Giles Andreae könyvei a rukkolán

Giles Andreae - A ​táncoló zsiráf
Zsizsi, ​a nyakigláb zsiráf nem tud táncolni. Szegény minden évben retteg a nagy Dzsungeltánctól. Egy szép holdfényes éjszakán aztán rájön, hogy csak meg kell találnia a saját ritmusát. A szeretetre méltó zsiráf története több mint húsz éve a gyerekek kedvence, s a mai napig a nemzetközi sikerlisták élén áll.

Giles Andreae - Purple ​Ronnie's Little Guide to Men
Men ​think they can impress us By saying they've broken girls' hearts If only they'd think with their brains Instead of their private parts Purple Ronnie is the cartoon sensation whose unique slant on life and love has enduring appeal. Purple Ronnie's Little Book of Men is a complete guide to men, from macho men who can open beer bottles with their bottoms, to girly men who wear face masks in bed. It will prove to be an essential stocking filler for all men, as well as anyone who knows any..

Giles Andreae - Giraffes ​Can't Dance
All ​the jungle's got the beat, but Gerald the giraffe has four left feet. Such is the dilemma in this British team's bouncy if didactic picture book about self-esteem. As a multitude of fleet-footed beasts eagerly "skip and prance" at the annual Jungle Dance in Africa, Gerald feels sad "because when it comes to dancing/ he was really very bad." Jeered by waltzing warthogs and cha-cha-ing chimps when he attempts to cut a rug, Gerald hangs his head and leaves the celebration behind. Luckily, a friendly cricket appears in the moonlight, chirping a morale-boosting song of self-confidence that soon sets Gerald in graceful motion. Andreae's rhyming text has a jaunty rhythm that's likely to spark interest in the read-aloud crowd, in spite of a heavy-handed message. Parker-Rees's kicky depictions of slightly anthropomorphic animals boogying on the dance floor are the highlight here. His watercolor and pen-and-ink artwork exudes a fun, party vibe. Ages 3-6.