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Diana Wynne Jones - The ​Crown of Dalemark
When ​this final book of Diana Wynne Jones's quartet of novels about the mythical kingdom of Dalemark was published in 1995, it earned the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children's Literature. The Crown of Dalemark continues the adventures of Mitt after his flight from Holand as a fugitive accused of attempted murder. Since his arrival in the North of Dalemark, Mitt has become disillusioned. The North seems no more free than the South from which he came. And now he has been given an order to kill someone he doesn't even know, or else risk the lives of his friends. Forced once more to flee, Mitt is joined by Moril, the quietly powerful musician, and Maewen, out of her time but mysteriously fated to play a part in their quest. For the evil powers of the mage Kankredin are re-assembling, and only the Adon's gifts-the ring, sword, and cup-can reunite Dalemark. The Countess and Lord Keril send Mitt to kill a young woman Noreth Onesdaughter, who claims to know where the lost crown is hidden.

Diana Wynne Jones - A ​Sudden Wild Magic
The ​pirate mages of Arth are threatening Earth with total extinction and it is up to the Ring, a secret society of witches and warlocks dedicated to the continuance and well-being of mankind, to fight them off.

Diana Wynne Jones - Power ​of Three
This ​is the story of Ayna and Ceri, who both had Gifts, and of Gair, who thought he was ordinary. Gair spent his time gazing out onto the Moor and brooding. Ayna could answer questions about the future, Ceri could find things which were lost. Gair seems to have no Gift and knew he was a disappointment to his jovial, heroic father -- who is Chief. Perhaps his feelings of not fitting in was what made him so curious about these other different sorts of beings who lived on the Moor -- the Giants and the Dorig. Certainly it was because he believed he was ordinary that he did his best to become wise, and to learn as much as he could about the three great Powers of Sun, Moon and Earth. And when the crisis came, Gair found the knowledge he had gained was to help save not only his own life but those of all his people.

Diana Wynne Jones - Year ​of the Griffin
It ​is eight years after the tours from offworld have stopped. High Chancellor Querida has retired, leaving Wizard Corkoran in charge of the Wizards' University. Although Wizard Corkoran's obsession is to be the first man on the moon, and most of his time is devoted to this project, he decides he will teach the new first years himself in hopes of currying the favor of the new students' families--for surely they must all come from wealth, important families--and obtaining money for the University (which it so desperately needs). But Wizard Corkoran is dismayed to discover that one of those students--indeed, one he had such high hopes for, Wizard Derk's own daughter Elda--is a hugh golden griffin, and that none of the others has any money at all. Wizard Corkoran's money-making scheme backfires, and when Elda and her new friends start working magic on their own, the schemes go wronger still. And when, at length, Elda ropes in her brothers Kit and Blade to send Corkoran to the moon...well...life at the Wizards' University spins magically and magnificently out of control. This breathtakingly brilliant sequel to Dark Lord of Derkholm is all one would expect from this master of genre.

Diana Wynne Jones - The ​Dalemark Quartett
For ​centuries, Dalemark has been a land divided by the feuding earldoms of the North and South. Now, with the help of the Undying, the mysterious gods of Dalemark, four extraordinary young peoplefrom the past, present and futurewill help shape the destiny of their land. Includes Cart and Cwidder, Drowned Ammet, The Spellcoats and The Crown of Dalemark.

Diana Wynne Jones - The ​Tough Guide to Fantasyland
Imagine ​that all fantasy novels—the ones featuring dragons, knights, wizards, and magic—are set in the same place. That place is called Fantasyland. The Tough Guide to Fantasyland is your travel guide, a handbook to everything you might find: Evil, the Dark Lord, Stew, Boots (but not Socks), and what passes for Economics and Ecology. Both a hilarious send-up of the cliches of the genre and an indispensable guide for writers, The Tough Guide to Fantasyland has been nearly impossible to find for years. Now this cult classic is back, and readers can experience Diana Wynne Jones at her very best: incisive, funny, and wildly imaginative. This is the definitive edition of The Tough Guide, featuring a new map, an entirely new design, and additional material written for it by Diana Wynne Jones.

