Terry Pratchett könyvei a rukkolán

Terry Pratchett - Fegyvertársak
„LÉGY ​A VÁROSŐRSÉG EMBERE! AZ ŐRSÉG IGAZI FÉRFIAKRA VÁR!” …de kénytelen beérni Karott káplárral (aki elvileg törpe), Zsámoly segédőrrel (aki ténylegesen törpe), Törmelék segédőrrel (aki troll), Angua segédőrrel (aki nő… az idő túlnyomó részében) és Göcsört káplárral (akit hivatalosan kizártak az emberi fajból sunnyogásért). Ráadásul mindannyiuknak sürgős segítségre van szükségük. Mert pusztán huszonnégy órájuk maradt arra, hogy megtisztítsák a várost – és most Ankh-Morporkról beszélünk…

Terry Pratchett - Fliegende Fetzen
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Terry Pratchett - The ​Compleat Ankh-Morpork
Greetings, ​adventurer! We lay before you this most comprehensive gazetteer encompassing all the streets of Ankh-Morpork, as well as information on its principal businesses, hotels, taverns, inns, and places of entertainment and refreshment, enhanced by the all-new and compleat map of our great city state. Our city has grown well beyond its ancient walls, but the remit of this commission from the honourable Guild of Merchants was to 'map the city', the pulsing organ of commerce and culture, the heart as opposed to the body, and this we have done. In spades. We ask that when you pore over this glorious work you spare some thought for the humble cartographers and surveyors who made journeys into the darker corners of our metropolis - no less dangerous than the wilds of Skund or Bhangbhangduc. To some the only memorial is the map you now possess. Others, in their quest for knowledge, paid the highest price that scholarship demands, which is to say, a day off in lieu. And so we dedicate this map and these accompanying words to the officers, councilors and members of the Merchants' Guild and to all who will find in its pages paths yet to tread and places yet to explore within the magnificent wonder that is the city of Ankh-Morpork.

Terry Pratchett - Wings
"It ​loomed over them, so big that you had to keep on stepping back and back to see how big it was. It wasn't a thing, it was a bit of shaped sky..." Somewhere in a place so far up there is no down, a ship iswaiting to take the nomes home - back to wherever they came from. With their home in a quarry under threat, one nome -Masklin - knows that they've got to find a way of contacting this ship. It means going to Florida (wherever that is), then getting to the launch of a communications satellite (whatever that is).A ridiculous plan. Impossible. But Masklin doesn't know this so he tries to do it anyway. And the first step is to try and hitch a ride on a new kind of truck, a truck with wings - Concorde .. .He doesn't want to cause any trouble. He only wants to stealone of those space shuttle things. But when you're only four inches high in a world full of humans, things have a nasty habit of getting rather complicated...

Stephen Briggs - Terry Pratchett - The ​Streets of Ankh-Morpork
'THERE'S ​A SAYING THAT ALL ROADS LEAD TO ANKH-MORPORK. AND IT'S WRONG. ALL ROADS LEAD AWAY FROM ANKH-MORPORK, BUT SOMETIMES PEOPLE JUST WALK ALONG THE WRONG WAY' _from Moving Pictures_ Ankh-Morpork! City of One Thousand Surprises (according to the famous publication by the Guild of Merchants)! All human life is there! Although, if it walks down the wrong alley, often quite briefly! The city celebrated in the bestselling Discworld series by Terry Pratchett has been meticulously mapped for the first time. It's all here - from _Unseen University_ to the _Shades_, from major landmarks like the _Patrician's Palace_ to little-known, er, nooks like _Dwarf Bread Museum_ in _Whirligig Alley_. See the famous streets along which so many heroes have walked, in some cases quite hurriedly! As leading Ankh-Morpork entrepreneur C.M.O.T. Dibbler would say, A nip at any price - and that's cutting our own throat. Well, close.

