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David Lodge - Home ​Truths
Adrian ​Ludlow, a novelist with a distinguished but slightly faded reputation, is living in semi-retirement with his wife, Eleanor, in an isolated cottage beneath the flight path of London's Gatwick airport. Their old friend from college days, Sam Sharp, who has since become a successful screenplay writer, drops by unexpectedly on the way to Los Angeles. Sam is fuming over a scathing profile of himself by Fanny Tarrant, one of the new breed of pugnacious interviewers, in that day's newspaper. Together, Sam and Adrian plan to take revenge on the journalist, though Adrian is risking what he values most: his privacy. What follows is unexpected and upsetting for all of them, including Fanny. David Lodge's delicious novella examines with characteristic wit and insight the tensions between private life and public interest in contemporary culture.

David Lodge - Changing ​Places
When ​Philip Swallow and Professor Morris Zapp participate their universities' Anglo-American exchange scheme, the Fates play a hand, and each academic finds himself enmeshed in the life of his counterpart on the opposite side of the Atlantic. Nobody is immune to the exchange: students, colleagues, even wives are swapped as events spiral out of control. And soon both sun-drenched Euphoric State University and rain-kissed University of Rummige are a hotbed of intrigue, lawlessness and broken vows... _Changing Places_ is a funny and wise tale of academic ill-manners - David Lodge at his comic best.

David Lodge - Therapy
A ​successful sitcom writer with plenty of money, a stable marriage, a platonic mistress and a flashy car, Laurence 'Tubby' Passmore has more reason than most to be happy. Yet neither physiotherapy nor aromatherapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy or acupuncture can cure his puzzling knee pain or his equally inexplicable mid-life angst. As Tubby's life fragments under the weight of his self-obsession, he embarks - via Kierkegaard, strange beds from Rummidge to Tenerife to Beverly Hills, a fit of literary integrity and memories of his 1950s South London boyhood - on a picaresque quest for his lost contentment, in an ingenious, hilarious and poignant novel of neuroses.

David Lodge - The ​Art of Fiction
The ​articles with which David Lodge entertained and enlightened readers of the Independent on Sunday and the Washington Post are now revised, expanded and collected together in book form. The art of fiction is considered under a wide range of headings, such as the Intrusive Author, Suspense, the Epistolary Novel, Time-shift, Magic Realism and Symbolism, and each topic is illustrated by a passage or two taken from classic or modern fiction. Drawing on writers as diverse as Henry James and Martin Amis, Jane Austen and Fay Weldon and Henry Fielding and James Joyce, David Lodge makes accessible to the general reader the richness and variety of British and American fiction.

David Lodge - The ​Picturegoers
The ​Palladium, Brickley, is the haunting setting for this novel. Here is a seedy Saturday night venue which attracts people searching for something new in their lives. Mark, Clare and Father Kipling are just three of the characters featured.

David Lodge - Modern ​Criticism and Theory
This ​reader is designed as a companion volume and is some sense, sequel to David Lodge's 20th Century Literary Criticism-A Reader. Since the earlier book was compiled, the academic study of literature has been revolutionised by the impact of structuralism and post-structuralist theory. This book aims to provide, within the covers of a single book, a selection of important and representative work from all the major theorectical schools or tendencies in contemporary criticism, and to place them before the reader in two alternative orders - one historical, the other thematic. The twenty-eight authors represented are: Ferdinand de Saussure, Victor Shklovsky, Roman Jakobson, Gerard Genette, Jacques Lacan, Jacques Derrida, Mikhail Bakhtin, Tzvetan Todorov, Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Wolfgang Iser, Julia Kristeva, Harold Bloom, E. D. Hirsch Jr, M. H. Abrams, J. Hillis Miller, Helene Cixous, Edward Said, Stanley Fish, Elaine Showalter, Paul De Man, Fredric Jameson, Terry Eagleton, Catherine Belsey, Geoffrey Hartman, Juliet Mitchell, Colin MacCabe, Umberto Eco.

David Lodge - How ​Far Can You Go?
Polly, ​Dennis, Angela, Adrian and their peers were bound to lose their spiritual innocence as well as their virginities on the way from the 1950s to the '70s. On the one hand there was the traditional Catholic Church, on the other the siren call of the permissive society – the appearance of the pill, the disappearance of Hell and the advent of COC (Catholics for an Open Church). It was inevitable that things would change radically. But how far could it go? How far could they go? And where would it all end? Find out in this razor-sharp novel of satiric insight and comic despair. Winner of the Whitbread Book of the Year Award _'Brilliant and intricate black comedy'_ - Time Out _'Huge, bitterly funny and superbly presented montage of the false nostrums that assailed Christianity like worms'_ Sunday Times _'Funny, sad, knowledgeable'_ - Irish Times

David Lodge - A ​David Lodge Trilogy
Changing ​Places - Small World - Nice Work This omnibus lines up David Lodge's trio of brilliantly comic novels that revolve around the University of Rummidge and the lives of its role-swapping academics. When Philip Swallow, lecturer in English at Rummidge, changes places with flamboyant Morris Zapp of Euphoric State University, USA, trouble ensues. Then, ten years on, older but not noticeably wiser, they are let loose on the international conference circuit - a veritable academic carnival. And finally, Dr Robyn Penrose becomes part of a scheme to learn about industry instead of reading about it, with hilarious results. David Lodge exposes the dizzy pursuit of knowledge - literary, commercial, romantic and erotic - with unparalleled wit and insight.

