Veronica Henry könyvei a rukkolán

Veronica Henry - Családi ​recept
Laura ​számára a családja a legfontosabb: az otthonát a gyermekei nevetése és a készülő finomságok illata tölti be. Így aztán aggódva várja, hogy a lányai kirepüljenek a családi fészekből. Amikor pedig a házassága is válságba kerül, az asszony lába alól végleg kicsúszik a talaj. Kedvenc hobbijában, a főzésben lel vigaszra: a nagymamája második világháborúból megmaradt receptkönyvét kezdi tanulmányozni. Házias fogásaival és zseniális lekvárjaival már eddig is kisebb hírnévre tett szert a környéken, a receptgyűjtemény hatására azonban olyan ötlete támad, amely óriási sikert és egy új életcélt jelenthet számára. De vajon mindez elegendő ahhoz, hogy újra megtalálja önmagát és a megbocsátáshoz vezető utat?

Veronica Henry - Honeycote
The ​Liddiards have lived at Honeycote House for generations. But all that might be about to change ... Rakishly charming Mickey Liddiard has several problems. Unbeknownst to his angelic wife Lucy, his family run business Honeycote brewery - the mainstay of picturesque Honeycote - is up to its beer-bottle neck in debt. His drinking is getting out of control. And his affair with local millionaire's wife Kay is more about peace-keeping than passion. And for each of Mickey's misdemeanours there is a knife being sharpened. Ambition, greed and good old-fashioned revenge all conspire to bring about his downfall - but will true love save the day?

Veronica Henry - An ​Eligible Bachelor
Eversleigh ​Manor provides the perfect location for hit new television show, Lady Jane Investigates. But when the film crew descends en masse, no one could have predicted that romance would be brewing before the clapperboard had snapped its last. Least of all Guy Portias, heir to the manor and favourite beau of leading lady, Richenda Fox. And Guy's rash proposal of marriage in the drunken wake of the after-show party is only the first of his worries. After all, his mother has her heart set on running Country House Weekends for the discerning holidaymaker and her new employee, Honor, has a talent for mass catering . . . and for making Guy feel a little warm under the collar. But Honor is preoccupied with her own problems - a fickle ex-boyfriend is hovering in the wings and her best friend, Henty, seems inordinately distracted by her smouldering new groom, Travis. Throw in a long-lost mother, a philandering husband and a floozy of a florist and watch the residents of Eversleigh village work themselves into a lather of epic proportions.

Veronica Henry - Love ​on the rocks
It ​was the opportunity of a lifetime - a rundown hotel in Cornwall, just waiting to be brought back to life...Secrets, rivalry, sunshine - from the author of THE BEACH HUT and A NIGHT ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. When the rundown Rocks Hotel comes up for auction in Mariscombe, Lisa and her boyfriend George make a successful bid to escape and live the dream. But their dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Their arch-rival, Bruno Thorne, owner of the Mariscombe Hotel, seems intent on sabotage. Meanwhile, local chambermaid Molly is harbouring a secret that will blow the whole village apart. Then an unexpected visitor turns up on the doorstep. It seems everyone in Mariscombe is sailing a little too close to the rocks ...

Veronica Henry - A ​Home From Home
_Sunshine, ​cider and family secrets..._ Dragonfly Farm has been a home and a haven for generations of Melchiors - arch rivals to the Culbones, the wealthy family who live the other side of the river. Life there is dictated by the seasons and cider-making, and everyone falls under its spell. For cousins Tabitha and Georgia, it has always been a home from home. When a tragedy befalls their beloved great-uncle Matthew, it seems the place where they've always belonged might now belong to them... But the will reveals that a third of the farm has also been left to a total stranger. Gabriel Culbone has no idea why he's been included, or what his connection to the farm - or the Melchiors - can be. As the first apples start to fall for the cider harvest, will Dragonfly Farm begin to give up its secrets? A Home from Home is the very best of Veronica Henry's storytelling - gorgeous scenes you wish you could step into, a cast of characters who feel like friends, and an irresistibly feel-good family drama crossing three generations. Discover Veronica Henry - your favourite authors' favourite author: 'Wise, insightful, beautifully written. A delicious treat of a book' _Milly Johnson_ 'An utter delight' _Jill Mansell_ 'Truly blissful escapism' _Lucy Diamond_ 'A heart-warming, triumphant story combined with Veronica's sublime writing - the perfect mix!' _Cathy Bramley_ 'A beautiful book. Warm, emotional and full of hope' _Sarah Morgan_ 'Veronica Henry has such a deft hand with families and their complications' _Katie Fforde_

