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Mickey Zucker Reichert - Fields ​of Wrath
Nearly ​two decades ago, Mickey Zucker Reichert introduced fantasy readers to her greatest creation—the Renshai, a race of warriors who lived for battle and swordcraft, and who began training in the art of war from the moment their fingers could grasp a weapon. Set in a world enriched by Norse mythology, Mickey’s first two trilogies about the Renshai—The Last of the Renshai and The Renshai Chronicles—captivated readers as they followed the adventures of these legendary warriors who fought their way back from almost total extinction to claim a new homeland and find allies in a world where far too many still feared and despised them. Flight of the Renshai and Fields of Wrath continue the Renshai saga begun in the previous two trilogies. Opening eighteen years after The Children of Wrath ended, Flight of the Renshai focuses on the main characters from the second trilogy, as well as their now-grown children. At the center of the story are the three sons of Kevral Tainharsdatter. While Flight brings readers into the heart of the long-dreaded Great War, Fields of Wrath picks up the story in the aftermath of that war.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - The ​Immortal Renshai
Based ​on Norse mythology, the third installment of the Renshai saga concludes the tale of three brothers caught in a dangerous magical confrontation, against which humans and elves must band together to preserve their worlds. After a cataclysmic magical confrontation that shakes the very roots of Midgard, elves and humans alike struggle to put the pieces of their lives back together. But with many among them cast out of their own world and stranded in the Outworlds, the chances of rescuing all those "lost" souls seems very slim. While elves can find those of their own race, they cannot track humans in the same way. Perhaps, if the powers of the elves, the human mages of Myrcide, and the one surviving Kjempemagiska, the sorcerer Kentt, can be combined, they can bring back most of those lost in chaos. Saviar, Subikahn, and Calistin, the three Renshai brothers, must all face their own personal demons, as they attempt to find their destinies in this radically changed world. Even the royal family of Bearn will find everything they value placed at risk. Only if the brothers, their friends, family, allies, and former enemies can find a way to work together will they have any hope of healing Midgard and carving out the path to a better future for all.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Shadow ​Climber
In ​the second sword-swinging novel in The Bifrost Guardians series, thief-hero Taziar Shadow Climber and his comrade, the barbarian lord Moonbear, take on all challengers--from the cunning villain who destroyed Taziar's father to the Jaderank sorcerer who thirsts for Moonbear's blood.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - The ​Western Wizard
The ​second novel in a brilliantly conceived epic by the author of The Bifrost Guardians. Colbey, the Renshai of prophecies, must struggle to integrate the gift/burden given him by the Western Wizard and train the first new generation of Renshai warriors. Sequel to The Last of the Renshai.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Child ​of Thunder
In ​the final novel of this brilliant epic trilogy, Reichert weaves together the diverse plot strands she spun in The Last of the Renshai and The Western Wizard. Colbey, Renshai warrior, hero, and teacher, finally accepts the possibility that he must take on the role of the Western Wizard. Only time will tell whether he and his allies can avert the end of all the worlds.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - The ​Children of Wrath
The ​Pica Stone, which could prove the salvation of the elves and humans alike has been shattered, and eight of its shards are missing, scattered on worlds throughout the planes of existence. And it is up to Kevral, Darris, Ra-khir, Tae, and their fellow adventurers to journey to these different realms in hopes of recovering the shards. Yet even as they undertake their quest, Colbey and Odin have begun a final struggle, a new war of the gods which will determine the fate of the mortal world

Mickey Zucker Reichert - The ​Unknown Soldier
When ​Shawna Nicholson, Chief Resident of an Iowa hospital, treats an emergency patient who came from the future with multiple wounds and amnesia, neither Shawna nor the mystery man is prepared for the deadly pursuers determined to destory Shawna's patient and anyone who tries to stop them. Author Reichert draws upon her experience as a doctor to add a realistic edge to this sci-fi thriller.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Dragonrank ​Master
GODSLAYER ​was the name Al Larson earned when, torn away from the midst of the firefight in Vietnam and catapulted to a time and place where the Norse gods fought a deadly war of their own, he was instrumental in the death of Loki, a key lord of Chaos. But now Larson, the master swordsman Gaelinar. and the elusive thief known as the Shadow Climber were about to embark on an even more desperate quest. For the balance between Chaos and Law had been all but lost. Fenris Wolf stalked the lands of men, thirsting to drink the lifeblood of Larson and Gaelinar, while Hel herself sought vengeance for Loki's destruction. Pursued by these foes out of nightmare, could Larson and the others survive long enough to recover the one hope of the forces of Law--the legendary rod of Geirmagnus, the first Dragonrank mage--a mission that would take them from the citadel of Dragonrank powers to war-torn Vietnam to Hel's dark realm and beyond?

