Robert A. Heinlein könyvei a rukkolán

Robert A. Heinlein - Élősdiek
Csak ​kevesen ismerték fel, hogy a Földet idegen lények szállták meg. Űrhajóik észrevétlenül érkeztek meg Észak-Amerika területére. A különös teremtmények szinte pillanatok alatt felügyeletük alá vonták a politikát, a tömeg¬tájékoztatást és a gazdaságot. A végzetes veszélyt azok is vonakodtak beismerni, akik helyzetükből fakadóan még tehettek volna ellene valamit. A titkosszolgálat próbálkozásai is kudarcba fulladtak. Eközben az élősdiek, amelyek korlátlanul uralták az általuk megszállt emberek gondolkodását és tetteit, gyorsabban szaporodtak, mintsem védekezni lehetett volna ellenük. Csupán Sam Cavanaugh, az USA legjobb, legrátermettebb és legelszántabb titkos ügynöke remélhette, hogy sikerül megtalálnia az élősködők elpusztításának módját. Ehhez persze egészen közel kellett engednie magához az egész emberiséget fenyegető, undorító lényeket. A könyv alapján Paraziták címmel filmet készítettek, amelyet a hazai mozik is bemutattak.

Robert A. Heinlein - Rocket ​Ship Galileo
Three ​high school students formed the Galileo Club to share their interests in science and space exploration. But they never imagined they would team up with a nuclear physicist to construct and crew a rocket bound for the moon. And they never expected to gain some powerful enemies in the process.

Robert A. Heinlein - Starman ​Jones
This ​is one of Heinlein's most well-known juvenile science-fiction adventures. It charts the career of a runaway as he grows up, eventually commanding his very own spaceship.

Robert A. Heinlein - Grumbles ​from the Grave
The ​late Heinlein, considered the "Father of Modern Science Fiction," was also a prolific letter writer. Virginia Heinlein, his wife of 40 years, has skillfully organized a selection of his voluminous correspondence. The result is a memoir that will appeal not just to fans, but to anyone interested in the creative process. Heinlein's letters, mostly addressed to his long-time agent, are grouped into topical chapters: ''About Writing Methods and Cutting''; Fan Mail and Other Time Wasters''; and ''Stranger,'' (referring to his novel, Stranger in a Strange Land ). Other chapters cover domestic concerns, travel, etc. Coupled with Virginia Heinlein's commentary, this arrangement helps alleviate the disjointedness often associated with similar compilations. While the book is not autobiographical, it does reveal the psyche of a popular science fiction author. Highly recommended for libraries from high school level on up.

Robert A. Heinlein - Have ​Space Suit - Will Travel
One ​minute Kip Russell was walking about in his backyard, testing out an old space suit and dreaming about going to the Moon -- and the next he was out cold, the captive of an insidious space pirate. The whole thing seemed like a bad dream until Kip discovered there were other prisoners on board, and they were all on their way to the Moon -- and a fate worse than death!

Robert A. Heinlein - The ​Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein
In ​this exciting collection master science-fiction storyteller Robert Heinlein explores some strange and frightening possibilities: The possibility that a young girl, blind and alone, could be lost somewhere on the vast face of the moon. The possibility that someone could possess the ultimate weapon - for which no deterrent exists - at the same time knowing that any other country could discover the weapon at the same moment:- Review(s): "Robert Heinlein, winner of three Hugo Awards uses just such possibilities in these famous stories, many of which helped establish his worldwide reputation":

Robert A. Heinlein - The ​Star Beast
John ​Thomas Stuart finds out that the ideas of his unusual pet, Lummox, about their relationship are quite different from his own.

Robert A. Heinlein - The ​Man Who Sold the Moon
Heinlein's ​monumental "Future History" series continues. Two scientists develop cheap solar power-and threaten the industrial status quo. The nation's cities are linked by a system of moving roads-and a strike can bring the entire country to a halt. Workers in an experimental atomic plant crack under the mental strain. And the space frontier is opened by an unlikely hero-D. D. Harriman, a billionaire with a dream: the dream of Space for All Mankind. The method? Anything that works. Maybe, in fact, Harriman goes too far. But he will give us the stars. . .

Robert A. Heinlein - Expanded ​Universe
The ​Wit and Wisdom of Robert A. Heinlein, author of multiple New York Times best sellers, on subjects ranging form Crime and Punishment to the Love life of the American Teenager; from Nuclear Power to the Pragmatics of Patriotism; from Prophecy to Destiny; from Geopolitic to Post-Holocaust America; fro the Nature of Courage to the Nature of Reality; it's all here and it's all great-straight from the mind of the finest science fiction writer of them all. But beware: after reading it, you too will occupy an Expanded Universe!

