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Noel Streatfeild - Beyond ​the vicarage
In ​Beyond the Vicarage "Vicky" begins her writing career as a novelist for adults, and is persuaded (somewhat against her will) to also write children's books. Beyond the Vicarage also covers the years of the Second World War, during which Noel worked for the WVS. As she embarks on the story of her life as a writer, Noel is forced to virtually abandon the "shield of anonymity" - many people, such as Mabel Carey, are now given their real names rather than pseudonyms. However, this book is less well structured than the two earlier works.

Noel Streatfeild - Growing ​Up Gracefully
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Noel Streatfeild - Színpadi ​cipők
Nagyapjuk ​halála után a három Forbes-unoka Londonba költözik Hannah-val, a nevelőnővel, mert itt lakik egyetlen közeli rokonuk, anyai nagymamájuk, az egykor híres színésznő. Az idős hölgy a három árvát elküldi a Gyermek Tánc- és Színművészeti Akadémiára, ahol mindhármukról kiderül, hogy színpadra termettek, még ha ezt nem is sejtették korábban magukról: Sorrel, a legidősebb remek színész, Mark gyönyörűen énekel, Holly pedig a táncban jeleskedik. Az írónő korábbi, Balettcipők című regényének a főszereplői is feltűnnek a történetben, ösztöndíjat ajánlanak fel a Forbes-gyerekeknek, hogy ne kelljen a drága tandíjat megfizetniük. A kitartó gyakorlás itt is gyümölcsözőnek bizonyul, és a gyerekeknek végül olyan karácsonyi ajándékuk lesz, amit csak álmukban mertek remélni.

Noel Streatfeild - The ​Years of Grace
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Noel Streatfeild - The ​Growing Summer
Alex, ​Penny, Robin and Naomi Gareth live in London. When their father is taken ill overseas, Mother flies out to be with him. She arranges for the children to be looked after by their Great-Aunt Dymphna, who also looked after Father when he was a child. Great-Aunt Dymphna has a large house in Ireland, and tells the children they can stay in the west wing and look after themselves. The children find it very difficult at first, being quite inexperienced at cooking, shopping and washing. The situation is made worse when they discover a runaway boy hiding in their part of the house.

Noel Streatfeild - Meet ​the Maitlands
n ​the latter half of Queen Victoria's reign, David Maitland was born: the third son of "the Squire" who lived at Cuckly Place, a large house in the village of Little Cuckley. Following family tradition, David became a parson, and inherited the Rectory near Cuckley Place and small income. David and his wife, Priscilla, have five children: the twins, Selina and John, followed by Chloe, Martin and Andrew. In the year that Selina and John are ten, John is expected to begin boarding at a prepartory school very soon, and a governess is engaged to teach Selina and Chloe, and the boys before they start school. Selina is worried about John going to boarding school, as she is sure he will be miserable. John is very sensitive about blood, and anything dead, and even sounds in the dark - normally Selina helps him, but she won't be there when he is at school. Violet Smith is engaged as a governess. Violet has said she is sixteen years old, and has taught for two years at a school called Wisteria Lodge. In fact, she is only fourteen, and had been working for the nurse at Wisteria Lodge. Violet had been educated at a village school, and had wanted to try for a scholarship at the Grammar School, but her parents would not let her. Taking the governess job at the Rectory will, she thinks, give her access to books, and she will be able to find out about how to get a scholarship to the Grammar School. Shortly after lessons with Violet have begun - with Violet only a few steps ahead of her students - David makes an announcement to the children. Priscilla has been unwell for many years, and is to go to a hospital in Switzerland which may be able to cure her. David will be going with her, and they will be taking Andrew and Nannie with them. David would have liked to send the other children to Cuckly Place, to be looked after by their grandfather and Aunt Agnes. However, Cuckly Place is about to be closed, for dry-rot in the walls to be fixed, and grandfather and Aunt Agnes will be away for some months. The other children are therefore to remain at the Rectory, with Violet and Cook to look after them.

