Elizabeth George könyvei a rukkolán

Elizabeth George - Fejvesztve
Óriási ​megdöbbenést kelt a yorkshire-i faluban, amikor a plébános rábukkan egyik hívének lefejezett holttestére! A korán megözvegyült, példás életű, két lányát egyedül nevelő módos gazda gyilkosa után furcsa páros nyomoz: az arisztokratikus Lynley felügyelő, és a nyomornegyedben felnőtt csúf kis őrmesternő Barbara Havers.

Elisabeth George - Elizabeth George - Gyilkosságból ​jeles
Tizenhárom ​éves kisfiú holttestére bukkannak egy kisvárosi temető kertjében. A gyermeket galádul meggyilkolták, testén kínzások nyomai látszanak. Az összebonyolódott szálak egy híres, előkelő iskolába, a Bredgar Chambers College-ba vezetnek, ahol szinte mindenkinek - tanároknak és diákoknak egyaránt - van valami takargatnivalója. A lélektani motivációkkal át- meg átszőtt izgalmas krimi nyomozópárosa most is a már összeszokott Thomas Lynley felügyelő és Barbara Havers őrmester; Elizabeth George bravúros meseszövésének jóvoltából az ő életproblémáik és emlékeik is rárímelnek a bűntény körüli helyzetekre és eseményekre. A Fejvesztve és az Elenáért tettem című, magyarul is megjelent könyvek méltán népszerű szerzője ezúttal is meglepi az olvasót a bonyolult emberi viszonyok komor következményeibe torkolló mesteri feltárásával és a váratlan fordulatokban bővelkedő nyomozás izgalmaival.

Elizabeth George - A ​boldogság titka
Mit ​jelent Isten akaratának követése a mindennapokban? Annak tudatosítását, hogyan kövesd az Ő tervét a barátságaidban, a hitedben, a családi kapcsolataidban és a jövődben. Tanuld meg, ... - hogyan kerülhetsz közel Istenhez; - hogyan tehetsz szert fontos kapcsolatokra; - hogyan hozhatsz bölcs döntéseket; - hogy válhatsz lélekben erőssé; - hogyan építhetsz jobb jövőt; - hogyan válthatod valóra szíved vágyait! Olvasás közben választ kapsz rá, hogyan válhatsz Isten akaratát követve boldog és elégedett fiatal nővé. Tetszeni fog A szív válasza című rész, amely csak neked szól, a gyakorlatias Mit tegyünk ma...? című fejezet pedig segíteni fog, hogy gyors fejlődéssel érhesd el az Úr szíve szerint való eredményt...

Elizabeth George - Denn ​sie betrügt man nicht
Barbara ​Havers, Inspector Lynleys bewährte Assistentin, ist mit einem rätselhaften Todesfall befaßt: Am Strand von Balford wurde ein gewisser Haytham Oerashi, Pakistani, mit gebrochenem Genick aufgefunden. Barbara bricht in das alte beschauliche Seebad auf und gerät mitten hinein in eine von der Rezession schlimm betroffene Kleinstadt, in der Rassismus, Gewinnsucht, Arroganz und blinder Gehorsam einen gefährlichen Nährboden der Gewalt bereitet haben...

Elizabeth George - A ​Suitable Vengeance
Award-winning ​author Elizabeth George gives us an early glimpse into the lives of Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, forensic scientist Simon Allcourt-St. James, and Lady Helen Clyde in a superlative mystery that is also a fascinating inquiry into the crimes of the heart. Lynley, the eighth earl of Asherton, has brought to Howenstow, his family home, the young woman he has asked to be his bride. But the savage murder of a local journalist is the catalyst for a lethal series of events that shatters the calm of a picturesque Cornwall village and embroils Lynley and St. James in a case far outside their jurisdiction—and a little too close to home. When a second death follows closely on the heels of the first, Lynley finds he can't help taking the investigation personally—because the evidence points to a killer within his own family.

Elizabeth George - Elenáért ​tettem
Elizabeth ​George második izgalmas lélektani krimijét tartja kezében az olvasó. A Fejvesztve című regényből már ismert Scotland Yard-i nyomozópáros, az arisztokrata Lynley felügyelő és a lumpen környezetből kiemelkedett Barbara Havers őrmester ezúttal Cambridge-ben nyomoz egy egyetemista lány gyilkosa után. Elena Weaver halála felszínre hozza a környezetében élők - megkeseredett anyja, önmagával meghasonlott professzor apja, kiismerhetetlen mostohaanyja - néha önmaguk előtt is titkolt indulatait, vágyait; életről, karrierről, férfi és nő bonyolult kapcsolatáról vallott elképzeléseit. Lynley és Havers nem pusztán egy agyafúrt bűnügy végére tesz pontot, a Cambridge-ben tapasztaltak döntően megváltoztatják mindkettőjük magánéletét is.

