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Brian Michael Bendis - Újvilág X-men 24.
Rozsomák New Yorkban egy lepattant bisztróban készül ebédelni, amikor megszólítja egy csinos szőke nő. Aztán hirtelen elszabadul a pokol, és rövidesen kellemetlen meglepetés éri a fiatal Mary Jane Watsont és Peter Parkert, másnéven a csodálatos Pókembert.

Brian Michael Bendis - Újvilág X-men 25.
Rozsomák és Pókember harca a titokzatos katonákkal egyre inkább eldurvul, és New York Hell's Kitchen negyed lassan csatatérré alakul át. Ezt már nem nézheti tétlenül Fenegyerek sem, aki csatlakozik a küzdelemhez, és ezzel tényleg elszabadul a pokol...

Brian Michael Bendis - Dark ​Avengers - Siege
After ​years of mystery, the secrets of the Sentry are revealed! How deep is his madness and who is really in control of him? What is the limit of his power, if any? And what deadly mystery surrounds him causing mortals and gods to tremble in fear? Also, Captain Marvel aka Marvel Boy found out he was surrounded by madmen and villains and ran for the hills. But no one gets out of Osborn's grip that easy... Collecting: Dark Avengers #13-16, Dark Reign: The List-Avengers, 2009 Annual

Brian Michael Bendis - Scarlet ​1.
THE ​AWARD WINNING, BEST SELLING POWERHOUSE CREATIVE TEAM BEHIND DAREDEVIL, HALO, AND THE AVENGERS UNLEASH THEIR BOLDEST PROJECT YET! SCARLET! This is the comic experience of the year! The first creator-owned series by one of the most successful teams in all of modern comics. Scarlet is the story of a woman pushed to the edge by all that is wrong with the world...A woman who will not back down...A woman who discovers within herself the power to start a modern American revolution!!

Brian Michael Bendis - Guardians ​of the Galaxy (vol. 3) 2. - Angela
Spinning ​out of the dramatic conclusion of Age of Ultron, dimensions collide and Heaven's most fearsome Angel arrives - and comes straight for the Guardians! Gamora, one of the galaxy's greatest warriors, holds a deadly secret that could bring down the entire team. And when Gamora battles Angela, the entire universe hangs in the balance! Then, the galaxy's most mismatched heroes find themselves at a crossroads when the effects of Infinity begin to rise. Can even the mysterious Angela's power help combat the fallout from Thanos' master plan? And what will it take for Star-Lord to betray the entire Marvel Universe? The biggest blockbuster hit of the year continues as critically acclaimed artists Sara Pichelli and Francesco Francavilla climb aboard...and comics legend Neil Gaiman joins the team in this one-of-a-kind comic book event! COLLECTING: Guardians of the Galaxy 4-10

Brian Michael Bendis - Ultimate ​Spider-Man (vol. 1) 3. - Double Trouble
Spider-Man ​must defend himself on two fronts as Dr. Octopus sets out for revenge and Kraven the Hunter pursues the ultimate prize.

Brian Michael Bendis - Jessica ​Jones
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Brian Michael Bendis - The ​New Avengers (vol. 2) 1.
The ​Siege is over, and the Heroic Age has begun. So what's next for Luke Cage and the New Avengers? Steve Rogers thinks he has the answer, offering Cage the reins of his own team and the keys to Avengers Mansion. Which heroes will Luke choose to join him, assuming he even wants the gig to begin with? He'd better decide soon, because the forces of evil are literally dropping out of the sky - and even a formidable trio of master mystics like Dr. Strange, Dr. Voodoo and Daimon Hellstrom are at a loss to stop it. It's time for Luke Cage and his New Avengers to step up, or their first mission may well be their last! Collecting NEW AVENGERS (2010) #1-6.

Brian Michael Bendis - Avengers: ​Fear Itself
The ​God of Fear has come to Earth and the only thing standing between it and world domination are Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Can the Avengers stand against an evil older than time itself? Or will even the strongest heroes on the planet fall? It won't take some of the Avengers to fight the madness of Fear Itself--it will take ALL OF THEM! The New Avengers and Avengers join forces in the face of true fear! And who will join the New Avengers for the first time EVER? Stay tuned, True Believer! Plus: amidst the ashes of what is left of the Marvel Universe, and during the battles throughout New York, an all-new Avengers romance blossoms. COLLECTING: AVENGERS (2010) 13-17; NEW AVENGERS (2010) 14-16

Brian Michael Bendis - The ​New Avengers 5. – Civil War
The ​Civil War is on, and no book will be more affected than New Avengers. You think Marvel would never mess with its top-selling book? Wrong! The Avengers are about to go to war over their beliefs, and the shake-up will shock you. Each stand-alone story in this volume is illustrated by a genuine comics superstar! Collects New Avengers #21-25.

