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Cathy Kelly - Idén minden más lesz
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Cathy Kelly - Never ​Too Late
A ​lot can happen in a year - and Evie, Cara and Olivia are about to find out just how much... Evie is a hopeless romantic who's never had a chance to do her own thing, and deep down she knows that marrying Simon isn't going to help. Her sister Cara's a walking disaster when it comes to relationships, and she's not much better in the workplace either. And her best friend Olivia can't quite bring herself to admit that she's married to the wrong man - after all, what would she do without him? When they go home for Christmas, Evie's father announces that he's getting remarried. That shouldn't change anything - but then they don't know who they're going to meet at the wedding...

Cathy Kelly - Always ​and Forever
In ​the Irish town of Carrickwell, with its lush, endlessly rolling hills and authentic country tranquility, three women's lives are anything but calm. There's Mel, a compulsively ambitious mother/publicity manager at a high-powered PR firm — living proof that balancing motherhood and a full-time job is no walk in the park. The hot-headed, indomitable Cleo, just out of college with a degree in hotel management, would like nothing better than to modernize and revive her family's dwindling hotel — but faces a constant battle with her old-fashioned parents. And finally, there's the stylish, sweet-tempered Daisy, a self-consciously curvy fashion buyer for an upscale clothing boutique, who has been struggling — and longing — to have a baby with her absolutely perfect boyfriend. Although unconnected, these three women have one thing in common: they all need a break from their stressful lives. So each one sets out for a little R & R at the new Clouds Hill spa, built by an American woman with her own secret turmoil. It is there that Mel, Cleo, and Daisy meet — their worlds and troubles colliding — forming an intimate bond that helps them to realize what matters most in life, always and forever.

Cathy Kelly - Between ​Sisters
Cassie ​has spent her married life doing everything right - making sure her children have the perfect life, being a devoted wife to her husband and a dutiful daughter-in-law to his mother, even when her patience has been tested. Although it has left her so exhausted that 'wine o'clock' comes a little earlier each afternoon. But she wouldn't change a thing, she's certain, until temptation comes her way... Her sister Coco runs a vintage dress shop and sure, she's shied away from commitment over the years. It's just that Coco believes men complicate things more than necessary, and she's got enough to contend with looking after her business and her staff, who seem to rely on her more and more for relationship advice. But who is she to give advice, when her own life is so simple? Watching over them is grandmother Pearl, tucked away in her little house in Delaney Square with her chickens, busy with her poker club and a secret lover. But something is keeping her awake at night. Was she right to do what she did all those years ago? Surely, if she were right, she wouldn't be thinking about it so often now...? And then there's Elsa, the polished face of daytime TV, who's battled demons of her own in the past and come out on top. Now Elsa faces one final battle - but this one will require more bravery than anything that's come before.

Cathy Kelly - Homecoming
They ​say you can't go home again, and truth be told, Eleanor Levine never planned to. Yet here she is, back in Ireland after a lifetime in New York, moving her treasured possessions--including her mother's handwritten book of recipes for living--into a cozy Dublin apartment. With its picturesque Georgian villas, redbrick houses, and central garden, the Golden Square is just large enough for anonymity. At least, that's what actress Megan Bouchier hopes, when a tabloid scandal sends her fleeing the paparazzi, back to the place she felt safest as a child. . . . is the road that takes you home. Rae, manager of the local cafe, has noticed the lovely, sad-eyed girl. There's little Rae "doesn't "notice, and every customer feels nourished by her food and her kindness, yet Rae's own secret remains hidden. Connie O'Callaghan--with her fortieth birthday looming--has a secure teaching job, an abundance of blessings . . . and a deep-seated loneliness only her new neighbor Eleanor understands. And as the lives of the four women intertwine, each in her own way is learning about love, letting go--and that finding your way can lead to the last place you expected.

Cathy Kelly - Someone ​Like You
Cathy ​Kelly has enjoyed unprecedented success in the UK and her native Ireland. Building on the popularity of her "Dear Cathy" advice column, Kelly brings to her fiction a warmth and humor that speaks to women everywhere. Hannah, Emma, and Leonie, three women at critical turning points in their lives, meet on holiday and find themselves changing in unexpected ways. Hannah, young, beautiful and reeling from the betrayal of a lover, decides to throw herself into her career and embrace the single life. Emma, married for two years and hoping to start a family, constantly questions her ability to be a parent, while still allowing her own parents to interfere in her life. Leonie, generously proportioned and equally big-hearted, wonders if she'll ever find love with three teenage children in tow. Someone Like You is a celebration of life and friendship, firmly establishing Cathy Kelly as a captivating new voice in contemporary women's fiction.

