Duo Brand könyvei a rukkolán

Duo Brand - Shards ​of Affection
The ​delicate edge of a perfect sword can slice through flesh without a sound… but only the rarest weapon houses an apparition-battling spirit, too! Two warriors – one naive and one experienced – must wield their special blades with great care in order to conquer their opponents. Elsewhere, a clumsy young scientist and a cautious priest feel the sharp pangs of desire...and an ancient monster lashes out for the one he loves. Will the fates of these men fuse together powerfully, or will they splinter into nothingness?

Duo Brand - Kiss ​your hair
When ​a handsome gardener, Suzaku, realizes that the aloof and beautiful butler Suiren, has been spying on his secret hair-fetish liaisons with his master, he thinks, "why not put on a show?" This sexy collection gathers steam with the between-the-sheets adventures of an artist and his model, the Student Council president and his tea ceremony instructor, an assassin and an "escape" artist... and even a pair of powerful lawyers! Which of these couples will steal your heart and satisfy your deepest desires?

Duo Brand - A ​tiltott szerelem szigete
A ​középkori Edo városát különös gyilkosságsorozat tartja rettegésben. Az ifjú Aki mindenre elszántan nyomoz a tettes után. A fesztivál napján megpillant egy férfit, aki megszólalásig hasonló ahhoz, aki tizenkét évvel ezelőtt megmentette az életét. A titokzatos Kuga azonnal megdobogtatja szívét, de mintha gyanúsan sokat érdeklődne Aki nyomozása iránt. Vajon ki ez a rejtélyes idegen, és mi köze a gyilkosságokhoz? Amikor a nyomozás váratlan fordulatot vesz, Akinak súlyos döntést kell hoznia…