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Gail Simone - Clean ​Room 2. – Exile
Astrid ​Mueller is a world-famous horror novelist, a publicly reviled huckster and the all-powerful leader of a secretive cult whose tentacles reach into every sphere of American life. She’s also humanity’s last hope. You see, her organization’s apocalyptic beliefs are neither fraud nor fiction. Ever since she was a child, Astrid has been able to see the extradimensional entities preying on our unsuspecting world, and she’s used every ounce of her fame and fortune to stop them. But what if it’s not enough? When a shocking attack takes the seemingly indestructible Astrid down, it’s up to reporter Chloe Pierce and Mueller’s inner circle to root out the conspirators who are plotting against her and the entire human race. Because behind closed doors—and underneath the skin—unimaginable evil is preparing its ultimate assault, and not even Astrid’s inner sanctum, the Clean Room, can keep them out forever. Acclaimed talents Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt continue their captivating new horror saga with CLEAN ROOM VOL. 2: EXILE, collecting issues #7-12 of this Vertigo series.

Gail Simone - Birds ​of Prey (vol. 1) 2. - Sensei and Student
There's ​trouble brewing for the Birds!Black Canary goes to China on a mission of mercy, and runs into the DC Universe's most deadly combatant: Lady Shiva! Shiva is acting with a hidden agenda, making Canary an offer that could change the course of her life. Meanwhile, Oracle's life is tearing at the seams as the information she feeds out to aid her various heroes starts going strangely and dangerously awry! Not to mention Huntress stumbling upon some of her secrets!

Gail Simone - Batgirl ​5. - Deadline
Superstar ​writer Gail Simone continues the New York Times bestselling Batgirl series! It's a hazardous reunion between Batgirl and the former Court of Owls assassin Strix as they face-off against the lethal new threat known as Silver - the man who knows the secret of Gotham City's conspiracy of bats! Collects Batgirl #27-34, Batgirl Annual #2, and Batgirl: Future's End #1.

Gail Simone - Villains ​United
When ​the super-criminal community learns that the Justice League of America tampered with their minds, they band together in a deadly alliance, seeking vengeance. But not everyone agrees. Six villains refuse to join this new Society. Recruited by the enigmatic Mockingbird, these rogues are all that stand in the way of an all-out war between hero and villain. But who is Mockingbird and what is the real agenda? The Society's murderous mission rocks the status quo between good and evil as shocking revelations make certain that when the Secret Six complete their mission, nothing in the DC Universe will ever be the same!

Greg Rucka - Mark Verheiden - Gail Simone - Superman: ​Sacrifice
The ​pivotal story that forever alters the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman is collected here for the first time. Max Lord has taken over Superman's mind and has him in his total thrall. With his peers and loved ones threatened, Superman is helpless. But not Wonder Woman, who must battle past the Man of Steel and decisively end the threat. Her actions, and the repercussions, are explored in this controversial saga that leads into INFINITE CRISIS. Collects: SUPERMAN #218-220; ADVENTURES OF SUMERMAN #442-443; ACTION COMICS #829; and WONDER WOMAN #219-220.

Gail Simone - Clean ​Room 1. - Immaculate Conception
From ​the minds of superstar writer Gail Simone and gifted artist Jon Davis-Hunt comes CLEAN ROOM VOL. 1: IMMACULATE CONCEPTION—a new vision of horror that takes you inside the locked chambers of sex, science, celebrity, and the supernatural. Somewhere between the realms of self-help and religion lies the Honest World Foundation. Its creator started out as an obscure writer of disposable horror fiction who decided to change the world—one mind at a time. Now its adherents rule Hollywood while obeying their leader’s every command. That’s almost all that anyone knows about the movement—or is it a cult?—founded by reclusive guru Astrid Mueller. But reporter Chloe Pierce is sure that there’s something deeper hiding behind Honest World’s façade. Her fiancé was a devoted follower of Mueller, right up to the moment that he blew his brains out while holding a copy of her book. Now Chloe wants answers from the woman whose words command the loyalty of millions—and she’s ready to storm the top-secret sanctuary known as the Clean Room to get them. But there’s more to Astrid Mueller than Chloe could ever imagine—and the truth that she’s about to discover is more astonishing than any of Astrid’s accomplishments, and more terrifying than any of her novels. Collects issues #1-6.

