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Cassandra Eason - Healing Crystals
Millions believe in the healing power of crystals—and this classic illustrated directory explains how to put that power to use, with information on working with chakras and auras, color wisdom, and the basics of crystal divination and magic. Each of the 150 minerals, from agate to zoisite, comes with a description, a color photo, an explanation of its therapeutic properties and astrological significance, and a list of associated herbs, oils, and incenses. Whether it's relieving an earache with a piece of rose quartz or ridding the workplace of tension with an amethyst geode, the practical ideas here are an endless source of protection, health, and well-beingMillions believe in the healing power of crystals—and this classic illustrated directory explains how to put that power to use, with information on working with chakras and auras, color wisdom, and the basics of crystal divination and magic. Each of the 150 minerals, from agate to zoisite, comes with a description, a color photo, an explanation of its therapeutic properties and astrological significance, and a list of associated herbs, oils, and incenses. Whether it's relieving an earache with a piece of rose quartz or ridding the workplace of tension with an amethyst geode, the practical ideas here are an endless source of protection, health, and well-being

Cassandra Eason - The ​Handbook of Ancient Wisdom
This ​work draws together 40 different kinds of magic from around the world and shows how they can be used to refocus our energies and strengthen our intuition on the path to a better life. The book demonstrates: how to predict what the fortune may bring through casting runes, the I Ching or Gypsy Love Cards, scrying with tea leaves or following the cycles of the Zodiac; how to find calm and self-acceptance by following the wise ways of trees, flowers, herbs, crystals, animals and birds, sun and moon; how to discover the world's wealth of traditional knowledge through the myths and legends of the Maya, the Maoris, the Ancient Egyptians and the Inuit, or the Viking, Roman, Greek, Druid, Celtic and Native American worlds; and how to make a Native American medicine wheel, enter the Dreamtime by casting Aboriginal stones, and use Mayan magic to reveal personality traits.

Cassandra Eason - Chakra ​Power for Harmony and Healing
With ​this book, Cassandra Eason puts a potent power for self-healing and empowerment into our hands. She takes the reader step by step through the seven chakras, and the why and how of using these energies to manage health and spiritual well-being. She also includes the fascinating history of chakra energy, from its earliest recorded existence in 600 BC through to the present day. This is a book of ancient wisdom, custom-made for the modern world.

Cassandra Eason - Modern ​Book of Dream Interpretation
There ​is little more to say about the sales of dream interpretation. They are very strong and you will know that despite the age of many of the titles they fly off the shelves. Because we have published so many of them for so long, we are lucky enough to be approached by modern authors of manuscripts based on contemporary, learned thinking and research. This new book by Cassandra benefits from her strong psychological training and deep understanding of the workings of the human mind. Hers is a proactive approach to the work and she offers a positive direction in her interpretations. Using this book, dreamers will be sent on their way for a new day with plenty to think about and work on.

Cassandra Eason - The ​Complete Book of Women's Wisdom
In ​this work, the author aims to reveal the timeless power of women. She explores the feminine principles embodied in powerful goddesses from a range of cultures, explores the specific rituals and festivals associated with women, and reveals how every woman can develop her capacity for intuition and psychic insight. The book explores and examines: the myths and powers associated with key goddesses and female icons including Venus, the Amazons, Demeter, Morgan Le Fay and Kali the destroyer; traditional forms of womens's power including witchcraft, herbalism and healing; examples of women's intuition and psychic powers; and the link between women and the moon. There are also easy-to-follow activities and rituals to help develop inner wisdom.

Cassandra Eason - Encyclopedia ​of Magic and Ancient Wisdom
This ​comprehensive collection of knowledge and material on the mystical, magical and paranormal covers topics including astrology, the Tarot, and witchcraft. It investigates tradition, myth and folklore and explores the wisdom of other cultures as well as psychic powers and strange phenomena.

