David Gemmell könyvei a rukkolán

David Gemmell - The Jerusalem Man (angol)
It is three hundred years since the world toppled on its axis, bringing tidal waves and earthquakes to swallow centuries of civilization. In the years that followed, as mankind struggled painfully to conquer a savagely reshaped world, new evils rose from the wilderness: brigands and killers, war-makers and thieves. From these wild lands comes a rider, seeking a lost city. Jon Shannow, called the Jerusalem Man, desires only peace...but the times demand that he wage war. For the edges of the Plague Lands have spawned a new terror: Abaddon, self-styled Lord of the Pit, and his Hellborn army, with their terrible weapons and obscene rituals. Only one man dares to challenge them: The Jerusalem Man.

David Gemmell - Midnight ​Falcon
Bane ​the Bastard is the illegitimate son of the Rigante king who men called Demonblade. Born of treachery, Bane grew up an outcast in his own land, feared by his fellow highlanders, and denied by the father whose unmistakable mark he bore-the eyes of Connavar, one tawny brown, the other emerald green. Hounded from the country of his birth, Bane found acceptance across the seas-only to have it stripped away in an instant by a cruel and deadly swordsman. Now fighting as a gladiator in the blood-soaked arenas of the Empire, Bane lives for one thing: revenge. And he pursues his goal with the same single-minded determination that won his father a crown. But more is at stake than a young warrior's quest for vengeance. The armies of the Stone are preparing to march on the lands of the Rigante. The fate of human and Seidh alike will be decided by the clash of swords-and by the bonds of twisted love and bitterness between a father and a son . . .

David Gemmell - Ritter ​dunklen Rufs
Einst ​waren die neun Ritter der Gabala strahlende Verfechter der Gerechtigkeit. Doch in ihrem Stolz sind sie dem Bösen verfallen und terrorisieren nun das Reich. Nur Manannan, der schwächste von ihnen, glaubt noch an ihre alten Werte. Ausgerechnet seine Feigheit hat ihn vor der Finsternis bewahrt. Um seinen alten Gefährten entgegenzutreten, will er eine neue Gabala gründen. Doch als zukünftige Ritter stehen ihm nur Diebe, Mörder und Ausgestoßene zur Verfügung. Manannan weiß, dass er keine Chance hat. Und dennoch muss er es versuchen!

David Gemmell - In ​the Realm of the Wolf
High ​in the wooded, peaked mountains of Skeln, the woodsman Dakeyras, and his beautiful daughter Miriel live a life of harmonious solitude, while her twin sister, Krylla, has married and moved away. A group of grim-eyed members of the assassins guild stalk Waylander, for a bounty of ten thousand in gold put on his head by Karnak after Karnak's son Bodalen and his friends caused the death of his daughter Krylla and murdered her husband. Warriors like Belash of the Nadir, from the Wolfshead tribe, Morak the deadly swordsman with a taste for torture and Senta the young, good looking Gladiator who has never been beaten. Battle-hardened warriors all, they have no fear of this task - yet they should have. For Miriel is a woman of fire and iron, skilled with bow and blade and taught her skills by one of the deadliest killers of all time: Her father, Dakeyras, better known as Waylander the Slayer.

David Gemmell - Bloodstone
The ​tyrannical rule of the Deacon and his Jerusalem Riders has unleashed a sea of bigotry and hatred; Unbelievers and Mutants are massacred in the name of God and Peace. When a church is burnt down and its congregation slaughtered, a rider appears to hunt the killers - The Jerusalem Man is back!

David Gemmell - Dark ​Moon
The ​peaceful Eldarin were the last of three ancient races. The mystical Oltor, healers and poets, had fallen before the dread power of the cruel and sadistic Daroth. Yet in one awesome night the invincible Daroth had vanished from the face of the earth. Gone were their cities, their armies, their terror. The Great Northern Desert was their only legacy. Not a trace remained for a thousand years... The War of the Pearl had raged for seven years and the armies of the four Duchies were exhausted and weary of bloodshed. But the foremost of the Dukes, Sirano of Romark, possessed the Eldarin Pearl and was determined to unravel its secrets. Then, on one unforgettable day, a dark moon rose above the Great Northern Desert, and a black tidal wave swept across the land. In moments the desert had vanished beneath lush fields and forests and a great city could be seen glittering in the morning sunlight. From this city re-emerged the blood-hungry Daroth, powerful and immortal, immune to spear and sword. They had only one desire: to rid the world of humankind for ever. Now the fate of the human race rests on the talents of three heroes: Karis, warrior-woman and strategist; Tarantio, the deadliest swordsman of the age; and Duvodas the Healer, who will learn a terrible truth.