Elizabeth George - Missing ​Joseph
Deborah ​and Simon St. James have taken a holiday in the winter landscape of Lancastershire, hoping to heal the growing rift in their marriage. But in the barren countryside awaits bleak news: The vicar of Wimslough, the man they had come to see, is dead—a victim of accidental poisoning. Unsatisfied with the inquest ruling and unsettled by the close association between the investigating constable and the woman who served the deadly meal, Simon calls in his old friend Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley. Together they uncover dark, complex relationships in this rural village, relationships that bring men and women together with a passion, with grief, or with the intention to kill. Peeling away layer after layer of personal history to reveal the torment of a fugitive spirit, Missing Joseph is award-winning author Elizabeth George's greatest achievement.

Elizabeth George - Doch ​die Sünde ist scharlachrot
Inspector ​Lynley ist zurück! Ein Mann wandert die Küste Cornwalls entlang. Seit Wochen hat er nicht mehr in einem Bett geschlafen, sich gewaschen, sich rasiert. Als er über der Klippe bei Polcare Cove innehält, bleibt sein Blick an etwas Rotem hängen. In der Tiefe liegt ein zerschmetterter Körper. Was zunächst wie ein Unfall aussieht, entpuppt sich als Mord. Unter den Verdächtigen ist auch der einsame Wanderer: Inspector Thomas Lynley, der nach dem tragischen Tod seiner Frau und seines ungeborenen Kindes sein Heil in der Flucht suchte ...

Elizabeth George - Playing ​for the Ashes
"The ​story begins with my father, actually, and the fact that I'm the one who's answerable for his death. It was not my first crime, as you will see, but it is the one my mother couldn't forgive." In her astonishing _New York Times_ bestseller, acclaimed author Elizabeth George reveals the even darker truth behind this startling confession. _Playing for the Ashes_ is a rich tale of passion, murder and love in which Inspector Thomas Lynley and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers once againfind themselves embroiled in a case where nothing--and no one--is really what it seems. Intense, suspenseful and brilliantly written, _Playing for the Ashes_ will make readers "search out the sleuthing pair's first six adventures...a treasure," as _Cosmopolitan_ predicted in their review.

Elizabeth George - With ​No One as Witness
Detective ​Inspector Thomas Lynley takes on the case of his career. When it comes to spellbinding suspense and page-turning excitement, New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth George always delivers. As the Wall Street Journal raves, "Ms. George can do it all, with style to spare." In With No One as Witness, Elizabeth George has crafted an intricate, meticulously researched, and absorbing story sure to enthrall her readers. Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley is back, along with his longtime partner, the fiery Barbara Havers, and newly promoted Detective Sergeant Winston Nkata. They are on the hunt for a sinister killer. When an adolescent boy's nude body is found mutilated and artfully arranged on the top of a tomb, it takes no large leap for the police to recognize this as the work of a serial killer. This is the fourth victim in three months but the first to be white. Hoping to avoid charges of institutionalized racism in its failure to pursue the earlier crimes to their conclusion, New Scotland Yard hands the case over to Lynley and his colleagues. The killer is a psychopath who does not intend to be stopped. Worse, a devastating tragedy within the police ranks causes them to fumble in their pursuit of him.

Elizabeth George - Payment ​in Blood
The ​career of playwright Joy Sinclair comes to an abrupt end on an isolated estate in the Scottish Highlands when someone drives and eighteen-inch dirk through her neck. Called upon to investigate the case in a country where they have virtually no authority, aristocratic Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his partner, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, grapple for both a motive and a murderer. Emotions run deep in this highly charged drama, for the list of suspects soon includes Britain's foremost actress, its most successful theatrical producer, and the woman Lynley loves. He and Havers must tread carefully through the complicated terrain of human relationships, while they work to solve a case rooted in the darkest corners of the past and the unexplored regions of the human heart.

Elizabeth George - The ​Edge of the Water
A ​mysterious girl who won’t speak; a coal black seal named Nera that returns to the same place very year; a bitter feud of unknown origin—strange things are happening on Whidbey Island, and Becca King, is drawn into the maelstrom of events. But Becca, first met in The Edge of Nowhere, has her own secrets to hide. Still on the run from her criminal stepfather, Becca is living in a secret location. Even Derric, the Ugandan orphan with whom Becca shares a close, romantic relationship, can’t be allowed to know her whereabouts. As secrets of past and present are revealed, Becca becomes aware of her growing paranormal powers, and events build to a shocking climax anticipated by no one. Acclaimed author Elizabeth George brings her extraordinary talents to this intriguing story that blends mystery and myth.