Gail Simone - Clean ​Room 3. - Waiting for the Stars to Fall
Superstar ​writer Gail Simone and artists Walter Geovani and Sanya Anwar bring the first arc of one of the most terrifying tales ever published by Vertigo to a close in CLEAN ROOM VOL. 3: WAITING FOR THE STARS TO FALL. Astrid Mueller, the famed pulp novelist turned New Age guru, knows the secret horror that lurks beneath the surface of the world. She can see the vicious Entities pecking and clawing their way into our reality, sowing hatred and cruelty and death out of sheer sadistic glee. She has dedicated her life to developing tools, technology and an army of believers to stop them. But now the final hour is here, and Astrid is out of action. Her closest friends and followers have been compromised, her headquarters is the site of a mind-numbing bloodbath—and that’s just a taste of the unspeakable evil that will soon engulf the world. Can Astrid and her allies rally enough strength to stop this all-out assault and save what remains of humanity? Or will the power of the Clean Room be twisted into the ultimate weapon of defilement? CLEAN ROOM VOL. 3 collects issues #13-18 of the acclaimed series.

Gail Simone - Domino ​1. - Killer Instinct
Impossible ​targets call for impossible shots - and no one can make them like Domino! Marvel's #1 soldier of fortune is back in an explosive new series! The product of a failed super-soldier program, Neena Thurman always made her own luck as the sharpshooting mercenary known as Domino...but what happens when her own powers betray her? The hunter becomes the hunted as every merc in the game smells blood in the water, and Domino's formerly charmed life is turned upside down! Plus: A pair of beloved Marvel characters return! Amadeus Cho lends a hand! And who is Domino's evil counterpart? COLLECTING: DOMINO 1-6

Gail Simone - Birds ​of Prey (vol. 1) 1. - Of Like Minds
Collecting ​the exciting, sold-out BIRDS OF PREY #56-61 by the creative team of Gail Simone, Ed Benes and Alex Lei! OF LIKE MINDS, guest-starring Nightwing and Batgirl, shakes things up for Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress. In a tricky legal and ethical dilemma, the Birds show mercy to a would-be white collar criminal, but their act of compassion brings them to the attention of master extortionist (and one-time super-hero) Savant, a man who claims he can outthink Oracle and outfight the Canary...and can prove it! Collects Birds of Prey #56-61.

Gail Simone - Birds ​of Prey (vol. 1) 5. - Perfect Pitch
A ​volume collecting BIRDS OF PREY #86-90 and 92-95! The Secret Society of Super Villains takes one of the Birds of Prey hostage and demands the Birds' leader's secret identity as their ransom. The Birds will have to save their friend and battle Deathstroke to defend their leader!

Gail Simone - Buddy Scalera - Evan Dorkin - Daniel Way - Deadpool ​Classic 10.
After ​there was Deadpool...and before there was Deadpool again...there was Agent X! He's a merc, check. With a mouth, check. And an uncanny healing factor - hey, what gives here? Prepare to find out as the adventures of Alex "Agent X" Hayden race to a dramatic conclusion - and one way or another, there'll be a Deadpool walkin'! But first, Alex has business to get off the ground: the merc group Agency X. Only problem is, there's no "Taskmaster" in "team." Still, there's plenty of work to be had with a pantie-snatcher on the loose, an invisible man to be found, the glorious return of Fight-Man and... wait, the Black Swan? Didn't Deadpool already kill that guy? Paging Wade Wilson! Plus: Fight-Man's over-the-top, punch-packed debut by Evan (Milk and Cheese) Dorkin! Collecting Agent X 7-15. and Fight-Man 1.