Veronica Henry - Wild ​Oats
Life ​in the bosom of the Wilding family has its ups and downs From the moment she arrives back to find a half-naked man in the kitchen, nothing about returning to the Shropshire village of Upper Faviell is quite what Jamie Wilding expected. For much has changed at Bucklebury Farm in the months she's been travelling the world since the death of her mother...Her best friend's wife has gone completely off the rails, her father is behaving like a love-sick teenager - and he's about to sell off the farm. What's worse, the shark threatening to take away Jamie's family home is the man who made off with her heart twelve years ago. To defend her legacy and have a chance to discover the true love she craves, Jamie will have to confront a long-running family feud, her father, and her own past. And she'll have to answer the question: is home always where the heart is?

Veronica Henry - Második ​otthonunk
A ​két unokatestvér, Georgia és Tabitha második otthonukként tekintenek a nagybátyjuk gazdaságára. Bármikor elmenekülhetnek az élet problémái és a világ elől a Dél-Anglia lankás tájain fekvő idilli gyümölcsösbe, ahol a nyári napsugarak roppanósra érlelik az almát, amelyből különlegesen frissítő cider készül. Amikor azonban a nagybátyjuk meghal, a két lány nemcsak a gazdaságot örökli meg, hanem a viszályt is, amely az övéik és a szomszéd család között majd száz éve dúl. A legnagyobb megdöbbenésükre azonban az örökségen osztozniuk kell egy harmadik személlyel. Vajon miért hagyta a nagybátyjuk épp az ellenséges família egyik tagjára az almáskert harmadát? Milyen titkot őrizhetett? És vajon Georgia és Tabitha is a szüleik hibáiba esnek, vagy képesek lesznek szembenézni a családjuk múltjával, hogy megtalálják a boldogságot?

Veronica Henry - Making ​Hay
Welcome ​to Honeycote. Beware of the wild life. Suzanna and Barney Blake are swapping city life for the countryside - determined to breathe new life into the Honeycote Arms and a marriage touched by tragedy. Newly divorced Ginny Tait arrives in Honeycote at around the same time - with very nubile twin daughters and an awful lot of baggage. If the newcomers expected to find a sleepy English village, they quickly discover that a whole host of colourful characters have long woken up to more interesting ways of using the bedroom. Throw in a dodgy businessman with a secret past, and Honeycote is soon a veritable hotbed of passiuon and intrigue. Will Ginny be blinded by choice and go for Mr Wrong again? Will Suzanna and Barney find happiness in Honeycote? And if they do, will it be with each other? An intoxicating blend of true love and hidden agendas, Making Hay proves once and for all that village life doesn't necessarily mean the quiet life ...

Veronica Henry - A ​Family Recipe
The ​brand-new feel-good story from bestseller Veronica Henry - a perfect mix of family, friends and delicious food. What's the secret ingredient to your happiness? Laura Griffin is preparing for an empty nest. The thought of Number 11 Lark Hill falling silent - a home usually bustling with noise, people and the fragrant smells of something cooking on the Aga - seems impossible. Laura hopes it will mean more time for herself, and more time with her husband, Dom. But when an exposed secret shakes their marriage, Laura suddenly feels as though her family is shrinking around her. Feeling lost, she turns to her greatest comfort: her grandmother's recipe box, a treasured collection dating back to the Second World War. Everyone has always adored Laura's jams and chutneys, piled their sandwiches high with her pickles . . . Inspired by a bit of the old Blitz spirit, Laura has an idea that gives her a fresh sense of purpose. Full of fierce determination, Laura starts carving her own path. But even the bravest woman needs the people who love her. And now, they need her in return . . . ***** Praise for Veronica Henry: 'A delight from start to finish' Jill Mansell 'Truly blissful escapism' Lucy Diamond