Cathy Kelly - It ​Started with Paris
It ​all started with Paris. At the top of the Eiffel Tower, a young man proposes to his girlfriend, cheered on by delighted tourists. In that second, everything changes, not just for the happy couple, but for the family and friends awaiting their return in Bridgeport, Ireland...Leila's been nursing a badly broken heart since her love-rat husband just upped and left her one morning, but she's determined to put on a brave face for the bride. Vonnie, a widow and exceptional cake-maker, is just daring to let love back into her life, although someone seems determined to stop it. And Grace, a divorced head teacher, finds the impending wedding of her son means that she's spending more time with her ex-husband. After all those years apart, is it possible she's made a mistake? With her warmth and insight, Cathy Kelly weaves a delightful tale spinning out from a once-in-a-lifetime moment, drawing together a terrific cast of characters who feel like old friends.

Cathy Kelly - Once ​in a Lifetime
Kenny′s ​Department Store, with its handsome Edwardian façade, is the jewel in Ardagh town′s crown. TV presenter Ingrid Fitzgerald has watched her husband David, Kenny′s charismatic owner, pour his heart and soul into the family store, making it the epitome of boutique chic. She′s juggled family life and her glittering career admirably. Now, as their children fly the nest, Ingrid discovers a secret that will shake her world to its very foundations. Natalie Flynn shares a flat with Ingrid′s daughter, Molly. As love blossoms in her life, motherless Natalie starts to ask questions she has never dared to before. But will they help her make sense of her life and who she really is? Charlie Fallon is a passionate and motivated Kenny′s employee who adores her husband and son, but her eccentric mother seems bent on wrecking her life. Now it′s time to fight for her own happiness. Free spirit, Star Bluestone, who handcrafts fabulous tapestries for Kenny′s, is the woman with the knowledge to help them all. Star knows from experience that the important things in life must be nurtured and treasured. She harbours many secrets and understands that the chance for real joy comes only once in a lifetime... Warm, captivating storytelling from the heart - treat yourself to some Cathy Kelly time.

Cathy Kelly - The ​Family Gift
_'Honest, ​funny, clever, it sparkles with witty, wry observations on modern life. I loved it' Marian Keyes_ _Treat yourself to the heartwarming, hilarious new novel from Sunday Times bestseller Cathy Kelly!_ Freya Abalone has a big, messy, wonderful family, a fantastic career, and a new house. But that's on the outside. On the inside, she's got Mildred - the name she's given to that nagging inner critic who tells us all we're not good enough. And now Freya's beloved blended family is under threat. Dan's first wife Elisa, the glamorous, manipulative woman who happily abandoned her daughter to Freya and Dan's care and left the country, has elbowed her way back into their lives. But Freya knows that when life gives you lemons, you throw them right back. Can Freya put her family - and herself - back together? Find out in Cathy Kelly's warmest, wisest and funniest book yet... *** _Everyone loves The Family Gift:_ _'The perfect comfort read for a cold autumn afternoon' Jo Finney, Good Housekeeping_ _Cathy Kelly shines an insightful light on female insecurity and, through Freya's journey, shows the healing power of self-belief and family support.' Woman & Home_ _'Heartwarming' Sunday Express_ _'Must-read' Daily Express_

Cathy Kelly - Woman ​to Woman
Best ​friends Jo Ryan and Aisling Moran have it all. As a fashion journalist with an Irish glossy magazine, Jo has a great career, independence and a drop-dead gorgeous boyfriend. Aisling is deliriously happy with her brilliant editor husband, two beautiful ten-year-old sons and a home she's rag-rolled and stencilled to within an inch of its life. But all that's about to change. One Friday morning, Aisling finds a receipt for expensive lingerie in her husband's suit pocket and Jo finds a blue line on her blue-for-positive pregnancy testing kit...By Friday night, it's all over - or has it only just begun?

