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Nancy Kress - Tomorrow's ​Kin
Tomorrow's ​Kin is the first volume in and all new hard SF trilogy by Nancy Kress based on the Nebula Award-winning Yesterday's Kin. The aliens have arrived... they've landed their Embassy ship on a platform in New York Harbor, and will only speak with the United Nations. They say that their world is so different from Earth, in terms of gravity and atmosphere, that they cannot leave their ship. The population of Earth has erupted in fear and speculation. One day Dr. Marianne Jenner, an obscure scientist working with the human genome, receives an invitation that she cannot refuse. The Secret Service arrives at her college to escort her to New York, for she has been invited, along with the Secretary General of the UN and a few other ambassadors, to visit the alien Embassy. The truth is about to be revealed. Earth s most elite scientists have ten months to prevent a disaster and not everyone is willing to wait.

Nancy Kress - Yesterday's ​Kin
Aliens ​have landed in New York. A deadly cloud of spores has already infected and killed the inhabitants of two worlds. Now that plague is heading for Earth, and threatens humans and aliens alike. Can either species be trusted to find the cure? Geneticist Marianne Jenner is immersed in the desperate race to save humanity, yet her family is tearing itself apart. Siblings Elizabeth and Ryan are strident isolationists who agree only that an alien conspiracy is in play. Marianne’s youngest, Noah, is a loner addicted to a drug that constantly changes his identity. But between the four Jenners, the course of human history will be forever altered. Earth’s most elite scientists have ten months to prevent human extinction — and not everyone is willing to wait.

Nancy Kress - Sea ​Change
New ​from the Nebula Award winning author of Beggars in Spain. A riveting climate-change technothriller of espionage, conspiracy, and stakes so high they could lead to the destruction of humanity itself. In this environmental page-turner, activist lawyer Renata Black—covert member of the Org—must go deep underground to unravel the truth behind the ecological disaster that has paralyzed the food industry and destroyed her family. Operative Renata Black has a serious problem—a self-driving house causing a traffic snarl. When Renata spots the Org’s Tiffany Teal paint marking a windowsill, she discovers a dangerous mystery within the house itself. In 2022, GMOs were banned after a bio-pharmed drug caused the Catastrophe: worldwide economic collapse, agricultural standstill, and personal tragedy for a lawyer and her son. Ten years later, Renata, a.k.a. Caroline Denton, is a member of the Org, an underground group of scientists, functioning in splinter cells that are hunted by the feds. But the Org’s illegal food-research might hold the key to rebuilding the worlds’ food supply. Now there’s a mole in the Org, and Black is the only one who can find out who it is. At risk: the possibility of a second, even more devastating climate collapse. For answers, Black will need to go all the way to her Quinault Nation legal clients, to reveal environmental dangers—and solutions—that the world has not been willing to face. Nancy Kress, one of our finest speculative writers, once again delivers a smart, mesmerizing, and surprisingly nuanced look at the ecological, technological, and political shifts we cannot afford to avoid.

Nancy Kress - Beggars ​in Spain
Nancy ​Kress's landmark genetic engineering story, one of the most critically acclaimed SF novellas of the last decade. A rich financier compels scientists to create for him the perfect daughter--smart, beautiful, and with no need to sleep. Kress masterfully explores the social implications of "Sleepless" people in a novella you will never forget.

Nancy Kress - Beggars ​and Choosers
In ​Beggars and Choosers, Kress returns to the same future world created in her earlier work, an America strangely altered by genetic modifications... Most of the world is on the verge of collapse, overburdened by a population of jobless drones and racked by the results of irresponsible genetic research and nanotechnology. Will the world be saved? And for whom?

Nancy Kress - Dynamic ​Characters
In ​Dynamic Characters, award-winning author and Writer's Digest columnist Nancy Kress explores the fundamental relationship between characterization and plot, illustrating how vibrant, well-constructed characters act as the driving force behind an exceptional story. Kress balances her writing instruction with hands-on checklists to help you build strong characters from the outside in. Blending physical, emotional and mental characterization, you'll learn to create characters that initiate exciting action, react to tense situations, make physical and emotional transformations, and power the plot from beginning to end.

