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Giovanni Giuseppe Bellani - Vanishing ​Wilderness of Africa
At ​a time when our earth’s fragile balance is in jeopardy, Africa is a more precious natural commodity than ever before. This stunning volume introduces readers to the rich and varied ecosystems of Africa through a wealth of specially commissioned photographs that depict its numerous wildlife refuges and nature sanctuaries. Readers are taken on a tour of northern Africa, Saharan Africa, and tropical and southern Africa, where they witness the wealth of flora and fauna indigenous to the different regions of this immense continent. From the Masai Mara, a destination popular for its populations of lions, elephants, zebras, and gazelles, to more obscure regions such as the Tassili n’Ajjer National Park in the Saharan mountain range with its prehistoric rock paintings and desert creatures, Vanishing Wilderness of Africa reveals the many faces of Africa’s natural habitats. Large-scale color photographs bring to life the pink flamingoes of Nakuru Lake, the hippopotami of the Niger River, and the last remaining virgin forest in Odzala in Congo, demonstrating the awe-inspiring beauty and inestimable significance of ecoregions across Africa. An informative text accompanies hundreds of pictures that vividly evoke the splendor of Africa’s unparalleled natural beauty.

Giovanni Giuseppe Bellani - Afrika
A ​Földközi-tengertől a Jóreménység-fokig gyönyörű vidékeken, hegyek és sivatagok, szavannák és erdőségek között fedezhetjük fel Afrika rendkívüli természeti szépségeit, hatalmas parkjait, amelyek a világ legismertebb és legritkább állatainak adnak otthont.