Veronica Henry - The ​Long Weekend
In ​a gorgeous quay-side hotel in Cornwall, the long weekend is just beginning... Claire Marlowe owns 'The Townhouse by the Sea' with Luca, the hotel's charismatic chef. She ensures everything runs smoothly - until an unexpected arrival checks in and turns her whole world upside down. And the rest of the guests arrive with their own baggage. There's a couple looking for distraction from a family tragedy; a man trying to make amends for an affair he bitterly regrets . . . and the young woman who thinks the Cornish village might hold the key to her past. Here are affairs of the heart, secrets, lies and scandal - all wrapped up in one long, hot weekend.

Veronica Henry - Hosszú ​hétvége
A ​pennfleeti hosszú hétvége a jó hangulatú Townhouse-ban sok izgalommal kecsegtet. Ki mindenki akarja megoldani ott és akkor az életét? Egy jómódú férfi, aki itt nyaraltatja házasságon kívül született leányát; a fiatal hölgy, aki ebben a városban véli felfedezni igazi apját; egy csapat fiatalember legénybúcsút tart, de nem sejtik, hogy milyen váratlan akadályokba ütközik az igazi szórakozás; fény derül a gazdag londoni házaspár fájdalmas családi titkára és újabb üzletére… És átszövi a hosszú hétvégét egy nagy szerelem szépsége és tragédiája. A vendégház egyik tulajdonosa, Claire újra találkozik Nickkel, élete nagy szerelmével, aki éppen legénybúcsúját tölti náluk. Claire eljegyzésének és Nick tervezett esküvőjének mi lesz a vége? A szórakoztató, színes karakterekkel megírt történet lebilincselően olvasmányos.

Veronica Henry - The ​Beach Hut
'FOR ​SALE: a rare opportunity to purchase a beach hut on the spectacular Everdene Sands. The Shack has been in the family for fifty years, and was the first to be built on this renowned stretch of golden sand...' Jane Milton doesn't want to sell her beloved beach hut, which has been the heart of so many family holidays and holds so many happy memories. But when her husband dies, leaving her with an overwhelming string of debts, she has no choice but to sell. THE BEACH HUT follows the stories of the people who own the beach huts, families who come to Everdene each year, people who fall in - or out of - love, remembering their pasts, or trying to forget them...Veronica Henry has brilliantly drawn together the comings and goings of life at the beach huts over one long, hot, lazy summer...

Veronica Henry - Marriage ​and Other Games
When ​Charlotte Briggs' husband Ed is sent down for fraud, she cannot find it in her heart to forgive him for what he has done. Ostracised from their social circle, she flees to the wilds of Exmoor to nurse her broken heart. But despite the slower pace of life, she soon finds that she is not the only person whose life is in turmoil. There's Sebastian, enfant terrible of the British art scene, desperately trying to find his muse amongst the empty bottles. Then Fitch, who married the high-spirited Hayley thinking he would find wedded bliss, but instead has found marital hell. And finally Penny, local GP and recent divorcee, who is determined not to hurtle into middle age embittered and lonely. Over the long winter months, the four of them share advice, copious bottles of wine, laughter ... and maybe more.

Veronica Henry - Könyvesbolti ​szerelmek
Emilia ​az apja halála után átveszi a kisvárosi könyvesbolt irányítását, és a nyakába szakadó adósság ellenére az életében valami varázslatos veszi kezdetét: mert aki belép az üzletébe, azt körbefonja a szerelem, vagy egyenesen társra talál. Jönnek sorban a vevők: Thomasina, a lakáséttermet működtető, visszahúzódó tanárnő; June, egy régi csalódását évtizedek óta magába rejtő, odaadó asszony; Jackson, a könyveket eddig óvatosan elkerülő fiatalember, akinek mindene a kisfia, és akinek a gondolatai még mindig a régi szerelme körül járnak. Aztán itt van Bea, a menő folyóirat művészeti vezetője, aki majd belebolondul a gyereknevelésbe és a vidéki élet egyhangúságába; Sarah, a titokzatos asszony, aki különleges figyelemmel van Emilia iránt, és maga a lány, aki gyászában és a kötelességtudattól hajtva is azonnal észreveszi, hogy melyik férfi való neki igazán. Veronica Henry regénye Anglia idilli vidékén, a meseszép Cotswoldban játszódik; habkönnyű, bájos könyv arról, hogy olvasni és szeretni jó.

