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Katherine Stone - Rejtélyes ​szerelem
Cole ​Taylor és Claire Chamberlain gyerekkori barátsága és szerelme egy váratlan tragédia folytán megszakad. Cole-nak el kell tűnnie a kisvárosból, ahol felnőtt. Tizenkét évvel később híres énekesként tér vissza a városba, és megtudja, hogy egykori szerelme elveszítette a látását. Cole-t megdöbbenti a hír, és iszonyatos bűntudatot érez a történtek miatt, ezért elhatározza, hogy valóra váltja gyerekkori álmukat, és meghívja Claire-t, hogy együtt lépjen fel vele a londoni Royal Albert Hall színpadán. A lány elfogadja a meghívást, de csak azért, hogy titokban segítsen neki megtalálnia a testvérét, akit Cole kénytelen volt nevelőszülőkre bízni, nehogy a kisfiú áldozatául essen durva és gonosz apjuk indulatának. A történet másik helyszíne London, ahol megismerhetjük Claire barátnőjét, Sarah Pembroke-ot, a sikeres és sokak által irigyelt televíziós riporternőt. Sarah látszólag gondtalan életét azonban sötét titkok kísérik, amelyek fokozatosan lelepleződnek, miután Jack Dalton, az FBI mesterdetektívje nyomozni kezd egy sorozatgyilkos után, akinek Sarah lenne a következő áldozata... A fordulatokban gazdag, izgalmas és érzelmes történet lebilincselő olvasmányt ígér minden olvasónak. A történet végén azt is megtudhatjuk, hogy Claire és Cole gyerekkori szerelme vajon beteljesülhet-e a közéjük álló akadályok ellenére.

Katherine Stone - Hulló ​csillagok
Julia ​Hayley húszéves koráig egy kansasi kisvárosban él, a külvilágtól elzártan, idős nagynénjével és mozgássérült kishúgával. A két szeretett rokon halála után Julia magára marad, és elhatározza, hogy új életet kezd. Mindent felad, ami addigi életét jelentette, de még egy utolsó akadály előtte áll: Londonba kell utaznia, és át kell élnie egy fájdalmas karácsonyi ünnepet. A számos meglepetést rejtő, viszontagságos londoni út során Julia megismerkedik Jace Colton doktorral. A férfi múltjában sötét titkok rejlenek, melyek egy részét még önmaga sem ismeri. Úgy tűnik, e titokzatos múlt szerelmük útjába áll, ám Julia ereje és hite minden akadályt legyőz, s talán még az álmok is valóra válhatnak.

Katherine Stone - Bel ​Air
All ​that glitters isn't gold . . . sometimes it's love. In the lush, sun-bright splendor of southern California, three women, three friends, search for the courage to dream, to trust, to love. But there are dark secrets and hidden betrayals that must first be overcome. A terrible accident has stolen Allison Fitzgerald’s dreams, and it has taught her that life is too precious—and too fragile—to waste. So when she meets a man who evokes a passion in her that she has never known before, she surrenders to his love without questioning his secretive past. Gifted and beautiful actress Winter Carlyle has learned, from painful experience, that the people she loves always leave her, and that it is far too dangerous to care, and that she is only liked when she is pretending to be someone she is not. Still, she is willing to risk everything for the doctor who sees beyond the pretense . . . But is he willing to risk everything for her? Emily Rousseau only feels safe, only feels free, when she is behind the lens of her camera, safe and free from the men who want her, and want to hurt her. The portraits she takes are works of art, and there is one man, unlike any other man she has ever known, who sees not only the talent in her work, but the loveliness in her. But can she accept the love, and face the demons, that will free her from her past? Katherine Stone is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-two novels, including ROOMMATES, PEARL MOON, LOVE SONGS, HAPPY ENDINGS, and THIEF OF HEARTS. Her books are sold worldwide and have been translated into twenty languages. A physician who now writes full time, she lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, physician-novelist Jack Chase (MORTALITY RATE, FATAL ANALYSIS, THE MAGRUDER TRANSPLANT).