Gail Simone - Red ​Sonja 1.
Gail ​Simone (Batgirl, Birds of Prey) gives the iconic fantasy heroine a fresh new attitude! Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, intends to pay back a blood debt owed to the one man who has gained her respect... even if it means leading a doomed army to their certain deaths! Who is Dark Annisia, and how has this fearsome warrior accomplished what no god nor demon has been able to do: force Sonja to her knees in surrender? An epic tale of blood, lust, and vengeance, Queen of the Plagues takes Red Sonja from the depths of her own grave to the heights of battlefield glory. Featuring Gail Simone's Red Sonja #1 script!

Gail Simone - Batgirl ​1. - The Darkest Reflection
A ​New York Times Best Seller! As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics - The New 52 event of September 2011, Barbara Gordon is finally back as Batgirl! The nightmare-inducing brute known as Mirror is destroying the lives of Gotham City citizens seemingly at random. Will Barbara be able to survive her explosive confrontation with this new villain, as well as facing dark secrets from her past? A new chapter in the riveting adventures of Batgirl continues in stunning fashion, with script by fan-favorite Gail Simone and stellar art by superstar Ardian Syaf! This volume collects issues #1-6 of Batgirl, part of the DC Comics - The New 52 event.

Gail Simone - Batgirl ​Returns Omnibus
Batgirl's ​Back! Three years ago, Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, nearly lost her life when the Joker shot her through the spine. Barbara survived, but her injuries were severe—complete loss of mobility from the waist down. She adjusted to life using a wheelchair, but she never quite adjusted to being out of the fight. Though her injuries didn’t stop her from helping the Bat-Family in other ways, Batgirl was retired. Now, a new experimental treatment has done the impossible— restored her ability to walk. With her body healed, Babs is back in the cowl. But as she struggles with her own PTSD and other heroes who now treat her like glass, Barbara still has a long way to go to feel like Batgirl again. Collecting Gail Simone’s celebrated New 52 run in one volume for the first time, Batgirl Returns Omnibus contains stories from Batgirl #0-34, Young Romance: The New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1, Batgirl Annual #1-2, Batman: The Dark Knight #23.1, and Batgirl: Futures End #1.

Gail Simone - Batgirl ​3. - Death Of The Family
#1 ​New York Times Bestseller Gail Simone continues her Batgirl run in a tale that ties into the best-selling Bat-Family event "Death of the Family." When the Joker returns, Barbara Gordon must confront her past as she deals with the crazed criminal responsible for crippling her. Plus, once the dust settles, Barbara must deal with her family demons as her psychotic brother James Jr. comes after her. Collects Batgirl #14-19, Batman #17, and a story from Young Romance #1.

Gail Simone - Wonder ​Woman (vol. 3) 6. - Warkiller
Wonder ​Woman and Black Canary go undercover among some of the worst villains of the DC Universe in this title collecting WONDER WOMAN #34-39! Plus, Diana must fight for her life against the man destined by the gods to take her place: Achilles, the Warkiller.

Gail Simone - Birds ​of Prey (vol. 1) 3. - Between Dark and Dawn
A ​new volume collecting BIRDS OF PREY #69-75! Huntress goes undercover to infiltrate a religious cult with a dangerous secret, while Black Canary and Oracle uncover the true nature of Sovereign Brusaw's organization. Finally, the Birds must face the aftermath of the Gotham Gang War, leading to a decision that changes the team's fate forever!

Gail Simone - Birds ​of Prey (vol. 1) 6. - Blood and Circuits
Popular ​writer Gail Simone introduces an all-new Birds of Prey team in this action-packed volume! After being paralyzed by the Joker, former Batgirl Barbara Gordon became Oracle and formed a crime-fighting team with other female heroes including the martial artist with a devastating sonic scream, Black Canary, the vigilante known as the Huntress and the mysterious Lady Blackhawk! In this collection, the team is shaken up as members depart and new teammates are added to the roster. Who will be asked to join Oracle in her all-new Birds Of Prey? Who will refuse, and who will fly the coop for good?