Terry Pratchett - The ​Art of Discworld
In ​THE ART OF DISCWORLD, Terry Pratchett takes us on a guided tour of the Discworld, courtesy of his favourite Discworld artist, Paul Kidby. Following on from THE LAST HERO, THE ART OF DISCWORLD is a lavish 112-page large format, sumptuously illustrated look at all things Discworldian. Terry Pratchett provides the written descriptions while Paul Kidby illustrates the world that has made Pratchett one of the best-selling authors of all time. Here you will find favourites old and new: the City Watch, including Vimes, Carrot and Angua, the three witches - Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick - and the denizens of the Unseen University Library, not forgetting the Librarian, of course: they're all here in sumptuous colour, together with the places: Ankh-Morpork, Lancre, Uberwald and more ...No Discworld fan will want to be without this beautiful gift book.

Terry Pratchett - Stephen Briggs - The ​Wit and Wisdom of Discworld
For ​a quarter of a century, Terry Pratchett's Discworld - a flat world balanced on the backs of four elephants, which are standing on the back of a giant turtle, flying through space - has enchanted readers with its stories of a vast and diverse population, from ineffectual wizards to reformed thieves, and vampires who have foresworn the drinking of blood. It is a world that is vastly different from our own... except when is isn't. The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld is a collection of the wittiest, pithiest and wisest quotations from this mad, chaotic and seductive universe, complied by Stephen Briggs, a man who, they say, knows even more about Discworld than Terry Pratchett himself. Guaranteed to transport you back to your favourite or forgotten Discworld moments, it is the perfect book for die-hard Pratchett fans, with its comprehensive index an aid to finding specific quotations: as well as an ideal introduction for anyone coming to the Discworld for the first time.

Terry Pratchett - Rémes ​regiment
Hirtelen, ​vad ötletként kezdődött… Mellék Marinak sietve fiúvá kellett válnia. A haját levágni és nadrágot húzni könnyű volt. De azt megtanulni, hogy nyilvánosan szellentsen meg böfögjön, és hogy úgy járjon, akár egy majom, sokkal több időt vett igénybe… Aztán felcsapott a seregbe, és elveszett bátyja keresésére indult. Csak épp tombol a háború. Bár mindig is tombolt valamilyen háború. És Mari a bajtársaival bármiféle kiképzés nélkül a kellős közepén találja magát – az ellenség pedig vadászik rájuk. Az ő oldalukon ezzel szemben csupán a sereg legcsavarosabb eszű őrmestere és egy kávémániás vámpír áll. Vagyis hát… van egy Titkuk is. És ahhoz, hogy a háborút az ellenséges seregek szívében megnyerje, minden tehetségét latba kell vetnie… a Rémes regimentnek.

Terry Pratchett - Johnny ​and the Bomb
It's ​May 21, 1941, thought Johhny. It's war. Johnny Maxwell and his friends have to do something when they find Mrs Tachyon, the local bag lady, semi-conscious in an alley... as long as it's not the kiss of life. But there's more to Mrs Tachyon than a squeaky trolley and a bunch of dubious black bags. Somehow she holds the key to different times, different eras - including the Blackbury Blitz in 1941. Suddenly now isn't the safe place Johnny once thought it was as he finds himself caught up more and more with then...

Terry Pratchett - El ​último héroe
Cohen ​el Bárbaro es una leyenda viva, el héroe más grande del Mundodisco. Todavía se acuerda de las aventuras en los buenos viejos tiempos. Todavía se acuerda de cuando los héroes no tenían que enfrentarse a los dolores de espalda, ni a los chupatintas ni a las consecuencias de la «civilización». Todavía se acuerda de cómo blandir con fuerza su espada... aunque algunos días no recuerde dónde se ha dejado la dentadura postiza. Para escapar a la decrepitud y alcanzar una muerte gloriosa, Cohen reúne a sus viejos (muy viejos) compañeros de la Horda de Plata con la intención de llevar a cabo una última gesta heroica. Ascenderán a la cima más alta del Mundodisco para ver a los dioses y devolverles lo que el primer héroe les robó. Con intereses. El único problema es que puede significar el fin del mundo si nadie los detiene a tiempo. Una fábula de héroes de otros tiempos que sueñan con ser recordados, de invenciones geniales, de dioses que juegan a los dados... El último héroe, la vigesimoséptima entrega de la serie del Mundodisco, es una historia narrada mediante palabras e imágenes: un nuevo texto del genial Terry Pratchett que posee, como él mismo afirmó, «una dimensión extra, pues algunas partes están escritas en los dibujos» realizados por Paul Kidby, ilustrador oficial del Mundodisco.