Katherine Stone - Promises
Some ​promises can, perhaps, be broken . . . but not the promises of love. Dr. Elizabeth Jennings is a dedicated trauma surgeon. That’s her dream, her passion, and it’s more than enough until Dr. Nicholas Chase arrives at San Francisco’s Pacific Heights Medical Center. The black-haired, blue-eyed transplant surgeon has dark secrets that he wants to hide—and must hide—especially from someone as lovely as Elizabeth. Nick knows all too well that caring about him, loving him, would surely destroy her. Larisa is Elizabeth’s college roommate and one time closest friend. But since her marriage to Julian Chancellor, Larisa has drifted away, faded away . . . until, desperate and betrayed, she reaches out to Elizabeth. Larisa fights to repair her shattered heart, but will it truly be whole until she dares to trust again? To love again? And what if, when she takes that courageous chance, it is the most perilous choice of all?

Katherine Stone - Island ​of Dreams
Two ​courageous, gifted, lovely women. Two fiercely honorable and passionate men. Two hauntingly beautiful love stories embroidered together in a glittering tapestry of the bravest journey of the heart . . . the soaring journey from the loss of hope to the splendor of love. For Boston-proper librarian Ana Finch, life has been quiet, certain, safe, until an incident at a wedding changes everything. The headaches begin then, as does the bone-chilling cold. She feels compelled to move to Denver, even though the Mile High city is a place she has never been. She knows that dreams of love are not for her, they must not and cannot be, and yet there he is, a man who touches the lonely and wishing places deep inside her as no man ever has . . . Denver architect Pierce Rourke believes in dreams—for others—and in love, for others, too. His masterpiece, the Island, is spectacular proof of his beliefs. It is there, on rock as white as snow and amid shimmering fountains spun from molten glass, that he has created a place just for weddings, for the celebration of the glorious gifts and promises of love. Pierce’s work is his passion. He’s not looking for anything more. But there she is, Ana. The dream he never knew to dream. And now the man who has built a place for dreams and the woman who has never dared to dream must try to find, together, a way to triumph over destiny.

Katherine Stone - Home ​at Last
The ​place is Manhattan. The time is midnight. And beneath the glittering diamond lights passion sizzles... and danger smolders. _He Chases Killers..._ Lucas Hunter has stalked murderers all over the world with his sixth sense for evil. Now his quarry is the cunning madman known as "Lady Killer", the monster whose victims are always glamorous, beautiful women who were at one time intimately close to Lucas Hunter. _She Chases Dreams..._ Galen Chandler's career is on the edge -- again. Indeed, the soon-to-be ex-anchorwoman is on the verge of leaving Manhattan when the madman calls her -- to use her to lure Lucas Hunter out to play. _Two Strangers in the City_ Theirs is an unlikely alliance, the glacial-eyed hunter and the woman on the run. Theirs is an even unlikelier love. But with this killer on the loose, they are locked in a perilous game of life and death, where ice can turn to fire...

Katherine Stone - The ​Cinderella Hour
The ​Cinderella hour. The midnight chime of magic, of fairy tales, and of love. An enchanted hour for those who dare . . . Sixteen years ago, Snow Ashley Gable fled Chicago, running away from the kind of loss that comes with love—and from a friendship that turned into betrayal. Now she is coming home, bringing her successful late-night radio talk show, "The Cinderella Hour," to the Windy City. There are risks for Snow in returning home—risks and fears. The father she never knew. The mother who indulged in dangerous fantasies. The high school heiress who uncovered her greatest secret. And above all, most of all, there is Lucas Kilcannon, the troubled boy she loved, will always love. Luke has never forgotten Snow or the love they shared. His fury that she ran away from their love, without warning or explanation, still burns deep and bright. He wants to know why Snow fled, and he intends to find out. He plans to see her, confront her, and insist that she tell him the truth. But it’s a truth Snow doesn’t fully know—not yet—for there are secrets that have been in hiding, all these years, even from her.

Katherine Stone - Imagine ​Love
Imagine ​moonlight and roses. And London and Paris. And the intoxicating magic of a ouisiana bayou. Then join bestselling author Katherine Stone on this enthralling journey of passion, of danger, and of love. They met beside the brilliant blue bayou. She was an innocent girl, and he was a reckless and angry boy. Claire Chamberlain believed in dreams, and Cole Taylor believed in nothing at all. He had no reason to believe—until her. They pledged their love beneath a silver winter moon. But their moonlit promise was shattered by violence. Now, twelve years later, Cole Taylor, singer of love songs, returns to the bayou. So much—for Claire—has changed. Everything has changed. And yet, when Cole makes his astonishing—and perilous—request, how can she possibly say no?

