Yumeka Sumomo könyvei a rukkolán

Yumeka Sumomo - Chou ​ni Haru Hi - The Day I Become a Butterfly
1) ​The Day I Become a Butterfly There is a rumor going around school that Mikami can “hear” when one’s death is near. Uka has just turned fifteen, but doesn’t know how much longer he’ll live… Will the budding love between Mikami and Uka have a happy ending? 2) You At the End (Hate Ni Aru Kimi) A short story about a guy sick of this world and the silent, unlikely boy who anchors him to it. 3) The Lonely War Can men and women have platonic friendships? Suzu is determined to try. 4) Blue Cat's Tunnel A story about one girl's hope to find a way out of her life... 5) Tokyo Alien Yulala A young student's trouble understanding his classmate makes him think the boy may be an alien. 6) Planet Yours An abused boy has trouble relying on his friends.