Robert A. Heinlein - Orphans ​of the Sky
Hugh ​had been taught that, according to the ancient sacred writings, the Ship was on a voyage to faraway Centaurus. But he also understood this was actually allegory for a voyage to spiritual perfection. Indeed, how could the Ship move, since its miles and miles of metal corridors were all there was of creation? Science knew that the Ship was all the Universe, and as long as the sacred Convertor was fed, the lights would continue to glow and the air would flow, and the Creator's Plan would be fulfilled. Of course, there were the muties, grotesquely deformed parodies of humans, who lurked in the upper reaches of the Ship where gravity was weaker. Were they evil incarnate, or merely a divine check on the population, keeping humanity from expanding past the capacity of the Ship to support? Then Hugh was captured by the muties and met their leader (or leaders), Joe-Jim, with two heads on one body. And he learned the true nature of the Ship and its mission between the stars. But could he make his people believe him before it was to late? Could he make them believe that he must be allowed to fly the ship?

Robert A. Heinlein - I ​Will Fear No Evil
Johann ​Sebastian Bach Smith is immensely rich; and very old. His mind is still keen, so he has surgeons transplant his brain into a new body; the body of his gorgeous, recently deceased secretary, Eunice. But Eunice hasn't completely vacated her body...

Robert A. Heinlein - Revolt ​in 2100
You ​can read about its beginnings in the the immortal Stranger in a Strange Land: At the height of America's secular decadence came Nehemiah Scudder, bearing the rod and the wraith of the Lord for those who opposed him, and the promise of earthly happiness and heavenly bliss for those who followed him... and America fell under an absolute religious dictatorship that was to last a hundred years. But nothing endures forever. The smoldering embers of liberty have burst into flame again. It is time for a new beginning.

Robert A. Heinlein - Time ​Enough for Love
The ​capstone and crowning achievement of Heinlein's famous Future History, Time Enough For Love follows Lazarus Long through a vast and magnificent timescape of centuries and worlds. Heinlein's longest and most ambitious work, it is the story of a man so in love with Life that he refused to stop living it; and so in love with Time that he became his own ancestor.

Robert A. Heinlein - Waldo ​& Magic, Inc.
North ​Power-Air was in trouble. Their aircraft had begun to crash at an alarming rate, and no one could figure out what was going wrong. Desperate for an answer, they turned to Waldo, the crippled genius who lived in a zero-g home in orbit around Earth. But Waldo had little reason to want to help the rest of humanity -- until he learned that the solution to their problems also held the key to his own... Magic, Inc. Under the guise of an agency for magicians, Magic, Inc. was systematically squeezing out the small independent magicians. Then one businessman stood firm. With the help of an Oxford-educated African shaman and a little old lady adept at black magic, he went straight to the demons of Hell to resolve the problem -- once and for all!

Robert A. Heinlein - Podkayne ​of Mars
Meet ​Podkayne Fries, a thoroughly Martian Ms. who thinks that Earth is not really fit for habitation and that humanity evolved on the now-exploded Fifth Planet.

Robert A. Heinlein - Sixth ​Column
Last ​of the free nations to fall, America had been invaded and conquered. Ironically, even as Washington had been destroyed, a secret laboratory charged with developing weapons to defeat the invaders had discovered a new system of controlling energy and matter. A super-weapon is developed, but who will use it to liberate America?

Robert A. Heinlein - Methuselah's ​Children
The ​Howard Families were the product of a genetic experiment, an interbreeding programme which had produced one hundred thousand people with an average life expectancy of a century and a half. Now, at last, their existence was known on earth, and the entire world demanded to share the "secret" of eternal youth. "It is contrary to our customs to permit scientific knowledge to be held as a monopoly for the few" was what the expert said and it wasn't long before members of the Howard Families were the victims of vicious crime. This dramatic and frighteningly believable novel is a welcome addition to the oeuvre of a brilliant science-fiction writer.