Diana Wynne Jones - The ​Chronicles of Chrestomanci 3.
In ​the multiple parallel universes of the Twelve Related Worlds, only an enchanter with nine lives is powerful enough to control the rampant misuse of magic—and to hold the title Chrestomanci. . . . Cat and Christopher Chant make the most unusual friends. Christopher befriends a boy with terrible karma in a mansion where everything keeps changing. Cat meets a girl whose family of rogue witches is hiding shocking secrets. Will the Chrestomanci be able to sort out the tangle of mysteries and magic?

Diana Wynne Jones - Eight ​days of Luke
"Just ​kindle a flame and I'll be with you." It's summer vacation, but David's miserably stuck with his unpleasant relatives. Then a strange boy named Luke turns up, charming and fun, joking that David has released him from a prison. Or is he joking? He certainly seems to have strange powers, and control over fire . . . Luke has family problems of his own, and some very dark secrets. And when David agrees to a bargain with the mysterious Mr. Wedding, he finds himself in a dangerous hunt for a lost treasure, one that will determine Luke's fate!

Diana Wynne Jones - Time ​of the Ghost
There's ​been an accident! Something's wrong! She doesn't know who she is, and doesn't know why she's invisibly floating through the buildings and grounds of a half-remembered boarding school. Then, to her horror, she encounters the ancient evil that four peculiar sisters have unwittingly woken -- and learns she is their only hope against a deadly danger. A ghost, uncertain of her identity, watches the four Melford sisters hatch a plan to get their parents' attention and slowly becomes aware of the danger from a supernatural power unleashed by the girls and their friends from the boys boarding school run by the Melfords.

Diana Wynne Jones - Fire ​and Hemlock
Polly ​Whittacker has two sets of memories. In the first, things are boringly normal; in the second, her life is entangled with the mysterious, complicated cellist Thomas Lynn. One day, the second set of memories overpowers the first, and Polly knows something is very wrong. Someone has been trying to make her forget Tom - whose life, she realizes, is at supernatural risk. Fire and Hemlock is a fantasy filled with sorcery and intrigue, magic and mystery - and a most unusual and satisfying love story. Widely considered to be one of Diana Wynne Jones's best novels, the Firebird edition of Fire and Hemlock features an introduction by the acclaimed Garth Nix - and an essay about the writing of the book by Jones herself.

Diana Wynne Jones - Unexpected ​Magic
Master ​storyteller Diana Wynne Jones presents ariveting collection of unpredictable tales, including: * A cat tells how the kindhearted wizard she owns is suddenly called upon to defeat a horrific Beast. * When Anne has mumps, her drawings come to life, and she must protect her home from them. * Four children become involved in the intrigue surrounding an innocent prince, an evil count, and a brave outlaw. These fifteen stories and one novella will enchant, startle, and surprise!

Diana Wynne Jones - The ​Spellcoats
Tanqui ​discovers she has the only means to conquer the evil Kankredin who threatens her own people and the Heathens who have invaded prehistoric Dalemark. Tanaqui discovers she has the means to conquer the evil Kankredin who threatens her own people and the Heathens who have invaded prehistoric Dalemark.

Diana Wynne Jones - Earwig ​and the Witch
Most ​orphanages are horrible, but Earwig has a surprising amount of power over everyone at St Morwald’s Home for Children, and loves it there. The last thing she wants is to be adopted by the very strange Bella Yaga, demon-attended Mandrake, and talking black cat Thomas. Earwig wants to learn magic, but will need all her ingenuity and help from a familiar to survive. Expressive big eyes, twisty mouths, on stick figures flesh out the characters, action, and ravens and spiders adorn the margins.

Diana Wynne Jones - Cart ​and Cwidder
Cart ​and Cwidder is the first in the best-selling Dalemark Quartet of books and tells the story of Moril and his brother and sister who are travelling musicians journeying through Dalemark, until one day they pick up a mysterious passenger. Somehow Moril's family and the stranger are becoming bound together in terror, flight, and music.

Diana Wynne Jones - Believing ​is Seeing
Believing ​is seeing, as the title of this outstanding collection of fantasies proclaims. And reading is seeing more than you've ever imagined when in the masterful hands of acclaimed author Diana Wynne Jones. Here are seven tales -- seven doorways to bizarre, yet strangely familiar worlds -- to transport one and all. In these worlds are a child born to an ordered society but preordained to spread Dissolution...a girl who so loves the sun that she renounces her humanity for eternity...a cat and a boy, held captive by an evil magician until they can find a bigger magic of their own...a woman imprisoned in a strange country dominated by three ravenous wolves...and many other characters and stories just as exceptional. These richly drawn, razor-sharp stories showcase the skills and sheer narrative power of one of the most esteemed fantasy writers of our time.