Veronica Henry - The ​Birthday Party
Like ​the Jaggers, Raf Rafferty and his wife Delilah have lived their lives in the full glare of the media spotlight for 30 years. Now with three daughters, Delilah is planning her own birthday party, a night that will see the good and the great from the worlds of TV and theatre descending on their gorgeous home.

Veronica Henry - A ​Sea Change
Jenna ​is known as The Ice Cream Girl. She doesn't mind the name one bit. After all, it's a happy name, and there are far worse jobs than selling ice creams on Everdene beach. Craig spends as much time as he can at the beach hut in Everdene he rents with a few of his mates. As a policeman, it is a restful change from his daily life, and he's surfing mad. One weekend he's down there on his own when he notices a girl on the beach. He's young, free and single and she catches his eye. But on this particular summer weekend, both Jenna and Craig's lives are about to change . . .

Veronica Henry - How ​to Find Love in a Bookshop
Nightingale ​Books, nestled on the high street in Peasebrook, a picture-postcard Cotswold town, is a dream comes true for booklovers. Everyone who enters falls in love with something. But owner Emilia Nightingale is struggling to keep the shop open and the developers are circling. The temptation to sell up is proving enormous - but what about the promise she made to her father? Not to mention her customers, for whom the shop is a comfort, a meeting place, a lifeline. There's Gary, a stable lad for a nearby trainer, who buys books to read to Nikki, who is lying in a coma. He spends every spare hour at Nikki's bedside, never giving up hope that she will come round. Betty, who runs a supper club from her tiny cottage, has a huge crush on a man she met and then lost in the cookery section, somewhere Auguste Escoffier and Marco Pierre White. Mrs Norris repeatedly 'forgets' to pay for her books - and Emilia never has the heart to remind her. But Mrs Norris isn't quite as forgetful as she pretends ... And then Emilia meets Dexter, local jack-the-lad, who is looking to improve his English so he can better himself. He buys all Emilia's recommendations, and together they re-discover all her favourite authors. But Dexter has a secret, and is not all he seems... How to Find Love in a Bookshop is the delightful story of Emilia's fight to keep her bookshop alive, the customers whose lives she has touched - and the books they all love.

Veronica Henry - Álmaink ​otthona
A ​Pease patak idilli völgyében álló Hunter's Moont sokan az álmaik otthonának tartják. Így van ezzel a környék legjobb ingatlanügynöke, Belinda Baxter is, aki első látásra beleszeret az épületbe, és elhatározza, mindent megtesz azért, hogy megtalálja a tökéletes vevőt a tökéletes házhoz. Hunter's Moon azonban több évtizedes titkokat rejt, és Belinda nem is sejti, hogy a ház meghirdetésével egy időben a saját múltjával és jövőjével is szembe kell néznie. A kedves, ám kissé zárkózott nőnek ugyanis nemcsak a mesés otthon, hanem a tulajdonosai is belopják magukat a szívébe. Nemsokára össze is barátkozik az idős házaspárral: a határozott Sallyvel és jóképű férjével, Alexanderrel. A már évek óta Londonban élő fiuk, Leo ugyanakkor egyáltalán nem örül annak, hogy eladják a családi fészket, hamarosan azonban rá kell döbbennie, hogy ez a fejlemény gyökeres fordulatot hoz az ő magányos életében is. Veronica Henry regénye a bájos vidéki Angliában, a meseszép Cotswoldban játszódik; és a története jól példázza, hogy a vágyaink néha éppen akkor válnak valóra, amikor egyáltalán nem számítunk rá.

