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Ann M. Martin - Gale Galligan - Kristy's ​Big Day
Kristy's ​mom is getting married, and Kristy is going to be a bridesmaid! The only problem? Fourteen kids are coming to town for the wedding. Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, Dawn, and Mallory think they can handle it, but that's before they spend a week changing diapers, stopping arguments, solving mix-ups, and planning activities. It's the biggest job the BSC has ever had, but they'll work together to make sure Kristy's big day is a success!

Ann M. Martin - Raina Telgemeier - Kristy's ​Great Idea
This ​graphic novel adapted by Raina Telgemeier, the #1 New York Times bestselling, multiple Eisner Award-winning author of Smile, is now available in full color! Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey are best friends and founding members of The Baby-sitters Club. Whatever comes up -- cranky toddlers, huge dogs, scary neighbors, prank calls -- you can count on them to save the day. Baby-sitting isn't always easy, and neither is dealing with strict parents, new families, fashion emergencies, and mysterious secrets. But no matter what, the BSC have what they need most: friendship. Raina Telgemeier, using the signature style featured in her acclaimed graphic novels Smile and Sisters, perfectly captures all the drama and humor of the original novel!

Ann M. Martin - Raina Telgemeier - The ​Truth About Stacey
This ​graphic novel adapted by Raina Telgemeier, the #1 New York Times bestselling, multiple Eisner Award-winning author of Smile, is now available in full color! Poor Stacey. She just moved to a new town, is still coming to terms with her diabetes, and is facing baby-sitting problems left and right. Fortunately, Stacey has three new friends -- Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne. Together they're the BSC -- and they will deal with whatever's thrown their way... even if it's a rival baby-sitting club! Raina Telgemeier, in the same signature style featured in Smile and Sisters, perfectly captures all the drama and humor of the original novel!

Ann M. Martin - Karen's ​Haircut
Depressed ​about her bespectacled appearance and two rabbit-like front teeth, Karen decides to get a makeover, but her ill-fated encounter with a scissor-happy beautician has her singing the grade school blues

Ann M. Martin - Here ​Today
Everything's ​changing Everything around Ellie is falling apart. It should be a good thing when Ellie's mother is crowned the Bosetti Beauty of Spectacle, New York. But then her mom gets the idea to become a famous actress, leaving everyone else behind. Ellie has to take care of her little sister, little brother, and father, even though she has plenty of problems of her own to deal with. the kids at her new school are treating her like she's invisible, and there's trouble brewing in her neighborhood. still, if good things can turn into bad things, than bad things can also turn into good things. Ellie going to learn how to hold her life together...even if it means letting some things go.

Ann M. Martin - Karen's ​Two Families
Karen ​and Andrew are very lucky bacause they have two families. But the unlucky thing is that they are not at the big house as much as the little house. Sometimes they miss Daddy. Karen and Andrew want to spend equal time with both Mommy and Daddy. But what cam Karen do about it?

Ann M. Martin - Gale Galligan - Dawn ​and the Impossible Three
Dawn ​Schafer is the newest member of The Baby-sitters Club. While she's still adjusting to life in Stoneybrook after moving from sunny California, she's eager to accept her first big job. But taking care of the three Barrett kids would be too much for any baby-sitter. The house is always a mess, the kids are out of control, and Mrs. Barrett never does any of the things she promises. On top of all that, Dawn wants to fit in with the other members of the BSC, but she can't figure out how to get along with Kristy. Was joining The Baby-sitters Club a mistake?

Ann M. Martin - A ​dog's life
Born ​in a garden shed and separated from her family, stray puppy, Squirrel, has a life filled with surprises, setbacks and adventures as she bravely journeys from town to town, encountering friends and foes, both animal and human, in her search for a place to call home. Told entirely from Squirrel's canine perspective, this touching tale offers a gorgeous contemporary twist on the classic animal adventure story.

