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Tom Daley - Tom's ​Daily Goals: Never Feel Hungry or Tired Again
A ​holistic all round body and mind routine that builds resilience, positivity, immunity, flexibility and helps achieve calm and focus from the very first day, from the inspirational YouTuber, World Champion diver and health and fitness author. Focusing on daily health touchpoints, starting with morning stretches, followed by mental self-care on your commute, immune system boosting, stress-busting and resilience training, and finally digital detoxing and clean sleeping, this is a routine that will appeal to anyone who feels tired, stressed, run down and time poor.

Tom Daley - Tom's ​Daily Plan
An ​Olympic athlete and popular figure from the world of TV, Tom Daley provides an accessible guide to living a healthier and happier life. • Over 80 quick and easy recipes so you and your family can eat well from breakfast until bedtime, with feasts and treats for every taste • Super-effective Daily Workouts and brilliant ‘life-hacks’ for a healthy, balanced body and mind • Specifically designed to fit around you and your busy lifestyle Get a leaner, stronger, healthier you in no time!

Tom Daley - Coming ​Up for Air
A ​deeply personal and inspiring memoir from one of the most celebrated and influential names in British sport. Tom Daley captured the hearts of the nation with his unforgettable medal-winning performance in the London 2012 Olympics. At this year’s Games in Tokyo, he triumphed to win gold and became the most decorated British diver of all time. In this deeply personal book, Tom explores the experiences that have shaped him and the qualities to which he owes his contentment and success; from the resilience he developed competing at world-class level, to the courage he discovered while reclaiming the narrative around his sexuality, and the perspective that family life has brought him. Candid and perceptive, Coming Up for Air offers a unique insight into the life and mindset of one our greatest and most-loved athletes.

Tom Daley - My ​Story
Enter ​the enthralling world of Olympian Tom Daley. Tom had hearts in mouths when he dived at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, where he won two gold medals. He is one of Britain's gleaming hopes for gold at the London 2012 Olympics. But there is also a heartbreaking and inspiring story of a young athlete coping with the death of his father whilst under the glare of the world's media spotlight. In this, Tom's first official memoir, he offers unprecedented access to the pressures, challenges and fascinating experiences of a world-class Olympian. From his day-to-day schedule, to his hobbies and family life, to sharing his hopes and dreams in the build up to the London Olympics, this book offers a unique chance to get close to Tom. Featuring exclusive photography and published simultaneously as a hardback and enhanced e-book, this will be the ultimate book for the 2012 Olympics.