David Gemmell - Lion ​of Macedon
He ​is Parmenian. A hated outsider, he must fight the heroes of Sparta, for he is the Lion of Macedon. The man called Death of Nations will reshape the glory of Greece before he faces the wrath of hell.

David Gemmell - Winter ​Warriors
The ​prophecy was clear. Upon the death of three kings the world will be plunged into chaos, and all the cast-out demons of history will return to bring blood and horror to the world. Two of the kings are dead. The third, about to be born, is hunted by the Demon Riders of the Krayakin, Lords of the Undead. All the terrifying forces of evil range against a pregnant queen at bay in a haunted forest. But she is not alone. Three warriors stand with her, the last remnants of the once proud Drenai army. Three old men, ancient heroes, discarded by the king; Nogusta the Swordsman, Kebra the Bowman, and the hulking fighter, Bison. The fate of empires rests on their fading skills as they journey through a tormented world on a perilous quest to save the unborn king.

David Gemmell - Az ​utolsó Őrző
Míg ​a Föld rengett, az ősi Atlantiszból halálos erő tört elő. Mert az idő kapuja meghasadt, és elszabadult a pusztító gonosz. Csak az utolsó Őrző, Jon Shannow, a legendás pisztolyhős zárhatja be a kaput. Ám ennek eléréséhez meg kell találnia Isten Kardját, ami állítólag a felhők között lebeg a falon túli, veszélyes vidékeken, ahol a fenevadak ember módjára járnak, és egy sötét istenben hisznek. Míg Shannow nekivág a lehetetlennek, a démonok egyre gyülekeznek... valahol pedig egy aranyhajú nő bosszúról álmodik.

David Gemmell - Hawk ​Queen
After ​the bloody battle of Colden Moor the warlike highlanders had lost their independence. They lived in surly subservience to the Outlanders, and only a teenage girl survived to represent the line of kings: Sigarni. Sigarni the silver-haired. Huntress. Princess. All of these she was called. But those who pierce the veil of the future knew that a leader was coming to the North - a leader descended from Ironhand, mightiest of the highland kings.

David Gemmell - Last ​Sword of Power
The ​Goths followed a bloodthirsty new leader, one who sought to open the Gates of Hell: Wotan. His immortal power stemmed from human sacrifice and dark sorcery, and no sword could touch him. He rode the winds on a leather-winged steed, while his armies cut a deadly swath across the northern kingdoms. Even death's icy hand could not stop them. Only Uther Pendragon could save Britannia. To do so he must wield his birthright--Cunobelin's blade, the legendary Sword of Power. But Uther was chained in Hell, the sword lost in swirling Chaos. All hope lay with the warrior known as Revelation, with the magic of the Sipstrassi Stones, and with Anduine, a blind girl possessed of arcane powers. Only if these unlikely allies united could they hope to stop the invincible foe before the world plunged into darkness.

David Gemmell - Dark ​Prince
Sequel ​to "The Lion of Macedon". The Lion of Macedon - a lone hero in search of salvation. The Dark Prince - the child who will become Alexander, creator of the greatest empire the world has ever known. Together they will be forced into other dimensions and enchanted worlds full of wonder.

David Gemmell - A ​Kísértetkirály
Lázadások ​és betörések taszították Britanniát az úgynevezett sötét korba. Káosz és rettegés uralja az országot, a királlyal árulók végeznek, a Hatalom Kardja eltűnik a Ködkörön túlra. Szászok, jütök és brigantok gyűlnek össze, hogy elpusztítsák a birodalmat, őket segíti a Boszorkánykirálynő és a Csaták Ura. Velük szemben egy puhány fiú és egy öreg hegyi harcos áll. Ám a fiú ereiben királyok vére csörgedezik, a harcos pedig nem más, mint Culain, a legendás Lándzsalord. És egyedül ő ismeri a Boszorkánykirálynő rettenetes titkát. A klasszikus Drenai regények szerzőjének tollából származik ez a nagy ívű, birodalmakat és mágiát felvonultató fantasy regény.

