aztán kettejük jövője kibogozhatatlanul összefonódjon. Képtelenek megfékezni az erőt, ami egymás felé húzza őket mint a gravitáció.

Maki Murakami - Gravitation ​9. (angol)
As ​Shuichi decides to debut in the US with XMR records, his relationships with Eiri and Reiji reach an impasse. Shuichi breaks the news to Eiri that he wants to forget about his life in Japan...including Eiri!