Eric Hill könyvei a rukkolán

Eric Hill - Spot's ​Magical Christmas
Spot ​saves the day when two despondent reindeer request his help in locating Santa's sleigh, and with the help of friends Helen, Tom, and Steve, not only do they find the sleigh, but they get a special treat as well.

Eric Hill - ¡Hola, ​Spot!
Un ​libro interactivo con el simpático títere de mano de Spot. Cada página tiene un texto simple que anima a los niños a actuar: cantar, bailar, saludar con Spot y sus amigos. Las ilustraciones llenas de colores hacen de ese libro un objeto muy atractivo para los niños.

Eric Hill - Spot's ​Birthday Party
In ​Spot's Birthday Party, Spot and his friends celebrate by playing a game of hide-and-seek, with a little help from the lift-the-flaps for which Spot books have become famous. Once everyone has been found, it?s time for a party with lots of presents!

Eric Hill - Spot ​Goes to School
"SPOT ​is one of the essential experiences of childhood. " - Parents magazine

Eric Hill - Where's ​Spot?
The ​bestselling puppy is better than ever. Spot's 25th birthday presents are bold, beautiful color covers that give him a great new look. Enjoy Spot in paperback with full-color covers and traditional Lift-the-Flap features. Have more fun with Spot!

Eric Hill - Good ​night, Spot
Spot ​has been very busy, and it's time to get ready for bed. After a bath and drying off in his warm, fuzzy towel, Spot chooses a favorite book for a bedtime story. Any young child can relate to the ritual of preparing for bedtime with this board book, now available with a bold, colorful cover.

Eric Hill - Spot's ​Baby Sister
Spot ​the dog enjoys romping with his new baby sister and discovers what it is like to be a big brother. Movable flaps conceal portions of the illustrations.

Eric Hill - ¿Dónde ​está Spot?
En ​esta primera aventura de Spot los niños pueden participar en la búsqueda del travieso perrito levantando las solapas de cada página hasta descubrir dónde se ha escondido.