Cassandra Eason - Your ​Angel is Waiting to Help
For ​most of us, the connection is too subtle and we come to the topic with a degree of scepticism. We don't believe in angels so we don't ever benefit from angelic communication. This is a tragic wasted opportunity because the connection is so valuable and will substantially enrich life. The book opens with twenty-five methods that can be used to develop awareness and to show how to detect angelic presence. It then introduces us to the concept of creating a still angel place and identifying who is our personal guardian angel - you have one. It provides the alternative routes to open contact with the angels closest to us and explains how to make close celestial friends. But the tighter focus is on the guardian angel as the one with whom we will have the most frequent and closest links.

Cassandra Eason - Fragrant ​Magic
One ​of our most evocative senses, fragrance can encapsulate a mood, recall a feeling, or establish a state of mind. It forms a natural part of many magical rituals, but here for the first time, best-selling author, Cassandra Eason, draws all the strands together. Structured around the reader's lifestyle, she offers modern, practical spells and rituals to enhance every aspect of their lives. They can increase energy, develop spiritual awareness, enhance dreams, be used for divination or healing, invoke angels, establish protection, and even make wishes come true. She explains exactly how to use fragrance in all its forms - oils, incenses, candles, smudge sticks - for a range of life-enhancing experiences.

Cassandra Eason - A ​Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magick Spells
The ​practice of witchcraft (or Wicca) is currently the fastest-growing spiritual practice in the Western world. Everyone has the power to make spells, and this book takes the reader step by step through a menu that includes everything from self-help for happy families to green magic for saving the planet. Cassandra Eason knows her subject well and presents it in a way that is both entertaining, down-to-earth and informative. This is the essential reference guide to the principles and practices of magick and witchcraft.

Cassandra Eason - The ​New Crystal Bible
'The ​New Crystal Bible'; is the definitive reference guide to using 500 crystals to heal your body, mind and spirit. It includes both common and rare and newly discovered crystals, with each crystal illustrated by a beautiful photograph and a handy table telling you everything you need to know about using that crystal to improve your life. The book will also include an introduction to crystal lore, how to use crystals in all aspects of your life and how crystals can be used to predict the future.

Cassandra Eason - The ​Complete Book of Magic and Ritual
A ​Complete Guide to Magic and Ritual provides a comprehensive guide to every aspect of magic and ritual, from witches to moon magic, magic using plants and essential oils, to dryads, elves, and brownies. Cassandra Eason shows that magic is not simply confined to the world of fairy tales, but can be a way of galvanizing and focusing energies to achieve particular goals including coping with divorce or redundancy, to attracting love and encouraging good health. Throughout the book, exercises and strategies show you how to put theory into action.

Cassandra Eason - Runes ​Talk to the Woman Within
Within ​every woman lies an infallible source of guidance. And that, whatever the level of joy, sorrow, fear or confusion that is experienced on the outside, there is within, an invincible wisdom that can successfully deal with everything life demands.

Cassandra Eason - A ​tarot alapjai
A ​mai világban már a műveltség természetes része az ezoterikus témák alapfokú ismerete. Új sorozatunk e területen nehezen áttekinthető rengetegében segít eligazodni azáltal, hogy érthetően és tárgyilagosan vezet be gondolatokat, eszméket, praxisokat. Olyan műveket választottunk, amelyekre az olvasó biztosan és tartósan alapozhat. A negyedik kötethez, A tarot alapjaihoz kellemes olvasást kívánunk. Cassandra Eason tarot-könyve minden részletre kiterjedő bevezetést nyújt ebbe a közkedvelt jóslási módszerbe. Szerzője, aki többek között a tarot tanításával is foglalkozik, végigkalauzol a tarot eredetének és szimbólumainak világában, és kezünkbe ad minden szükséges eszközt ahhoz, hogy kártyát vethessünk önmagunknak vagy akár másoknak is. Alapos és átgondolt tanácsai révén már az első naptól kitűnő eredményeket érhetünk el. Fedezzük fel a tarot történetét, szimbólumait és azon gyakorlatok tárházát, amelyekkel elmélyíthetjük tudásunkat. A kirakási módszerek különböző típusain keresztül fejleszthetjük intuíciónkat, és kiválaszthatjuk a számunkra legmegfelelőbb csomagot.