Elizabeth George - For ​the Sake of Elena
Elena ​Weaver was a surprise to anyone meeting her for the first time. In her clingy dresses and dangling earrings she exuded a sexuality at odds with the innocence projected by the unicorn posters on her walls. While her embittered mother fretted about her welfare from her home in London, in Cambridge—where Elena was a student at St. Stephen's College—her father and his second wife each had their own very different image of the girl. As for Elena, she lived a life of casual and intense physical and emotional relationships, with scores to settle and goals to achieve--until someone, lying in wait along the route she ran every morning, bludgeoned her to death. Unwilling to turn the killing over to the local police, the university calls in New Scotland Yard. Thus, Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his partner, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, enter the rarefied world of Cambridge University, where academic gowns often hide murderous intentions. For both officers, the true identity of Elena Weaver proves elusive. Each relationship the girl left behind casts new light both on Elena and on those people who appeared to know her best—from an unsavory Swedish-born Shakespearean professor to the brooding head of the Deaf Students Union. What's more, Elena's father, a Cambridge professor under consideration for a prestigious post, is a man with his own dark secrets. While his past sins make him neurotically dedicated to Elena and blind to her blacker side, present demons drive him toward betrayal.

Elizabeth George - In ​Pursuit of the Proper Sinner
Calder ​Moor is a wild and deadly place: many have been trapped in the myriad limestone caves, lost in collapsed copper mines, injured on perilous gritstone ridges. But this time, when two bodies are discovered in the shadow of the ancient circle of stones known as Nine Sisters Henge, it is clearly not a case for Mountain Rescue. The corpses are those of a young man and woman. Each met death in a different fashion. Each died violently. To Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, brought in to investigate by special request, this grisly crime promises to be one of the toughest assignments of his career. For the unfortunate Nicola Maiden was the daughter of a former officer in an elite undercover unit, a man Lynley once regarded as a mentor. Now, as Lynley struggles to find out if Nicola's killer was an enemy of her father's or one she earned herself, a disgraced Barbara Havers, determined to redeem herself in the eyes of her longtime partner, crisscrosses London seeking information on the second murder victim. Yet the more dark secrets Lynley and Havers uncover, the more they learn that neither the victims nor the suspects are who they appear to be. And once again they come up against the icy realization that human relationships are often murderous...and that the blood that binds can also kill.

Elizabeth George - In ​the Presence of the Enemy
Hailed ​as the "king of sleaze," tabloid editor Dennis Luxford is used to ferreting out the sins and scandals of people in exposed positions. But when he opens an innocuous-looking letter addressed to him at "The Source, "he discovers that someone else excels at ferreting out secrets as well. Ten-year-old Charlotte Bowen has been abducted, and if Luxford does not admit publicly to having fathered her, she will die. But Charlotte's existence is Luxford's most fiercely guarded secret, and acknowledging her as his child will throw more than one life and career into chaos. Luxford knows that the story of Charlotte's paternity could make him a laughingstock and reveal to his beautiful wife and son the lie he's lived for a decade. Yet it's not only Luxford's reputation that's on the line: it's also the reputation--and career--of Charlotte Bowen's mother. For she is Undersecretary of State for the Home Office, one of the most high-profile Junior Ministers and quite possibly the next Margaret Thatcher. Knowing that her political future hangs in the balance, Eve Bowen refuses to let Luxford damage her career by printing the story or calling the police. So the editor turns to forensic scientist Simon St. James for help. It's a case that fills St. James with disquiet, however, for none of the players in the drama seem to react the way one would expect. Then tragedy occurs and New Scotland Yard becomes involved. Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley soon discovers that the case sends tentacles from London into the countryside, and he must simultaneously outfox death as he probes Charlotte Bowen's mysterious disappearance. Meanwhile, his partner Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, working part of the investigation on her own and hoping to make the coup of her career, may be drawing closer to a grim solution--and to danger--than anyone knows. _In the Presence of the Enemy_ is a brilliantly insightful and haunting novel of ideals corrupted by self-interest, of the sins of parents visited upon children, and of the masks that hide people from each other--and from themselves.

