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Alan Grant - Batman
SZERZŐ: Alan Grant FORDÍTÓ: Daróczi Péter GRAFIKUS: Norm Breyfogle, Steve Mitchell Semic Interprint Nyomdai és Kiadói Kft. (Budapest) , 1992 Tűzött kötés , 50 oldal Sorozatcím: Batman Kötetszám: 23 Méret: 26 cm x 17 cm ISBN: Megjegyzés: Színes képregény.

Alan Grant - Shadow ​of the Bat - Annual 3.
Batman's ​only been on the job for a year, and he's coming face-to-face with Poison Ivy for the first time! Ivy's planning to release a toxin into the air, which will kill everybody by covering them with mushrooms. Batman must stop her, but how? A tale from Batman's early years, before the gadgets and gizmos. Before even the Batmobile! Will Batman succeed? Or will Poison Ivy gift him with the Kiss of Death?

Neil Gaiman - Alan Grant - Mark Verheiden - The ​DC Universe by Neil Gaiman
New ​York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman's rare tales of DC's greatest superheroes are collected in a single volume. Gaiman, co-creator of THE SANDMAN and author of American Gods, teams with superstar artist Andy Kubert to tell the story that truly defines the years of Batman's life in the epic "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" Also included in this title are the team-up tale GREEN LANTERN/SUPERMAN- LEGEND OF THE GREEN FLAME, and short stories starring Batman, Poison Ivy, the Riddler and others.

John Wagner - Alan Grant - Rob Williams - Michael Carroll - Judge ​Dredd: Days of Chaos - Fallout
RISING ​FROM THE ASHES! After 'Chaos Day', Mega-City One is a mere shadow of its former self. The population has fallen from 400 million to 50 million and the infrastructure is devastated. Inundated with the problems that come with a large scale disaster, a depleted Justice Department are barely able to maintain control. Legendary lawman Judge Dredd is on the frontline, battling to keep law and order intact. Has he finally met his match? This hard-hitting anthology dealing with the aftermatch of Mega-City One's darkest day includes stories from _Judge Dredd_ co-creator John Wagner, Alan Grant (_Batman_), Rob Williams (_The Royals_) and Michael Carroll (_Jennifer Blood_), with stunning art from PJ Holden (_Numbercruncher_), Laurence Campbell (_The Punisher_) and Trevor Hairsine (_Captain America_) amongst others.

Alan Grant - Shadow ​of the Bat – Annual 2.
What ​if Bruce Wayne were raised by the Scarecrow and became Big Brother to Gotham City after World War III?

Alan Grant - Dragon
Twelve ​years ago a child from a distant planet fell to Earth in a lethal hail of meteors that forever changed Smallville, Kansas. Now a teen, Clark Kent must master his alien abilities -- while radiation from the glowing green meteor fragments mutate his townspeople. Only Clark has the power to protect Smallville.

Alan Grant - Shadow ​of the Bat - Annual 5.
Joe ​Potato, Gotham's grungiest private eye, falls in love with a beautiful woman who just happens to be Poison Ivy. Batman doesn't want to interfere with the P.I.'s love life, but if he doesn't, Joe is dead.

Alan Grant - Strontium ​Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files 04
Following ​the Atom Wars of the 22nd century, many of the survivors were mutated by the Strontium 90 fallout. Unable to get regular jobs, forced into ghettoes and considered an underclass by the "norms," the only work open to them was bounty hunting. These Search/Destroy Agents - or Strontium Dogs - hunt the criminals too dangerous for the Galactic Crime Commission. One such S/D Agent is Johnny Alpha, whose eyes enable him to see through solid objects! This volume collects classic stories such as "Bitch" and "The Stone Killers."

Alan Grant - Batman: ​Phantom Stranger
The ​most mysterious man in Gotham meets the most mysterious being in the universe in order to solve the mystery of a missing civilization.

Alan Grant - John Wagner - Strontium ​Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files 03
Following ​the Atom Wars in the 22nd century, many of the survivors were mutated by the Strontium 90 fallout. Unable to get regular jobs, forced into ghettoes and considered an underclass by the 'norms,' the only work open to them was bounty hunting. These Search Destroy Agents, better known as Strontium Dogs, hunt the criminals too dangerous for the Galactic Crime Commission. One such S/D Agent is Johnny Alpha, whose eyes enable him to see through solid objects.