Cassandra Eason - Every ​Woman a Witch
But ​what is magic? Nobody knows exactly, but gut-feeling, intuition, instinct and inspiration are in its train. Positivity also plays a major role. You can orchestrate these elements into a magic whole that delivers positive power and energy to make things happen for you. Positive energies which can be focused to produce practical help, when you need it and choose to use it. The book covers spell-casting, divination and aura reading. It illustrates these and other phenomena with anecdotal examples from life - which makes them very credible - and truly does make an exciting introduction for beginners. Here are but a few of the topics covered: outdoor magic, tree and flower magic; crystal magic; sympathetic workplace magic; candle magic; breaking a bad relationship; love spells; make the home physical safe; sex magic; protect the workplace; money spells; and, studying the aura.

Cassandra Eason - Fairies ​& Magical Beings
If ​you have ever believed in a world beyond the everyday, this is the book to help you find it. A Complete Guide to Faeries and Magical Beings is a wonderful companion for those who wish to tour an enchanted world. Cassandra Eason begins with the myths, legends, and real evidence surrounding the origins and existence of fairies and then takes us on a journey throughout the world to introduce us to the many different varieties of these mysterious beings. From fairies to viking giants, selkies to gnomes, fey beings abound. In this spritely volume, Eason shares fascinating anecdotes of people who have actually seen them. And if you'd like to meet them yourself, Eason also provides simple techniques, exercises, and rituals to attract, find, and communicate with the little people. Hang silver bells by a window. Keep potted plants in your home. Or sit quietly between two oaks at dusk or dawn. Fairyland mirrors universal human issues: fortune versus misfortune, fate versus free will, perfection and imperfection, illusion and objective reality, different time scales, the existence of parallel dimensions, and the duality of human nature. Some people even believe that fairies are becoming more visible again, as they were in pre-industrial days, to remind us of the consequences of consumer society -- the danger of being seduced by our own versions of fairy gold. "If you want to be happy, be." -- Henry David Thoreau About the Author Cassandra Eason is a well-known author, presenter, and teacher of psychic and spiritual happenings, folklore, and superstition. She has written numerous books including Pendulum Dowsing, A Complete Guide to Psychic Development, and Encyclopedia of Magic and Ancient Wisdom. She lives on the Isle of Wight, England.

Cassandra Eason - The ​Complete Guide to Labyrinths
A ​universal symbol of transformation, the labyrinth was created in ancient times to represent humankind's search for the core of divinity. Unlike a maze, which may have a confusion of tracks leading in all directions, a labyrinth has a single winding pathway that spirals inward to the center. In The Complete Guide to Labyrinths, renowned British psychic and folklorist Cassandra Eason explores the mystery of this sacred symbol and explains how to harness its power for personal transformation, protection, healing, and enlightenment. The book features instructions for creating indoor and outdoor labyrinths; rituals to nourish fertility, confront and resolve conflict, honor grief or loss, and celebrate new beginnings; and resources for locating labyrinths around the world. Filled with personal anecdotes and a detailed exploration of labyrinth history and mythology, this complete handbook is a deeply spiritual guide to the meditative, intuitive, and creative power of this age-old symbol.

Cassandra Eason - Tündérek ​és mágikus lények
A ​varázslatos VILÁGOT és annak elkápráztató lakóit mutatja be ez a páratlanul kedves és érdekes könyv, feltételezések és mágikus helyek nyomába eredve, ami jelentős örökségünkként maradt fenn a népmesékben és az emberek emlékezetében. A tündérvilág rendszerezésén kívül azt is vizsgálja, a tündérek mennyire fontosak az emberek számára a jelenben és milyen segítségünkre lehetnek az ökoszisztémában. Egy sereg gyakorlati módszert is ajánl: hogyan lépjünk kapcsolatba a mágikus lényekkel és hogyan használjuk a tündéri erőket a saját természetes varázserőnkre összpontosítva, mintegy annak kiegészítéseképpen.

Cassandra Eason - A ​Magical Guide to Love and Sex
This ​text shows the reader how to use ancient wisdom, rituals and magic to encourage a rich and fulfilling love life. It looks at how to attract and maintain love, and the secrets of love and fertility.