Elizabeth George - Undank ​ist der Väter Lohn
Am ​umjubelten Premierenabend seines neuen Musicals "Hamlet" nimmt sich der erfolgreiche Komponist und Produzent David King-Ryder scheinbar grundlos das Leben. Und in einem Moor in Derbyshire macht eine Spaziergängerin einen grausigen Fund: Ein Mann liegt, von Brandwunden entstellt und mit etlichen Stichwunden, an einer verwüsteten Campingstelle. Nicht weit davon entfernt finden die örtliche Polizei und Thomas Lynley von Scotland Yard die Leiche von Nicola Maiden. Wie es scheint, kannten sich diese drei Menschen nicht. Es gab auch keine nachweisbare Verbindung zwischen ihnen. Eine harte Nuss für Inspector Lynley und Sergeant Havers, zumal die Zusammenarbeit der beiden an einem seidenen Faden hängt. Havers, die wegen einer Befehlsmissachtung vorübergehend suspendiert und später degradiert wurde, zweifelt an der Loyalität Lynleys und stürzt in eine schwere berufliche und menschliche Krise. Doch Barbara Havers bringt die Ermittlungen dann einen entscheidenden Schritt voran: S ie weist nach, dass sich die Opfer kannten. Zusammen mit ihrer Mitbewohnerin Vi führte Nicola, die sonst die Rolle der eifrigen Jurastudentin einnahm, ein Doppelleben als Callgirl. Terry kannte beide Mädchen. Die entscheidende Wende bei den Ermittlungen geht einmal mehr von der auf eigene Faust handelnden Barbara Havers aus. Terry Cole war im Besitz von Originalnotenblättern, die belegen können, dass der Musical-Komponist King-Ryder seinen Erfolg in Wahrheit einem verstorbenen Partner, Michael Chandler, verdankt. Nach King-Ryders Selbstmord hatte Terry die Erpressung bei Matthew, dem Sohn des Dirigenten, fortgeführt. Ein fingiertes Telefonat von Barbara Havers schließlich lockt Matthew aus der Reserve ...Der Selbstmord eines berühmten Londoner Komponisten nach einer umjubelten Premiere - und die Leichen zweier ermordeter junger Menschen in einem gottverlassenen Moor: Inspector Lynley und Sergeant Barbara Havers stehen vor der größten beruflichen - und menschlichen - Herausforderung ihrer gemeinsamen Laufbahn ...

Elizabeth George - Enquête ​dans le brouillard
Le ​sergent Barbara Havers, 30 ans, ne s'embarrasse ni de coquetterie ni de diplomatie. Et ce n'est pas l'inspecteur Thomas Lynley, pur produit de l'aristocratie britannique à la réputation de don Juan, qui la fera changer. Une seule chose peut lui faire oublier son aversion pour cet ancien d'Eton : un crime à élucider. Justement, dans un paisible village du Yorkshire, on retrouve le corps sans tête de Williams Teys, paroissien modèle. À côté du cadavre, sa propre fille. " C'est moi qui ai fait ça et je ne le regrette pas ", gémit-elle avant de sombrer dans le mutisme...

Elizabeth George - Write ​Away
An ​inspiring template for any would-be author of fiction from one of the world's most succesful crime writers. Sharing her wealth of experience, Elizabeth George illustrates her points about plot, characterization and technique with extracts from her own and other author's work.

Elizabeth George - Careless ​In Red
Scotland ​Yard’s Thomas Lynley returns to investigate what may be a perfect crime. On a lonely stretch of coastline, Lynley discovers the body of a young man. Thus begins a quest to unmask a clever and ruthless murderer. But this time, Lynley’s not in charge. He’s a witness—and possibly even a suspect. The local detective leading the investigation soon figures out that Lynley can help. So can his former associate Barbara Havers, whom Scotland Yard sends to Cornwall, ostensibly to assist in the investigation, but unofficially to check up on Lynley and possibly win him back to the Yard.

Elisabeth George - Elizabeth George - A ​Great Deliverance
The ​first novel in the "Inspector Lynley mystery" series. Fat, unlovely Roberta Teys is found beside her father's headless corpse. Her first words are "I did it. And I am not sorry". As Lynley investigates, he uncovers a series of shocking revelations that shatter the peaceful Yorkshire village.