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Az ​istenölő
Egy ​olyan világban, hol a mágia valóság, hol elfek és sárkányok leselkednek az óvatlanokra, és hol az északi istenek halálos harcot vívnak melyben a halandókat használják fel sakkbábuként. Loki, a csalárdság istene és Frey a háború istene csatázik egymás ellen, mely küzdelem eldöntheti, hogy rend vagy örök káosz vár az univerzumra. Frey alternatív idősávokat fürkész, s kirántja Al Larson huszadik századbeli amerikai katonát egy vietnami tűzharc kellős közepéből. Időn és téren át egy elf harcos testébe helyezi, hogy felvegye a harcot Lokival, és szövetségesével a varázsló Braminnal. Kiszakítva abból a világból, ahol puskagolyók és gránátok a fegyverek, és egy elf testébe zárva olyan földön, ahol a kard és a varázslat a harc eszköze, Alnak gyorsan alkalmazkodnia kell - vagy meghal. Az istenek őt választották ki a harcukhoz, ezért Al egyetlen esélye az marad, hogy teljesítse a feladatot, amit Frey szab ki rá. A feladatot , amely elvezeti a Hél kapujába, ahol meg kell mentenie egy istent - vagy meg kell ölnie egyet.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Godslayer
Mickey ​Zucker Reichert makes her smash debut with this exciting novel of an all-too-mortal human caught in the middle of a war between the gods. Al Larson, an American soldier in Vietnam, must adapt to a world where magic and sword blades, not machine guns and missiles, are the chosen weapons of war.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Flight ​of the Renshai
Return ​to a world of "magical battles galore" ("VOYA") with Mickey Zucker Reichert's newest Renshai novel. Prejudice against the Renshai is growing rapidly, fueled by their old enemies in the Northlands, who have convinced a faction in Erythane that the Renshai lands were stolen from them, forcing the King to banish the Renshai from the Westlands. Shunned by Westerners and hunted by Northmen, the Renshai will face many trials before rallying together against a common enemy determined to destroy them once and for all.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Beyond ​Ragnarok
They've ​survived the end of their universe.... But now, nearly three hundred years after the time of Ragnarok—the death battle of the gods—humankind faces a new and potentially fatal trial. The balance between Law and Chaos has long been maintained by the rulers of Bearn, but with the current king dying, a new keeper of neutrality must be found among his heirs. And with an unknown enemy bent on destroying all who stand in line to the throne, King Kohleran has no choice but to decree that anyone with a claim to the crown must take the Test of the Staves. What the testing reveals, however, is the need to carry the search beyond Bearn. But all the king's envoys disappear without a trace, and deciding that desperate times call for desperate actions, a small band forms in secret to seek out the last possible heir. But can the king's granddaughter, a knight in training, an appretice bard, a young and untested Renshai warrior, and thief who may as easily prove their betrayer as their friend survive the perils of the wild, and enemies equipped with magical powers in a world long bereft of spell casters? And if any of them actually reach their goal, can they bring the one remaining untested heir back to Bearn alive?

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Isaac ​Asimov's I, Robot - To Preserve
_2037: ​Robotic technology has evolved into the realm of self-aware, sentient mechanical entities. But despite the safeguards programmed into the very core of a robot’s artificial intelligence, humanity’s most brilliant creation can still fall prey to those who believe the Three Laws of Robotics were made to be broken..._ N8-C, better known as Nate, has been Manhattan Hasbro Hospital’s resident robot for more than twenty years. A prototype, humanoid in appearance, he was created to interact with people. While some staff accepted working alongside an anthropomorphic robot, Nate’s very existence terrified most people, leaving the robot utilized for menial tasks and generally ignored. Until one of the hospital’s physicians is found brutally murdered with Nate standing over the corpse, a blood-smeared utility bar clutched in his hand. As designer and programmer of Nate’s positronic brain, Lawrence Robertson is responsible for his creation’s actions and arrested for the crime. Susan Calvin knows the Three Laws of Robotics make it impossible for Nate to harm a human being. But to prove both Nate’s and Lawrence’s innocence, she has to consider the possibility that someone somehow manipulated the laws to commit murder...