Brian Michael Bendis - The ​New Avengers 9. – Secret Invasion 2.
SPIDER-MAN ​VERSUS CAPTAIN AMERICA IN THE JUNGLES OF THE SAVAGE LAND! But who is who, and what is what? At least one of these people isn't who they say they are. Plus, a huge chapter in the Secret Invasion story as more information as to how the Skrulls set their major plans in motion is revealed. Also, the dark secret of the Illuminati! Could it have brought about the Secret Invasion? And what happened to the Skrulls during the legendary House of M event? And, finally, The Hood must discover the true secret behind his powers. Collects New Avengers #43-47.

Brian Michael Bendis - Dan Slott - Jason Aaron - Matt Fraction - Jonathan Hickman - Greg Pak - Rick Remender - Andy Diggle - Dark ​Reign: The List
Norman ​Osborn plans on making a list, checking it twice, and delivering an unhealthy amount of Dark Reign madness directly into the lives of super heroes both naughty and nice in Dark Reign: The List, a series of eight interconnected stories heralding the next major chapter in the Marvel Universe's current saga. Collects Dark Reign: The List - Daredevil, Dark Avengers, X-Men, Hulk, Secret Warriors, Wolverine, Punisher, Amazing Spider-Man, and Black Panther.

Brian Michael Bendis - Jessica ​Jones: Alias 2.
JESSICA ​JONES, a megkérgesedett lelkű magánnyomozó mindig is szuperhős akart lenni. Az élet azonban mást tartogatott számára. Jelmezes igazságosztóként az önbecsülés hiányától szenvedett, és amikor felismerte, hogy nem viheti másodvonalbeli szuperhősnél többre, szögre akasztotta jelmezét. A Bosszúangyalból magánnyomozóvá vedlett Jessica Jones kalandjai most folytatódnak! Jessica előbb egy isten háta mögötti kisvárosba utazik, hogy egy mutánsnak tartott kamaszlány eltűnése ügyében nyomozzon. Majd balsorsú magándetektívünk randizni megy… a Hangyával? Egy kiruccanás után hazatérve titokzatos, jelmezes lányt talál a lakásában, ám a betolakodó elmenekül, mielőtt Jessica kideríthetné személyazonosságát. Titkos forrásai végül egy kamasz szuperhőshöz, a Póklányként is ismert Mattie Franklinhez vezetik. Mivel Mattie veszélybe került, Jessica Jones egy valószínűtlen fordulat nyomán Jessica Drew-tól, az eredeti Póknőtől kér segítséget, hogy megmenthessék a lány életét. A képregény alapján készült a Netflix hatalmas sikerű _Jessica Jones_-sorozata. A kötet az Alias 11–15., valamint a 10. és 16–21. számát gyűjti egybe.

Brian Michael Bendis - Ultimate ​Spider-Man (vol. 1) 12. - Superstars
A ​bizarre occurrence brings Spider-Man and Wolverine together for the weirdest team-up in super-hero history As the two struggle to get to the bottom of this mystery, their lives literally unravel. Why are both heroes too concerned with their own lives to work together? Strap yourself in, True Believer; it's all part of the ride you get when you buy a ticket for the team-up for people who hate team-ups Plus: Johnny Storm realizes that despite his new flame powers and fame on the horizon, he still doesn't have a high-school diploma. And where does the young New Yorker enroll? Why, none other than a certain Queens high school that also counts one Peter Parker - Spider-Man - as a student. And what's up between Johnny and sweet Liz Allen? Watch the sparks fly.

Brian Michael Bendis - Ultimate ​Spider-Man (vol. 1) 14. - Warriors
The ​Gang War to end all Gang Wars begins The Kingpin is in retreat - and that kind of a power vacuum won't last long. It's about to be filled by a figure of unabashed dread in the underworld: Hammerhead Plus: the Ultimate debut of several Marvel characters, including Moon Knight And Spidey thinks he's had trouble before... but nothing has ever made him declare "Peter Parker" no more Collecting Ultimate Spider-Man #79-85.

