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Karla Zimmerman - Caroline Sieg - Ryan Ver Berkmoes - Amsterdam ​City Guide
Amsterdam ​is a city of surprising beauty. A stroll along the western canals, through the lanes of the Jordaan or beneath the greenery of the Plantage can lead straight into a trance. As can a visit to a magnificent museum or an infamous coffeeshop. Be enchanted. * With pull-out map * Three authors, over 700 recommendations, five neighbourhood walks, three bike * Colour Architecture chapter on the city's buildings, old and new * Comprehensive Day Trips chapter includes Leiden, Utrecht and Haarlem * New index of sustainable travel listings

Karla Zimmerman - The ​USA Book
The ​USA Book combines arresting photography with sharp and compelling content, organized by state with additional sections on popular themes, regional identities, road trips and US territories. More than 400 photographs illustrate the unique qualities and diversity of the 50 states. The book contains informative and engaging details on each state, including history, culture and traditions, politics, myths and legends, trademarks and essential experiences. The Best Road Trips chapter and maps highlight the USA's top six road trips, from Route 66 to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Special spreads highlight key themes and issues, from arts and architecture, to innovation and exploration, and oddball America.

Karla Zimmerman - Canada
Your ​first polar bear...whales out the window of your Newfoundland B&B...the Northern Lights...Canada delivers on the outdoor spectaculars, then follows it up with cities full of jazz, art and round-the-world cuisine. specialist-written new Outdoors section new full-color Highlights and National Parks sections expanded BC, Nunavut and Arctic info interviews with locals from each province give you the inside edge