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David Almond - The ​Fire-eaters
Bobby ​Burns knows he's a lucky lad. Growing up in sleepy Keely Bay, Bobby is exposed to all manner of wondrous things: stars reflecting off the icy sea, a friend that can heal injured fawns with her dreams, a man who can eat fire. But darkness seems to be approaching Bobby's life from all sides. Bobby's new school is a cold, cruel place. His father is suffering from a mysterious illness that threatens to tear his family apart. And the USA and USSR are testing nuclear missiles and creeping closer and closer to a world-engulfing war. Together with his wonder-working friend, Ailsa Spink, and the fire-eating illusionist McNulty, Bobby will learn to believe in miracles that will save the people and place he loves.

David Almond - The ​Colour of the Sun
This ​is a moving, funny and inspirational novel from the bestselling author of Skellig. "The day is long, the world is wide, you're young and free." One hot summer morning, Davie steps boldly out of his front door. The world he enters is very familiar - the little Tyneside town that has always been his home - but as the day passes, it becomes ever more mysterious. A boy has been killed, and Davie thinks he might know who is responsible. He turns away from the gossip and excitement and sets off roaming towards the sunlit hills above the town. As the day goes on, the real and the imaginary start to merge, and Davie knows that neither he nor his world will ever be the same again. This an outstanding novel full of warmth and light, from a multi-award-winning author. David Almond says: 'I guess it embodies my constant astonishment at being alive in this beautiful, weird, extraordinary world.'

David Almond - Bone ​Music
This ​wonderful tale transports the reader from the city to the forests and fells of Northern England. Under a boundless starry sky, the unforgettable Sylvia Carr reconnects with the ancient past and discovers what it really means to be young in the world today. Sylvia, brave hearted and rebellious, moves into wild Northumberland from the city of Newcastle. She feels alien in this huge, silent, seemingly empty landscape, but then she meets Gabriel, a strange yet familiar boy. As they roam the forests and fells together, she sees nature with new eyes. She becomes aware that the past is all around her, and is deep inside herself. From the wing of a dead buzzard, they create a hollow bone - the kind of flute that was created and used in rituals in the distant past. This is a book of hope and joy - a book that celebrates humanity and explores the deep connections between ourselves and nature. It is timely and original. It speaks to young people about what it really is to be a human being alive today. "Spell-binding... impossible to resist... breathless, intoxicating prose. [Almond's] books seem to exist in their own otherworldly universe, outside all the trends in modern publishing, yet resolutely of the now." The Glasgow Herald "David Almond's books are strange, unsettling wild things - unfettered by the normal constraints of children's literature. They are, like all great literature, beyond classification." The Guardian "[David Almond] is that rare thing - a writer of lucid, mature elegance, who can still see the world through adolescent eyes." The Daily Telegraph "A writer of visionary Blakean intensity." The Times "A master storyteller." The Independent

David Almond - A ​nap színe
Az ​Andersen-díjas David Almond legújabb regénye! "Davie a zöld rágót rágja, összekeveri a szájában a lila maradékával. Annyira édes, annyira finom. A sokszínű fényre gondol, ami most a testében van, és tetszik neki a gondolat. Megy tovább. Fölfelé megy. Már tudja, hogy meg fogja írni ennek a napnak a történetét. Az lesz a címe, hogy Jimmy Killen halála vagy Hulla az építkezésen vagy Vér a zöld kockás ingen vagy A pitében lakó lélek. Vagy az is lehet, hogy valami másról ad majd neki címet, olyasmiről, ami történni fog, amiről még nem tudhatja, hogy mi lesz, amit a nap hátralévő része hoz." David Almond regénye a felnőtté válás elsöprő izgalmával csodálkozik rá a felfedezésre váró világra.

David Almond - Agyag
Idegen ​érkezik a városba. Stephen Rose a neve. A bőre akár a viasz, a szaga émelyítő, de a tekintete megbabonáz. Nincsenek szülei. Nincsenek barátai. Beköltözik Flúgos Maryhez. Az emberek mindenféléket beszélnek róla. Egy dolog azonban biztos: varázslat van azokban a fura szobrokban, amelyeket agyagból készít. No és Davie meg Geordie? Tartsák magukat távol tőle? Vagy inkább barátkozzanak össze vele? Szövetségesük lehet-e az idegen a szörnyű Mouldy meg a haverjai ellen folytatott harcukban?