Katherine Stone - Thief ​of Hearts
Stolen ​dreams, stolen promises, and twin brothers torn apart by a betrayal long ago. Now one of them, the golden one, the one everyone loves, is dying. The only man who can save him is the one person he cannot ask, the dark twin -- the dangerous one. A MISSION OF MERCY World-renowned thriller writer Jesse Falconer lives on a clifftop estate in remote Hawaii. But temptation -- and torment -- will arrive on his doorstep: the chance to save his twin's life...and the allure of the woman who comes to plead that dying brother's cause. A JOURNEY TO LOVE On a storm-ravaged night cardiac surgeon Caitlin Taylor makes the treacherous drive to Jesse's retreat. It is then...there...that the truly perilous journey of this mender of hearts begins. To love. With him. Jesse Falconer. The plunderer of promises himself. The ransacker of dreams. The fierce and sensual...

Katherine Stone - Bed ​of Roses
Rainbows ​and roses . . . love and danger . . . betrayal and desire. And the lush splendor of California’s Napa Valley. It is here, from the bestselling pen of Katherine Stone, that this enthralling story unfolds. He had never been in love—until her . . . He is the stunning and powerful Chase Tessier, the gray-eyed maestro who creates the liquid poetry that is Tessier wine. And she had never been loved at all—until him . . . She is Cassandra Winter, the fierce and fragile waif who joyfully gave him her heart during an enchanted summer when the air was fragrant with newborn grapes and moonlit roses. But it was she who left their love. And now . . . Now the uncertain waif is a celebrated actress. She lies in intensive care, the victim of a merciless assault, ravaged, broken, and needing him. And he is there, to help her if he can, and to love her, if she will permit him to. Yet there is such danger on this journey home, this brave journey back to love. Perilous secrets of the past threaten . . . and the vicious assailant who left Cassandra for dead lusts, still, for her death.

Katherine Stone - Happy ​Endings
Katherine ​Stone writes from her heart to yours. In HAPPY ENDINGS, she creates a richly emotional story of two women, haunted by their pasts, who still dare to believe that, even for them, there might one day be happiness and love . . . Raven has never been loved, and she was teased without mercy as an impoverished and awkward little girl. Successful now and stunningly beautiful, she is the attorney to the stars, the lawyer everyone in Hollywood wants to have negotiate their multi-million dollar deals. But behind the glamorous facade is a lingering vulnerability and the wish to be loved. It seems an impossible wish. Against the glittering backdrop of her professional triumphs is a dismal record of private failures. Then she meets the enigmatic Nicholas Gault . . . Holly’s happy and loving childhood was shattered by violence. She has escaped the brutal memories by creating her own world of happy endings. She shares those hopeful worlds with the countless readers of her romantic novels—one of which, GIFTS OF LOVE, is optioned for a major motion picture by superstar Jason Cole. It would have been a thrilling revelation had she not learned that he was planning to change her happy ending. The mere thought of leaving her remote Alaskan hideaway, her isolated cocoon, is terrifying to her. And even more terrifying is the thought of meeting with him. But she has no choice. She must fight to save the happy ending if she possibly can.

Katherine Stone - Roommates
Stanford ​University, California... Carrie is a wide-eyed freshman when she arrives at the university she has been hearing about all her life. She believes she knows what to expect. But she is unprepared for the monumental changes—and monumental emotions—she will experience. She is also unprepared for Jake. Gorgeous, seductive, and deadly, Jake is a man of dark secrets and hidden dreams. He is all wrong for the innocent and optimistic Carrie, yet she becomes part of his secrets and his dreams. But will he ever permit her into the deepest places of his badly wounded heart? Megan is Carrie's roommate. Golden and beautiful, the gifted actress can dazzle and pretend even as her heart is breaking and her world is falling apart. A decision she makes will result in a crisis that will reunite them all—and open unhealed wounds and smoldering passions. Once entwined, the lives and the loves of the roommates will be forever entwined. And those lives and loves will be as turbulent, courageous, and shimmering as the extraordinary world in which they live. Katherine Stone is the _New York Times_ bestselling author of twenty-two novels, including Love Songs, Twins, Bed of Roses, Happy Endings, and Pearl Moon. Her books have been translated into twenty languages and are sold worldwide. A physician who now writes full-time, she lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, physician and novelist Jack Chase (Fatal Analysis, Mortality Rate, The Magruder Transplant).