Noel Streatfeild - Queen ​Victoria
Queen ​Victoria was written for the US market, as part of the "Landmark" series of books, which also included such titles as Trappers and Traders of the Far West by James Daugherty, Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde by Harold Lamb, and Exploring the Himalaya by William O. Douglas. Noel's book is a very readable tale of Queen Victoria's life, including the political situation, her childhood and education, and her reign. Noel drew on a number of primary sources, including Victoria's diary.

Noel Streatfeild - Teniszcipők
A ​Heath családban négyen vannak gyerekek: az ikrek, Jim és Susan, valamint Nicky és David. Nagyapjuk annak idején tehetséges teniszjátékos volt - arra biztatja unokáit is, hogy lépjenek a nyomdokába. A gyerekeket édesapjuk tanítja a játékra, de négyük közül csupán Susan tűnik igazán ígéretesnek, egymás után nyeri a versenyeket, már az újságok is megemlítik a sikereit. Jim sem játszik rosszul, de nem elég szorgalmas és igencsak makacs. Nickynek is jók az adottságai, de lusta. Davidet pedig nem érdekli a tenisz, ő szívesebben énekel a szabadidejében. Aztán Nicky - aki a legszemtelenebb és legnehezebb természetű mindnyájuk közül - titokban gyakorolni kezd, hogy bebizonyítsa, ő is van olyan tehetséges, mint a nővére... Régi kedvencek című sorozatunkat azzal a céllal indítottuk útjára, hogy gyerekkorunk remek könyvei kicsit új köntösben, de legalább akkora élményt jelenthessenek a mai gyerekeknek és ifjú olvasóknak, mint nekünk jelentettek sok-sok évvel ezelőtt.

Noel Streatfeild - The ​Circus is Coming
Threatened ​with life in separate orphanages when their aunt dies, two children run away to join their unknown uncle who is a circus clown.

Noel Streatfeild - Gemma ​and Sisters
Gemma ​and Sisters follows on immediately from Gemma, starting the morning after the first Gemma and Sisters concert. More performances of Gemma and Sisters follow, and the rehearsals add to Ann's already heavy workload. In addition to schoolwork (which she takes very seriously) Ann is in both the church and school choirs, and has just started to have proper singing lessons as well. At school, Gemma is given the lead role in the Drama Group's production of a play, written by one of the teachers, about the life of Lady Jane Grey. This is a magnificent, but very demanding, part. Lydia, however, suffers a great disappointment. Miss Arrowhead decides to organise a public performance that will include all of her students, except Lydia, who is already performing in Gemma and Sisters. Lydia is furious, and, in retaliation, decides that "because of my dancing I've always taken care not to do things that use wrong muscles, well now I'll do all the wrong things" (Gemma and Sisters, 1968:64). To achieve this, she borrows Ann's bicycle, but while riding it on the road is hit by a car and breaks her hip.

Noel Streatfeild - The ​Fearless Treasure
At ​the end of the summer term, six children, in six different schools, are sent for by their headmasters or headmistresses. William Beaumont is the only boy in a family of three, lives in a vicarage in the Sussex Downs, and goes as a day boy to a school in a nearby town. Grace Thwaite lives in Yorkshire: her father is a miner and there are six children in the family. Robert Ackroyd is the only son of a Baron, has two homes - an expensive flat in London and a stately home in Lancashire - and boards at a public school. Elizabeth Hamblett and her two brothers live in Pimlico in London: their father has a clerical job, and the children are sent to small private schools. John Fish's father has a fruit and vegetable business in Norwich: John is the eldest in a family of six, and attends a secondary modern school. Selina Edgecombe comes from a well-off family in Yorkshire, and boards at Borthwick "the finest girls' school in the country" (The Fearless Treasure, 1953:21). The six children are to spend their summer holidays with Mr Fosse, a well known, and rich, gentleman. Mr Fosse takes them on an exciting and magical journey through the history of England, in which the children find out where their own families came from. Thus, William discovers his Norman heritage, Grace is seen in the Saxon culture, Robert is descended from a mill owner, John has Flemish origins, Elizabeth has an ancestor who was a Lord, and Selina has an ancestor on a Devonshre manor.