David Almond - Heaven ​Eyes
Erin ​Law and her friends are Damaged Children. At least that is the label given to them by Maureen, the woman who runs the orphanage that they live in. Damaged, Beyond Repair because they have no parents to take care of them. But Erin knows that if they care for each other they can put up with the psychologists, the social workers, the therapists -- at least most of the time. Sometimes there is nothing left but to run away, to run for freedom. And that is what Erin and two friends do, run away one night downriver on a raft. What they find on their journey is stranger than you can imagine, maybe, and you might not think it's true. But Erin will tell you it is all true. And the proof is a girl named Heaven Eyes, who sees through all the darkness in the world to the joy that lies beneath.

David Almond - The ​True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean
I ​wos a secrit shy and tungtied emptyheded thing. I wos tort to read and rite and spell by my tenda littl muther & by Mr McCaufrey the butcha & by Missus Malone and her gosts. So I am not cleva, so please forgiv my folts and my mistayks. I am the won that glares into your harts & that prowls insyde yor deepist dremes. Wonce I was The Anjel Childe. Now I am The Monster. Just read and lissen and take note. Let the words enter yor blud & boans. I am Billy Dean. This is the truth. This is my tale.

David Almond - Counting ​Stars
David ​Almond’s extraordinary novels have established him as an author of unique insight and skill. These stories encapsulate his endless sense of mystery and wonderment, as they weave a tangible tapestry of growing up in a large, loving family. Here are the kernels of his novels—joy and fear, darkness and light, the healing power of love and imagination in overcoming the wounds of ignorance and prejudice. These stories merge memory and dream, the real and the imagined, in a collection of exquisite tenderness.

David Almond - Je ​m'appelle Mina
Écrire ​sera comme un voyage, chaque mot sera un pas qui m’emmènera vers une terre inconnue... Mina jou avec les mots, invente des histoires, raconte sa vie de tous les jours, le bonheur d’alle se percher dans son arbe et de regarder la vie d’en haut, parmi les oiseaux, loin du monde d’en bas où elle a si peur. C’est d’amitié et de liberté que nous parle Mina. Écrire lui permettra-t-il de nous confier son secret et de s’ouvrir enfin au monde ?

David Almond - My ​Name is Mina
"There's ​an empty notebook lying on the table in the moonlight. It's been there for an age. I keep on saying that I'll write a journal. So I'll start right here, right now. I open the book and write the very first words: My name is Mina and I love the night. Then what shall I write? I can't just write that this happened then this happened then this happened to boring infinitum. I'll let my journal grow just like the mind does, just like a tree or a beast does, just like life does. Why should a book tell a tale in a dull straight line?" And so Mina writes and writes in her notebook, and through her stories, thoughts, lessons and dreams, Mina's journal and mind grow into something extraordinary. In this stunning book, David Almond revisits Mina before she has met Michael, before she has met Skellig, in what is a thought-provoking and extraordinary prequel to his best-selling debut novel, Skellig - winner of the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Children's Book Award. David Almond is also winner of the 2010 Hans Christian Andersen award.

David Almond - The ​Boy Who Climbed into the Moon
A ​magnificent tale of crackpot notions and sky-high courage - from David Almond, the master of magical realism, with illustrations by the award-winning Polly Dunbar.Paul believes that the moon is not the moon, but is a great hole in the sky. It's one of many strange ideas that he's never told anyone (at school he was told that he had no ideas at all), until he meets Molly, his irrepressible neighbour, who begins to convince him that his theory might just change the world. Helped by a very long ladder, some highly irregular characters, two rather worried parents and a great deal of community spirit, Paul takes to the sky. But his astonishing discovery there can't keep him away for long - what is waiting for him back at home is turning out to be better than he'd ever imagined...

David Almond - My ​Dad's a Birdman
Join ​a father and daughter as they find their wings together and take to the skies in this funny, tender tale from the master of contemporary storytelling. Lizzie and Dad live in a rainy town in the north of England. It's just the two of them, and Auntie Doreen, who pops round to check Lizzie's spellings and tell Dad he's daft – and make them nice hot dumplings. But today there's something unusual going on: why is Dad building himself a pair of wings and studying the birds to see how they fly? The Great Human Bird Competition of course!

David Almond - Klaus ​Vogel and the Bad Lads
Fleeing ​persecution in his homeland, German refugee Klaus Vogel arrives in a small English town where the local gang take him under their wing. They call themselves the Bad Lads, but it's all mischief and harmless tricks, never any real trouble. But then leader Joe starts to encourage increasingly hateful pranks and Klaus has to make a stand for what he thinks is right. Poignant and powerful tale set in the wake of World War II.