Katherine Stone - Star ​Light, Star Bright
Torn ​between two women--Lily Forsythe Rutledge, a delicate beauty who suffers from a strange illness, and Brooke Blair, an independent woman who is very protective of Lily--Rage McClure must delve into the secrets of the past to choose the woman he truly loves.

Katherine Stone - Love ​Songs
Southampton. ​A place of casual elegance and simple perfection. Where whispers of scandal are as relentless as the rhythm of the sea . . . and the desires of the heart are as timeless. It is here that three women struggle to find love . . . or to save it. Julia Lawrence. Her youthful beauty and glamorous marriage make her an object of desire and a target of envy. But Julia loves only one man, and she wishes for only one quiet dream, yet there are ancient secrets and ancient enemies who threaten to shatter it all. Dr. Diana Shepard. The world renowned surgeon knows all about healing broken hearts. When it comes to her patients’ hearts, she is a gifted seamstress. But will she ever escape the tormenting memory of the love she could not keep and find a way to mend her own? Casey English. The brilliant attorney has always been quite skillful at getting what she wants, inside the courtroom and out, in her charmed and successful life. Or so it seems. She alone knows that it has all been a dazzling and lonely act. And when she meets the man who can set her free, she must confront the truth of who she is . . . and who she would truly like to be. Katherine Stone is the _New York Times_ bestselling author of twenty-two novels, including Roommates, Bel Air, Twins, Pearl Moon, Happy Endings, and Thief of Hearts. Her books are sold worldwide and have been translated into twenty languages. A physician who now writes full time, she lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, physician-novelist Jack Chase (Mortality Rate, Fatal Analysis, The Magruder Transplant).

Katherine Stone - Twins
Brooke ​and Melanie Chandler are so different it’s hard to believe that they’re sisters, much less twins. One is a serious, brilliant prosecutor; the other, a golden, glamorous supermodel. The sisters were close once, joined by the wondrous bond of twins, until the realities of life—and of their differences—tore them apart. Brooke and Melanie are women now. Can the once-shared closeness be rediscovered? Or have the jealousies and bitterness of the past irrevocably severed the bond? The wishes of the twins’ hearts are perilous enough, but there’s true danger, lethal danger . . . an obsessed killer has one of them in his sights.

Katherine Stone - Rainbows
Alexandra ​and Catherine Taylor are sisters—and strangers. Each longs for the closeness they have never had, never knowing how to reach out to the other and discovering, when at last they decide to try, that it’s almost too late . . . for shocking secrets, inner demons, and tragic loves stand in their way. As the star of Pennsylvania Avenue, TV’s hottest primetime drama, Alexa has it all, beauty, fame, and fortune. Her off-screen life is even more dramatic. She's in love with a powerful man who cannot promise her more than their secret nights of pleasure. Alexa accepts this compromise without question, not knowing that her clandestine passion will drive a deeper wedge between herself and Catherine. Gifted concert pianist Catherine has always let her music shield her from the world. But even her magnificent gift, and her beloved music, cannot shield her from the devastating truth of who she is, and who she is not. Catherine hides the terrible secret, even as she searches for answers. Her courageous journey will take her to a glittering Mediterranean isle . . . and into the arms of a man who will make her whole. Desire and heartbreak, passion and love. Alexa and Catherine must travel those perilous journeys of the heart before they can be the sisters they want to be and find the happiness that awaits them both at the end of their rainbows.

Katherine Stone - Caroline's ​Journal
The ​passion of a woman, a mother, a wife... For more than six years, Seattle architect Caroline Wynn and her attorney husband, Jeffrey, have been trying to have a baby. Now, finally, Caroline is pregnant. And, wanting a lasting memory of the happiness she feels, Caroline decides to keep a pregnancy journal, writing to the baby she already loves. Caroline's pregnancy coincides with the trial of Jeffrey's career, the case of the murder of a pregnant woman by her celebrity fiance. For father-to-be Jeffrey, a man's murder of his unborn child is as incomprehensible as it is painful. But there are other dangers for pregnant women and their babies. For Caroline, such perils are medical--her pregnancy is placing her health in jeopardy. But when it comes to a choice between her own life and her baby's, there's never the slightest doubt....

