Dave Gibbons könyvei a rukkolán

Alan Moore - Dave Gibbons - Watchmen 2.
Alan Moore és Dave Gibbons méltán világhírű és korszakalkotó képregényének második magyar nyelvű kötete az eredetileg tizenkét részes mű középső négy fejezetét tartalmazza. A WATCHMEN egyszerre újította meg a műfajt, és állította új kihívások elé annak alkotóit, valamint rajongóinak sorába szólított jó néhány kétkedőt, akik e remekmű előtt nem voltak hajlandók elismerni, hogy a képregény is képviselhet irodalmi értéket.

Alan Moore - Dave Gibbons - Watchmen 3.
Alan Moore és Dave Gibbons mérföldkőnek számító képregényének harmadik, befejező kötete méltó lezárása e joggal nagyra tartott remekműnek.

Mark Millar - Dave Gibbons - Matthew Vaughn - The ​Secret Service: Kingsman (német)
Jack ​London, der beste Geheimagent der Welt, muss den kniffligsten Fall seiner Karriere lösen: Wer entführt berühmte Science-Fiction-Stars, und was hat das mit dem Ende der Welt zu tun? Zusätzliche Sorgen bereitet ihm sein Neffe Gary, der immer wieder mit dem Gesetz in Konflikt gerät. Jack beschließt, ihn zum Agenten ausbilden zu lassen.

Geoff Johns - Dave Gibbons - Green ​Lantern Corps
Collecting ​the best-selling 5-issue miniseries! With the Guardians of the Universe back, the time has come to re-form the fabled Green Lantern Corps. While some familiar ring-wielders return to duty, others are recruited - and not everyone appreciates being drafted!

Dave Gibbons - The ​Originals
When ​Lel and Bok join the Originals, the top gang of the streets, they soon learn that being part of a gang means tough foes and tribal loyalty that teach them the meaning of loss and pain.

Dave Gibbons - Rann-Thanagar ​War
Following ​the senses-shattering events of Identity Crisis, the galactic implications become abundantly clear in this latest collection leading up to Infinite Crisis! The planet Rann is on the verge of all out war. As tensions rise between two alien factions, Rannian space cop Adam Strange travels to Earth to enroll the help of Thangarians Hawkman and Hawkgirl. With the balance of the universe in jeopardy, can their unified front avert an inevitable disaster? Featuring a host of popular "Justice League" characters, such as Green Lantern and Hawkman, and written by legendary "Watchmen" co-creator Dave Gibbons, with explosive artwork by Ivan Reis, this is one book no comics or sci-fi fan should miss!

Ian Edginton - Peter Milligan - Jim Woodring - Dave Gibbons - Paul Guinan - Anina Bennett - John Arcudi - Sarah Byam - Aliens ​Omnibus 3.
The ​old saying "You can't unbreak an egg" holds true, especially when that egg unleashes an interstellar scourge, the dreaded Alien. But as dangerous and lethal as this species has proven itself time and time again, some men cannot resist the awful gravity of the creatures' potential when merged with human science . . . and arrogance . . . and lust for power. But the cold contracts of these deals with the Devil also bring out the best in humanity, and the awful crucible of struggle against this interstellar cancer brings man closer to his neighbors . . . and to his God. * Aliens Omnibus Volume 3 collects complete story arcs of Rogue by Ian Edginton and Will Simpson, and Labyrinth by Jim Woodring and Kilian Plunkett, and the acclaimed tale "Salvation," written by Dave Gibbons and illustrated by the incomparable Mike Mignola. * Also collects the stories "Advent/Terminus", "Reaper", and "Horror Show".

Alan Moore - Dave Gibbons - Watchmen ​(német)
Watchmen ​von Kult-Autor Alan Moore gilt als einer der bedeutendsten und besten Comics aller Zeiten und konnte dank seiner Einzigartigkeit mehrere Eisner Awards, die Oscars der Comicbranche, gewinnen. Watchmen ebnete den Weg für Comics wie wir sie heute kennen und verlieh dem Superheldengenre bis dato ungeahnte Tiefe. Die düstere Geschichte wird dabei stets passend von den detailverliebten Zeichnungen von Dave Gibbons illustriert. Das Werk erhielt zudem einen Hugo Award und wurde vom Time Magazine in die Liste der hundert besten englischsprachigen Romane seit 1923 aufgenommen. Das Musikmagazin Rolling Stone nannte Watchmen „unvergleichlich“, die New York Times Book Review „atemberaubend komplex“, und für Entertainment Weekly ist es schlicht „ein Meisterwerk“.

Mark Millar - Dave Gibbons - Matthew Vaughn - The ​Secret Service: Kingsman
Kick-Ass ​writer Mark Millar, Watchmen legend Dave Gibbons, and superstar director Matt hew Vaughn team up to reinvent the spy genre for the 21st century in one of the most brilliant new comics of recent years. A British secret agent feels guilty about never spending time with his deadbeat sister and takes his wayward nephew under his wing aft er he's arrested in the London riots. The boy is heading straight for a jail cell until his uncle steps in and tries to give him a new life, training him up to be a gentleman spy. Gone are the garish street clothes and chunky jewelry, replaced with a Savile Row suit and bulletproof umbrella as he travels the globe to uncover a plot that links the kidnapping of the world's most famous sci-fi actors with a plot to eradicate 90% of the human race.

Dave Gibbons - Doug Moench - Chuck Dixon - DC ​Comics/Dark Horse - Batman vs. Predator
Two ​of the greatest titans in all of media collide as the Dark Knight take on the deadly Predator aliens in these classic crossovers from DC and Dark Horse! After investigating a series of gruesome murders in Gotham City, Batman soon realizes that these crimes aren't perpetrated by anyone from Gotham City...or even this planet. Soon enough, the Dark Knight finds his real enemy--the intergalatic hunter, Predator! Spinning off of the films from Twentieth Century Fox and the legendary comics characters from DC, DC COMICS/DARK HORSE: BATMAN VS. PREDATOR features three no-holds-barred slugfests the likes of which the universe has never seen. This new collection features stories from creators such as Dave Gibbons, Andy Kubert, Doug Moench and Chuck Dixon and collects BATMAN VS. PREDATOR #1-3, BATMAN VS. PREDATOR II: BLOODMATCH #1-4 and BATMAN VS. PREDATOR III: BLOOD TIES #1-4.