J. Sydney Jones könyvei a rukkolán

J. Sydney Jones - The ​Empty Mirror
Fin-de-siecle ​Vienna comes to life in this colorful historical thriller featuring the artist Gustav Klimt It's the summer of 1898 and Austria is transfixed by a series of brutal murders. When renowned painter Gustav Klimt's female model becomes the fifth victim, the artist is fingered as the culprit. Klimt's lawyer, Werthen and his friend, the famed criminologist Inspector Gross must delve into a nationwide conspiracy in order to acquit the unusual and unpredictable artiste. With an unmatched knowledge of Vienna's history, culture, and politics, J. Sydney Jones introduces a gripping new mystery series set in a cosmopolitan city at the height of its artistic and social importance.

J. Sydney Jones - The ​Silence
Vienna, ​1900. Lawyer Karl Werthen is puzzling over the suicide of a local councilman when he is assigned by Karl Wittgenstein, a powerful industrialist with many enemies, to find his recently missing son, Hans. Werthen quickly discovers that the young man appears to be alive and well in another country. But when a friend of Hans – a journalist who wrote a number of articles claiming the councilman who committed suicide was corrupt – is found dead, also from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Werthen fears that sinister forces are at work . . .

J. Sydney Jones - Requiem ​in Vienna
Lawyer-turned-private ​investigator Karl Werthen is back in this sequel to the execellent mystery novel The Empty Mirror. It’s 1899 in Vienna, and the renowned composer Johann Strauss has just died. The country is mourning his loss when a soprano singer practicing at the Court Opera is killed by a falling fire curtain. Though her death is deemed an accident, Alma Schindler believes that it was murder, and that the target was famed composer Gustav Mahler. She seeks out Werthen in order to determine who was behind the attack and to protect Mahler.