David Almond - The ​Dam
A ​haunting, stunningly illustrated story of loss, hope, and the power of music from multi-award winners David Almond and Levi Pinfold. Kielder Water is a wild and beautiful place, rich in folk music and legend. Years ago, before a great dam was built to fill the valley with water, there were farms and homesteads in that valley and musicians who livened their rooms with song. After the village was abandoned and before the waters rushed in, a father and daughter returned there. The girl began to play her fiddle, bringing her tune to one empty house after another -- for this was the last time that music would be heard in that place. With exquisite artwork by Levi Pinfold, David Almond's lyrical narrative -- inspired by a true tale -- pays homage to his friends Mike and Kathryn Tickell and all the musicians of Northumberland, to show that music is ancient and unstoppable, and that dams and lakes cannot overwhelm it.

David Almond - Kit's ​Wilderness
Written ​in haunting, lyrical prose, Kit’s Wilderness *examines the bonds of family from one generation to the next, and explores how meaning and beauty can be revealed from the depths of darkness. The Watson family moves to Stoneygate, an old coal-mining town, to care for Kit’s recently widowed grandfather. When Kit meets John Askew, another boy whose family has both worked and died in the mines, Askew invites Kit to join him in playing a game called Death. As Kit’s grandfather tells him stories of the mine’s past and the history of the Watson family, Askew takes Kit into the mines, where the boys look to find the childhood ghosts of their long-gone ancestors. A Michael L. Printz Award Winner An ALA Notable Book A Publishers Weekly Best Book

David Almond - Secret ​Heart
Joe ​lives with his mother in Helmouth, a forgotten village crumbling on the edge of the suburbs. His days are spent trying to evade the demands of school and the taunts of the local bullies. Joe's friend, Stanny, insists that Joe must toughen up, become a survivor - and he is adamant that a weekend in the wilderness with Stanny and his Uncle Joff will do the trick. Into Joe's unhappy world comes Hackenschmidt's Circus, and with it the strangely familiar Corinna. She tells Joe, 'In the circus there is a secret heart' - a place of contained wildness where the barriers between the human and animal world are fluid. And indeed, Joe's dreams are already stalked by a tiger, so real that his skin and its pelt begin to feel as one...

David Almond - The ​Tale of Angelino Brown
Bert ​and Betty Brown have got themselves a little angel. What a wonder! But not everyone is happy about his arrival. Watch your back, Bert! Watch your back, Betty! Evil is afoot...

David Almond - Mouse ​Bird Snake Wolf
The ​gods have created a world that is safe and calm and rather wonderful. They have built mountains, forests, and seas and filled the world with animals, people, and unnamed beasts. Now their days are fat with long naps in the clouds, mutual admiration, and tea and cake. But their world has gaps in it filled with emptiness, gaps that intrigue Harry, Sue, and little Ben until they begin to see what might fill them. One by one the children conjure, from twigs and leaves and stones, a mousy thing, a chirpy thing, and a twisty legless thing. But as the children’s ideas grow bolder, the power of their visions proves greater and more dangerous than they, or the gods, could ever have imagined. Is it possible to unmake what’s been made?

David Almond - Harry ​Miller's Run
"That's ​reet, lad! Run! There's a wolf at your tail! Run for your lovely life!" A joyful, uplifting story of times gone by, from the internationally acclaimed author of Skellig. A joyful, uplifting story of times gone by from the internationally acclaimed author of Skellig, illustrated in full colour by the award-winning illustrator of A Walk in London. Liam just wants to go out running with his mates – it’s not long till the Junior Great North Run, and there’s training to be done. But Mam needs him today, to help old Harry clear out his house. Harry knows a thing or two about running. When he was a lad, he says, he ran all the way from Newcastle to South Shields. “But Harry,” says Mam, “that’s thirteen miles!” Harry grins. “Different times,” he says. This is the story of that day: of sweltering heat, clattering boots, briny sea air and the heavenly taste of ice cream; the day when Harry and his pals ran and ran and ran through the blazing sunlight all the way to the sea.

David Almond - The ​Color of the Sun
One ​hot summer morning, only weeks after his father's death, Davie steps out his front door into the familiar streets of the Tyneside town that has always been his home. But this seemingly ordinary day takes on an air of mystery and tragedy as the residents learn that a boy has been killed. Despite the threat of a murderer on the loose, Davie turns away from the gossip and sets off toward the sunlit hill above town, where the real and imaginary worlds begin to blur around him. As he winds his way up the hillside, Davie sees things that seem impossible but feel utterly right, that renew his wonder and instill him with hope. Full of the intense excitement of growing up, David Almond's tale leaves both the reader and Davie astonished at the world and eager to explore it.