David Gemmell - Stormrider
One ​glorious spark, one moment of Rigante rebellion has ignited a revolution and forged a legend. In the mountains of the north, the outlaw leader known as Ravenheart waits, knowing the forces of the blackhearted Moidart will come, led by the brutal ruler's only son, Stormrider. Unaware that the fate of the world lies in their hands, sworn enemies Ravenheart and Stormrider will be forced to unite—and face the vengeance of an ancient evil. For immense armies of darkness are advancing on the highlanders, and it seems as if nothing will stop them. They crush their victims with ease, until only a few thousand men stand before them, with no help in sight. But these are not ordinary men they face. They are clansmen, and more than that, they are Rigante. . . .

David Gemmell - The ​Last Guardian
The ​gateway between past and present has opened and powerful evil forces are unleashed. To close it, the Sword of God must be found, and all that is known is that it shines in the clouds above the City of Beasts - a city ruled by the Dark Queen. Only Jon Shannow can stand at the gateway of time.

David Gemmell - The ​Swords Of Night And Day
A ​thousand years after they fell in battle, two heroes - Druss and Skilgannon - are revered throughout the war-torn lands of the Dernai, where men and women live in abject fear of the dark sorceress known as the Eternal...

David Gemmell - The ​Legend of Deathwalker
For ​centuries the tribes of the Nadir have suffered under the despotic tyranny of their Gothir overlords. Disunited and distrustful of one another the tribes await the coming of a Messianic warlord, who will unite them against the oppressors. Into this swirling, chaotic landscape come three men who will change the fate of the continent: Talisman, the mysterious, enigmatic Nadir warrior, haunted by his past and filled with dreams of finding the Uniter; Sieben the Poet, searching for the mysteries of life and love; and Druss the Axeman, determined to find two mystic gems to heal a mortally wounded friend. Together they will journey across a war-torn land, and descend beyond the gates of Hell, where a long-dead king holds the key to a secret that will change the world. The Legend of Deathwalker, this battle-charged tale of Druss among the Nadir, completes the circle begun with Legend and Druss the Legend.

David Gemmell - The ​Shield of Thunder
The ​second exciting novel in the bestselling Troy trilogy. Interlacing myth and history, adventure and love, this is epic storytelling at its best. The war in Troy is looming, and all the kings of the Great Green are gathering, friends and enemies, with their own dark plans of conquest and plunder. Into this maelstrom of treachery and deceit come three travellers — Piria, a runaway priestess nursing a terrible secret, Kalliades, a warrior with a legendary sword, and Banokles who will carve his own legend in the battles to come. Shield of Thunder takes the reader back into the glories and tragedies of Bronze Age Greece, reuniting the characters from Lord of the Silver Bow — the dread Helikaon and his great love, the fiery Andromache, the mighty Hektor, and the fabled storyteller, Odysseus.

David Gemmell - Makedónia ​oroszlánja
Tamisz, ​a vén jósnő felkutatja az összes lehetséges jövendőt. Mindegyikben gonosz erők fenyegetik Hellászt. A jövő csak egyetlen reménysugarat kínál: a félvér spártai fiút, Parmeniónt. Így Tamisz nekilát a küldetésnek, hogy a fiúból a világ leghalálosabb harcosát faragja – bármi áron. Parmenión, akinek élete minden napja küzdelem, mit sem tud a sorsát formáló varázslatról és rejtélyről. Egyre erősödik és okosodik, katonai zsenije és a Thébai szolgálatában aratott diadalai pedig hőssé teszik – így kerül Makedóniai Philipposz szolgálatába. Ám ahogy azt Tamisz előre látta, a spártait sorsa a Sötét Istenhez, Philipposzhoz és a még meg nem született Alexandroszhoz köti. A jövő pedig túlságosan is hamar eljön érte. Vajon Parmenión elég erős lesz-e, hogy legyőzze a gonoszt – vagy kitárja a kaput a Sötét Isten előtt, aki pusztulást hoz a világra? A történet itt nem ér véget, Parmenión – és Alexandrosz – küzdelme a Káoszszellemmel a könyv folytatásában, a _Sötét herceg_ben éri el csúcspontját.