David Lodge - Nice ​Work
Vic ​Wilcox a self-made man and managing director of an engineering firm, has little regard for academics, and even less for feminists. So when Robyn Penrose, a trendy leftist teacher, is assigned to "shadow" Vic under a government program created to foster mutual understanding between town and gown, the hilarious collision of lifestyles and ideologies that ensues seems unlikely to foster anything besides mutual antipathy. But in the course of a bumpy year, both parties make some surprising discoveries about each other's world's - and about themselves.

David Lodge - The ​British Museum is Falling Down
The ​Rhythm Method is the curse of young Adam Appleby's life and the cause of his children's. While Adam gestates his thesis in the British Museum, his wife worries at home because her period is late and a fourth little bundle of (expensive) joy seems to be on the way, thanks to 'Vatican Roulette'. Though Adam’s experience is constantly coloured by the authors he is studying, one distinction remains clear: 'Literature is mostly about having sex, and not much about having children. Life is the other way round.'A sharply perceptive comic novel, 'London Bridge is Falling Down' brilliantly captures the absurd, pitiful dilemma of Catholics in the days when the Pill was just an enticing rumour.

David Lodge - Paradise ​News
Agnostic ​theologian Bernard Walsh has a professional interest in heaven. But, when he travels to Hawaii with his father, Jack, it is not in quest of a vacation paradise; it is to visit Jack's dying, estranged sister. The hand of fate and family tensions frustrate the planned reunion, however. And surrounded by quarrelling honeymooners, girls looking for Mr Right, a freeloading anthropologist, and assorted tourists all determinedly pursuing their humdrum visions of paradise, Bernard finds Waikiki more like purgatory. Until, that is, he stumbles upon something he had given up hope of finding - the astonishing possibility of love... _'Amusing, accessible, intelligent ... the story rolls, the sparks fly'_ - Financial Times _'Lodge could never be solemn and the book crackles with good jokes ... leaves you with a mild, and thoughtful, glow of happiness'_ - Sunday Telegraph _'Funny and clever'_ - Independent on Sunday _'An appealing addition to the line-up of accomplished novels in which Lodge puts humour to humane purposes and intelligence to instructive ends'_ - Sunday Times _'Extremely funny and sharply perceptive about the way we live now'_ - Evening Standard _'Further proof that Lodge is master of ... subtle, scintillating satire'_ - Daily Mail

David Lodge - Helycserés ​támadás
A ​jeles angol író a maga egyetemi oktatói élményeinek ihletésére írta meg a "két campus regényé"-t, mely a Birminghamet mintázó Roomley (= rumli), illetve a kaliforniai Richville egyetemein játszódik. A két egyetem egyetlen közös vonása, hogy mindkettőnek a területén megtalálható a pisai ferde torony mása - igaz, Amerikában kétszer olyan magas, mint az eredeti. A helycsere két egyetemi oktató közt történik - a tétova, konzervatív Philip Swallow a diákzavargások lázában égő amerikai egyetemen tölt fél évet, cserepartnere, a dinamikus Morris Zapp, az angol egyetem állóvizét pezsdíti fel, miközben mindkettejük életének valamennyi síkján jelentős változások történnek (hogy mást ne mondjunk: ki-ki a cserepartnere ágyában és családjában köt ki). A fergeteges szatírába torkolló regény kinevettet az égvilágon mindent: Angliát és Amerikát, az egyetemeket, a tudóskodást, a "teljesítményorientáltságot", a férfiúi esendőséget, a női gyarlóságot, a diákmozgalmakat és a diákmozgalmak szenvedőit. Mindent - és mindennek a fonákját is. A regényt lendületes kvartett zárja - a két házaspár aktív részvételével...

David Lodge - Thinks...
Ralph ​Messenger is an international academic star in the highly trendy field of language and thought research. Novelist Helen Reed arrives at the university to teach creative writing and to recover from the unexpected death of her husband. Despite huge differences in belief and temperament, they begin a secret affair - with complicated consequences, comic and tragic, for those around them. Witty, elegant and timely, THINKS is a dazzling exploration of love and deception, the enigmas of consciousness and the intricacies of the human heart.

David Lodge - Deaf ​Sentence
_Being ​deaf is less an affliction than a sentence..._ Retired Professor of Linguistics Desmond Bates is going deaf. Not suddenly, but gradually and - for him and everyone nearby - confusingly. It's a bother for his wife, Winifred, who has an enviably successful new career and is too busy to be endlessly repeating herself. Roles are reversed when he visits his hearing-impaired father, who won't seek help and resents his son's intrusions. And, finally, there's Alex. Alex is a student Desmond agrees to help after a typical misunderstanding. But her increasingly bizarre and disconcerting requests cannot - unfortunately - be blamed on defective hearing. So much for growing old gracefully...

David Lodge - Small ​World
The ​unbridled greed, pettiness, buffoonery and intellectual gobbledegook in the world of higher scholarship are the topics of this thorough and thoroughly funny "roman à English department". It's interesting for a couple of reasons, aside from its humour and lampoonery: it's an insider's view of things--always the best kind--and it takes its old- fashioned time telling a story, complete with reasonable digressions about the state of literary criticism and what may or may not be a realistic view of the academic life.