Alan Grant - Tank ​Girl - Apocalypse!
Join ​everybody's favourite beer-swilling, chain-smoking, kangaroo-worrying lunatic as she 'bumps' her way through another increasingly bizarre escapade. Tank Girl's back and this time she's pregnant...yes, pregnant! How will our manic heroine cope with looming motherhood? Is it Booga's? What will it look like? And what do the followers of the Blood God Baal have to do with it? Not only does she have all that to contend with, but there's also a meteorite headed straight for Earth...all this and plenty more will be revealed in this final slice of Tank Girl's lunatic adventures.

Alan Grant - Jim Starlin - Ron Marz - Ed Simmons - Silver ​Surfer Epic Collection 6. - Thanos Quest
The ​Mad Titan is on a quest for Death! The Silver Surfer may believe he has killed Thanos, but the terrible truth is that the Titan still lives - and that's bad news for the Marvel Universe, because Thanos' great love has sent him on a space-faring search for the Infinity Gems! Meanwhile, the Surfer tackles a deadly life-form and deals with the madness of Dynamo City! But when Thanos returns from his quest, glove on hand and hell-bent for revenge, do the Surfer, Galactus and Drax the Destroyer stand a chance? And whose side will Mephisto be on? Norrin Radd must face his past as events build to a confrontation that sets the stage for the cosmic epic, INFINITY GAUNTLET! COLLECTING: VOL. 6: SILVER SURFER (1987) 39-50, ANNUAL 3; THANOS QUEST 1-2; MATERIAL FROM MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (1988) 50

Alan Grant - Batman: ​Shadow of the Bat 1.
Batman ​isn’t the only masked crusader in town—and Arkham Asylum has many, many cells beyond those detaining the Penguin, the Joker, and Poison Ivy. But this is not the dark, dismal Arkham Asylum of old—this modern Arkham is run by the son of the original founder, Jeremiah Arkham. He is determined to improve on his father’s methods, and in doing so walks perilously close to the abyss of madness himself. Can Jeremiah cure the Dark Knight when Batman is committed to Arkham for killing a cop? Writer ALAN GRANT (DETECTIVE COMICS) joins artists TIM SALE (BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN), NORM BREYFOGLE (BATMAN), and more in these stories about the men and women in shadow—the shadow of the Bat! Collects BATMAN: THE SHADOW OF THE BAT #1-12!

Keith Giffen - Alan Grant - Lobo/The ​Authority: Holiday Hell
Collected ​for the first time, Lobo's three forays into the exciting holiday season! The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special, The Authority/Lobo: Jingle Hell, and The Authority/Lobo: Spring Break Massacre! Collection of the following works: Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special (1991): The Easter Bunny is tired of being second-best to Christmas, so he hires Lobo aka The Main Man to take out Santa Claus in order for him to rule over the Holidays. But nothing goes as planned when The Main Man is involved. The Authority vs. Lobo (2004): In "The Authority/Lobo: Jingle Hell", Lobo comes to the Wildstorm Universe as a young Jenny Quantum wants him to answer for his horrible crime against Old Saint Nick. The Authority/Lobo: Spring Break Massacre (2005): And finally, in "The Authority/Lobo: Spring Break Massacre", this series of holiday fun comes full circle as The Authority realize Lobo is still free in their universe and that he must be stopped before he collects his long-awaited bounty from the Easter Bunny! Jack Hawksmoor chases failed animator-turned-super villain Art Friendly from reality to reality in a story from Will Pfeifer and Scott Iwahashi. Finally, Midnighter and Apollo meet alternate reality doppelgangers in a bittersweet story by Tom Peyer and Cary Nord. Cover is uses the same art as Spring Break Massacre.

Alan Grant - Shadow ​of the Bat - Annual 1.
A ​mystery killer is making its presence felt in Gotham City, but Batman has his hands full with a drugs operation. Unfortunately, his move against them is interrupted by "Joe Public", a physical education teacher whose students have been badly affected by the drugs. Later, now on the killer's trail, Batman runs across the vigilante Pagan and agrees to work with her on this case. Their paths cross with Joe Public when the killer, a parasitic alien monster, claims some of the drug runners as victims. The three fight the monster, with Joe being attacked, his spinal fluid harvested. He is then able to turn the tide on the monster, as, surviving the attack, he gains the ability to draw power from those around him and add it to his own strength. The alien frees Gotham, and the people he had been storing are freed. The drug runners being now dead at the hands of the monster, Joe Public thinks he'll probably give up crimefighting and leave it to those with more experience.

