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Tricia Aspinall - George Bethell - Test ​Your Business Vocabulary in Use
Test ​Your Business Vocabulary in Use is a set of 66 tests based on the key corpus informed vocabulary highlighted in Business Vocabulary in Use. There is a clear one-page test for each unit of the parent book and a user-friendly answer key which enables learners to check their answers accurately. The scoring system provides the self-study learner with immediate feedback on their progress. The book contains both British and American English and is ideal for self-study or to complement classroom study.

Tricia Aspinall - Annette Capel - Advanced ​Masterclass CAE - Student's Book
Advanced ​Masterclass is the first truly comprehensive preparation course for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English. Following in the Masterclass tradition, it combines motivating topics and extensive general skills work with in-depth, up-to-date exam training. Its thorough approach to exam techniques develops the skills students need to achieve success. This new edition incorporates all the changes made to the CAE examination, offering systematic training in the new exam formats.