Elizabeth George - A ​nagy szabadítás
Keldale ​ódon házainak és a házaknál is régebbi titkainak idilljét most a Scotland Yard detektívfelügyelőjének, egyúttal Asherton nyolcadik őrgrófjának érkezése zavarja meg. Lynley-t, valamint az eléggé visszataszító modorú Barbara Havers őrmestert azért küldték a helyszínre, hogy kinyomozzanak egy véres gyilkossági ügyet, ami teljesen feldúlta ennek a békés vidéknek a mindennapjait. Mert a kövér és csöppet sem vonzó Roberta Teysre a vasárnapi ruhájában, az ölében egy fejszével a tanyájuk csűrjében találnak rá, a lábai előtt apja lefejezett holttestével. A lány csak annyit mond: "Én voltam az. És nem bántam meg.", aztán nem szólal meg többé. De ahogy Lynley és Havers egyre mélyebbre hatolnak ebben a sötét útvesztőben, és felfedik ennek a látszólag nyugodt angol falunak a titkos botrányait és elképesztő bűnügyeit, úgy kerülnek egyre közelebb a megoldáshoz - és szembesülnek közben saját életük kínzó rejtélyeivel is.

Elizabeth George - Isten ​bölcsessége kislányoknak
Kedves ​barátom! Amit a kezedben tartasz, egy része a szívemnek - egy könyv, amelyet lányoknak írtam azokról a tulajdonságokról és jellemzőkről, amelyeket Isten kiemel a Példabeszédek könyvében (31:10-31). A Bibliának ez a része annak a nőnek a jellemét írja le, aki szereti Istent. Mint egyike azoknak a nőknek, akik belenevelik Isten szavait és megmutatják Isten útjait a kkövetkező nemzedéknek, átadhatod e tulajdonságokat a legifjabbaknak. Láthatod, hogy ezek a jellemvonások soha nem változnak - csak az életkorunk és a helyszín. Azért imádkozom, hogy e könyvvel örömet szerezhessek neked és a környezetedben élő kislányoknak. Azért imádkozom, hogy szívesen olvassatok ezekről a jellemzőkről (nevet is adtam nekik a könnyebb érthetőség kedvéért), élvezzétek mindegyik rigmust (melyek egy kislány mindennapi életének tevékenységeire összpontosítanak), és persze a bájos és gyönyörű festményeket, Judy Luenebrink munkáit. Azt kívánom, bárcsak akkor írtam volna meg ezt a könyvet, amikor két lányom még mellettem cseperedett! Isten csodálatos szeretetében élve, Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George - Believing ​the Lie
After ​writing sixteen Inspector Lynley novels, "New York Times" bestselling author Elizabeth George has millions of fans waiting for the next one. As "USA Today" put it, "It's tough to resist George's storytelling, once hooked." With "Believing the Lie," she's poised to hook countless more. Inspector Thomas Lynley is mystified when he's sent undercover to investigate the death of Ian Cresswell at the request of the man's uncle, the wealthy and influential Bernard Fairclough. The death has been ruled an accidental drowning, and nothing on the surface indicates otherwise. But when Lynley enlists the help of his friends Simon and Deborah St. James, the trio's digging soon reveals that the Fairclough clan is awash in secrets, lies, and motives.Deborah's investigation of the prime suspect-Bernard's prodigal son Nicholas, a recovering drug addict-leads her to Nicholas's wife, a woman with whom she feels a kinship, a woman as fiercely protective as she is beautiful. Lynley and Simon delve for information from the rest of the family, including the victim's bitter ex-wife and the man he left her for, and Bernard himself. As the investigation escalates, the Fairclough family's veneer cracks, with deception and self-delusion threatening to destroy everyone from the Fairclough patriarch to Tim, the troubled son Ian left behind.

Elizabeth George - What ​Came Before He Shot Her
The ​shocking conclusion of Elizabeth George's previous bestseller, WITH NO ONE AS WITNESS, saw the wife of New Scotland Yard's Thomas Lynley gunned down in the street outside her home. Under arrest for the crime is a twelve-year-old boy, Joel Campbell. What possible motive could he have? What chain of events could have led such a child from the housing estates of North Kensington to the elegant streets of Belgravia with such deadly intent? The answer to these questions is a complex mixture of fate and circumstance. Abandoned (albeit involuntarily) by his parents, Joel and two siblings are dumped on the doorstep of his aunt's house. Kendra, childless and with two marriages behind her, is doing her best to turn her life around; responsibility for three troubled children is not what she had in mind. Drugs, neglect, violence and poverty are commonplace in North Kensington. Joel does his best to look out for his family, but that involves a Faustian pact. And the Devil will have his pay.

Elizabeth George - Deception ​on His Mind
Balford-le-Nez ​is a dying seaside town on the coast of Essex. But when a member of the town's small but growing Asian community is found dead near its beach, the sleepy town ignites. Working without her long-time partner, Detective Inspector Lynley, Sergeant Barbara Havers must probe not only the mind of a murderer and a case very close to her own heart, but also the terrible price people pay for deceiving others ...and themselves.