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Temari Matsumoto - Cause ​of My Teacher
After ​gathering up all of his courage, Tohru was finally able to ask out his teacher, the handsome Minazuki. But now that they are seeing each other, there's a problem. Tohru loves how attractive Minazuki looks in his glasses, but his teacher always takes them off when they kiss! Does he not want to see Tohru up close? And why is he kissing a girl with his glasses on? This title also features the continuing adventures of Hiiragi and Asagi, the ninja duo from Shinobu Kokoro.

Temari Matsumoto - Kyo ​Kara MAOH! 4.
A ​king's job is never done! The quest to fully activate Morgif isn't over. As hard as Yuri tries to feed his strange sword human energy without taking unnecessary life, the duties of a King sometimes require unpleasant sacrifices. Can Yuri reconcile his true feelings with his new job?

Temari Matsumoto - Kyo ​Kara MAOH! 2.
Temari ​Matsumoto's outrageous, genderbending high-school alien love story continues! On the way to the border village, Yuri and the others run into Adalbert, who tries to convince Yuri to join the human side. But it turns out that Adalbert has led the humans to the village to start a disturbance! Will this finally convince Yuri to become Maoh and put a stop to all this fighting?

Temari Matsumoto - Kyo ​Kara MAOH! 6.
Yuri's ​forced proximity to Gwendal (thanks to the handcuffs) leads to a better understanding between the two. But they are soon separated after their trial for "elopement." Yuri is sent to a labor camp consisting of only women, many of whom had been caught trying to elope with their Mazoku loveres. The injustice towards these women and their children sends Yuri into Maoh Mode and bent on retribution. Who stops Yuri this time from slaughtering cowardly soldiers with sand golems? And what about the Demon Flute? Will Yuri ever be able to play it and bring the rain?

Temari Matsumoto - Kyo ​Kara MAOH! 5.
Yuri ​and the three brothers set out to rescue Yuri's impostor, who is supposedly in the country of Sverlera. Along the way, Yuri and Gwendal are separated from the rest, only to be arrested for being elopers! Have they been lured into a trap? Only an abandoned bride and the true imposter will tell!

Temari Matsumoto - Kyo ​Kara MAOH! 3.
The ​outrageously epic fantasy romance continues! In disguise on a luxury ship, Yuri, Conrad and Wolfram continue their voyage to Van de Veer island in search of the royal sword Morgif. But when pirates board the ship and raise Yuri's ire, can he keep from blowing his cover along with his top? And the sword of a demon king is going to have some nasty surprises of its own for our young hero!

Temari Matsumoto - Shinobu ​Kokoro
The ​Ninja: A stealth fighter expertly trained in ancient Japenese martial arts. Whit great acumen, and guile, his is a fiery combination of sheer force and devastating proficiency. No man can resist his skill - until now! Follow the sizzling sessions whit a young, innocent ninja-in-traning as his master teaches him the secret methods of the clan... whit a little hands-on instruction! Meanwhile, two experienced shinobi take their relationship to new heights when a tragic separation leaves one of them caught between a rock and hard place. Filled whit over-the-top "action" boys in tight uniforms, lots of sexy no jutsu, and one very lascivious snow spirit, this romantic fantasy collection is one part passion, one part affection, and all heart.

Temari Matsumoto - Kyo ​Kara MAOH! 1.
Yuri ​Shibuya just can't catch a break. First, he had his head dunked in a toilet. Then he was transported to another world - where he finds himself king of the Mazoku's, a new race that expects him to lead them to war against all of humanity. And to top it all off, he's engaged - to a man! From the creator of Shinobu Kokoro comes an outrageous, gender-bending, high school demon love story!