David Gemmell - Ghost ​King
Beyond ​"Wolf in Shadow" to an earlier layer in David Gemmell's fantasy of the Sipstrassi Stones. Rebellion and invasion plunge Britannia into the Dark Ages. Chaos and terror stalk the land, the King slain by traitors, the great Sword of Power vanished beyond the Circle of Mist.

David Gemmell - Vérkő
Húsz ​év telt el azóta, hogy Jon Shannow, a legendás Jeruzsálemi résnyire nyitotta az idő kapuját, és a világába hozta a rejtélyes Diakónust és híveit. Húsz év, ami alatt Shannow-nak nyoma veszett, a Diakónus pedig Egységből uralkodott, azzal a céllal, hogy létrehozza az új Ígéret Földjét… a saját szájíze szerint. Ám a Diakónus Jeruzsálemi Lovasai a rettegés, a féktelen bigottság és a halál hullámát keltik, a béke nevében mészárolják le a hitetleneket és a mutánsokat. Míg fel nem tűnik egy magányos lovas, akit csak az vezet, hogy bosszút álljon a halottakért. Shannow sebesülten, töredékes emlékezettel száll szembe a gonosszal és az igazságtalansággal, az egyetlen módon, amit ismer – szemtől-szemben, füstölgő pisztolycsővel. De elég lesz ennyi ahhoz, hogy megállítsa a Diakónust és eszelős keresztes hadjáratát? Még ha Shannow sikerrel jár is, akkor is ott várnak rá a Pokolszülöttek sátáni hordái, és vérszomjas uruk, Sarento, a Vérkő néven ismert hatalomkő élő megtestesülése.

David Gemmell - Stella Gemmell - Fall ​of Kings
DARKNESS ​FALLS ON THE GREAT GREEN, and the Ancient World is fiercely divided. On the killing fields outside the golden city of Troy, forces loyal to the Mykene King Agamemnon mass. Among them is Odysseus, fabled storyteller and reluctant ally to the Mykene. He knows that Agamemnon will stop at nothing to secure the treasure that lies within the city walls, and he must soon face his former friends in deadly combat. Ailing and bitter, the Trojan king waits. His hope is pinned on two heroes: his favourite son, Hektor, the mightiest warrior of his age, and the dread Helikaon, who will wreak terrible vengeance for the death of his wife at Mykene hands. War has been declared. As enemies, who are also kinsmen, are filled with bloodlust, they know that some of them - men and women - will become heroes: heroes who will live for ever in a story that will echo down the centuries.

David Gemmell - Lord ​Of The Silver Bow
Troy: ​city of gold and heroes, beloved of the gods, where wealth, privilege and rapacious greed walk hand in hand, and where the greatest of tragedies is about to unfold. Helikaon, prince of Dardania, sets sail for Troy. On board his ship, the largest in the Aegean Sea, but regarded by many as dangerously unseaworthy, is his trusted friend and sea-captain Zidantas. Also aboard are a young, impressionable youth who has never been to sea, and a deadly Mykene warrior, intent on revenge. Their journey to the fabled city will encompass storm and near shipwreck, personal tragedy and a bloody sea-battle whose bloody aftermath will haunt Helikaon and his companions for the rest of their voyage. Helikaon will also meet his old friend and master-storyteller, Odysseus, and fall in love with a woman as beautiful as a goddess. But when he arrives in Troy — a city riven by the destructive rivalries of King Priam's younger sons —he finds a city ready to implode, and, with nearby enemy kingdoms eyeing the city's riches, he knows a terrible war cannot be long in coming. In Lord of the Silver Bow, David Gemmell has created a compelling fantasy — the first in an epic trilogy encompassing the Trojan War — combining vivid characterization and stunning action with a wealth of historical detail.