Terry Pratchett - La ​huitième couleur
Dans ​une dimension lointaine et passablement farfelue, un monde en forme de disque est juché sur le dos d'une tortue. À Ankh-Morpork, l'une des villes de ce Disque-Monde, les habitants croyaient avoir tout vu. Et Deuxfleurs avait l'air tellement inoffensif, bonhomme chétif fidèlement escorté par un Bagage de bois magique circulant sur une myriade de petites jambes. Tellement inoffensif que le Praticien avait chargé le calamiteux sorcier Rincevent de sa sécurité dans la cité quadrillée par la guilde des voleurs et celle des assassins ; mission périlleuse et qui va les conduire loin : dans une caverne de dragons et peut-être jusqu'aux rebords du Disque. Car Deuxfleurs appartenait à l'espèce la plus redoutable qui soit : c'était un touriste...

Terry Pratchett - La ​verdad
A ​William de Worde, editor accidental del primer periódico del Mundodisco, siempre le ha preocupado la naturaleza de la verdad. Sabe que se esconde en lugares improbables y cuenta con sirvientes extraños. Pero mientras la busca, no le queda más remedio que lidiar con los tracionales problemas de la profesión periodística, como que... ... todos creen que quieren noticias, pero lo que realmente ansían es leer las cosas que ya saben... ... en cuanto abre el cuaderno y empuña el lápiz, muchos se le acercan sonrientes y formales, otros enmudecen y algunos preferirían directamente verle muerto... ... y de alguna, de alguna forma las hortalizas con formas graciosas siempre terminan colándose en cada edición. Competencia feroz. Titulares. Erratas. Cobrar cada semana. Y para colmo, la prensa nunca deja de tener hambre: hay que llenar espacio a toda costa. Aunque tal vez lo que se ha escrito solo sea cierto hatsa la próxima edición. Porque si la verdad se pone las botas, correr tras las mentiras no es lo único que puede hacer.

Terry Pratchett - Dioses ​menores
La ​encantadora oportunidad de entrar en esta serie protagonizada por un planeta circular y plano que viaja por el espacio sobre cuatro tortugas. Su autor parodia, con elegancia inglesa, la guerra, las religiones y hace humor imaginativo de infinidad de disparates humanos.

Terry Pratchett - Steven Ross - The ​Colour of Magic
In ​a distant and second-hand set of dimensions, in an astral plane that was never meant to fly . . . Imagine a flat world, sitting on the backs of four elephants who hurtle through space balanced on a giant turtle. The Discworld is a place (and a time) parallel to our own—but also very different. That is the setting for Terry Pratchett's phenomenally successful Discworld series, which now celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. The Discworld Graphic Novels presents the very first two volumes of this much-loved series in graphic novel form. First published fifteen years ago, these fully illustrated versions are now issued for the first time in hardback. Introduced here are the bizarre misadventures of Twoflower, the Discworld's first ever tourist, and possibly—portentously—its last, and his guide Rincewind, the spectacularly inept wizard. Not to mention the Luggage, which has a mind of its own.

Terry Pratchett - Moving ​Pictures
The ​alchemists of the Discworld have discovered the magic of the silver screen. But what is the dark secret of Holy Wood hill? It's up to Victor Tugelbend ("Can't sing. Can't dance. Can handle a sword a little") and Theda Withel ("I come from a little town you've probably never heard of") to find out... Moving Pictures, the tenth Discworld novel, is a gloriously funny saga set against the background of a world gone mad!

Terry Pratchett - Ruhig ​Blut!
König ​Verence ist der aufgeklärte Herrscher des kleinen Landes Lancre auf der Scheibenwelt. Als er mit alten Vorurteilen aufräumen will und hochgestellte Vampire aus Überwald zu einer Taufe einlädt, erweisen sich diese als ebenso modern: Durch alten Schnickschnack wie Knoblauch lassen sie sich nicht schrecken. So sind Nanny Ogg, Oma Wetterwachs und der junge Priester Hilbert Himmelwärts schon bald in den schönsten Krieg zwischen Hexen und Vampiren verwickelt.