Gail Simone - Hotshots
Bully, ​brawler, mercenary, spies! The Marvel Universe's hottest new team is on the scene! When Domino and her pals Outlaw and Diamondback find themselves caught between warring nations, they'll have to call on a whole new crew of international women of mystery to sort it out! But can the newlyminted Hotshots survive the arrival of the Merc with the Mouth? Picture it: Six undercover, highly trained, armed-to-the-teeth women hunting a device from space that will change life as we know it - but when Deadpool crashes the party, more than just the mission might be blown sky high! Witness the birth of the Hotshots in intriguing international espionage adventures that'll have you on the edge of your seat! COLLECTING: DOMINO: HOTSHOTS 1-5

Gail Simone - Csodanő ​- A Kör
CSODANŐ: ​A KÖR Eredeti kiadás: Csodanő 14-17. szám, 2008. január-április Náci Kapitány egységei ostrom alá vették Paradicsom-szigetet. Miközben a földdel teszik egyenlővé az amazonok otthonát, félő, hogy támadásuk nyomán Csodanő múltjából egy rettenetes titok kerül napvilágra. Miután évtizedekig háttérbe húzódott, a Kör most készen áll a visszatérésre és fogadalmuk beteljesítésére, hogy véget vessenek a „lúdvérc” Diana hercegnő életének. _CSODANŐ_ 98. és 105. SZÁM Eredeti kiadás: 1958. május és 1959. április Ebben a két klasszikus ezüstkori mesében megismerheted, hogyan kapta Csodanő az olümposzi istenektől képességeit, és hogyan tett szert a Csodalány elnevezésre.

Gail Simone - Wonder ​Woman (vol. 3) 7. - Contagion
Five ​mysterious young men with a dark and terrible secret have arrived on Paradise Island with one mission: to kill Wonder Woman! Plus, Wonder Woman battles Power Girl and more in these stories from issues #40-44!

Gail Simone - Wonder ​Woman (vol. 3) 3. - The Circle
An ​army of foes called the Olympians have risen to begin their all-out assault on war across the globe and only Wonder Woman can stop them! One particular attack could spell the end of the Department of Metahuman Affairs and end WW's secret identity of Diana Prince. And Wonder Woman's life is changed forever when she faces a monster named Genocide who easily goes toe to- toe with the comic book icon...and beats her! Don't miss this crucial arc in Wonder Woman's history!

Gail Simone - Dennis Hopeless - Fabian Nicieza - Leah Williams - Domino ​2. - Soldier of Fortune
Domino's ​blockbuster solo adventures roll on! Neena Thurman is far from the only mutant wearing her X-gene on her sleeve. But who or what is the strange group known as the RejeX? We'll tell you this much -don't miss their first appearance! Plus, even Domino's legendary luck needs some backup every once in a while -and Domino makes sure to keep her friends close, but her lovers even closer! Featuring a bevy of special guests including Outlaw! Diamondback! Colossus! And Nathan Summers, A.K.A. the man called Cable! COLLECTING: DOMINO 7-10, DOMINO ANNUAL

Gail Simone - Gotham ​City - Ragadozók
Miután ​deréktól lefelé megbénult, Barbara Gordon, a volt Batgirl felvette az Orákulum nevet, és számítógépes informátorként Batman segítőjévé vált. Idővel függetlenítette magát, és Fekete Kanárival megalapították a Ragadozók nevű csapatot. Ám amikor a két femme fatale szembekerül Savanttal, egy bűnözővel, kinek fizikuma és szellemi képességei hasonlóak az övéikhez, belesétálnak egy halálosan rafinált csapdába. Mivel az ámokfutó túszul ejtette Fekete Kanárit, Orákulumnak, aki kénytelen-kelletlen segítséget kér a Vadásznőtől - választania kell: teljesíti az emberrabló teljesíthetetlen követelését vagy sorsára hagyja barátnőjét.