Veronica Henry - Für ​immer am Meer
Nachdem ​Jane Miltons kürzlich verstorbener Ehemann ihr nichts als Schulden hinterlassen hat, steht sie vor einer schweren Entscheidung: Sie muss ihre Strandhütte an der Südküste Englands, die seit fünfzig Jahren im Besitz der Familie ist, zum Verkauf anbieten. Hilfe erhält sie dabei von Ray, dem Verwalter der Strandhütte, der die warmherzige Jane nur ungern gehen sieht. Auch Janes Söhne und deren Familien sind mit dem Verkauf ganz und gar nicht einverstanden. Doch ein letzter langer Sommer in dem malerischen Ort Everdene liegt noch vor ihnen — ein Sommer voller Erinnerungen und unerwarteter Wendungen …

Veronica Henry - The ​Apple Orchard
In ​the charming town of Peasebrook, there's a place for everyone. War vet Joe has made new friends and a new home for himself here, overlooking a beautiful apple orchard. But when tragedy strikes and Joe is left out in the cold, it will bring them all together in entirely unexpected ways . . . _The Apple Orchard is a truly feel-good short story about friendship and kindness. It's the perfect introduction to Veronica Henry and includes an extract of her upcoming novel The Forever House._

Veronica Henry - The ​Beach Hut Next Door
_Following ​on from Veronica Henry's bestselling THE BEACH HUT._ _A glorious summer novel featuring the lives and loves of the people who own a beautiful row of Beach Huts on Everdene Sands._ Summer appeared from nowhere that year in Everdene; and for those lucky enough to own one of the beach huts, this was the summer of their dreams. For Elodie, returning to Everdene means reawakening the memories of one summer fifty years ago. A summer when everything changed... Vince and his brother are struggling to come to terms with the death of their father, but they have very different ways of coping... And for Jenna, determined to put the past behind her, the opportunity to become the 'Ice-Cream Girl' once again might just turn her life around. But this summer is not all sunshine and surf - as secrets unfold, and some lives are changed forever...

Veronica Henry - The ​Forever House
The ​house of your dreams. But can this dream last forever? Hunter's Moon is the ultimate 'forever' house. Nestled by a river in the Peasebrook valley, it has been the Willoughbys' home for over fifty years, and now estate agent Belinda Baxter is determined to find the perfect family to live there. But the sale of the house unlocks decades of family secrets - and brings Belinda face to face with her own troubled past. A gorgeous escapist read for anyone needing a hug in a book - perfect for fans of Erica James, Lucy Diamond and Harriet Evans.

Veronica Henry - Christmas ​at the Beach Hut
When ​Ellen writes her annual Round Robin to send out with her Christmas cards, she realises it's all about the rest of her family. Fed up and exhausted by yet another year of singlehandedly trying to make it a perfect Christmas, Ellen takes a pile of books, her cosiest clothes and the Ocado order and escapes to a beach hut on the North Devon coast. This year, Christmas is going to be all about her. Meanwhile, the other inhabitants in the beach huts are trying to escape Christmas too. But somehow, the spirit of Christmas wheedles its way back into everyone's hearts and Ellen is at the centre of the activity. By Christmas day there are fairy lights strung up round the beach hut and a turkey roasting on the barbecue! So when Ellen's family track her down, just how will they convince her she means the world to them - every day of the year?

Veronica Henry - Just ​a Family Affair
The ​Liddiard family are well known in the Gloucestershire village of Honeycote - and now there is to be a big wedding. But will everything go according to plan? Lucy Liddiard knows her husband is no saint, but isn't prepared for his latest confession. Bride-to-be Mandy has no idea what joining the Liddiards really means. And local girl Mayday, wild child, rebel and free spirit, is thinking the unthinkable - with unimaginable consequences...

Veronica Henry - A ​Night on the Orient Express
The ​Orient Express. Luxury. Mystery. Romance. For one group of passengers settling in to their seats and taking their first sips of champagne, the journey from London to Venice is more than the trip of a lifetime. A mysterious errand; a promise made to a dying friend; an unexpected proposal; a secret reaching back a lifetime...As the train sweeps on, revelations, confessions and assignations unfold against the most romantic and infamous setting in the world.