Ann M. Martin - Gertie ​heeft een reuze idee
Als ​Gertie Bouwman merkt dat de ouders in haar buurt problemen hebben met het vinden van een oppas, besluit ze een Babysittersclub op te richten. De club heeft een succes en de babysitters verdienen er aardig wat geld mee. Dat krijgen ze natuurlijk niet zomaar. Want schattige kleuters kunnen af en toe erg ondeugend zijn. Maar toch zouden Gertie en de andere babysitters hun club niet willen missen. Want wie anders dan je beste vriendin begrijpt wat het betekent om voor de eerste keer verliefd te zijn.

Ann M. Martin - Karen's ​School Picture
Karen ​is afraid she will make a fool of herself in front of her class and mean Ricky if she wears her new eyeglasses for her class picture

Ann M. Martin - Claudia ​and Mean Janine
The ​megahit series returns to charm and inspire a new generation of baby-sitters! When Claudia's beloved grandmother, Mimi, has a stroke, it changes everything. Instead of spending the summer baby-sitting, Claudia is Mimi-sitting. She could use a little help, but her impossible sister, Janine, just can't be bothered. Claudia is trying hard to be nice -- but Janine is just so mean!

Ann M. Martin - How ​to Look for a Lost Dog
11-year-old ​Rose is autistic and struggles to understand her classmates. But when her father gives her a stray dog, which she names Rain, the dog becomes her best friend, her anchor in a confusing world. So when Rain goes missing during a storm, Rose refuses to stop looking for her… A touching story from the bestselling author of The Babysitters Club.

Ann M. Martin - Het ​grote geheim van Karin
Als ​Karin Rietveld in de buurt is, valt er altijd wat beleven. Net als haar grote zus Gertie-van de Babysittersclub-zit ze boordevol ideeen en te gekke plannen. Samen met haar vriendinnen beleeft ze dan ook de spannendste avonturen. Gelukkig is Karin een echte durfal! Maar dat moet ook wel,als je denkt dat je buurvrouw een heks is...

Ann M. Martin - The ​Truth About Stacey
A ​fresh new look for the beloved series -- set to relaunch just after a brand-new prequel hits stores! The truth about Stacey is that she has diabetes, a fact she keeps secret from everyone except her new friends in the Baby-sitters Club. But Stacey's condition causes a lot of problems, and she has to miss a lot of BSC meetings. Can she find a solution before her new friends get sick of her disease?

Ann M. Martin - Kristy's ​Big Day
The ​megahit series returns to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Following a brand-new prequel in April 2010, the original BSC titles are back with a new look. Kristy's mom is getting married, and FOURTEEN little kids are coming to the wedding! Stacey, Claudia, Mary Anne, Dawn, and Kristy think they can handle it -- but that's before they spend a week changing diapers, stopping fights, solving mix-ups ... and getting sick and tired of baby-sitting! But together, the BSC can do anything -- even keep things under control for Kristy's big day!

Ann M. Martin - Mary ​Anne Saves the Day
The ​girls of the BSC are in a huge fight, and Mary Anne feels caught in the middle. She isn't usually a leader in their group, but when the club leaves her alone to deal with a sick child, Mary Anne knows it's time to take charge.

Ann M. Martin - Gabriela Epstein - Claudia ​and the New Girl
A ​brand-new Baby-sitters Club graphic novel adapted by newcomer Gabriela Epstein! Claudia has always been the most creative kid in her class... until Ashley Wyeth comes along. Ashley's really different: She wears hippie clothes and has multiple earrings, and she's the most fantastic artist Claudia has ever met. Ashley says Claudia is a great artist, too, but thinks she's wasting her artistic talent with The Baby-sitters Club. When Claudia starts spending more time with Ashley and missing BSC meetings, it becomes clear that Claudia has to make a decision -- one of them has to go!

Ann M. Martin - Karen's ​Sleepover
Karen ​is so excited. Her father is allowing her to have her first sleepover and all the girls in her class are invited. Even Pamela, the popular new girl, is coming. But Pamela turns out to be a real drag. She doesn't like pizza, and she refuses to sleep on the floor. She's going to ruin the whole party!

