Gareth Roberts könyvei a rukkolán

Mark Gatiss - Gareth Roberts - Tom MacRae - Justin Richards - Storybook ​2007
Thrilling ​Adventures in Time and Space! Join the Doctor and Rose on a whole new set of TARDIS travels from the incredible imaginations of many of the TV Series' scriptwriters — all lavishly illustrated in full colour! Their adventures take them from an art gallery on the moon to the sleepy summer of 1975, from a deserted village to a space station under attack, and from an alien opera house to a spooky graveyard where the dead won't stay dead... Contains eight unmissable adventure stories: _Cuckoo-Spit_ by Mark Gatiss _The Cat came_ Back by Gareth Roberts _Once Upon a Time_ by Tom MacRae _Opera of Doom_ by Jonathan Morris _Gravestone House_ by Justin Richards _Untitled_ by Robert Shearman _No One Died_ by Nicholas Briggs _Corner of the Eye_ by Steven Moffat Plus a message from the Doctor himself — as told to Russell T Davies!

Gareth Roberts - Douglas Adams - Shada
A ​Doktor régi barátja, a szintén időlord Chronotis nyugdíjas éveit a Cambridge Egyetemen tölti, ahol aztán senkinek sem tűnik fel, hogy a professzor élete évszázadokig tart. Az viszont már nagyon is feltűnik valakinek, hogy amikor az öregúr eljött a Gallifrey bolygóról, magával hozott néhány szuvenírt, köztük egy igen veszélyes könyvet. A Gallifrey imádásra méltó ősi törvénye nem tóparti olvasmány: a sötét Rassilon-kor idejéből származó Leletek közé tartozik, és nem kerülhet rossz kezekbe. A felülmúlhatatlanul gonosz Skagra pedig meg akarja szerezni a könyvet, és még ennél is alattomosabb tervet forgat a fejében. Teljesen egyértelmű, hogy ebben a helyzetben csak a Doktor, Romana és K-9 segíthet. A Shada az utánozhatatlan Douglas Adams forgatókönyve alapján készült: a legendás, „elveszett” Ki vagy, Doki?-történet a klasszikus tévésorozathoz íródott. A tervezett epizódok végül nem kerültek képernyőre, Gareth Roberts azonban regényt írt Adams munkája alapján.

Gareth Roberts - Doctor ​Who: Only Human
Somebody's ​interfering with time. The Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack arrive on modern-day Earth to find the culprit -- and discover a Neanderthal Man, twenty-eight thousand years after his race became extinct. Only a trip back to the primeval dawn of humanity can solve the mystery. Who are the mysterious humans from the distant future now living in that distant past? What hideous monsters are trying to escape from behind the Grey Door? Is Rose going to end up married to a caveman? Caught between three very different types of human being -- past, present and future -- the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack must learn the truth behind the Osterberg experiment before the monstrous Hy-Bractors escape to change humanity's history forever...

Gareth Roberts - I ​am a Dalek
Equipped ​with space suits, golf clubs and a flag, the Doctor and Rose are planning to live it up on the Moon, Apollo-mission style. But the TARDIS has other plans, landing them instead in a village on the south coast of England; a picture-postcard sort of place where nothing much happens… until now. Archaeologists have dug up a Roman mosaic, dating from the year 70 AD. It shows scenes from ancient myths, bunches of grapes — and a Dalek. A few days later a young woman, rushing to get to work, is knocked over and killed by a bus. Then she comes back to life. It's not long before all hell breaks loose, and the Doctor and Rose must use all their courage and cunning against an alien enemy — and a not-quite-alien accomplice — who are intent on destroying humanity. Featuring the Doctor and Rose as played by David Tennant and Billie Piper in the hit series from BBC Television.

Gareth Roberts - Doctor ​Who: The Highest Science
Sakkrat. Many ​legends speak of this world, home of an ancient empire destroyed by its own greatest achievement: the Highest Science, the pinnacle of technological discovery. When the TARDIS alerts the Doctor and Bernice to the presence of an enormous temporal fluctuation on a large, green, unremarkable planet, they are not to know of any connection with the legend. But the connection is there, and it will lead them into conflict with the monstrous Chelonians, with their contempt for human parasites; into adventure with a group of youngsters whose musical taste has suddenly become dangerously significant; and will force them to face Sheldukher, the most wanted criminal in the galaxy.

Gareth Roberts - Douglas Adams - Shada ​(angol)
The ​Doctor's old friend and fellow Time Lord Professor Chronotis has retired to Cambridge University - where nobody will notice if he lives for centuries. But now he needs help from the Doctor, Romana and K9. When he left Gallifrey he took with him a few little souvenirs - most of them are harmless. But one of them is extremely dangerous. The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey isn't a book for Time Tots. It is one of the Artefacts, dating from the dark days of Rassilon. It must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. The sinister Skagra most definitely has the wrong hands. He wants the book. He wants to discover the truth behind Shada. And he wants the Doctor's mind... Based on the scripts for the original television series by the legendary Douglas Adams, Shada retells an adventure that never made it to the screen. This epic 'lost' adventure from 1979 features the Fourth Doctor and Romana as played by Tom Baker and Lalla Ward, written by Doctor Who's then script editor Douglas Adams.