Katherine Stone - The ​Carlton Club
From ​the life and death struggles in the gritty halls of San Francisco's most prestigious hospitals to the glittering parties thrown by the Bay Area's most wealthy and powerful, New York Times bestselling author Katherine Stone weaves of rich tapestry of love, secrets, passion, and betrayal. Doctor Mark Collinsworth is a brilliant physician, dedicated to medicine and to saving lives. But his own life, his own happiness, is in great jeopardy. Many women are attracted to the stunningly handsome doctor. But there is only one woman who can make him whole. Society debutante and patron of the arts, Kathleen Jordaine has lived a charmed and golden life. But all the wealth in the world cannot buy love and when she meets the man she loves, she must be willing to risk everything for him and that love. Doctor Leslie Adams makes excellent decisions at the hospital, life-saving ones, but the choices she makes in her personal life have caused as much heartache as joy. And when she finally makes the right choice, the decision that will save her heart and his, secrets from the past threaten to shatter them both.

Katherine Stone - Álmok ​szárnyán
Amikor ​Carrie elsőéves egyetemistaként megérkezik Stanfordba, azt gondolja, tudja, mi vár rá. Végtére is a családjában nem ő az első, aki a híres intézmény öreg padjait koptatja, hiszen már az anyja és a nagyanyja is itt tanult, a bátyja, Stephen pedig szintén a Stanfordra jár. Arra azonban senki sem készítette fel Carrie-t, milyen gyökeres változásokkal kell majd szembenéznie az életében. Az egyetemi élet kemény hétköznapjai alatt azonban akad némi kaland és izgalom is, igaz szerelmek, életre szóló barátságok szövődnek, vagy éppen szívek törnek össze. Az ÁLMOKkaI teli egyetemi évek után a barátoknak szembesülnie kell a valósággal, sorsuk azonban örökre összefonódik, és a legőszintébb érzelmeket még az idő sem változtatja meg.

Katherine Stone - Ikrek
Charles ​Sinclair is, a dúsgazdag lapkiadó-tulajdonos, és Jason Sinclair, a csöndes, visszahúzódó ikertestvére Manhattan elitvilágának legismertebb képviselői. Látszólag tökéletes, irigylésre méltó életet élnek, pedig a háttérben még rengeteg elhallgatott igazság lappang... New York városát eközben egy pszichopata sorozatgyilkos tartja rettegésben, akinek áldozatai kivétel nélkül gyönyörű, sikeres fiatal nők. A nyomozás sokáig egy helyben toporog, de a megdöbbentő igazságra végül mégis fény derül...

Katherine Stone - Egy ​másik szerelem
Egy ​utcabálon első pillantásra szeret egymásba Alan Forrester és Claire. S egy évre rá Claire Forrester huszonegy évesen már egy kislány anyja és özvegy: a szeme láttára zuhant le a tengerparti országútról az az autó, amelyben a férje utazott. Claire úgy érzi, örök ez a szerelem, és begyógyíthatatlan sebet hagy benne Alan elvesztése, a hiány... Pánikbetegség alakul ki nála. Évekig nem mer kimozdulni a házból, attól fél, betoppan az, aki hiányzik neki. A hirtelen felgyorsuló események azonban kigyógyítják Claire-t a pánikbetegségből is. Ráébred, hogy valaki mégiscsak hiányzott az életéből, de az nem Alan... S amikor ez kiderül, akkor végre megnyugszik, és átadja magát egy másik szerelemnek.