Gail Simone - Wonder ​Woman (vol. 3) 5. - Rise of the Olympian
When ​the gods change their plans for man's world, it's up to Wonder Woman to protect humanity against an invading army of male warriors and a new adversary called Genocide. An army of Olympians has risen for an all-out assault on war across the globe and only Wonder Woman can stop them in this new title collecting issues #20-27! One particular attack could spell the end of the Department of Metahuman Affairs and end WW's secret identity of Diana Prince. And Wonder Woman's life is changed forever when she faces a monster named Genocide who goes toe-to-toe with her... and wins.

Gail Simone - Rhianna Pratchett - Tomb ​Raider - Library Edition 1.
This ​deluxe hardcover collects issues #1-#18 of the 2014 Dark Horse Tomb Raider series, and the never-before-collected prequel story Tomb Raider: The Beginning. Lara Croft is trying to piece her ordinary life back together after her ordeal in the Lost Kingdom of Yamatai. The other survivors of the Endurance are experiencing horrific visions as they try to put what happened behind them. Follow Lara's story after the 2013 Tomb Raider game as she embarks on a new globetrotting adventure, discovering a dangerous organization that's threatening her friends. Can she figure out what's going on in time to save a life?

Gail Simone - Batgirl ​4. - Wanted
Batgirl ​struggles to continue fighting crime after being emotionally drained by the death of her brother, James, Jr. With her relationships with Batman and her father strained, Batgirl faces one of Batman's most ruthless villains, The Ventriloquist, alone. Collects Batgirl #19-25 and Ventriliquist #1.

Gail Simone - Batgirl ​2. - Knightfall Descends
Batgirl ​Barbara Gordon faces foe after foe now that she's back in the role of Batgirl. A deadly new gentleman killer, Grotesque, stalks the streets of Gotham City; The Court of Owls sets its sight on her father Commissoner Gordon; and an innocent woman sentenced to Arkham emerges more dangerous than the innmates she was locked up with! A new chapter in the riveting adventures of Batgirl continue in stunning fashion, with script by fan-favorite Gail Simone and stellar art by superstar Ardian Syaf!

Gail Simone - Wonder ​Woman (vol. 3) 4. - Ends of the Earth
At ​the ends of the universe, Wonder Woman falls victim to the Black Horizon, risking the safety of her soul. To salvage her very existence, she must ally herself with the legendary Beowulf and another fearsome warrior from DC's past while trapped on a world where her powers have betrayed her and brutal combat rules the day. But will victory cost Wonder Woman her soul? Featuring the long-awaited return of some of the most savage characters in DCU history, not to mention all-out war between Diana's Gorilla Knights and the Department of Metahuman Affairs!

Gail Simone - Deadpool ​Classic 9.
Writer ​Gail Simone takes on the Merc With a Mouth! When Deadpool crosses paths with the Black Swan, the telepathic villain infects Wade with a virus that eats away at his mind. Can Deadpool overcome his degenerating thought processes and continue his merc work? No, probably not. Plus, Deadpool is hired to steal the Rhino's horn and protect Dazzler, and gathers new allies Sandi Brandenberg, Ratbag, Outlaw and the Taskmaster. But when a showdown with the Black Swan goes wrong, who - if anyone - will survive? COLLECTING: Deadpool (1997) 65-69, Agent X 1-6

Gail Simone - Birds ​of Prey (vol. 1) 4. - The Battle Within
1st ​printing. Collects Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #76-85. Written by Gail Simone. Art by Joe Bennett, Ed Benes, Tom Derenick, and Joe Prado. Cover by Ed Benes. With their Gotham headquarters destroyed, the Birds take flight to Metropolis and beyond! Black Canary enlists the help of Wildcat in Singapore, while the Huntress infiltrates the Gotham mob!