Brian Michael Bendis - The ​New Avengers 4. - The Collective
House ​of M changed the planet; now, a new, major threat has emerged. Nothing can stop it - not even Canada's premier super-team, Alpha Flight! The New Avengers are about to be put to the test in a way they never have before. Debuting the bombastic pencils of fan-favorite Mike Deodato. Guest-starring Ms. Marvel! Collects New Avengers #16-20.

Brian Michael Bendis - Kieron Gillen - Jason Aaron - Christos Gage - Rick Remender - Avengers ​vs. X-Men Companion 1.
Part ​One of the Avengers vs X-Men Companion! This digital collection contains Uncanny X-Men #11, New Avengers #24-27, Wolverine and the X-Men #9-11, Avengers Academy #29-31, X-Men: Legacy #266-267, Secret Avengers #26-28, and Avengers #25-27.

Brian Michael Bendis - Miles ​Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man 1. - Revival
Miles ​Morales, the ultimate Spider-Man, is back in action with a new status quo and a new outlook on life! It's the anniversary of Peter Parker's death, but as the world mourns the original Spider-Man, a gathering of Spidey's friends and foes reveal some shocking truths about Peter and his world! A big, big villain from Peter's past is alive and well...and about to turn New York upside down! Now, Miles must come face to face with the worst nightmare of the Spider-Man legacy: Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin...the man who killed Peter Parker...or did he? Plus, Miles has made a huge choice about the woman he loves. Will he live to regret it?

Brian Michael Bendis - Come ​Home
The ​adventures of private investigator Jessica Jones continue with two new cases: In "Rebecca, Come Home" Jessica travels to upstate New York to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl rumored to be a mutant in a prejudiced small town. In "It's Raining Men, " Jessica goes on a date with... Ant-Man?

Brian Michael Bendis - All-New ​X-Men (vol. 1) 1. - Yesterday's X-Men
It's ​a blast from the X-Men's past! Professor X's original five students - Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel and Beast - are plucked from the past and brought to the present. But what they find - the state of their future selves, and the state of Xavier's dream - is far from the future they dreamed of. How will these young, idealistic heroes react when faced with the crushing knowledge of what their future holds? And how will the embittered X-Men of the present deal with their past coming crashing forward? When the original team comes face to face with their counterparts, it isn't a peaceful meeting - and one of the X-Men will be forever changed. Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen blaze a new trail for the X-Men! COLLECTING: All -New X-Men 1-5

Brian Michael Bendis - Az ​Új Bosszú Angyalai - Az Invázió vége
A ​Földet megszállták az alakváltó skrullok. Az Új Bosszú Angyalai megalakulása óta jelen vannak: beférkőztek a kormányba, a SHIELD-be és a szuperhősök közé. Ők irányították a börtönkitörést, jelen voltak a Mutánsvilágban, és miután elég jelentős bizalmatlanságot sikerült szítaniuk az Új Angyalok között is, végre elérkezettnek látták az időt a nyílt támadásra. Az invázió elkezdődött: a Föld sorsa a szuperhősök kezében van!

Brian Michael Bendis - The ​Secret Origins of Jessica
Jessica's ​origins, including her source of powers, how she became a superhero, and why she quit are revealed.

Brian Michael Bendis - The ​New Avengers 6. – Revolution
The ​New Avengers versus the Hand! And the New Avengers versus the Mighty Avengers! And the identity of the new Ronin revealed! Who is the new mystery player in the New Avengers? Find out here! Guest-starring the Mighty Avengers and... Brother Voodoo! Plus: the story Avengers fans have been waiting for. The shocking return of Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch!! Collects New Avengers #26-31.

Brian Michael Bendis - Daredevil ​(vol. 2) 4. - Underboss
Who ​put out a hit on the Kingpin... and Matt Murdock? The mystery man named Mr. Silke has inspired Wilson Fisk's lieutenants to rise up and take down the Kingpin of Crime! What is the connection between the underbosses' uprising and the contract on DD's life? The true-crime creative team of Brian Michael Bendis (Powers, ALIAS) and Alex Maleev (Sam and Twitch) reveal all! This 144-page trade paperback collects DAREDEVIL #26 - #31!