Katherine Stone - Anne Stuart - Donna Julian - Jodie Larsen - Sisters ​and Secrets
Four ​of the most acclaimed authors of romantic suspense come together to write this spellbinding story of four sisters bound by love and danger... Lauren, Ardath, Dinah, and Yardley Smith seem to have everything they could ever want. But behind the beautiful smiles and outward success, the four sisters are haunted by a painful childhood secret they all share. It is a legacy that will thrust them into a world of danger and passion as, together and apart, each sister seeks to right the wrongs of yesterday. Bound by blood--and the mystery of their mother's death--the must journey from tears and heartache to triumph and joy. In this unique book, Katherine Stone, Anne Stuart, Donna Julian, and Jodie Larsen have created an unforgettable portrait of four women shadowed by their past, but ready to embrace a future filled with the promise of hope, forgiveness, and love... "Lauren" by Katherine Stone When their mother died, Lauren took her place and raised her younger sisters. Now with the help of one special man, Lauren will find her own place in the world--and in his life... "Ardath" by Anne Stuart A fiery artist, Ardath is still haunted by her mother's death. But when she finds the man who broke her mother's heart, will she be in danger of losing her own? "Dinah" by Donna Julian On the anniversary of her mother's death, Dinah is caught in a life-and-death crisis of her own. But the skills that made her a a successful lawyer will serve her well--and turn near-tragedy into true love... "Yardley" by Jodie Larsen The youngest Smith sister, Yardley is also the most romantic. Yet her sentimental nature conceals a strength of character that would have made her mother proud, especially when it comes to matters of the heart...

Katherine Stone - Illusions
It ​didn’t matter to Victor Kincaid which twin son he kept and which one he gave away. But it mattered very much to the tiny infant who was left near the altar of the church in the middle of that cold and moonless November night . . . Chase Carlton has been alone all his life. Yes, there have been women, many women, with whom he has shared the smoldering passion that comes from the dark danger that lies deep within him. But he has never known love, and with every case, every solitary journey into the unspeakably evil minds of the killers he pursues, his heart becomes ever colder. When he makes the stunning discovery that he has a twin who may have been murdered by his wife, he sets out to entrap the murderess, never imagining that it will be he who becomes entrapped, enchanted, by the most daring illusion of all . . . In the beginning, Jillian’s marriage to celebrated filmmaker Victor Kincaid was picture perfect. But over time everything changed. And on a fateful night he is lost at sea, presumed dead in a sailing accident. Then the news comes that he has miraculously survived. The man who returns to her looks like the husband who was lost, but there is something very different about him, and she finds herself falling in love again. But there is such danger for her heart with this man . . . and there’s another danger, a lethal one, a psychopath who chooses as his victims women who look like her.

Katherine Stone - Ragyogás
A ​Mexikóból bevándorló Rafe-et lovásznak szerződtetik a virginiai Foxhaven farmra. Rövidesen megismerkedik Brooke-kal, aki szintén szereti a lovakat, így a közös érdeklődés hamarosan szoros barátsággá mélyül. Az egymás iránt érzett vonzalom azonban nem tud kiteljesedni. Lily, Brooke testvére hosszan tartó betegségéből felgyógyul. Miután Brooke egy családi tragédia után távozik a farmról, kapcsolatuk megszakad. Csak Lily és Rafe maradnak ott. 12 év múlva Brooke elismert régészként tér vissza. Egyedüli célja a múlt feltárása, az egykori családi tragédia tisztázása. A feladat nem könnyű, de Rafe segítségével sikerül. A múlt lezárásához azonban neki is meg kell értenie azték őseinek történetét..

Katherine Stone - Another ​Man's Son
Seattle. ​The Emerald City. The place where Sam Collier lived for the first four years of his life—forgotten years—and where he’s vowed never to return. Ian Collier, the father who abandoned him, lives in the city where Mount Rainier shimmers majestically in the distance. Sam has been a restless wanderer for years. But now he’s found a place to call home, an apple orchard in a small town in Oregon. His quiet life is good—and he’s even welcomed a new puppy—until he learns that Ian Collier has died. Sam has no reason to go to Seattle in the aftermath of Ian’s death, but something compels him to. Is it the lovely haunted doctor—Kathleen Cahill—who loved the man he loathed? Or are there truths to be discovered, secrets hidden in those forgotten years, transcendent bonds of love, of fatherhood, that can never be shattered?