David Gemmell - Ravenheart
Eight ​hundred years have passed since King Connavar of the Rigante and his bastard son, Bane, defeated the invading army of Stone. In that time, Connavar has become a legend, and the Rigante have lost the freedom so many gave their lives to preserve. A conquered people, they live and die under the iron rule of the Varlish, their culture all but destroyed. One woman remains who follows the ancient paths once trod by the Rigante. She is the Wyrd of Wishing Tree Wood, and she alone knows the nature of the evil soon to be unleashed on a doomed and unsuspecting world. In a perilous land, facing an uncertain destiny, she pins her initial hopes on two men: Jaim Grymauch, the giant Rigante fighter, a man haunted by his failure to save the friend he loved from betrayal, and Kaelin Ring, a youth whose deadly talents will earn him the enmity of all Varlish. One will become the Ravenheart, an outlaw leader whose daring exploits will inspire the Rigante. The other will forge a legend and light the fires of rebellion. The Wyrd knows that ultimately all hopes will rest on a third man. Of the bloodline of Connavar the King, he will need to overcome generations of fear and hatred if he is to achieve his destiny. For he is a Varlish nobleman, and - worse - the son of the Rigante's greatest enemy...

David Gemmell - Waylander
All ​of Waylander's instincts had screamed at him to spurn the contract from Kaem the cruel, the killer of nations. But he had ignored them. He had made his kill. And even as he went to collect his gold, he knew that he had been betrayed. Now the Dark Brotherhood and the hounds of chaos were hunting him, even as Kaem's armies waged war on the Drenai lands, intent on killing every man, woman, and child. The Drenai soldiers were doomed to ultimate defeat, and chaos would soon reign. Then a strange old man told Waylander that the only way to turn the tide of battle would be for Waylander himself to retrieve the legendary Armor of Bronze from its hiding place deep within a shadow-haunted land. He would be hunted. He was certain to fail. But he must try, the old man commanded--commanded in the name of his son, the king, who had been slain by an assassin... Waylander was the most unlikely of heroes - for he was a traitor, the Slayer who had killed the king...

David Gemmell - Hollószív
A ​rigantékat meghódították, a varlok vaskezű uralma alatt élnek, szokásaik megvetés tárgya, kultúrájuk szinte teljesen megsemmisült. Egyetlen asszony maradt, aki a riganték által egykor taposott ösvényt követi. Ő a Kívánságfa erdejének nornája, és egyedül ő van tisztában a hamarosan a megpecsételt sorsú világra rontó gonosz természetével. Két férfiba veti minden reményét: Jaim Grymauch-ba, az óriástermetű rigante harcosba, akit gyötör a kudarc, amiért nem tudta megmenteni szeretett barátját az árulástól, és Kaelin Ringbe, az ifjúba, kinek halálos képességei haragra gerjesztenek minden varlt. Egyikükből lesz Hollószív, a törvényen kívüliek vezére, kinek vakmerő hőstettei felrázzák a rigantékat. A másik legendát kovácsol majd, és lángra lobbantja a lázadás tüzét.

David Gemmell - Haláljáró ​legendája
A ​gothirok elnyomása alatt sínylődő nadírok az Egyesítőről álmodoznak, aki egyesíti a törzseket, és véget vet a több évszázados sanyargattatásnak. Van azonban valaki, akinek ez nem csupán egy álom. Talizmán, a titokzatos nadír harcos Démonölő Osikai szentélyéhez lovagol, és Alchazzar legendás Szemét, a felmérhetetlen hatalommal bíró két drágakövet kutatja, amely bevilágítja majd az Egyesítő útját. Vele tart a gyönyörű Zsuszáj, akit egy rég halott nadír királynő szelleme gyötör. De mások is vágynak az ékkövek titkára. Garen-cen, a gothir trón szürke eminenciása is meg akarja szerezni a drágaköveket, ezért elküldi a gothir sereg elitharcosait, fosszák ki a kegyhelyet. Egyszerűen nem veszíthetnek: kétezren állnak szemben egy maroknyi vademberrel és egy drenai harcossal. A vadembereket azonban korának egyik legbriliánsabb stratégiája vezeti. A drenai harcos pedig nem más, mint Legendás Druss. David Gemmell első regénye, a Legenda 1984-ben jelent meg. Azóta számos bestsellere látott napvilágot, köztük a Drenai-saga, a Jon Shannow-regények és a Hatalom Kövei sorozat. Számosan akadnak, akik a kortárs brit heroikus fantasy koronázatlan királyának tartják. David Gemmell jelenleg Kelet-Sussexben él.