Nancy Kress - Eskük ​és csodák
Cadoc. ​Verico. Cadaverico. Egy halott táncosnő, egy halott maffiafőnök, egy halott tudós. Egy zárt vallási közösség. Rekombináns DNS-kutatások. Egy lánc szemei, amelynek a többi része még láthatatlan Robert Cavanaugh FBI-ügynök számára. De tudja, hogy kutatnia kell, hiszen a kutatás előbb-utóbb eredménnyel jár, még ha rémisztővel is. Csak az idő sürgeti, mert az áldozatok száma egyre nő.

Nancy Kress - Váltóláz
Egy ​halálos kór, amely ártatlannak tűnő kis szárnyakon érkezik? Egy kór, amit talán irányítanak és válogat az áldozatai között? Egy kór, ami fajirtáshoz vezethet? Robert Cavanaugh FBI-ügynök ezektől a kérdésektől nem tud aludni az álmos Marylandben. A nyomok egy új maláriatörzshöz vezetnek, amely csak a színesbőrű lakosságot veszélyezteti. A természetes mutáció valószínűtlen, de nincs cáfolhatatlan bizonyíték az emberi beavatkozásra sem. A válaszokat egyre sürgetőbb megtalálni, hiszen a következmények beláthatatlanok. Nancy Kress, a sci-fi és fantasy műfajban méltán neves és többszörösen díjazott írónő első tudományos témájú thrillere1996-ban jelent meg. Műveit a tudományos megalapozottság, és ezen ismeretek érthető közlése, a dermesztő feszültség teremtés, a gyors és izgalmas cselekmény és a kiemelkedő jellemábrázolás emelte a műfaj legjelentősebb alkotásai közé.

Nancy Kress - If ​Tomorrow Comes
Ten ​years after the Aliens left Earth, humanity has succeeded in building a ship, Friendship, in which to follow them home to Kindred. Aboard are a crew of scientists, diplomats, and a squad of Rangers to protect them. But when the Friendship arrives, they find nothing they expected. No interplanetary culture, no industrial base--and no cure for the spore disease. A timeslip in the apparently instantaneous travel between worlds has occurred and far more than ten years have passed. Once again scientists find themselves in a race against time to save humanity and their kind from a deadly virus while a clock of a different sort runs down on a military solution no less deadly to all. Amid devastation and plague come stories of heroism and sacrifice and of genetic destiny and free choice, with its implicit promise of conscious change.

Elizabeth Bear - Greg Bear - David Brin - Nancy Kress - Ann Leckie - Jack McDevitt - Seanan McGuire - Robert J. Sawyer - Future ​Visions
Future ​Visions: Original Science Fiction Inspired by Microsoft is an anthology of new short work from some of the greatest science fiction writers in the field. These visionary stories explore prediction science, quantum computing, real-time translation, machine learning, and much more. The authors used inside access to leading-edge work from Microsoft Research as inspiration, crafting pieces that predict the near-future of technology--and examine its complex relationship to our core humanity. Future Visions features contributions from: Elizabeth Bear Greg Bear David Brin Nancy Kress Ann Leckie Jack McDevitt Seanan McGuire Robert J. Sawyer …along with a short graphic novel by Blue Delliquanti and Michele Rosenthal, plus original illustrations by Joey Camacho. These are some of today’s most visionary creators--and they’ve joined together to give us a preview of tomorrow.

Nancy Kress - Terran ​Tomorrow
The ​diplomatic mission from Earth to World ended in disaster, as the Earth scientists discovered that the Worlders were not the scientifically advanced culture they believed. Though they brought a limited quantity of the vaccine against the deadly spore cloud, there was no way to make enough to vaccinate more than a few dozen. The Earth scientists, and surviving diplomats, fled back to Earth. But once home, after the twenty-eight-year gap caused by the space ship transit, they find an Earth changed almost beyond recognition. In the aftermath of the spore cloud plague, the human race has been reduced to only a few million isolated survivors. The knowledge brought back by Marianne Jenner and her staff may not be enough to turn the tide of ongoing biological warfare.

