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Terence Rattigan - The Winslow Boy
Terence Rattigan is one of the younger British playwrights whose fame is largely due to acute observation of contemporary people, intensive work and an expert perception of what is "good theatre". The three plays included in this volume were immediate successes - French Without Tears, a rippling comedy, ran in London for two years and nine months; Flare Path, a play about the Royal Air Force (written in West Africa while he was serving as an air gunner in a flying-boat engagaed on anti-submarine patrols), for eighteen months; and the highly dramatic The Winslow Boy for over a year. The Winslow Boy, based on the famous Archer-Shee case (in which a young cadet, expelled from the Royal Naval College at Osborne on a charge of petty theft, was finally vindicated after the matter become a public and Parliamentary scandal), won the Ellen Terry Award for the best play of 1946, and also the New York Critics' Award for "the best foreign play of the season".

Terence Rattigan - After ​the Dance
As ​the world races towards catastrophe, a crowd of Mayfair socialites parties its way to oblivion. At its centre is David, who idles away his sober moments researching a futile book until the beautiful Helen decides to save him, shattering his marriage and learning too late the depth of both David's indolence and his wife's undeclared love. Both an insightful, witty critique of a generation and a profound dissection of the depths of human emotion. After the Dance is considered by many to be one of the great works of a master dramatist.

Terence Rattigan - The ​Deep Blue Sea
The ​Deep Blue Sea Terrence Rattigan "The Deep Blue Sea opens with the failed suicide of Hester Collyer, who has deserted her husband for the raffish charms of an ex-fightor pilot. During the play we watch her wrestle with the intensity of her love-and lust-for the younger man, who is having his own problems adjusting to post-war life.

Terence Rattigan - The ​Browning Version
New ​edition of one of Rattigan's best-known plays to coincide with major revival starring Corin Redgrave in the role made famous by his father Michael Redgrave The Browning Version is the story of an unpopular and unloved classics master at a public school in the 1940s. Deserted by his wife and on the verge of retirement, Crocker-Harris finds a form of redemption in an unexpected parting gift from a previously unregarded pupil - a secondhand copy of Robert Browning's translation of the Agamemnon. Filmed twice, with Michael Redgrave in 1951 and Albert Finney in 1994, this new edition of The Browning Version is published alongside a major revival on stage starring Corin Redgrave. Complete with an extensive introduction by the Rattigan expert, Dan Rebellato, it is one of the titles in the definitive edition of the plays of Rattigan published by Nick Hern Books. Also included in the volume is the farce, Harlequinade, written to accompany The Browning Version in a double-bill.

Terence Rattigan - Plays ​2
"Few ​dramatists of this century have written with more understanding of the human heart than Terence Rattigan" (Guardian) This selection from the best of Rattigan's work from the '50s onwards includes two of his most popular plays, The Deep Blue Sea which movingly depicts the closing stages of a hopeless, adulterous, socially inequitable love affair between an RAF war hero and a judge's wife; Separate Tables, printed in its original version for the first time, comprises two one-act plays both set in a private hotel in Bournemouth but with a different pair of principal characters - in one a disgraced politician and his estranged wife, in the other, a bogus major and young woman dominated by her mother "This gay version hardly departs from the original, yet converts a conventional West End drama into a forceful attack upon 1950s witch-hunts and stigmatising of homosexuals...how luminously Rattigan evokes the sexually intolerant and phobic attitudes of fifties middle England" (Evening Standard); the volume closes with In Praise of Love, in which a woman and her husband persist in gallantly deceiving one another each pretending to be unaware that she is fatally ill.

Terence Rattigan - Peter Shaffer - Keith Waterhouse - Willis Hall - Doris Lessing - Plays ​Of The Sixties
Including ​Ross by Terence Rattigan, The Royal Hunt of the Sun by Peter Shafler, Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall and Play with a Tiger by Doris Lessing.