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Ryder Windham - Jedi ​vs. Sith - The Essential Guide to the Force
A ​study of the conflict between the Jedi and Sith and their relationship with the Force discusses the history, teachings, and weaponry of both groups, the major battles between them, and Force-sensitive abilities and powers.

Ryder Windham - Star ​Wars Rebels: Ezra's Gamble
Fourteen ​year-old Ezra Bridger lives alone on the Outer Rim planet of Lothal. He fends for himself by picking up odd jobs and hustling the unsuspecting Stormtrooper. But when Arena Day arrives--an underground tournament where mighty beasts battle to the finish and all the swindlers, gamblers, and no-gooders come from all corners of the planet to make a profit--Ezra is whisked into an unlikely partnership with the fearsome bounty hunter Bossk and enmeshed in a high-stakes chase against an endless fleet of troopers. Ezra isn't willing to trust anyone, but he soon learns that surviving doesn't always mean just fending for himself.

Brian Wood - Ron Marz - Jeremy Barlow - Ryder Windham - Star ​Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Rebellion 2.
The ​rebels and the Empire - locked in conflict! When Leia announces plans to marry, will the Rebellion lose a princess, or gain a new safe haven? Darth Vader is on a mission to instill fear and discipline into the Imperial ranks using his elite stormtroopers! But as Obi-Wan Kenobi haunts the Dark Lord's dreams, the name Skywalker dominates his mind! Meanwhile, Luke fights side-by-side with a veteran of the Clone Wars and Han Solo flirts with an old flame. When Leia risks everything for a childhood friend, Han, Luke and Chewie must risk it all for her! COLLECTING: STAR WARS (2013) 13-20, STAR WARS: EMPIRE 19-27, MATERIAL FROM STAR WARS KIDS (1997) 1-20

Daniel Wallace - Ryder Windham - Jason Fry - Das ​Buch der Kopfgeldjäger
DIE ​GEHEIMEN SCHRIFTEN DES BOBA FETT Entdecke die gnadenlosen Regeln und grausamen Werkzeuge, die ein erfolgreicher Kopfgeldjäger beherrschen muss! Wie wird man Mitglied der Gilde, und wie überlebt man am Rande des galaktischen Gesetztes? Erfahre es hier! Und lerne mehr über die Geschichte, Philosophie und Ausrüstung der Death Watch, einer geheimen Splittergruppe der Mandalorianer. Der legendäre Kopfgeldjäger Boba Fett hat zwei bedeutende Schriften in diesem Band zusammengetragen: Das Handbuch der Kopfgeldjägergilde und die Rekrutierungsschrift der Death Watch. Zusammen bilden sie DAS BUCH DER KOPFGELDJÄGER. Beide Schriften sind gespickt mit persönlichen Kommentaren und rätselhaften Hinweisen von Fett und früheren Besitzern. Boba Fetts Taktiken und Geheimnisse - hier findest du sie!

Ryder Windham - Guardians ​of the Chiss Key
The ​Clone Wars: Secret Missions series of original novels concludes as Nuru Kungurama returns to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant while the remaining members of Breakout Squad await their next mission. But after an alien escape pod vanishes from the Jedi Archives, Kung finds himself flung toward a fateful encounter with his own Jedi Master, Ring-Sol Ambase.

Michael A. Stackpole - Jan Strnad - Ryder Windham - Star ​Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron 2.
As ​the Empire withers away and the New Republic grows, one team of ace starfighters takes on the most critical mission to ensure freedom in a galaxy long oppressed - Rogue Squadron! Whether it's keeping a massive weapon's cache out of the hand's of Jabba the Hutt's would-be successors, brokering peace on a planet wracked by civil war, or rescuing a downed cruiser from the jaws of an ancient evil, no task is too treacherous for these X-wing heroes!

Ryder Windham - Duel ​at Shattered Rock
Young ​Jedi Nuru Kungurama and the clone troopers of Breakout Squad receive orders to escort new allies across space to Coruscant. But the diplomatic mission turns deadly when the identity of a mysterious saboteur is revealed and Nuru encounters a deadly armored warrior with ties to Count Dooku. This series is written by acclaimed writer Ryder Windham, who has authored over 50 Star Wars books.

Ryder Windham - The ​Wrath of Darth Maul
The ​most anticipated Star Wars biography yet! One of the most feared villains of all time. One of the most iconic characters of the Star Wars saga. One incredible story. Features new, never-before-told secrets about Darth Maul!