Katherine Stone - Váratlan ​szerelem
Az ​egykori síbajnokból lett sikeres üzletember, Ian Collier életének szinte minden percét a nyilvánosság előtt, a média reflektorfényében éli, ám féltve őrzi gyermekkora és magánélete fájdalmas titkait. Egyedül a hozzá hasonlóan hátrányos társadalmi helyzetből induló fiatal és tehetséges orvosnő, Kathleen Cahill az, akiben tökéletesen megbízik. Sorsuk megismerkedésük első percétől fogva elválaszthatatlanul összefonódik, s kapcsolatuk különös fordulatokat véve alakul az évek során a távolságtartó tisztelet felől a barátság, majd a feltétel nélküli szeretet felé. Már-már úgy tűnik, oly sok keresgélés után megtalálják a boldogságot, amikor egy váratlan, tragikus esemény közbeszól. A népszerű írónő legújabb regényében a romantikus szerelmi történetet meghökkentő epizódok szövik át.

Katherine Stone - Pearl ​Moon
Pulsing ​with romance, danger, and excitement, the sweeping bestseller PEARL MOON is the triumphant story of two remarkable sisters, bound by blood but separated by fate, who face unexpected danger and discover unrivaled passion in turbulent and exotic modern-day Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a place of intriguing contrasts, of the ancient and the new, the cosmopolitan and the mystical, a spectacular marriage of East and West. It is also a place of great excitement and uncertainty as the year 1997 draws near, the year the British lease expires on the Crown Colony and sovereignty of Hong Kong reverts to China. Maylene Kwan is the architect of Hong Kong’s most luxurious hotel, the Jade Palace. Like the building she has designed, she is an intoxicating blend of East and West, of harmony and conflict. Her desire for fierce and rugged Texan Sam Coulter, the hotel’s builder, is potent and addictive. But a devastating secret stands between Maylene and true love. Now she will come face to face with the American sister she has never met, a sister who doesn’t even know Maylene exists. Photographer Allison Whitaker, the cherished daughter of a powerful Texas family, has always viewed the world through a camera lens. Unaware of the blood ties she shares with Maylene, Allison comes to Hong Kong to savor freedom for the first time in her life. She falls in love with the British aristocrat James Drake, the hotel’s developer, unwittingly putting her life in jeopardy as Drake’s arch enemy prepares for a deadly showdown. As pressure builds for completion of the luxury hotel, both sisters will know the deadly menace of a force as elusive as the morning fog swirling over Victoria Peak . . . and as deadly as the typhoons that strike the tiny island with such fury. It will be a time of bold desire and hidden evil, of the beauty and capriciousness of nature, of hope renewed and love as eternal and precious as Hong Kong itself.

Katherine Stone - Kegyetlen ​emlékek
A ​regény két főhőse Raven Winter és Holly Elliott borzalmas gyermekkori élménnyel indulnak az életbe. Mégis sikerül legyőzni a hátrányt, és életük úgy alakul, hogy segítsék egymást. Raven Winter látszólag mindent elért az életben: gyönyörű, sikeres és gazdag. Hollywood egyik legjobb ügyvédje. A leghíresebb sztárok dollármilliós szerződéseit intézi a stúdiókkal, de a lelke mélyén ugyanaz a sebezhető kislány maradt, aki boldogtalan gyerekkorában oly kétségbeesetten vágyott a szeretetre, amit azóta is hiába keres a férfiak karjában. Egy nap azonban megismerkedik valakivel. Holly Elliott pedig egy szörnyű tragédia emlékei elől menekülve új néven, új életet kezd egy eldugott alaszkai kisvárosban, és sikeres bestseller-író lesz belőle. Amikor Jason Cole, a híres színész és rendező megvásárolja egyik regényének filmjogait, Holly Hollywoodba utazik, hogy találkozzon vele... Kiszabadíthatja-e a szerelem a két hősnőt a kegyetlen emlékek fogságából?

Katherine Stone - Laura
A ​négy nővér, Laura, Ardath, Dinah és Yardley látszólag semmiben sem szenved hiányt. Mind szépek és sikeresek, ki-ki a maga útját járja, ám boldogságuk látszat csupán. Egyikük sem volt képes feldolgozni és elfogadni egy gyermekkori traumát, édesanyjuk titokzatos halálát. Miközben feltárul a fájdalmas gyermekkor, és feltépődnek a régi, már begyógyultnak vélt sebek, lassanként fény derül számos titokra, amelyet hosszú éveken át őriztek magukba fojtva, s mindannyian rátalálnak arra a férfira, aki életük társa, méltó párjuk lehet. A négy különböző egyéniségű lánytestvér sorsát a négy szerző egy-egy önálló történetben meséli el.A váratlan fordulatokkal és helyzetkomikummal tartkított regény szálai a legvégén fonódnak össze ismét, keretbe foglalva romantikus sorozatunk e kevert műfajú, s ilyen értelemben egyedülálló, legújabb darabját.