Terry Pratchett - Dinero ​a mansalva
Se ​acaba de «liberar» -ejem- una importantísima vacante para dirigir, al tiempo, la casa de la moneda de Ankh-Morpork y el banco más importante de la ciudad. Y ¿quién mejor para ocuparla que Húmedo von Mustachen, ex delincuente y gran artista de las estafas, de encanto legendario? Es una oferta que no puede rechazarse. Sobr e todo cuando la hace el despiadado tirano de la metrópoli, lord Vetinari.Es una suerte que Húmedo necesite distraerse de su rutina de funcionario. Imposible aburrirse cuando se tiene que hacer cargo de la reforma de unas prácticas bancarias centenarias, por no hablar de los empleados viciados, un cajero jefe posiblemente vampírico y un presidente que hay que pasear cada día. Y menos mal que es un superviviente nato, porque su turbulento pasado está a punto de salir a la luz y el Gremio de Asesinos no tardará en dar con él... Ah, y además un mago de trescientos años persigue a su novia...Húmedo está haciendo enemigos por doquier, cuando lo que debería estar haciendo es... ¡dinero a mansalva!«Tan brillante y reluciente como una moneda recién acuñada: ingenioso, ameno y para morirse de risa.»The Times

Terry Pratchett - Stephen Briggs - The ​New Discworld Companion
The ​Discworld started out as fantasy, but now it's all real. The seasoned Discworld traveller knows exactly how to get from Madam's Gardens to the Mended Drum (left up Easy Street, right onto Welcome Soap, fork left onto Filigree Street and the Drum is on the left, just opposite the Short Street turn). Travelling around a world so well-defined, but dangerous, without a guide, could be a very courageous choice. Since the last revision to _The Discworld® Companion_, new areas of the Disc have been explored, new characters discovered. We've trembled under the chandelier at the Ankh-Morpork Opera House, we've flown with vampyres over the mysterious country of Überwald, we've sliced through time with the History Monks and we've marvelled at Mr Wintler's humorously shaped vegetables. This new, revised edition of the best-selling guide to the world's most famous fictional world covers its flora and fauna, its outstanding personalities, its customs, its institutions. 'The Discworld is more complicated and satisfactory than Oz. It has an intelligent wit and truly original grim and comic grasp of the nature of things.' A. S. Byatt, winner of the Booker Prize 'An essential guide to Terry Pratchett's phenomenal Discworld books... a must for established fans and beginners alike' _Daily Express_

Terry Pratchett - Stephen Baxter - The ​Long War
A ​generation after the events of _The Long Earth_, mankind has spread across the new worlds opened up by Stepping. Where Joshua and Lobsang once pioneered, now fleets of airships link the stepwise Americas with trade and culture. Mankind is shaping the Long Earth - but in turn the Long Earth is shaping mankind ... A new 'America', called Valhalla, is emerging more than a million steps from Datum Earth, with core American values restated in the plentiful environment of the Long Earth - and Valhalla is growing restless under the control of the Datum government... Meanwhile the Long Earth is suffused by the song of the trolls, graceful hive-mind humanoids. But the trolls are beginning to react to humanity's thoughtless exploitation ... Joshua, now a married man, is summoned by Lobsang to deal with a gathering multiple crisis that threatens to plunge the Long Earth into a war unlike any mankind has waged before.

Terry Pratchett - Eric
Eric ​is the Discworld's only demonology hacker. Pity he's not very good at it. All he wants is his three wishes granted. Nothing fancy: to be immortal, to rule the world and have the most beautiful woman in the world fall madly in love with him. The usual stuff. But instead of a tractable demon, Eric calls up Rincewind, the most incompetent wizard in the universe, and his extremely intractable and hostile travel accessory, the Luggage. With them on his side, Eric's in for a ride through space and time that is bound to make him wish (quite fervently) again - this time that he'd never been born.

Terry Pratchett - Soul ​music (spanyol)
Acaban ​de recordarle a Susan, para su desgracia, que hay una Muerte en la familia. Y precisamente ahora ésta acaba de desaparecer y deberá ser ella (su nieta adoptiva) quien se encargue del negocio familiar. Sin embargo, pese a montar el caballo blanco y empuñar la guadaña, todos parecen empeñados en querer confundirla con un hada. Y por si con todo ello no hubiera bastante, la Música con Rocas Dentro se está adueñando de Mundodisco. Es nueva y pegadiza. Tiene ritmo y se puede bailar. Soul Music, decimosexta entrega de la serie de Mundodisco, es una historia sobre la memoria y el deseo de olvidar. Y también es una historia de sexo, drogas y Música con Rocas Dentro (o, al menos, sobre una de las tres).