Cathy Kelly - The ​Honey Queen
To ​discover the sweetest things in life, you sometimes have to lose your way… It’s easy to fall in love with the beautiful town of Redstone – the locals wave and chat to each other, the shops and cafes are full of cheerful hustle and bustle. And amidst all this activity, two women believe they are getting on just fine. Francesca’s boundless energy help her to take everything in her stride, including a husband who has lost his job and the unwelcome arrival of the menopause, which has kicked in – full throttle. Peggy, on the other hand, has always been a restless spirit. But now, focused and approaching thirty, she has opened her own knitting shop on the town’s high street. It’s a dream come true, but she still feels adrift. When Australian-raised Lillie finally makes it back home to Ireland, she is drawn right into the heart of Redstone’s busy, close-knit community. But what she thought would be an ending is actually just a beginning – all is not quite as it seems in the picturesque town. Soon, Lillie’s hard-earned wisdom will be called into play as she helps new friends navigate unchartered territory…

Cathy Kelly - Best ​of Friends
Four ​very different women are drawn together in the warm and engaging new novel by the bestselling author of JUST BETWEEN US. Good times or bad, friends are always there... In the beautiful town of Dunmore, four women understand what friendship really means. Abby's TV career is taking off, but her marriage to Tom is rocky. Meanwhile, her teenage daughter Jess despairs of ever finding a boyfriend. Lizzie has time for everyone: her grown-up children, her friends, even her ex-husband Myles, but never for herself. And then there's Erin, married and back in Ireland after eight years in Chicago. But can she face up to her past?When tragedy strikes, it rocks the small town. Drawn together in their sadness, the four women realise that life is for living, and they need to grab it with both hands...

Cathy Kelly - Idén ​minden más lesz
Három ​nő. Három születésnap. És egy mindent megváltoztató év... Ginger meglehetősen máshogy tervezte 30. születésnapját. A mai este az élete éjszakája lehet - vagy kész katasztrófa. Sam annyi év próbálkozás után végre teherbe esett. Amikor a 40. születésnapja reggelén elfolyik a magzatvize, pánikba esik: a szülés egy dolog, de hogyan válik belőle anya? Callie egy óriási bulin ünnepli 50. születésnapját dublini otthonában. Ám a parti kellős közepén kopogtatnak az ajtaján, és a látogatás fenekestül felforgatja tökéletes életét...

Cathy Kelly - A ​múlt titkai
Ha ​az ember túl sokáig őriz egy titkot, az előbb-utóbb elárulja magát... A Summer Street takaros kis házaiban lakó családok élete idillinek tűnik, a valóságban azonban az, hogy mindenkinek van mit rejtegetnie. Amikor a kamaszkori szenvedély megtalálja Ambert, a lány úgy dönt, hogy kezébe veszi saját sorsát, és lemond a biztos jövőről egy lángoló szerelem miatt - de vajon édesanyja, Faye, aki egyedül neveli lányát, mit hallgat el előle? A megcsalt Maggie hazaköltözik, hogy gondját viselje beteg édesanyjának, és az otthon nyugalmában találjon gyógyírt összetört szívére - de felkavaró emlékek törnek rá... vajon ki tudja, mit rejtenek az elzárt fiókok? A bölcs és kedves Christie Devlin tudná a választ, hiszen különös képessége folytán belelát az emberek szívébe, és segít megoldani gondjaikat. Csakhogy ezúttal az ő múltjából is előbukkan egy titok, amely huszonöt éve kísérti... Az írországi Wicklow-ban élő Cathy Kelly Anglia egyik legnépszerűbb és talán legtöbbek által rajongott írónője. Tavaly itthon is a toplisták élére került Mindig és örökké című bestsellere, amely elnyerte az Év Romantikus Regénye díjat. Rajongóinak Cathy sokkal több, mint egy a sikerszerzők közül. Ő maga AZ ÍRÓNŐ - akire barátnőként is lehet gondolni, és aki rohanó világunkban nemcsak szórakoztat, hanem életörömöt, jókedvet is ad.

Cathy Kelly - Mindig ​és örökké
A ​képeslapra illően szép Carrickwellben három nő éli boldog mindennapjait, míg mindhármuk körül össze nem dől a világ. Mel nehéz döntés előtt áll, mivel a karrierépítés és az anyaszerep egyeztetése egyre nagyobb nyűg a számára. Meghozza a döntést, mire főnöknője keresztülhúzza számításait... A divatszakmában dolgozó félénk Daisy minden vágya, hogy végre teherbe essen álmai pasijától, ám kiderül, hogy a "Nagy Ő"-nek más tervei vannak# A forrófejű Cleo azzal a reménnyel tér haza, hogy átveheti a családja által vezetett régi szállót, ami időközben csődbe jutott. A válság napjaiban jelenik meg életében egy viharos szerelem... Carrickwell azonban varázslatos hely - ezt érzi meg Leah, a titokzatos múltú amerikai asszony is, aki gyógyfürdőt nyit a városban, és megtanítja az ott élő nőknek, mi az, ami számít, mindig és örökké...