Katherine Stone - Vágyak
A ​szerzőnő e regénye Manhattanben játszódik, a csillogó városban, amelynek lakóira ezernyi veszély leselkedik. Lucas Hunter hadnagy veleszületett képessége, hogy megérzi a gonosz jelenlétét. Tehetségével számtalan gyilkosságot és túszdrámát megoldott már szerte a világon. Ám a Manhattanben kibontakozó sorozatgyilkosságok minden addiginál nehezebb feladat elé állítják Lucast: a gyilkos ugyanis kizárolag gyönyörű nőismerősei közül szemeli ki áldozatait. Galen Chandler, egy népszerű tévécsatorna hírolvasója karrierje csúcsán áll, mégis boldogtalan. Ám amikor elhatározza, hogy munkáját feladva elhagyja a várost, a gyilkos telefonja egyszerre mindent megváltoztat...

Katherine Stone - Szenvedély
A ​történet hősei egytől egyig sikeres és elismert emberek. A gyönyörű, szőke Alexandra Taylor ünnepelt színésznő, s a tévé képernyőjén egy népszerű sorozat főszereplője. A visszahúzódó, húszéves Catherine ismert és tehetséges zongoraművész, aki diplomamunkája megírása után nagyszabású koncertturnéra készül Amerikába és Európába. Mindkét testvér gyönyörű és mindketten sikeres karrier elé néznek. Bár gyermekkori emlékeik beárnyékolták kapcsolatukat, főleg Alexandra volt Catherinel szemben rideg, közönyös, és néha gonosz, míg Catherine mindig szeretettel és megértéssel viselkedett Alexandrával. A történet a "Kegyetlen emlékek"-hez hasonlóan egyszerre több szálon fut, s egyik része egy csodálatos szigeten játszódik a Földközi tengeren, közel a francia partokhoz. A sziget neve L'Ile des Arcs-en-ciel (a Szivárvány sziget), egy kis hercegség, amely a kívülálló szemével csodálatos világ, és csak a palota lakói tudják, hogy a sziget múltja körül sötét titkok lappanganak. A sziget története végigkíséri a regény cselekményét, és kulcsszerepet játszik Catherine származásában is. A sziget egyfajta meseszerűséget is kölcsönöz a regénynek, de mindezt a mindennapos történet elemeinek keveredésével teszi.

Katherine Stone - Ígéretek
Dr. ​Elizabeth Jenning, a San Franciscó-i Pacific Heights kórház híres transzplantációs osztályának tehetséges sebésze egészen addig csak a karrierjének él, amíg a kórházba nem érkezik Dr. Nicholas Chase, az új főorvos, akibe azonnal beleszeret. Ám a titokzatos Nick senkinek sem enged betekintést az életébe, és bár Elizabethel szorosan együtt dolgoznak, kapcsolatuk távolságtartó és udvarias marad. Nick nem mutatja ki Elizabeth előtt az érzelmeit, mert attól fél, hogy a szerelme tönkretenné a lány életét. Egy hirtelen bekövetkezett tragédia azonban leleplez minden titkot, és Elizabethet súlyos döntésre kényszeríti, elvállalja-e élete eddigi legkockázatosabb műtétét... A gyönyörű, egykor szupermodell Larisa Locksley barátnőjéhez, Elizabethhez menekül a férje elől, aki hat éve állandó terrorban tartja. A megszállott férj beleegyzik ugyan a válásba, de Larisának mégsem sikerül megszabadulnia tőle. A reménytelennek tűnő helyzetből a kiutat egy állásajánlat jelenti, az Ígéretek modelljeként Larisa újrakezdheti karrierjét, és már-már úgy tűnik, minden jól alakul, amikor szörnyeteg férje újra felbukkan, és felforgatja boldogságát...