Terry Pratchett - Monstrous ​Regiment
It ​began as a sudden strange fancy... Polly Perks had to become a boy in a hurry. Cutting off her hair and wearing trousers was easy. Learning to fart and belch in public and walk like an ape took more time... And now she's enlisted in the army, and is searching for her lost brother. But there's a war on. There's always a war on. And Polly and her fellow recruits are suddenly in the thick of it, without any training, and the enemy is hunting them. All they have on their side is the most artful sergeant in the army and a vampire with a lust for coffee. Well... they have the Secret. And as they take the war to the heart of the enemy, they have to use all the resources of... the Monstrous Regiment.

Terry Pratchett - Ian Stewart - Jack Cohen - The ​Science of Discworld IV - Judgement Day
A ​brilliant new Discworld story from Terry Pratchett. The fourth book in the Science of Discworld series, and this time around dealing with THE REALLY BIG QUESTIONS, Terry Pratchett's brilliant new Discworld story Judgement Day is annotated with very big footnotes (the interleaving chapters) by mathematician Ian Stewart and biologist Jack Cohen, to bring you a mind-mangling combination of fiction, cutting-edge science and philosophy. Marjorie Dawe is a librarian, and takes her job -- and indeed the truth of words -- very seriously. She doesn't know it, but her world and ours -- Roundworld -- is in big trouble. On Discworld, a colossal row is brewing. The Wizards of the Unseen University feel responsible for Roundworld (as one would for a pet gerbil). After all, they brought it into existence by bungling an experiment in Quantum ThaumoDynamics. But legal action is being brought against them by Omnians, who say that the Wizards' god-like actions make a mockery of their noble religion. As the finest legal brains in Discworld (a zombie and a priest) gird their loins to do battle -- and when the Great Big Thing in the High Energy Magic Laboratory is switched on -- Marjorie Dawe finds herself thrown across the multiverse and right in the middle of the whole explosive affair. As God, the Universe and, frankly, Everything Else is investigated by the trio, you can expect world-bearing elephants, quantum gravity in the Escher-verse, evolutionary design, eternal inflation, dark matter, disbelief systems -- and an in-depth study of how to invent a better mousetrap.

Terry Pratchett - Night ​Watch
Truth! ​Justice! Freedom! And a hard-boiled egg! Commander Sam Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch had it all. But now he's back in his own rough, tough past without even the clothes he was standing up in when the lightning struck. Living in the past is hard. Dying in the past is incredibly easy. But he must survive, because he has a job to do. He must track down a murderer, teach his younger self how to be a good copper and change the outcome of a bloody rebellion. There's a problem: if he wins, he's got no wife, no child, no future. A Discworld Tale of One City, with a full chorus of street urchins, ladies of negotiable affection, rebels, secret policemen and other children of the revolution.

Terry Pratchett - Carpe ​Jugulum (francia)
Jour ​de fête au pays de Lancre : Vérence (ex-membre de la Guilde des Fous) et Magrat (ex-sorcière), le couple royal, vont baptiser leur petite fille. Vérence a invité bon nombre de familles nobles du coin mais il a commis une erreur de taille en conviant les Margopyr, vieille famille de vampyres du royaume d'à-côté. Lassés de leur vieux château, ces vampyres amateurs de vin rouge ont bien l'intention de s'installer à demeure à Lancre. Les sorcières Mémé, Nounou et Agnès sont décidées à leur faire la peau. Mais comment combattre des vampyres qui mangent des petits fours à l'ail et se baignent dans l'eau bénite ?