Ann M. Martin - Raina Telgemeier - Claudia ​and Mean Janine
Claudia ​and her sister, Janine, may as well be from two different planets. Claudia, who pays more attention to her artwork and The Baby-sitters Club than her homework, feels like she can't compete with her perfect sister. Janine studies nonstop, gets straight As, and even takes college-level courses! But when something unexpected happens to the most beloved person in their family, will the sisters be able to put aside their differences? Raina Telgemeier, using the signature style featured in her acclaimed graphic novels Smile and Sisters, perfectly captures all the drama and charm of the original novel!

Ann M. Martin - Petra ​en de verdwenen ring
De ​Babysittersclub is een fantastiche serie waarin Gertie en co. de leukste avonturen beleven. Naast de gewonen serie is er nu ook Babysittersclub Mystery:een ongelofelijk spannende serie waarin de Babysitters allerlei geheimzinnige vijanden het hoofd te bieden?Je leest het allemaal in Babysittersclub Mystery,een serie die je doet huiveren van de eerste tot de laatste pagina'

Ann M. Martin - Kristy's ​Great Idea
Follows ​the adventures of Kristy and the other members of the Baby-Sitters Club as they deal with crank calls, uncontrollable two-year-olds, wild pets, and parents who do not always tell the truth.

Ann M. Martin - Raina Telgemeier - Mary ​Anne Saves the Day
This ​graphic novel adapted by Raina Telgemeier, the #1 New York Times bestselling, multiple Eisner Award-winning author of Smile, is now available in full color! When The Baby-Sitters Club gets into a huge fight, Mary Anne is left to her own devices. She has to eat by herself in the school cafeteria, figure out how to make new friends, and deal with her overprotective father. But the worst happens when she finds herself in a baby-sitting emergency and can't turn to her friends for help. Will Mary Anne solve her problems and save The Baby-sitters Club from falling apart? Raina Telgemeier, using the signature style featured in her acclaimed graphic novels Smile and Sisters, perfectly captures all the drama and humor of the original novel!

Ann M. Martin - Katy Farina - Karen's ​Worst Day
Another ​graphic novel in this fun series spin-off of The Baby-sitters Club, featuring Kristy's little stepsister! Karen is having a terrible day. Her favorite jeans are missing, there's no prize in the Crunch-O cereal box, and Boo-Boo the cat won't play with her. She even gets punished and sent to her room! Karen tries everything to make her day better, but nothing is going right and her bad luck just won't go away. Will this be the worst day ever?

Ann M. Martin - Karen's ​Worst Day
Karen's ​bad day begins when she falls out of bed and ends with her in tears, so she is only mildly surprised to find she holds a family record for bad things happening in one day.

Ann M. Martin - Gale Galligan - Logan ​Likes Mary Anne!
It's ​the first day of a new school year, and while Mary Anne doesn't know what to expect from the eighth grade, she's looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. One thing she definitely doesn't expect is to meet Logan Bruno, who just moved to Stoneybrook! Logan has a dreamy southern accent, he's awfully cute... and he might be interested in joining the BSC. But the baby-sitters aren't sure if Logan would make a good club member, so they send him on a job with Mary Anne as a test. Logan and Mary Anne hit it off, but Mary Anne isn't sure of where their

Ann M. Martin - Karen's ​Birthday
With ​her birthday only days away, Karen crosses her fingers in hope that her divorced parents will lay aside old grudges and come together to help her celebrate

Paula Danziger - Ann M. Martin - Snail ​Mail No More
Best ​friends Elizabeth and Tara*Starr are still totally different. Tara*Starr accessorizes with glitter and sequins, and loves the spotlight. Elizabeth loves reading and writing poetry, and hates to be the center of attention. Though the two live far from each other, they continue to correspond regularly—now, via E-mail. But distance—and life events out of their control—put the girls' friendship to the test. —An unforgettable testament to the power of friendship.