Noel Streatfeild - The ​Painted Garden
Rachel, ​Jane and Tim Winter live in London. Following a car accident, their father has been depressed and unable to work (he is a writer). The doctor says that an English winter will be very bad for him, and and his sister, the children's Aunt Cora, invites the whole family, including their "mother's help" Miss Bean ("Peaseblossom") to stay with her in California. Even though they obviously want their father to get better, the children have mixed feelings about this. Tim is not overly concerned, even though a famous pianist has just offered to give him lessons. Tim feels that he can keep practising while he is in America, and start with the new teacher when he gets back to England. Rachel, a talented dancer who has been studying at the Children's Academy of Dancing and Stage Training, is very upset. She has just turned twelve, and has been selected as one of six children to dance in a musical play - her first professional engagement. (The M'audition Pieces article gives details of her audition song and speech.) However, with her mother's support, she hides her disappointment from her father. Jane (the "difficult one") is appalled. Her dog, Chewing Gum, will not be able to come with them, and she initially refuses to go and leave "the only person who really and truly loves me" (The Painted Garden, 1949:34). However, eventually the doctor convinces Jane to leave Chewing Gum with him while they are away. After an exciting journey by sea and train, the family arrives in California. Aunt Cora does not have a piano, but Tim finds one in a nearby drug store, and arranges with the owner that he can use it to practise on as long as he also plays to entertain the customers. The head of Rachel's school, Madame Fidolia, has written to her former pupil, Posy Fossil, and asked her to arrange for ballet lessons for Rachel while she is in California. Rachel meets Posy, her sister Pauline, and also Sylvia and Nana (all characters familiar to readers of Ballet Shoes). Jane is walking along the beach when she sees a dog eating a "very dead fish". Jane is angry that the dog's owner will let him wander around alone, and eat bad fish that will make him sick. She has seen the house the dog comes from, so she takes him back and tells the owner that "some people don't deserve to have dogs" (The Painted Garden, 1949:123). The owner (Mr Bryan J. Browne) turns out to be a film director. He is just about to start on a film of The Secret Garden, but unfortunately the child actress who was to play Mary has fallen ill. Having seen Jane's disagreeable and haughty attitude as she talked to him about caring for his dog, he feels she would be perfect for the part. Jane is delighted - for the first time she will be the most important member of the family, rather than simply the "untalented one". However, film work proves to be far more difficult than she had imagined.

Noel Streatfeild - Curtain ​Up
Sorrel, ​Mark and Holly Forbes have no mother (she died when Holly was a baby), and their father has been declared missing by the Navy. When Grandfather (Father's father) dies, they have to go and live with Grandmother (Mother's mother) in London. They are surprised to learn that Mother came from a theatrical family: Grandmother has been an actress, Uncle Henry is a film star, and both their aunts have married actors. Mother had been an actress before marrying Father. Grandmother arranges for the children to go to the Children's Academy for Dancing and Stage Training (familiar to readers of Ballet Shoes). When Madame Fidolia hears that they do not have a lot of money, she tells the children that Pauline and Posy Fossil have just decided to give two scholarships to the school - one for an actress and one for a dancer. She awards these scholarships to Sorrel and Holly. Petrova Fossil, when she is told about the Forbes children, immediately provides a scholarship for Mark. Sorrel is concerned about Mark attending the Academy: he is supposed to be going into the Navy, and she is not sure that the Academy will give him the right training. However, she is told not to worry. At the school, the children meet their two cousins - Miranda, who is very unpleasant but a talented actress, and Miriam who wants to be a dancer. At first, the Forbes children struggle with the work, but Mark's beautiful singing voice soon gains attention, and Sorrel gradually realises that she has inherited her mother's talent for acting. Holly proves to have little real talent for dancing, but her imitations make everyone laugh.