Robert A. Heinlein - A ​Hold börtönében
„Kis ​lépés egy embernek, de hatalmas ugrás az emberiségnek.” E szavakkal lépett a Hold felszínére 1969-ben Neil Armstrong. Mintegy száz évvel később, egy újabb nagy ugrásnak köszönhetően immár iparosodott az egész égitest. Bányák és gyárak mindenütt, ám a megtermelt javak nem a telepeseket gazdagítják, minden a Földet illeti meg. Ez azonban természetes, a Hold ugyanis egy ideje gigantikus büntetőtelepként üzemel. Tökéletes börtön, hiszen aki néhány évet eltölt itt, a csekély gravitációhoz való alkalmazkodásnak köszönhetően már nem térhet vissza az anyabolygóra. A „holdlakók” felnövekvő új nemzedékében aztán igény ébred a függetlenségre, arra, hogy a Hold a maga ura lehessen. A Föld kormányainak ez persze nem tetszik, úgy döntenek hát, akár erővel is megőrzik fennhatóságukat. Az elszabadult indulatok elkerülhetetlenül háborúba torkollnak. Mannie, a félkarú komputertechnikus akaratán kívül keveredik bele a politikai játszmákba, amikor a Hold legnagyobb szuperszámítógépe meghibásodik. A hiba azonban egyáltalán nem az, aminek látszik: HOLMES IV egyszerűen öntudatra ébredt, és úgy döntött, kiveszi részét az emberek függetlenségi háborújából. Az SF első Nagymestere ezzel a Hugo-díjas regényével írta bele magát kitörölhetetlenül az irodalomtörténetbe. A Hold börtönébent három ízben szavazták az olvasók minden idők tíz legfontosabb SF-műve közé. „Az ő ötletei jelölték ki a mi utunkat.” – Tom Clancy „Egy szó jut eszembe róla: kihagyhatatlan.” – Robert Silverberg „Robert A. Heinlein talán minden idők legfontosabb SF-írója.” – The Science Fiction Encyclopedia

Robert A. Heinlein - The ​Past Through Tomorrow
Here ​in one monumental volume are all 21 of the stories, novella, and novels which make up Heinlein's famous Future History - the rich, imaginative architecture of Man's probable destiny.

Robert A. Heinlein - Ajtó ​a nyárba
Daniel ​Boone Davis sikeres feltaláló és vállalkozó, cége háztartási robotokat gyárt és forgalmaz. Aztán egyik napról a másikra kirántják talpa alól a talajt, méghozzá azok, akiktől a legkevésbé várta volna: menyasszonya és legjobb barátja esküdtek össze ellene, minden értelemben. A csalódott férfi menekülni akar a világból, ezért úgy dönt, hibernáltatja magát. Csakhogy rosszakarói mesterkedésének köszönhetően 30 évvel később koldusszegényen ébred, semmivel sem jobb körülmények között, mint amik elől elszökött. Utolsó reménysége egy lezüllött tudós, aki állítólag ismeri az időutazás titkát. Dan bosszútervet kovácsol, hogy a múltba visszatérve jobb irányba terelje életét. Az SF elsőként megválasztott nagymestere óriási hatással volt az irodalmi irányzat fejlődésére, és olyan későbbi szerzőket inspirált, mint Joe Haldeman vagy John Scalzi. Ezt a regényét mindössze 13 nap alatt írta, de népszerűsége azóta is töretlen, a Locus magazin olvasói háromszor is beszavazták minden idők legjobb SF-történetei közé. „Kötelező olvasmány.” – Brian W. Aldiss „Egyike a téma igazi mestereinek.” – Wall Street Journal

Robert A. Heinlein - Time ​for the Stars
For ​a telepathic twin on an exploratory space voyage only a few years pass, yet, when he returns to Earth his brother is ready to celebrate his ninetieth birthday.

Robert A. Heinlein - Between ​Planets
The ​message had seemed simple, yet it was more complex than Don could have imagined. He was being called from Earth to an alien world for reasons unknown -- save only that his life depended on it. But setting out for Mars and getting there in good shape turned out to be a lot more complicated than Don ever would have guessed possible. It was trouble enough being inexplicably hounded by Earth's secret police. But when he was hijacked by Venusian rebels, Don suddenly realized that he was trapped in the center of a war between worlds that could change the fate of the Solar System forever!

Robert A. Heinlein - Stranger ​in a Strange Land
Stranger ​in a Strange Land is the epic saga of an earthling, Valentine Michael Smith, born and educated on Mars, who arrives on our planet with psi powers—telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, telekinesis, teleportation, pyrolysis, and the ability to take control of the minds of others—and complete innocence regarding the mores of man. After his tutelage under a surrogate-father figure, Valentine begins his transformation into a messiah figure. His introduction into Earth society, together with his exceptional abilities, lead Valentine to become many things to many people: freak, scam artist, media commodity, searcher, free-love pioneer, neon evangelist, and martyr. Heinlein won his second Hugo award for this novel, sometimes called Heinlein’s earthly “divine comedy.”

Robert A. Heinlein - Double ​Star
One ​minute, down and out actor Lorenzo Smythe was -- as usual -- in a bar, drinking away his troubles as he watched his career go down the tubes. Then a space pilot bought him a drink, and the next thing Smythe knew, he was shanghaied to Mars. Suddenly he found himself agreeing to the most difficult role of his career: impersonating an important politician who had been kidnapped. Peace with the Martians was at stake -- failure to pull off the act could result in interplanetary war. And Smythe's own life was on the line -- for if he wasn't assassinated, there was always the possibility that he might be trapped in his new role forever!