David Gemmell - Wolf ​in Shadow
It ​is 300 years since the world toppled on its axis and civilization was destroyed. In this savagely reshaped world ruled by brigands and war-makers, a rider seeks a lost city. Pursuing a dream to calm the violence in his soul, Jon Shannow sees a fresh terror emerge from the Plague Lands.

David Gemmell - Quest ​for Lost Heroes
The ​Drenai fortress of Dros Delnoch has fallen and blood hungry Nadir hordes sweep across the land, bringing desolation and despair. But, with the Nadir triumphant, slavers seize a young girl in the tiny realm of Gothir and a peasant boy stes off on a quest that will shake the world. To rescue her, Kiall must cross the savage steppes and journey through the Halls of Hell, facing ferocious beasts, deadly warriors and demons of the dark. But the boy is not alone. With him are the legendary heroes of Bel-Azar: Chareos the Blademaster, Beltzer the Axeman and the bowmen Finn and Maggrig. And one among them hides a secret that could free the world of Nadir domination. For he is the Nadir Bane, the hope of the Drennai. He is the Earl of Bronze.

David Gemmell - Árnyjáró
Drenai ​királya halott – egy kíméletlen orgyilkos végzett vele. Ráadásul ellenséges csapatok özönlik el a drenai földeket. Parancsuk egyszerű: meg kell ölniük minden férfit, nőt és gyermeket. De még van remény. Szörnyek módjára cselekvő emberek és emberként járó szörnyek vadásznak Árnyjáróra, akinek el kell jutnia a nadírok árnyékba burkolt földjére, hogy megtalálja a legendás Bronzpáncélt, amellyel megfordíthatja az események menetét. De meg lehet-e bízni benne? Hiszen ő az Árnyjáró, a Gyilkos. Ő az az áruló, aki megölte a királyt. David Gemmell első regénye, a Legenda 1984-ben jelent meg. Azóta számos bestsellere látott napvilágot, köztük a Drenai saga, a Jon Shannow regények és a Hatalom Kövei sorozat. Számosan akadnak, akik a kortárs brit heroikus fantasy koronázatlan királyának tartják. David Gemmell jelenleg Kelet-Sussexben él.

David Gemmell - Király ​a kapun túl
Száz ​esztendővel Dros Delnoch legendás ostroma után Drenai földjén zsarnoki császár uralkodik, aki a legyőzhetetlen eggyéforrtak légióival tartja sakkban külső és belső ellenségeit. Felszámolta a Sárkányt, az ország védelmezőinek fanatikus harcos rendjét is… A nadírok földjére menekült Tenka, a két ősellenség – Bronzgróf Rek és Ulric kán – közös leszármazottja azonban visszatérni készül. Sorra csatlakoznak hozzá a Sárkány rég halottnak hitt harcosai, hogy bosszújukat – bármilyen reménytelennek tűnjék is – beteljesítsék az őrült uralkodón. S az új háború minden eddiginél kegyetlenebbnek ígérkezik… David Gemmell első regénye, a Legenda 1984-ben jelent meg. Azóta számos bestsellere látott napvilágot, köztük a Drenai-saga, a Jon Shannow-regények és a Hatalom Kövei sorozat. Számosan akadnak, akik a kortárs brit heroikus fantasy koronázatlan királyának tartják.

David Gemmell - The ​King Beyond The Gate
A ​century has passed since the heroic defence of Dros Delnoch. But the people of the Drenai face a new terror: a mad emperor kept in power by two forces of unsurpassed evil. The Joinings are werebeasts of awesome power. The Dark Templars are warrior-priests whose fighting skills are without equal. Against them, the Drenai face certain defeat. One man, an outsider hated by the Drenai for his Nadir blood, and despised by the Nadir for his Drenai ancestry, sets out to bring down the emperor. He is one man against the armies of chaos. He is Tenaka Khan - the Prince of Shadows.