Noel Streatfeild - Let's ​Go Coaching
Angus ​and Prue Garland love walking past the Victoria Coach Station. Angus likes to spot coaches going to the furthest away places, and Prue looks at families with luggage and tries to guess where they are going. Dad's youngest sister, Aunt Hattie, is getting married, and wants Prue to be a bridesmaid and Angus to carry her train. The wedding is to be in Liverpool, and both children are excited when Dad decides the family will travel there by coach.

Noel Streatfeild - Christmas ​Holiday Book
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Noel Streatfeild - Magic ​and the Magician: E. Nesbit and Her Children's Books
Magic ​and the Magician is generally described as a "biography" of E. Nesbit. In fact, more than half the book is devoted to a study of Nesbit's characters, and the biographical material concentrates almost exclusively on her childhood. Noel herself says that the book "is not intended to be a life of E. Nesbit, but an attempt only to understand her magic, and from what it sprang"

Noel Streatfeild - The ​Day Before Yesterday - Firsthand Stories of Fifty Years Ago
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Noel Streatfeild - Noel ​Streatfield Omnibus - White Boots / Ballet Shoes for Anna / Thursday's Child
This ​volume contains three of Noel Streatfield's best-known titles, "White Boots", "Ballet Shoes for Anna" and "Thursday's Child".

Noel Streatfeild - The ​Children of Primrose Lane
There ​are four houses in Primrose Lane. The Brown family live in Number One: Mr Brown (a policeman), Mrs Brown, Sally, Dave and Marge. In Number Two are the Smith family: Mr Smith (who is in the army, and so not at home), Mrs Smith, and the twins Dickie and Freda. Number Three is the Evans family: Mr Evans (a warden), Mrs Evans and Millie. Number Four is empty, but the children find a way into it, and take it over for their own use. One day, Mr Smith comes home on forty-eight hours leave. Marge Brown overhears him telling his wife that his whole regiment is being sent overseas, and that they are leaving from Southampton at midday Saturday. When Marge tells Millie Evans what she has overheard, they are themselves overheard by a man who has been hiding in Number Four. He tells Millie and Marge that he is an English soldier, but when Millie and Marge talk to the other children, Sally realises that he must be a German spy. The children cannot inform the authorities about him, or Mr Smith will get into trouble for telling his wife secret information. So they decide they will have to make sure that he cannot communicate with anyone until Saturday, and then tell the police.

Noel Streatfeild - Christmas ​with the Chrystals
Mrs ​Cornelius has rented Caldecote Castle, in Kent, to entertain her children and grandchildren over Christmas, and she employs Ted and Rosa Chrystal to look after the kitchen. Mrs Cornelius has been married three times. Virginia, the daughter from her first marriage, has married Tom Oswald, a gardener, and has two children, Alan and Benita. There was a son, James Dawson, by Mrs Cornelius' second marriage: he has died, and his widow, Lalla, and son, Gardiner, live in America. Her third husband now lives in South Africa. From this marriage there is a son, Jan, who also lives in South Africa with his wife, Anna, and their children, Peter, Jane and Rinke. Mrs Cornelius has never seen her son-in-law, her daughers-in-law, nor any of her grandchildren. Mrs Cornelius is a very cold woman, and the children soon learn that the friendliest place at Caldecote Castle is the kitchen. The Chrystals have decorated it with Christmas cards and holly, and it is a "warm, rich-smelling place, full of atmosphere", unlike the "unlived, characterless" rooms in the rest of the castle. Gradually, the adults also find out about the welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen.