Diana Wynne Jones - Dark ​Lord of Derkholm
Mr. ​Chesney operates Pilgrim Parties, a tour group that takes paying participants into an outer realm where the inhabitants play frightening and foreboding roles. The time has come to end the staged madness . . . but can it really be stopped? Master storyteller Diana Wynne Jones serves up twists and turns, introduces Querida, Derk, Blade, and Shona and a remarkable cast of wizards, soldiers, kings, dragons, and griffins, and mixes in a lively dash of humor. With all the ingredients of high fantasy, this unforgettable novel will delight fans old and new.

Diana Wynne Jones - Varázslatos ​élet
Varázslatos ​élet: Chrestomanci világa a szomszédunkban van, egy ugrásnyira tőlünk, és abban különbözik a miénktől, hogy abban olyan mindennapos a varázslat, mint nálunk a muzsikálás. Lakói közül sokan foglalkoznak mágiával, vannak köztük varázslók, boszorkányok, fakírok, sámánok, jósok és más hasonlók, a legalacsonyabb beosztásútól a leghatalmasabbig. A legnagyobb hatalmú varázslónak kilenc élete van, és rangja szerint ő a Chrestomanci... Mi történik akkor, ha a fővarázsló kastélyába bekerül egy árva testvérpár, Eric és Gwendolen? Történetesen a fiú átlagos, mindennapi gyerek, a nővére viszont tehetséges boszorkány, aki olyan tervet eszel ki, amely feje tetejére állítja a világot...

Diana Wynne Jones - El ​castillo en el aire
Al ​sur de la tierra de Ingary, Abdullah, un joven y no muy próspero mercader de alfombras, pasa su humilde y tranquila vida soñando despierto con que es el hijo perdido de un gran príncipe y está destinado a casarse con una princesa. Pero un día la quietud de sus ensoñaciones se rompe con la visita de un extranjero que le vende una alfombra mágica. Desde ese momento se desata una vertiginosa fantasía, en la que nada (o casi nada) es lo que parece, llena de genios contestones, demonios buenos y malos, animales con inusual personalidad, persecuciones a camello y un castillo flotante cargado de princesas. Y un final que dejará a todos con la boca abierta.

Diana Wynne Jones - Archer's ​Goon
"Face ​the facts! This town is run by seven megalomaniac wizards!" When Howard Sykes comes home to find a giant thug -- the Goon -- in the kitchen, life turns upside down. Archer, one of seven siblings who control everything in their town from electricity to the police, has sent the Goon to collect the two thousand words Howard's father owes him. Suddenly, the Sykes family is caught in the middle of the wizards' battle for power -- and only Howard can save them!

Diana Wynne Jones - Reflections
Diana ​Wynne Jones is best-known for her novels and stories - of magical fantasy - written mainly for children. She received a World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2007, as well as two Mythopoeic Awards and the Guardian Fiction Award for Charmed Life. But she was also a witty, entertaining speaker, a popular guest at science fiction and fantasy conventions and an engaged, scholarly critic of writing that interested her. This collection of more than twenty-five papers, chosen by Diana herself, includes fascinating literary criticism (such as a study of narrative structure in The Lord of the Rings and a ringing endorsement of the value of learning Anglo Saxon) alongside autobiographical anecdotes about reading tours (including an account of her famous travel jinx), revelations about the origins of her books, and thoughts in general about the life of an author and the value of writing. The longest autobiographical piece, 'Something About the Author', details Diana's extraordinary childhood and is illustrated with family photographs. Reflections is essential reading for anyone interested in Diana's works, fantasy or creative writing. The collection features a foreword by Neil Gaiman and an introduction and interview by Charlie Butler, a respected expert on fantasy writing.