Terry Pratchett - Stephen Briggs - A ​Tourist Guide to Lancre
Not ​only an artistic and breathtaking view of Lancre but also an interesting and informative guide to one of the Discworld's more, er, picturesque kingdoms. Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick live there. Lancre could hardly be somwhere ordinary, could it? Magic glues the Discworld together and a lot of it ends up in Lancre, principal Kingdom of the Ramtop Mountains. Between Uberwald and Whale Bay, the Octarine Grass Country and the Windersins Ocean lies the most exciting and dangerous terrain in all Discworld. The Ramtops supply Discworld with most of its witches and wizards. The leaves on the trees move even when there is no breeze. Rocks go for a stroll in the evening. Even the land, at times, seems alive. The mapp may be only two-dimensional, but watch it very carefully and you might just see it jostle about a bit.

Terry Pratchett - Only ​You Can Save Mankind
If ​not you, who else? As the mighty alien fleet from the latest computer game thunders across the screen, Johnny prepares to blow them into the usual million pieces. And they send him a message: We surrender. They're not supposed to do that! They're supposed to die. And computer joysticks don't have 'Don't Fire' buttons...

Terry Pratchett - Dodger
Dodger ​is a tosher - a sewer scavenger living in the squalor of Dickensian London. Everyone who is nobody knows him. Anyone who is anybody doesn't. He used to know his future; it involved a lot of brick-lined tunnels and plenty of filth. But when he rescues a young girl from a beating, things start to get really messy. Now everyone who is anyone wants to get their hands on Dodger.

Terry Pratchett - The ​Bromeliad
Truckers, ​Diggers, and Wings: To the thousands of tiny nomes living under the floorboards of a large department Store, there is no Outside. They have no day or night, no sun or rain. They're just daft old legends. Until they hear the devastating news that the Store is to be demolished... And so their journey begins. From the Store to an abandoned quarry - where they find the monster Jekub - and on to a place where they must steal one of those space shuttle things, all the nomes want is to get home again. They don't _mean_ to cause any trouble... A magnificent trilogy of tales about a race of little people struggling to survive in a world full of humans.

Terry Pratchett - Stephen Briggs - The ​Discworld Mapp
They ​said it couldn't be done. Well, it has been done, proving them wrong once again. After years of research, cunningly contrived in as many minutes, the Discworld has its map. It takes full account of the historic and much documented expeditions of the Discworld's feted (or at least fated) explorers: General Sir Roderick Purdeigh, Lars Larsnephew, Llamedos Jones, Lady Alice Venturi, Ponce da Quirm and, of course, Venter Borass. Now travellers on this circular world can see it all: from Klatch to the Ramtops, from Cori Celesti to the Circle Sea, from Genua to Bhangbhangduc. The great cities of Hunghung, Pseudopolis, Al Khali and, of course, Ankh-Morpork are placed with loving care upon this world which is carried through space by Great A'Tuin.

Terry Pratchett - The ​Witch's Vacuum Cleaner
Rabbits ​are bouncing out of his hat, pigeons are flying out of his jacket and every time he points his finger, something magically appears – cheese sandwiches, socks . . . even a small yellow elephant on wheels! It’s becoming a real nuisance – and he’s allergic to rabbits. His friends at the Magic Rectangle can’t help, but the mysterious vacuum cleaner he saw that morning may have something to do with it . . . Fourteen fantastically funny stories from master storyteller Sir Terry Pratchett, full of food fights, pirates, wizards and crooks! ‘Arresting stuff! So funny it’s criminal!’ – PC Gorsebush Jones

Terry Pratchett - Bűbájos ​bajok
Volt ​egyszer egy szegény ember, s annak nyolc fia. A nyolcadik fiú felnőtt, megházasodott, és lett nyolc fia, s mivel csupán egyetlen foglalkozás jöhet szóba egy nyolcadik fiú nyolcadik fiának esetében, hát varázslónak állt. És bölcs lett meg hatalmas, na jó, mindenesetre hatalmas, s viselte a csúcsos kalapot, és itt a vége, fuss el véle... Itt kellett volna vége legyen... Ám a férfi elmenekült a varázslatok csarnokából, szerelembe esett, megházasodott - nem feltétlen ebben a sorrendben. És lett neki hét fia, mind már a bölcsőben olyan hatalmas, mint akármelyik varázsló kerek e világon. És aztán lett egy nyolcadik fia... Egy varázsló a négyzeten. Az igézés, bűvölés, bájolás, varázsolás, egyszóval a mágia forrása. Egy bűbájos.