Noel Streatfeild - The ​Maitlands: All Change at Cuckly Place
The ​Maitlands: All Change at Cuckly Place begins five years after the end of Meet the Maitlands. Following the death of the Squire, both of David's elder brothers resign from the army. Colonel Tom Maitland, who has inherited Cuckley Place, moves in with his wife, Emma, and children Henry, Fanny and George. Then Major Timothy Maitland writes to ask whether he and his family (wife Kitty, and daughters Angela, Sylvia and Ruth) can move into empty rooms in Cuckly Place, at least initially, when they return to England from India. Miss Dinage is getting married, and had planned to give up the governess position at the Rectory; but with nine children now needing educating (the elder boys being sent to school), an arrangement is made for her to teach them all at the Place. While these changes are happening at Cuckly, Violet has graduated from her Grammar School and won a scholarship at Oxford. She has also become involved in the women's sufferage movement. For some years, Chloe has been attending dancing classes, and - without her parents' knowlege - has progressed from baby skipping and ballroom dancing into toe dancing and ballet. Angela does piano lessons at a private school, and one day, while she is waiting for her lesson, she is convinced to join a Greek dancing performance, filling in for a girl who has broken her wrist. The school is impressed with her dancing, and offers her free piano and Greek dancing lessons, and a place as a weekly boarder, in return for acting as a demonstrator when their head dancing teacher gave lectures. Chloe is furious when she finds out, and as a result of this David withdraws her from her dancing classes. She and Selina are sent to a finishing school in France, but Chloe is determined that nothing will stand in the way of her learning to dance. John comes to realise that he wants to be ordained: traditionally the youngest son of the family has become rector, but Andrew has made it quite clear that he intends to go into the Navy.

Noel Streatfeild - Harlequinade
When ​a circus is disbanded due to the war, the children are sent to live in the West country: Nick, son of the ringmaster; Andrea, the son of a clown; Sadie, the daughter of trapeze artists, who wants to be a ballerina; Serge, the son of a wire walker; and Nonie, Nick's adopted brother. Although people in the town are nice to them, the children feel like "aliens in a strange land" (Harlequinade, 1943:4). Through spring and summer, the children have been using a field as a practice place to work on their circus skills. One day, at the beginning of winter, they get lost in a mist, and arrive at the front door of an old man's house. He invites them in, and tells them the story of the Harlequinade.

Noel Streatfeild - A ​Young Person's Guide to the Ballet
A ​dance teacher explains ballet techniques to her young pupils and includes in the lessons the history of ballet, stories of the great dancers, and discussions of famous ballets.

Noel Streatfeild - Tennis ​Shoes
Tennis ​Shoes is about the Heath family: Jim and Susan (twins), Nicky and David. Their father is a doctor, and their mother "just the right sort of wife for a doctor". Also in the household are Annie (formerly a circus acrobat, now their cook), and Miss Pinn ("Pinny") who was trained as a governess, but is more of a "mother's help", since all of the children go to school. Dr Heath's father had once been first class at tennis, and he encourages the children to take it up. He gives them a fancy moneybox - the "Tennis House" - and says they should all try to save money to pay for racquets, balls, and anything else they might need. Initially, the children are taught by their father. Jim has some ability, but is not a particularly good student, as he argues with his father, and can be rather stubborn. Susan is extremely promising, gaining success in tournaments, and recognition by the press. Nicky has a natural aptitude, but, like Jim, is not a good student, and is also very lazy. David (who is only four when the book starts) is less involved in tennis than the rest of the family, as he is more interested in singing. By the end of the book, three of the children have decided that they only wish to play tennis for fun, rather than making a career of it. All the family's support, therefore, is placed behind the one who is most likely to be a champion.