Diana Wynne Jones - Wild ​Robert
Heather's ​parents are the caretakers of the stately home Castlemaine, and Heather would love living there -- if it weren't for the tourists. Every summer they invade Castlemaine, and one day they even trample into all of her secret quiet spots. The only one left is a peculiar little mound that the villagers say is the grave of Wild Robert, a legendary magician who lived 350 years ago. When Heather cries out for Wild Robert to use his magical powers on the tourists, she never expects a handsome young man to appear right in front of her. She never expects all the mischief he causes, either! Will Castlemaine ever be the same once Wild Robert has returned? This novel for young readers is full of Diana Wynne Jones's signature humor, inventiveness, and charm.

Diana Wynne Jones - Drowned ​Ammet
The ​people of Holand in South Dalemark are bitterly oppressed by the tyrannical earl Hadd. Informers, secret police, and cruel rent-collectors terrorize the countryside, and Mitt has grown up with more than enough reasons for joining the freedom fighters. When his protest against the tyrannical government fails, a young boy escapes, with two other children, to the mysterious Holy Islands where they learn the identity and the power of two folk figures celebrated by their countrymen.

Diana Wynne Jones - Mixed ​Magics
An ​anthology of four short stories, featuring Chrestomanci and many familiar friends and worlds from the novels. The titles are: Warlock at the Wheel, The Sage of Theare, Carol Oneir's Hundredth Dream and Stealer of Souls. Carol Oneir's Hundredth Dream has never been published in the UK before. Stealer of Souls is a long-awaited, completely new, never previously published story.

Diana Wynne Jones - Black ​Maria
Mig ​journals Easter visit to guilt-provoking Great Aunt Maria in Cranbury, where Dad drove off cliff. Year older brother Chris insults indistinguishable sycophantic "Mrs Urs". Mum doesn't notice when Maria, amid mild talk, talk, talk, turns Chris into wolf. Ghostly visitor is 20-years missing Antony Green. Neutral old brother-sister Phelps shift time. Cats feature.

Diana Wynne Jones - A ​trónörökös
Az ​önmagába visszatérően végtelen multiverzum világai között, attól függően, hol helyezkednek el, vannak varázsosabbak (defelé) és varázstalanabbak (nefelé). A mágusok feladata, hogy valamennyit lehetőleg defelé irányba tereljék. Egyes világokon nyíltan tevékenykedhetnek, másokon csak titokban. Az, amit mi Földként ismerünk, az utóbbi kategóriába tartozik. Rupertnek, a zöldfülű mágusnak – aki mellesleg, polgári foglalkozását tekintve programozó, tehát kötetlen munkaidőben dolgozik a mi világunkban – hirtelen két sürgős munka szakad a nyakába. Egyrészt, mivel idős mentora meghal, neki kell megtalálni az utódját. Igaz, kap egy listát a lehetséges jelöltekről, de egyiknek sem sikerül a nyomára bukkannia, mintha menekülnének előle. Másrészt, mivel valaki egy elegáns mozdulattal a levegőbe röpítette a multiverzum középpontjában található Koryfón Birodalom teljes uralkodócsaládját, a túlélő vezetőség a fiatal varázslót kéri fel arra, hogy legalább egyet kerítsen elő a rejtett helyen nevelkedő trónörökösök közül, mielőtt még kitörne az anarchia az elcsászártalanodott világokon – ami pedig az egész multiverzumra hatással lenne. Rupert minden tőle telhetőt megtesz a trónutódlás ügyében, kevés sikerrel. Közben a mágusjelöltek utáni szaladgálást is elunja, és inkább megpróbálja őket egy helyre vonzani, ennek érdekében eltéríti a sorsvonalaikat. A kiválasztott hely olyan, ahol a varázslat nem kelt feltűnést: egy SF-fantasy találkozó helyszíne. A Hotel Babilon ugyanakkor az energiavonalak csomópontjában áll, és ha ott valaki babrál az erőkkel, annak komoly következményei lehetnek. Persze merénylők is megjelennek, és minden lehető módon megnehezítik Rupert munkáját. Végül elkerülhetetlenné válik az összecsapás a jók és a gonoszok között… A World Fantasy-életműdíjas Diana Wynne Jones, akit hazánkban leginkább A vándorló palota című regényének animeváltozata alapján ismerhetnek, a fantasy zsáner avatott ismerője. Nem véletlen tehát, hogy újabb sorozatának nyitókötetében kacagtató görbe tükröt állít mind az írótársak, mind az olvasók elé.