David Almond - Skellig
Amikor ​a költözés és kishúga betegsége felborítja Michael életét, a fiú hirtelen magányos és bizonytalan lesz. Aztán egy vasárnap délután belopózik a romos garázsba, és valami varázslatosan különlegeset talál. Egy fura lényt, akinek szüksége van Michaelra, hogy életben maradhasson. Mina, a szomszéd kislány segítségével Michael meggyógyítja Skelliget, és a gyerekek élete örökre megváltozik.

David Almond - The ​Fire Eaters
Bobby ​Burns knows he's a lucky lad. Growing up in sleepy Keely Bay, Bobby is exposed to all manner of wondrous things: stars reflecting off the icy sea, a friend that can heal injured fawns with her dreams, a man who can eat fire. But darkness seems to be approaching Bobby's life from all sides. Bobby's new school is a cold, cruel place. His father is suffering from a mysterious illness that threatens to tear his family apart. And the USA and USSR are testing nuclear missiles and creeping closer and closer to a world-engulfing war. Together with his wonder-working friend, Ailsa Spink, and the fire-eating illusionist McNulty, Bobby will learn to believe in miracles that will save the people and place he loves.

David Almond - War ​is Over
From ​the bestselling, award-winning author of SKELLIG comes a vivid and moving story, beautifully illustrated, which commemorates the hundred-year anniversary of the end of the First World War. "I am just a child," says John. "How can I be at war?" It's 1918, and war is everywhere. John's dad is fighting in the trenches far away in France. His mum works in the munitions factory just along the road. His teacher says that John is fighting, too, that he is at war with enemy children in Germany. One day, in the wild woods outside town, John has an impossible moment: a meeting with a German boy named Jan. John catches a glimpse of a better world, in which children like Jan and himself can come together, and scatter the seeds of peace. Gorgeously illustrated by David Litchfield, this is a book to treasure.

David Almond - Clay
Another ​lyrical and gripping read from the multi-award winner, David Almond. With fascination, Davie and his best friend Geordie watch the arrival of a new boy, Stephen Rose, in their town. His history is a mystery, he seems to have come from nowhere, and when he arrives to live with his distant aunt, the local 'loony', 'Crazy Mary', no one envies him his new home. But perhaps he's the answer to Davie and Geordie's prayers - a secret weapon in their war against monstrous Mouldy and his gang? Intrigued by him, gradually Davie and Geordie befriend Stephen. But they are heading innocently down a dangerous path that brings with it a monster of an entirely unexpected nature. Their encounter with the mysterious Stephen is as incredible as it is menacing, and as the true shocking story of Stephen's past slowly emerges, Davie's life is changed forever.

David Almond - A ​Song for Ella Grey
"I'm ​the one who's left behind. I'm the one to tell the tale. I knew them both...knew how they lived and how they died." Claire is Ella Grey's best friend. She's there when the whirlwind arrives on the scene: catapulted into a North East landscape of gutted shipyards; of high arched bridges and ancient collapsed mines. She witnesses a love so dramatic it is as if her best friend has been captured and taken from her. But the loss of her friend to the arms of Orpheus is nothing compared to the loss she feels when Ella is taken from the world. This is her story - as she bears witness to a love so complete; so sure, that not even death can prove final.

David Almond - Szárnyak ​titka
Michael ​egyáltalán nem erre számított. Azt ígérték, minden csodálatos lesz, s ehelyett egy elhanyagolt, öreg házba költöztek. Ráadásul a húga is beteg, mindenki a kicsi körül nyüzsög. Michael egyedül marad. Beveszi magát a ház burjánzó, elvadult kertjébe, s felfedezi a düledező, szinte életveszélyes fészert... Vajon mi rejtőzik a por és piszok alatt, a pókhálók között? Ember? Vagy egy rejtélyes, furcsa, ismeretlen lény? Michael csak egyetlen emberben bízik; Minában, a különös, vad és szabad kislányban. És együtt elhatározzák, kiderítik az idegen csodálatos titkát... A regény Nagy-Britanniában 1998-ban elnyerte az év legjobb gyermekregényének járó Whitbread-díjat.