Robert A. Heinlein - The ​Menace from Earth
From ​cavernous cities beneath the surface of the moon...Earth seems a sinister planet hanging in the sky. But to the Pluto colony, Earth Satellite Base holds the only possible reprieve from a terrifying death sentence. And on Earth itself, alien intelligence prowls the skies, kidnapping people for its own inhuman amusement. This is the day past tomorrow. Time has ended and man has begun his endless journey out into the universe. Startling stories of time and space from a master of science fiction.

Robert A. Heinlein - The ​Rolling Stones
When ​the Stone twins made up their minds to leave Lunar City in a secondhand spaceship, they hadn't planned on having their whole family accompany them. But the Stones were not your ordinary Lunar family - no way! - and their voyage through the solar system sure proved it. What began as a simple business expedition to Mars soon mushroomed into a dangerous situation when Grandma Stone was lost in space. Then, just when everything seemed to be getting better, a Martian flatcat came aboard and fouled up the works. But the real trouble didn't get underway until the Stones headed for the asteroid belt to take up a mining proposition they, somehow, couldn't refuse...

Robert A. Heinlein - Őrjárat ​a világűrben
"- ​Gyere már! - Ó hogyne, jövök! - Két görgőjárda húzódott az állomástól a hallig. A fiúk ráálltak az egyikre és az már rohant is velük az épület felé. Sok fiú özönlött oda az állomásról jövet. A görgő járda tehát tömve volt. Matt megfigyelt két hosszúkás barna arcú fiút, fejükön magas, szorost a csavart turbánt hordtak, bár egyébként ruházatuk hasonló volt az övéhez. Azonkívül, valamivel távolabb észrevett a járdán egy magas, csinos fiatalembert, akinek érzéketlen arca feketén fénylett. A texasi fiú hüvelykujját övébe akasztotta és körülnézett. - Mamám, hamar még egy pár csirkét, sokan vagyunk a tálhoz! Ha már arról van szó, - folytatta - remélem nem kell soká várnunk az ebédre. Nagyon éhes vagyok. Matt kihalászott a zsebéből egy rúd cukorkát, kettétörte és a felét Jarmannak adta. Ez hálásan fogadta az adományt. - Köszönöm, jó pajtás vagy - mondta. - A reggeli óta már a saját zsíromon élek - ennek fele sem tréfa!"

Robert A. Heinlein - Farmer ​in the Sky
Bill ​knew his destiny lay in the stars, but how was he to get there? George Lerner was shipping out for Ganymede to join the fledgling colony, and Bill wanted to go along. But his father would not hear of it -- far too dangerous a mission! Bill finally talked his way aboard the colony ship Mayflower -- and discovered his father was right!

Robert A. Heinlein - The ​Day After Tomorrow
The ​Day After Tomorrow, is Rbt A. Heinlein novel based on a John W. Campbell story about a USA conquered by a Sino-Japanese PanAsian combination. Published in Astounding Science Fiction (1-3/41 by 'Anson MacDonald') it came out in hardback in '49. A secret research facility in the Colorado mountains is the US Army's last outpost after defeat by the PanAsians. The conquerors had absorbed the USSR after being attacked by them & had then absorbed India. They're ruthless, having crushed a rebellion by killing 150,000 civilians as punishment. The lab is in turmoil. All but six of the personnel have died due to unknown forces released by an experiment operating within the newly-discovered magneto-gravitic or electro-gravitic spectra. Survivors learn they can selectively kill by releasing the internal pressure of cell membranes. This weapon can kill one race while leaving others unharmed. They devise more uses for the forces discovered, but how do a handful overthrow an occupation that controls all communications & makes it criminal to print English? Noting the invaders have allowed religious practice to pacify their slaves, they start a church & act as Priests of Mota (atom backwards) to build a resistance movement which Major Ardmore, the protagonist, refers to as the 6th Column--as opposed to a traitorous 5th.

Robert A. Heinlein - The ​Green Hills of Earth
THE ​GREEN HILLS OF EARTH is a collection of short stories from one of the masters of science fiction who has held readers spellbound for over thirty years.

Robert A. Heinlein - The ​Door into Summer
Dan ​Davis was tricked by an unscrupulous business partner and a greedy fiancee into spending thirty years in suspended animation just when he was on the verge of a success beyond his wildest dreams. But when he awoke in the future, he discovered he had the means to travel back in time -- and get his revenge!

Robert A. Heinlein - Glory ​Road
E.C. ​"Scar" Gordon, a Vietnam veteran, answers an ad promising adventure and meets a mysterious beauty who transports him to another world.