Diana Wynne Jones - The ​Magicians of Caprona
Tonino ​is the only person in the famous Montana household who wasn't born with an instinct for creating spells, but he has other gifts. His ability to communicate with cats just might help defend the city of Caprona against a mysterious enchanter -- but only if Tonino can learn to cooperate with a girl from the hated Petrocchi family of spell-makers.

Diana Wynne Jones - Charmed ​Life
Glorious ​new rejacket of a Diana Wynne Jones classic award-winning favourite, featuring Chrestomanci -- now a book with extra bits! Everybody says that Gwendolyn Chant is a gifted witch with astonishing powers, so it suits her enormously when she is taken to live in Chrestomanci Castle. Her brother Eric (better known as Cat) is not so keen, for he has no talent for magic at all. However, life with the great enchanter is not what either of them expects and sparks begin to fly! Winner of the Guardian Award.

Diana Wynne Jones - The ​Lives of Christopher Chant
His ​father and uncles are enchanters, his mother a powerful sorceress, yet nothing seems magical about Christopher Chant except his dreams. Night after night, he climbs through the formless Place Between and visits marvelous lands he calls the Almost Anywheres. Then Christopher discovers that he can bring real, solid things back from his dreams. Others begin to recognize the extent of his powers, and they issue an order that turns Christopher's life upside down: Go to Chrestomanci Castle to train to be the controller of all the world's magic.

Diana Wynne Jones - Vigyázat, ​boszi van az osztályban!
Mr. ​Crossley, a Larwood-iskola tanára teljesen kiborul, amikor két leckefüzet közé csúsztatva egy cédulát talál, amelyre közönséges golyóstollal ezt írták: EBBEN AZ OSZTÁLYBAN VALAKI BOSZORKÁNY! A cédulát bárki írhatta, ám a legborzasztóbb az, hogy amit közöl, az akár igaz is lehet! A hír nagy zűrzavart okoz, még akkor is, ha ebben az esetben egy nem mindennapi osztályról és nem kevésbé különleges gyerekekről van szó. Mr. Crossley mindennél jobban retteg a kerületi ellenőr látogatásától… Ki az, aki az osztályt kihúzza a pácból? És hol van Chrestomanci?

Diana Wynne Jones - The ​Pinhoe Egg
Cat ​Chant and Marianne Pinhoe have discovered something incredibly exciting, truly precious, and very strange—an egg. This egg was not meant to be found. Chrestomanci himself, Cat's guardian and the strongest enchanter in the world, is sure to find it particularly interesting. And that's the last thing Marianne's family of secret rogue witches wants. But the Pinhoes' secrets are falling to pieces, and powerful spells are wreaking havoc across the country-side. Marianne and Cat may be the only two who can set things right—if Marianne accepts her own powerful magic, and Cat solves the mystery behind the mystical Pinhoe Egg.

Diana Wynne Jones - The ​Homeward Bounders
"You ​are now a discard. We have no further use for you in play. You are free to walk the Bounds, but it will be against the rules for you to enter play in any world. If you succeed in returning Home, then you may enter play again in the normal manner." When Jamie unwittingly discovers the scary, dark-cloaked Them playing games with human's lives, he is cast out to the boundaries of the worlds. Only then does he discover that there are a vast number of parallel worlds, all linked by the bounds, and these sinister creatures are using them all as a massive gamesboard. Clinging to Their promise that if he can get Home he is free, he becomes the unwilling Random Factor in an endless game of chance. Irresistible Diana Wynne Jones fantasy adventure, featuring an insect-loving shapeshifter, an apprentice demon hunter and a whole host of exotic characters clinging to the hope that one day they will return Home.

Diana Wynne Jones - El ​castillo ambulante
En ​el país de Ingary, donde las botas de siete leguas y las capas de invisibilidad existen de verdad, Sophie Hatter ha atraído la desagradable atención de la Bruja del Páramo, quién la hechiza con un maleficio que la convierte en una anciana. Con la determinación de hacer lo adecuado, Sophie viaja al único lugar en el que cree que podrá encontrar ayuda, el castillo ambulante que merodea por las colinas cercanas. Pero el castillo pertenece al temible Mago Howl, que se alimenta, según dicen, de los corazones de jóvenes desprevenidas.