David Almond - Skellig ​(francia)
Michael ​vient de déménager et tout va de travers: il est éloigné de ses amis et sa petite soeur est malade. Mais un jour, en explorant le garage en ruines, il fait une étrange rencontre: un homme vit là, accroupi dans le noir, sans bouger. Qui est-il? D’où vient-il? Michael et Mina, sa nouvelle voisine, sont bien décidés à résoudre ce mystère… „Il gisait là, derrière des caisses, dans la pénombre et les gravats. Il était pâle, crasseux, desséché. Au début, je l’ai cru mort. Je me trompais complètement, je n’allais pas tarder à le savoir. J’allais bientȏt découvrir qu’il n’y avait rien au monde plus vivant que lui…”

David Almond - Csókás ​nyár
Pedig ​ez is csak úgy indult, mint bármelyik észak-angliai nyár. Az idő csodaszép. A tizennégy éves Liam számára most kezdődik a szünet. De azon a napon, amikor barátjával, Max-szel követni kezd egy hangosan csattogó csókát, a fiú élete visszafordíthatatlanul megváltozik… Egy elhagyatott épület előtt egy gondosan takaróba bugyolált kisbaba fekszik. Az anyja elhagyta… És ezzel kezdetét veszi a csókás nyár. A nyár, amikor a barátságok megmérettetnek. A nyár, amikor a jó és a rossz közötti határ elmosódni látszik. A nyár, amelyet Liam sosem fog elfelejteni!

David Almond - The ​Tightrope Walkers
The ​Tightrope Walkers by David Almond - a novel of young love and tragedy from the prizewinning author of Skellig 'I was born in a hovel on the banks of the Tyne...'Dominic Hall grows up in the sixties on a brand-new estate, along with the other families who escaped the river. But the Tyne is still an overwhelming presence, and most of the fathers work in the shipyards. Dom is torn between his new mates: Holly Stroud, his enchanting neighbour, and Vincent McAlinden, who's something else altogether - a wild, dangerous boy with murderous instincts. After his mother's death, Dom has to decide who he is, what he wants to be - and then face up to the consequences.Deeply moving with a unique narrative voice, The Tightrope Walkers will be loved by fans of Roddy Doyle, Irvine Welsh and Ross Raisin, as well as readers familiar with David Almond's masterful novel The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean, and the hugely popular Skellig. 'Almond is a master storyteller' Independent'Not only dramatically and emotionally suspenseful, it is also vividly drawn and wonderfully well-paced, as we might expect from a master storyteller' John Burnside on THE TRUE TALE OF THE MONSTER BILLY DEAN, GuardianDavid Almond is the author of Skellig and other novels and plays for adults and children. He has won many prestigious awards including the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2010, the Carnegie Medal and two Whitbreads. His first novel for adults, The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean was published in 2011.He was born in Newcastle, grew up on Tyneside and now lives with his family in Northumberland.

David Almond - A ​vadóc
A ​tizenéves Blue Baker egy történetet ír... Nem varázslókról meg tündérekről, nem holmi "boldogan éltek, míg meg nem haltak"-ról szóló mesét, hanem egy igaz történetet félelemről, vérről, kalandokról. Mert ilyen a való élet. Legalábbis Blue számára. Mivel meghalt az édesapja, és Hopper, a városi vagány rászállt. Aztán Blue története saját életet kezd élni - fura, vad, varázslatos és sötét életet... És amikor a történet főszereplője, vadóc, éjszaka meglátogatja Hoppert, Blue-nak el kell gondolkoznia azon, hogy hol végződik ő, és hol kezdődik a vadóc. David Almond csodálatos sztoriját Dave McKean fantasztikus illusztrációi teszik teljessé.

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A ​video message from a dead person. A larcenous teenager. A man who can stick his left toe behind his head and in his ear. An epileptic girl seeking answers in a fairy tale. A boy who loses everything in World War II, and his brother who loses even more. And a family with a secret so big that it changes everything. The world's best beloved authors each contribute a chapter in the life of the mysterious George "Gee" Keane, photographer, soldier, adventurer and enigma. Under different pens, a startling portrait emerges of a man, his family, and his gloriously complicated tangle of a life.

David Almond - Nesting
David ​Almond was a virtually unknown author when Cullercoats publisher IRON Press issued his first two collections of stories, Sleepless Nights (1985) and A Kind of Heaven (1997). In 2013, as part of IRON’s 40th birthday celebrations, a selection of these short stories for adults, alongside two previously unpublished tales. were collected in Nesting. The stories draw deeply from the Tyneside estate of Almond’s childhood, exploring the themes that would inform his later work, and displaying all the rhythm, lyricism and drive for which he is acclaimed today.