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Flightless ​Falcon
Tamison ​had been a miner until the cave-in that killed his brother and father left him with a paralyzing fear of venturing underground. With the passing years and the growth of his own new family, Tamison was willing to turn his hand to any trade that would feed his wife and children. But in a realm where guilds ruled—and where his own guild could no longer support him—Tamison became more and more desperate Eventually he was forced to steal food or see his family starve. Caught in the act, Tamison was sentenced to a chain gang. And when he was finally released, he discovered that his family had been kidnapped. Now he's determined to rescue them—but he can't do it alone. To break into a seemingly impenetrable city, he needs the help of three unlikely allies: a guard, a thief, and a fortune-teller...

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Isaac ​Asimov's I, Robot - To Obey
2. ​A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. _2036: Robotic technology has evolved into the realm of self-aware, sentient mechanical entities. But even as humanity contends with the consequences of its most brilliant creation, there are those who have their own designs for the robots: enslavement…or annihilation._ Susan Calvin is about to enter her second year as a psych resident at the Manhattan Hasbro teaching hospital when a violent crime strikes her very close to home. When she was young, Susan lost her mother in a terrible car wreck that also badly injured her father. She now believes the accident was an attempted murder by government powers who wanted her parents dead. Susan has always known that there was a faction of the U.S. government that wanted to hijack her father’s work for military use. Now, it seems that faction is back. As she struggles to overcome her pain and confusion as well as deal with her studies, Susan finds herself hunted by violent anti-tech vigilantes who would revert mankind to the dark ages—and at the same time watched very closely by extremists who want high-tech genocide. Somehow she must find a way to stop them both.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Isaac ​Asimov's I, Robot - To Protect
_First ​in an all-new trilogy inspired by Isaac Asimov's legendary science fiction collection I, Robot._ 2035: Susan Calvin is beginning her residency at a Manhattan teaching hospital, where a select group of patients is receiving the latest in diagnostic advancements: tiny nanobots, injected into the spinal fluid, that can unlock and map the human mind. Soon, Susan begins to notice an ominous chain of events surrounding the patients. When she tries to alert her superiors, she is ignored by those who want to keep the project far from any scrutiny for the sake of their own agenda. But what no one knows is that the very technology to which they have given life is now under the control of those who seek to spread only death...

Mickey Zucker Reichert - The ​Last of the Renshai
First ​in a bold, magical trilogy of a world living in the shadow of an ancient prophecy of war. Enemies band together to attack the Renshai, the mightiest, most hated and feared of all warrior races. One Renshai escapes, determined to keep the memory of his people alive and to claim his vengeance on the slayers of his race.

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Prince ​of Demons
It ​is a crucial moment in the world of men, as the elves who have survived Ragnarok are determined to destroy humankind! Now with an imposter placed upon the Bearnian throne, the critical balance between Law and Chaos may finally be overthrown. Only a small band of adventurers can free the rightful heir from the elves' clutches...if they don't run out of time first!

Mickey Zucker Reichert - Shadow's ​Realm
When ​Shadow received a message that Shylar needed his aid, the master thief and his three companions, Allerum - now an elf swordsman but once a twentieth century American soldier - and the two Dragonmages, Silme and Astryd, immediately set out for Shadow's hometown of Cullinsberg. For Shylar, town madam and high in the thieves' underground, was all the family Shadow had. But Cullinsberg was an armed trap waiting to close on the four adventurers. For they had slain the Chaos Dragon, and in so doing unleashed a force of pure Chaos, a force which then bonded with the single greatest surviving Dragonmage. Driven by Chaos-induced madness, this master of powers far beyond those of Silme and Astryd would now use anyone and any means to take his deadly revenge on those four warriors of Law.