Ann M. Martin - Karen's ​Little Sister
When ​Karen's family adopts a baby girl, Karen is dismayed that she's no longer the baby of the family. Then she finds that it's not so bad being the middle sister.

Ann M. Martin - Claudia ​and the Phantom Phone Calls
The ​hit series returns to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! The first three classic BSC books are back, along with a brand-new prequel, The Summer Before. Being a good baby-sitter isn't always easy, and the vice-president of the Baby-Sitters Club, Claudia Kishi, is learning that the hard way. She and the other club members have started getting strange calls on the job. Is it the Phantom Caller, a jewel thief who's been breaking into houses in the area? One thing is certain -- the Club has to take action to protect their kids!

Ann M. Martin - Dawn ​és a szörnyű hármas / Kristy nagy napja
Dawn ​a Bébicsőszök Klubjának legújabb tagja, és mindenki örömmel fogadja őt – kivéve Kristyt. Kristy szerint a dolgok jobban mentek Dawn nélkül. Épp ezért Dawn lelkesen elvállal egy hatalmas bébiszittermunkát: úgy gondolja, ez az ő esélye, hogy bebizonyítsa Kristynek, mire is képes. De mekkorát téved! A Barrett gyerekek bármelyik bébiszitter képességeit felülmúlnák. A ház kész katasztrófa, a gyerekek szörnyűek, és Mrs. Barrett soha nem tartja be az ígéreteit. Dawn sokkal nagyobb fába vágta a fejszéjét, mint eredetileg gondolta. Kristy anyukája férjhez megy, és az összes rokon és barát a városba érkezik, hogy segítsen a készülődésben. Ők pedig a gyerekeiket is hozzák magukkal. Szám szerint tizennégyet! Vajon feladják a lányok? Vagy képesek lesznek kézben tartani a helyzetet, és megzabolázni az összes kölyköt? A kultikus könyv- és Netflix-sorozat újabb része. Kapcsolódj ki az olvasásával!

Ann M. Martin - Gale Galligan - Boy-Crazy ​Stacey
A ​brand-new graphic novel adapted by USA Today bestselling author Gale Galligan! Stacey and Mary Anne are baby-sitting for the Pike family for two weeks at the New Jersey shore. Things are great in Sea City: There's a gorgeous house right on the beach, a boardwalk, plenty of sun and sand... and the cutest boy Stacey has ever seen! Mary Anne thinks that Stacey should leave Scott alone and focus on the Pike kids, but Stacey's in love. Looking for reasons to hang around his lifeguard stand takes up all her time, which means Mary Anne has to do the job of two baby-sitters! How can she tell Stacey that Scott just isn't interested without ruining their friendship and breaking Stacey's heart?

Ann M. Martin - Kristy ​hatalmas ötlete
Hello! ​A Metrum Szerkesztőség köszönt abból az alkalomból, hogy új sorozatának a Baby-sitter Klubnak első kötetét tartod a kezedben. Jól választottál, ez egy igazi leányregény. Nektek szól, magatokról. Ha kíváncsi vagy, hogy Amerikában milyen ötletek alapján keresik zsebpénzüket a vállalkozó kedvű diákok, ha érdekel, hogy milyenek az amerikai családok hétköznapjai, és ha még nem voltál baby-sitter, máris kezdjél hozzá az olvasáshoz. És ha nincs türelmed kivárni a két hónap múlva megjelenő folytatást, olvasd ezt el mégegyszer! Íme, egy kis ízelítő az első kötetből: ...Ledobtam a cuccaimat a fűre, és ott helyben lehuppantam, sebesen lapoztam az újságot a "Hirdetés" rovatig. A harmadik oszlopban, alulról az ötödik kockában végre megtaláltam a miénket. Így nézett ki: Baby-Sitter Klub. Szüksége van baby-sitterre? Egyet telefonál, és négyből is választhat! ...Kis hirdetményünk így is egy vagyonba került, és fel kellett áldoznunk egyheti bérünket. Persze rettentő izgalmas volt benne lenni az újságban!