Noel Streatfeild - Theatre ​Shoes
Madame ​Fidolia turned facing Sorrel and Mark and Holly. "You will call me Madame, and when you first meet me in the morning and last thing at night, and before and after a class, or any time when we meet, you will make a deep curtesy and say 'madame'. And you, Mark pay one hand on your heart and bow. Every faily has it's secrets, but it was a huge surprise to the three young Forbeses, fresh from a country vicarage, to discover that their grandmother was a famous actress, Sent to live with her in London during the war they soon discovered that they were expected to follow in the family footsteps - to the footlights ! In bombed-out, wartime London, Sorrel and Mark and Holly progress from stage school to performances. An Actress herself, Noel Streatfield knows all the details of the backstage world of the theatre and has created an authentic, perceptive and vivid picture of theatrical life.

Noel Streatfeild - Filmek ​és cipők
Ki ​gondolta volna, hogy a jelentéktelen kis Jane Winterből filmsztár lesz? Az öccse, Tim, zseniális zongorista volt, a nővére, Rachel pedig balett-táncos. Jane semmiben sem tűnt ki a tehetség terén, sőt, ő volt a család fekete báránya. Egy kaliforniai utazás azonban mindent megváltoztatott és Jane minden bizonnyal élete legizgalmasabb nyarát élhette át. Noel Streatfeild mára már klasszikusnak számító regényei (Balettcipők, Színpadi cipők, Korcsolyacipők) méltán népszerűek ma is. Ezúttal a Titkos kert című regényből készülő film forgatására is bekukkanthatunk.

Noel Streatfeild - When ​the Siren Wailed
It ​is 1939, and the Clark family (Nobby and Rosie, and the children Laura, Andy and Tim) lives in South London. Although they are poor - and often hungry - they have a happy home. There is talk that there may be a war with the Germans, and one Saturday morning the children are taken to the Town Hall to be given gas masks, which they must carry with them at all times. Then evacuation rehearsals begin: the war is probably going to happen, and when it does, all children in danger areas like London are to be sent to the country. All the children practice going to school with a suitcase, pillowcase or carrier bag, plus their gas mask and a piece of paper (pinned on with a safety pin) with their name, address and the name of their school on it. The evacuation takes place on September 1st, 1939. Laura, Andy and Tim are taken to a village called Charnbury in Dorset. They are billeted with Colonel Launcelot Stranger Stranger and his servants, Mr and Mrs Elk. A new life begins for the Clark children - one in which they must take a bath every day, help the Elks, and go to bed early. They also get new clothes, and regular meals. The war is also changing the village - signs are taken down, the Colonel joins the Home Guard, and food rationing is introduced. In letters from their mother, they learn that Nobby has joined the Navy, and Rosie is working at a munitions factory in London.

Noel Streatfeild - Balettcipők
Egyszer ​volt hol nem volt, élt egyszer három kislány, akiket a szórakozott, jószívű tudós kalandos útjai során örökbe fogadott és elvitt londoni otthonába. A gyerekek szeretetteljes légkörben, számtalan érdekes élmény révén jutnak el a világot jelentő deszkákig. A színház varázslatos világa mindhármuk számára mást jelent, egy azonban közös bennük: kivételes tehetségek, így bekerülnek a híres londoni művészeti akadémiára. Az 1930-as évek Angliájában játszódó klasszikus a szerző szerint "olyan tündérmese, amelynek van valóságalapja", hiszen valahányszor a gyerekeknek problémáik adódnak, egy jótevő a segítségükre siet és megoldja a gondjukat. A ház, amelyben a három kedves kislány felnő, otthont ad számos érdekes embernek, s olyan, akár egy színes forgatag. A különös gonddal és szeretettel megírt, finom humorral és érzékenységgel átszőtt történet lapjain megelevenednek egy összetartó család mindennapjai, megismerhetjük örömeiket, gondjaikat, együtt sírunk és nevetünk velük. A lányok közben felcseperednek és fontos döntést kell hozniuk az életükről. Az írónő számtalan brit és nemzetközi irodalmi díj tulajdonosa, legsikeresebb és legismertebb műve a Balettcipők. 1983-ban Anglia királynője kitüntette, s a Brit Birodalmi Rend tisztje lett. Művei ott sorakoznak sok gyermek, s minden bizonnyal a szüleik könyvespolcán is, hiszen olyan történet ez, amely felnőtteknek és a kisebbeknek is egyaránt örömöt szerez.