Cathy Kelly - The ​Year that Changed Everything
Three ​women celebrate their birthdays . . . 30. 40. 50. But their milestone birthdays marks the start of a year that will change everything . . . Ginger isn't spending her 30th the way she would have planned. Tonight might be the first night of the rest of her life - or a total disaster. Sam is finally pregnant after years of trying. When her waters break on the morning of her 40th birthday, she panics: forget labour, how is she going to be a mother? Callie is celebrating her 50th at a big party in her Dublin home. Then a knock at the door mid-party turns her perfect life upside down . . .

Cathy Kelly - She's ​the One
Meet ​Dee - an agony aunt on an Irish newspaper, with more problems than her readers. She's engaged to Gary, but he's far from perfect and his mother is driving her crazy... Now meet Isabel - her husband has just lost everything in a business deal and Isabel has gone home to Dublin with ther two teenage girls. Getting the job as women's editor on the paper would be a dream come true for both of them, but they can't both get what they want...or can they?

Cathy Kelly - Himmelblau ​ist die Hoffnung
Abby ​hat endlich den Stress ihrer TV-Karriere hinter sich gelassen. Doch wie sollen sie und ihr Mann das erträumte Leben zu zweit gestalten? Als Lizzies Exmann plötzlich eine Neue hat, merkt sie, dass sie sich endlich um ihr eigenes Glück kümmern muss. Erin ist neu in Dunmore und vermisst Chicago. Nur Sally geht es richtig gut, doch dann erfährt sie, dass sie Brustkrebs hat. Und gemeinsam entdecken die Freundinnen, dass im Leben nicht die kleinen Sorgen zählen, sondern Zusammenhalt, Liebe – und viele beste Freundinnen …

Cathy Kelly - Past ​Secrets
The ​women of Summer Street have their fair share of secrets and soon learn that if you keep a secret too long it will creep out when you least expect it… The warm and moving new novel from the No. 1 Bestselling author of Always and Forever. Keep a secret too long and it will creep out when you least expect it… Behind the shining windows and rose-bedecked gardens of Summer Street, single mother Faye, hides a secret from her teenage daughter Amber. Whilst thirty-year-old Maggie, hides one from herself. When fiery Amber decides to throw away her future for love, and Maggie finds herself back home looking after her sick mother, secrets begin to bubble over. The only person on Summer Street who appears to know all the answers is their friend Christie Devlin. Wise and kind, she can see into other people's hearts to solve their problems. Except that this time, she has secrets of her own to face.

Cathy Kelly - Lessons ​in Heartbreak
Izzie ​Silver left the small Irish town of Tamarin behind her for life in New York. She’s big, beautiful, and dreams of her own model agency for plus-sized women (what her grandmother would call healthy.) Life is good – but she’s just broken one of her cardinal rules and fallen for a married man.

Cathy Kelly - Szerelmi ​leckék
Három ​nő, három szerelem, három búcsúzás Izzie magas, gyönyörű és független nő, aki a New York-i divatszakmában lett sikeres. Az elveiből eddig sosem engedett, egy nap azonban beleszeret egy nős férfiba, a szenvedélyes kapcsolatból pedig nincs könnyű kiút… Anneliesét negyven év után hagyja el a férje, ráadásul a legjobb barátnőjéért. Miután elveszti a számára két legfontosabb embert, egyedül kell újrakezdenie az életét... A bölcs Lily mindenki támasza. Amikor kórházba kerül, a múltjából régen eltemetett titkok látnak napvilágot, és ez mindhármójuk életére hatással van... A szálak összefutnak, a szerelem éppúgy megtalál mint a csalódás, de vajon tanulhatunk-e a szerelmi leckékből? Az írországi Wicklow-ban élő Cathy Kelly Anglia egyik legnépszerűbb írónője, aki Mindig és Örökké című művével elnyerte az Év Romantikus Regénye díjat. Rajongóinak Cathy sokkal több, mint egy a sikerszerzők közül. Ő maga AZ ÍRÓNŐ – akire barátnőként is lehet gondolni, és aki rohanó világunkban nemcsak szórakoztat, hanem életörömöt, jókedvet is ad. Cathy Kelly harmadik bestsellerre a női olvasók millióit kápráztatja el.