Brian Michael Bendis - The ​New Avengers 7. – The Trust
The ​New Avengers have found a huge clue to the threat that has faced them since the day they banded together. And now just the knowledge of that threat is tearing them apart. What secret could be so damning that it could do to the New Avengers what the Civil War could not?? Collects New Avengers #32-37 and Annual #2.

Brian Michael Bendis - Dark ​Avengers - Assemble
THE ​DARK REIGN IS HERE! The start of an explosive new era in the Avengers mythos! Who are the Dark Avengers? Who is the Iron Patriot? The answers will shock you! Brought to you by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato Jr. Collects Dark Avengers #1-6.

Skottie Young - Jeff Loveness - Brian Michael Bendis - Rocket ​Raccoon and Groot 0. - Bite and Bark
They're ​your favorite Guardians. They're everyone's favorite Guardians! And this is what they get up to when they're not on Guard duty! Rocket is the last of his kind, but that might not be the case for long when he's framed for murder - can he prove his innocence, and save his own life? Rocket must try to fix his past mistakes, journey to the dreaded Winter Planet and risk everything to rescue his best bud! Who's that, you say? He is Groot! And he has to step up in turn when Rocket gets raccoon-napped! COLLECTING: ROCKET RACCOON (2014) 1-11, GROOT 1-6, MATERIAL FROM GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: TOMORROW'S AVENGERS 1

Brian Michael Bendis - Titkos ​Invázió - Végjáték
Kezdetét ​vette a skrullinvázió. Megszállták a Földet, és alakváltó képességük segítségével bejutottak minden fontosabb szervbe. Ott vannak a kormányban, a SHIELD-ben, a Bosszú Angyalaiban és még a Fantasztikus Négyesben is. Mire az invázió megindult, a skrullok félig már győztek: belülről sikerült megbomlasztaniuk a csapatokat. Senki sem bízik senkiben. A Föld hősei mégis szembeszállnak az alakváltó idegenekkel, hogy megkíséreljék a lehetetlent, és győzzenek.

Jason Aaron - Brian Michael Bendis - Kieron Gillen - Skottie Young - Avengers ​vs. X-Men Companion 3.
Part ​3 of the Avengers vs. X-Men Companion! This digital collection contains Wolverine and the X-Men #13-16, Uncanny X-Men #18-19, Wolverine and the X-Men #18, Avengers #30, New Avengers #30, Uncanny X-Men #20, AVX: Consequences #1-5, A-Babies vs X-Babies #1.

Brian Michael Bendis - Jason Aaron - Ed Brubaker - Jonathan Hickman - Matt Fraction - Avengers ​vs. X-Men Omnibus
The ​Avengers and the X-Men - the two most popular super-hero teams in history - go to war! This landmark pop-culture event brings together Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto and more in the story that changes them forever! And in AVX: Vs., experience the larger-than-life battles too big for any other comic to contain! Iron Man vs. Magneto! Spider-Man vs. Colossus! Captain America vs. Gambit! And more! Plus: For the first time ever in print, Marvel's groundbreaking Infinite Comics are collected, revealing key events through the eyes of Marvel's major players. It's Marvel's biggest event ever - but will the Avengers or the X-Men emerge triumphant? Collecting: Avengers vs. X-Men 0-12, AVX: VS 1-6, Avengers vs. X-Men: Infinite 1, 6, 10, & materiel from Point One

Brian Michael Bendis - Brian Reed - The ​New Avengers: Illuminati
The ​Illuminati _What are they?_ An elite group of the planet's most powerful guardians. _When do they meet?_ Whenever the Earth faces its greatest threats. _Who are they?_ Nobody knows - and that's the way they want it! Join Iron Man, Professor X, Black Bolt, the Sub-Mariner and Mister Fantastic as they take on the threats no one else can handle - and learn of secrets that will forever alter the way they (and you) look at the Marvel Univere! After years spent protecting Earth from harm, it is now - when te planet is perhaps at its most endangered - that the Illuminati find themselves at the head of the spear of a Skrull invasion. But can the Illuminat keep themselves from fractuing in the waking moments of this worldwide threat? Collecting _New Avengers: llluminati #1-5_ - by writers Brian Michael Bendis (_New Avengers, House of M, Hal: Uprising_) and Brian Reed (_Spider-Woman: Origin, Ms. Marvel_), and star artist Jim Cheung (_Young Avengers_).

Brian Michael Bendis - Az ​Új Bosszú Angyalai - Sötét kor
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