Alan Grant - Gary Rice - John Wagner - Strontium ​Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files 02
In ​the far future Strontium-90 fallout has created a race of mutants, outcasts from society, despised by the ‘norms’ and given only the dirtiest job – bounty hunting. Johnny Alpha is one such mutant, working for the Search/Destroy Agency, hunting down the criminals for the Galactic Crime Commission, aided by his trusty Viking sidekick, Wulf. The second volume in this thrill-packed series collects together such classic stories as ‘Portrait of a Mutant’, ‘The Killing’ and ‘Outlaw’ along with a bonus strip and an extensive covers gallery.

Chuck Dixon - Alan Grant - Doug Moench - Batman: ​Prodigal
Barely ​recovered from the wounds he received in battle against Bane during the bestselling Knightfall series, the Dark Knight asks Dick Grayson, now the hero known as Nightwing, to take his place while he recovers and reexamines his quest for justice in this companion to the two Batman: Knightfall volumes and Batman: Knightsend.

Alan Grant - John Wagner - Batman/Judge ​Dredd: Judgement on Gotham
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Alan Grant - Shadow ​of the Bat - Annual 4.
The ​Legends of the Dead Earth Annuals continue. As the universe dies, its one remaining man - the Batman - recalls his battles with the forces of evil. In remembering, he gets an idea that may prove to be his salvation.

John Wagner - Alan Grant - Judge ​Dredd: The Complete Case Files 05
The ​Law at War! Judge Dredd rides into action in this fifth volume collecting together some of his most exciting cases. Arch-nemesis Judge Death rises from the grave once again in 'Judge Death Lives', citizen is pitted against citizen in 'Block Mania' and apocalypse comes to Mega-City One in the all-time classic Dredd epic, 'The Apocalypse War'. Featuring art by such comic legends as Colin Wilson (Star Wars), Brian Bolland (Batman: The Killing Joke) and Mick McMahon (The Last American) and written by John Wagner (A History of Violence) and Alan Grant (Lobo) this tome is a worthy addition to any Trill-seeker's collection!

Alan Grant - John Wagner - Strontium ​Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files 01
2150, ​Britain has been devastated by nuclear holocaust. The survivors rebuilt their lives, but many were warped by the mutating effects of Strontium 90 fallout. Unable to live or work amongst the ‘norms’, mutants were forced to grow up in ghettos and take the only job open to them – bounty hunting. These Search/Destroy Agents hunt the criminals too dangerous for the Galactic Crime Commission. One such Strontium Dog is Johnny Alpha, whose eyes emit piercing Alpha rays and enable him to see through solid objects - and into men’s minds. Now in this first volume collecting together all the Strontium Dog adventures from the beginning you can join Johnny, his norm Viking partner Wulf Sternhammer and alien medic The Gronk as they fight their way through a universe of violence and prejudice!

John Wagner - Alan Grant - Kelvin Gosnell - Judge ​Dredd: The Complete Case Files 04
In ​Mega-City One crime doesn't pay! Judge Dredd - the future lawman with the powers of judge, jury and executioner at his disposal - faces some of his most challenging cases yet in this fourth volume of his earliest adventures. From the all-time classic Judge Child saga to the first appearance of legendary perp Chopper in Un-American Graffiti this collection is heaving with thrills and action-packed entertainment!

Neil Gaiman - Alan Grant - Mark Verheiden - Neil ​Gaiman DC-univerzuma
IDŐTLEN ​TÖRTÉNETEK A VILÁG LEGKIVÁLÓBB HŐSEIRŐL – A _SANDMAN_ ÉS AZ _AMERIKAI ISTENEK_ LEGENDÁS ALKOTÓJÁTÓL • Miféle gonosz annyira erős, hogy képes megtörni az Acélembert és kioltani a Zöld Lámpás lángját? • Miből sarjadtak ki Méregcsók képességei, és hol találta meg a hivatását Rébusz? • Ki ölte meg Batmant, és vajon valóban véget érhet a Sötét Lovag története? Többek között ezekre a kérdésekre is választ adnak a legkiválóbb képregényrajzolók: Andy Kubert, Mark Buckingham, Simon Bisley, Matt Wagner, Kevin Nowlan, Jim Aparo és sokan mások ebben a kötetben, amely egybegyűjti a többszörösen díjnyertes szerző, Neil Gaiman méltán híres szuperhőstörténeteit! A gyűjtemény csúcspontja a méltán híres BATMAN: MI TÖRTÉNHETETT A KÖPENYES IGAZSÁGOSZTÓVAL? című történet, amelyet a szerző utószava egészít ki.