Cathy Kelly - Párizsban ​kezdődött
MINDEN ​PÁRIZSBAN KEZDŐDÖTT... Az Eiffel-torony tetején fiatal pár áll, a fiú izgatottan markolássza a titokban magával hozott jegygyűrűt. Mi lesz, ha a barátnője elutasítja? És ha igent mond, hogyan tovább? Amikor elhangzik a válasz - a turisták elragadtatott éljenzése közepette -, minden megváltozik, méghozzá nem csupán a boldog pár, hanem az őket hazaváró családtagjaik és barátaik számára is. Leila csúnyán összetört szívét ápolgatja, mióta a férje egy nap fogta magát, és elhagyta, de most eltökéli, hogy a menyasszony kedvéért jó képet vág az eljegyzéshez. Vonnie, a kivételes tehetségű tortamester fiatal özvegyként épp csak mostanában mer ismét a szerelemre gondolni - ám valaki mintha akadályt próbálna gördíteni elé. Grace pedig, az elvált igazgatónő azon veszi észre magát, hogy fia közelgő esküvője kapcsán a szokottnál több időt tölt volt férjével. Hosszú évek óta külön élnek ugyan, de talán elképzelhető, hogy annak idején hibát követett el? Ahogy az életük eseményei összeszövődnek az esküvőre készülő fiatal páréval, mindannyiuknak szembe kell nézniük a múltjukkal, mert csak így léphetnek tovább. Cathy Kelly a tőle megszokott melegséggel és megértéssel sző elragadó, egyszerre szórakoztató és megindító mesét - amelynek fonala egy rendkívüli pillanatból gombolyodik le -, majd összebogozza a benne szereplő nagyszerű emberek sorsát. "Bölcs, meleg hangú történet, mely tele van olyan szereplőkkel, akiket imádtam. Olyan, mint egy jóízű pletykálkodás a legjobb barátnőnkkel." (Marian Keyes)

Maeve Binchy - Cathy Kelly - Marian Keyes - Irish ​Girls about Town
New ​York Times bestselling authors Maeve Binchy and Marian Keyes top an impressive roster of the Emerald Isle's most popular women writers and prove that when it comes to spinning a good yarn, the Irish are the best in the business. Showcasing dazzling wit and remarkable insight in short stories that run the gamut from provocative to poignant, these Irish women will tug at your heartstrings and have you crying with laughter in no time. In Maeve Binchy's "Carissima," a longtime ex-pat and free spirit returns to Ireland from Sicily and shakes things up for her family, who finds her life utterly scandalous. In "Soulmates," by Marian Keyes, one woman's relationship is so bleedin' perfect in every way that it's driving her friends up the wall. In Cathy Kelly's "Thelma, Louise and the Lurve Gods," two women on a madcap, Stateside road trip have completely opposite reactions to a pair of insanely good-looking men. In these stories, and throughout this fabulous collection, Ireland's finest women authors celebrate the joys and perils of love, the adventure and constancy of female friendships, and their own irresistible brand of Irish charm.

Cathy Kelly - The ​House on Willow Street
The ​Irish seaside town of Avalon is a tourist’s dream of quaint shops and welcoming cafés. Avalon House, perched at the end of Willow Street, was in Tess Power’s family for generations. Now Tess ekes out a living from her antiques shop while the crumbling mansion awaits a new owner. Her marriage and business may be floundering, but her affection for Avalon is undimmed. The same can’t be said of her glamorous sister. Suki left without a backward glance and married into an American political dynasty. Only a muckraking biographer could send her slinking back to Ireland to escape a scandal. Postmistress Danae watches from the sidelines, doling out gentle advice while locking away her own secrets. Then her unconventional niece Mara comes to stay and draws her lonely aunt back into the world. As autumn gives way to winter, the four women encounter old loves, embrace new friendships, and begin to look beyond the past to the possibilities just beginning to unfold.

Cathy Kelly - Doux ​remèdes pour coeurs brisés
Izzie ​Silver a quitté sa ville natale de Tamarin, en Irlande, pour monter une agence de mannequins à New York. Elle adore sa nouvelle vie, à un détail près : elle a eu la mauvaise idée de tomber amoureuse d'un homme marié peu disposé à quitter sa femme. Pendant ce temps-là, à Tamarin, sa tante Anneliese subit elle aussi les affres de l'infidélité. En effet, après plus de trente ans de mariage, elle découvre que son mari la trompe avec sa meilleure amie. Lorsque Lily, la grand-mère d'Izzie, tombe gravement malade, la jeune femme et Anneliese décident de mettre leurs problèmes de côté pour courir à son chevet. La douce et sage Lily s'apprête à leur révéler tout un pan de son histoire qu'elles ignoraient, et dont elles tireront bien des enseignements...