Noel Streatfeild - Wintle's ​Wonders
Rachel ​and her adopted sister Hilary live with Rachel's mother. Rachel's father, a film star, died when the girls were seven, and because he had not been a film star long enough to save money, there is very little to spare. However, Rachel and her mother are determined that Hilary (whose real mother was a dancer) will have ballet lessons. Hilary has talent at ballet, but she is not really interested in it. When the girls are ten - just before Hilary's audution for the Royal Ballet School - their mother dies, and they go to live with their Uncle Tom, his wife, Aunt Cora, and their cousin Dulcie. Aunt Cora is better known as Mrs Wintle, and she runs a dancing school for girls to perform in pantomimes, musicals and reviews - "Mrs Wintle's Little Wonders". Dulcie, who is the same age as Rachel and Hilary, is very attractive and a talented dancer, but also very spoiled by her mother. Mrs Wintle had originally only been willing to take in Rachel, and had planned to send Hilary to an orphanage. However, when she sees Hilary dancing, she realises that she would make a splendid Little Wonder. Rachel is determined that their mother's dream to see Hilary as a ballerina will be realised. She is horrified by the type of dancing taught at Mrs Wintle's school, and is determined that Hilary will continue with her ballet (which is also taught at the school, although only to a small number of pupils). However, Hilary prefers the tap and acrobatics that are the main stock-in-trade of the Wonders, and Rachel can only make her concentrate on ballet by bribing her with pocket-money. To add to Rachel's problems, she is also to be trained as a Wonder, despite a total lack of aptitude or interest. Although she works hard, she gets no pleasure from it, and does not improve much, remaining a "bottom of the barrel" Wonder. Mrs Wintle's school does not offer ordinary lessons - only dancing - so Rachel and Hilary learn with Dulcie and her governess, Mrs Storm. Rachel likes working with Mrs Storm - especially when she starts giving them elocution and acting lessons.

Noel Streatfeild - Party ​Shoes
A ​welcome reissue of the 1945 book. Set during and after the second World War, this classic novel tells the story of Selina, who has been sent to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousins in the country. When Selina receives a parcel from her godmother in America it causes much excitement among her and her cousins, and, to Selina's delight, the parcel contains a beautiful party dress and a pair of party shoes. But delight turns to dismay when she realizes that she may never have an occasion to wear such a wonderful outfit - until, that is, she and her cousins come up with an idea of organizing a pageant...

Noel Streatfeild - Ballet ​Shoes
Pauline, ​Petrova and Posy are found as orphaned babies in different parts of the world by eccentric fossil collector and explorer Gum. He adopts them, takes them to his London home and leaves them in the care of his niece Sylvia and the family Nurse. Then off he goes to continue his exploring, saying that he'll be back in five years' time. When the three little girls are old enough, they choose the surname Fossil for themselves and vow to make the name famous. At first they lead privileged and sheltered lives. But when Gum fails to return after five years, Sylvia's money begins to run out. First she is forced to take in some boarders - an engaging and eclectic mix of characters - but then she decides that the girls should go to acting school. This way they will be able to earn some money before they grow up. Pauline adores the school, as she dreams of becoming an actress. Petrova hates it, all she wants to do is learn about cars and planes and engines. Posy loves it too - she is born to be a dancer and the school is the perfect place for her.

Noel Streatfeild - The ​June Baby
Illustrated ​by Noel Streatfeild. One of the Baby Book Series from this publisher. Suggestions for baby names, the influence of the stars and distiguished people born on each day of the month as well as information about them. Also a selection of special letters, prose and poetry suitable for the month.