Nancy Kress - Steal ​Across the Sky
Aliens ​appeared one day, built a base on the moon, and put an ad on the internet. The Atoners claim to have wronged humanity ten thousand years before, and request 21 volunteers to visit seven planets and Witness for us. At first, everyone thought it was a joke. Three of those volunteers tell what they found on Kular A and Kular B.

Nancy Kress - Characters, ​Emotion & Viewpoint
Create ​Complex Characters How do you create a main character readers won't forget? How do you write a book in multiple-third-person point of view without confusing your readers (or yourself)? How do you plant essential information about a character's past into a story? Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint by award-winning author Nancy Kress answers all of these questions and more! This accessible book is filled with interactive exercises and valuable advice that teaches you how to: •Choose and execute the best point of view for your story •Create three-dimensional and believable characters •Develop your characters' emotions •Create realistic love, fight, and death scenes •Use frustration to motivate your characters and drive your story With dozens of excerpts from some of today's most popular writers, Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint provides you with the techniques you need to create characters and stories sure to linger in the hearts and minds of agents, editors, and readers long after they've finished your book.

Nancy Kress - After ​the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall
The ​year is 2035. After ecological disasters nearly destroyed the Earth, 26 survivors—the last of humanity—are trapped by an alien race in a sterile enclosure known as the Shell. Fifteen-year-old Pete is one of the Six—children who were born deformed or sterile and raised in the Shell. As, one by one, the survivors grow sick and die, Pete and the Six struggle to put aside their anger at the alien Tesslies in order to find the means to rebuild the earth together. Their only hope lies within brief time-portals into the recent past, where they bring back children to replenish their disappearing gene pool. Meanwhile, in 2013, brilliant mathematician Julie Kahn works with the FBI to solve a series of inexplicable kidnappings. Suddenly her predictive algorithms begin to reveal more than just criminal activity. As she begins to realize her role in the impending catastrophe, simultaneously affecting the Earth and the Shell, Julie closes in on the truth. She and Pete are converging in time upon the future of humanity—a future which might never unfold. Weaving three consecutive time lines to unravel both the mystery of the Earth's destruction and the key to its salvation, this taut adventure offers a topical message with a satisfying twist.

Nancy Kress - The ​Best of Nancy Kress
Nancy ​Kress, winner of multiple awards for her science fiction and fantasy, ranges through space and time in this stunning collection. Anne Boleyn is snatched from her time stream--with unexpected consequences for two worlds. A far-future spaceship brings religion to a planet that already harbors shocking natives. People genetically engineered to never need to sleep clash with those who do. A scientific expedition to the center of the galaxy discovers more than anyone bargained for. A woman finds that ''people like us'' does not mean what she thinks it does. Praised for both her hard SF and her complex characters, Nancy Kress brings a unique viewpoint to twenty-one stories, the best of a long and varied career that has won her five Nebulas, two Hugos, a Sturgeon, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award.

Nancy Kress - Beginnings, ​Middles and Ends
Translating ​a flash of inspiration into a compelling story requires careful crafting. Nancy Kress addresses each stage of narrative, helping writers hook readers in the first three paragraphs, build drama and credibility by controlling prose, and practice careful revision skills to create a powerful and dramatic conclusion. Dozens of writing exercises keep writers focused and strengthen essential writing techniques.

Nancy Kress - Beggars ​Ride
The ​Sleepless and the SuperSleepless, two generations of genetically modified superhumans, are now in conflict with each other, and with the spectrum of normal humanity, whose radical division into the rich and poor has made a parody of democracy in the twenty-second century. Human civilization has been transformed. Now it may be destroyed. And if it falls, what kind of world is left, what kind of humanity? Nancy Kress has written a work of fiction that culminates and brings to new fruition the Wellsian strain of SF invented a century ago.