Hayden Blackman - Ryder Windham - Jason Hall - Timothy Truman - Menace ​Revealed
This ​is Dark Horse's largest omnibus of never-before-collected and out-of-print Star Wars stories. Included here are one-shot adventures, short story arcs, specialty issues, and early Dark Horse Extra comic strips! All of these tales take place after Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and lead up to Episode II: Attack of the Clones. In Jedi Quest, Anakin Skywalker will work to overcome his fears while on a mission to protect a freighter from pirates. Starfighter: Crossbones pits pirate against pirate, featuring the intimidating Captain Nym. Included in this volume are The Hunt for Aurra Sing and The Bounty Hunters: Aurra Sing, plus many more stories which have not seen print in nearly a decade!

Ryder Windham - The ​Rise and Fall of Darth Vader
The ​full story of Anakin Skywalker, from his birth in slavery to his death as the powerful Darth Vader ... told for the first time in its entirety by NYT bestselling Star Wars author Ryder Windham. Spanning all six Star Wars movie and including the pieces of the story that fill in the gaps, this novel will be a must-have for any Star Wars fan.

Daniel Wallace - Ryder Windham - Star ​Wars – The Comics Companion
Dark ​Horse presents the definitive guide to Star Wars comics, complete with in-depth coverage all the way through Episode III! Written by Ryder Windham, Star Wars expert, and densely illustrated with both brand-new art and classic images from the comics, this chronological compendium contains everything you need to be the ultimate Star Wars reader in-the-know. Follow Anakin Skywalker's descent into darkness, from his early days as a padawan, to his harrowing Clone Wars battles, up through his transformation and eventual death as Darth Vader. Get complete details on the exploits of Luke and Leia, Han and Chewie, and all the rest of the gang, with thorough rundowns of classic Star Wars history, from the very beginnings of the Jedi Order, no character goes unmentioned and no quadrant goes unmapped.

Ryder Windham - Droids
Before ​the fateful day Luke Skywalker met Artoo and Threepio for the first time, those two troublesome droids had some amazing adventures all their own! Entangled with pirates, bounty hunters, rock monsters, and the notorious space criminal Olag Greck, they do their best to stick together in a dangerous galaxy where anything can happen. * Stand-alone book featuring material not previously published. Presenting every Droids story published by Dark Horse, this vast volume follows R2-D2 and C-3PO in a series of stories fun for Star Wars fans of any age! * Containing the out-of-print classics, "The Kalarba Adventures," "Rebellion," the never-before-collected "Seasons of Revolt," and featuring "The Protocol Offensive"--plotted by C-3PO himself, actor Anthony Daniels--these tales brim with the wonder and whimsy that made this unlikely pair the most popular droids in the galaxy!

Daniel Wallace - Ryder Windham - Pablo Hidalgo - Star ​Wars: Évről évre - Egy galaxis története
A ​Star Wars 1977 óta jelen van a popkultúrában, vagyis immár négy évtizede világszerte része a köztudatnak. A _Star Wars: Évről évre_ időrendben haladva mondja el az "űropera" keletkezésének történetét a kezdetektől a legújabb fejezetek, _Az ébredő Erő_ és a _Zsivány Egyes_ születéséig. A Lucasfilm közreműködésével készült, neves szakértők tollából származó kötetben minden megtalálható, ami az elmúlt 40 évben történt, és kapcsolódik a Star Warshoz: George Lucas korai ötleteinek kidolgozásától a Lucasfilm eladásáig, a _Star Wars: Lázadók_ első látványterveinek elkészülésétől a sorozat legutóbbi epizódjainak megalkotásáig, az első regények megjelenésétől az új Star Wars-élményparkok átadásáig az összes jelentős eseményt felöleli, bemutatva a Lucas teremtette galaxis és a őt körülvevő világ kölcsönhatásait. A 40. születésnapja alkalmából megjelenő album impozáns és különleges ajándék minden rajongó számára.

Ryder Windham - The ​Life and Legend of Obi-Wan Kenobi
Hermit. ​Mentor. General. Jedi. Overlooked as a Padawan, he was to become one of the most revered Masters of all. Sworn to serve the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order, his own apprentice would bring about their destruction. Powerless to retrieve Darth Vader from the dark side, he would train the only one who could. NYT bestselling author Ryder Windham brings together Obi-Wan's full life story, from his first meeting with Anakin Skywalker to his final meeting with Darth Vader--and beyond.

Daniel Wallace - Ryder Windham - Jason Fry - Fejvadász ​kódex
Fedezd ​fel a nélkülözhetetlen eszközöket és technikákat, melyeket minden fejvadásznak ismernie kell! Sajátítsd el a túlélés eszközeit és ismerd meg a galaktikus törvényeket. Tanulmányozd a történelmet, a filozófiát, és a Halálőrség, a mandalore-iak szakadár csoportjának felszerelését. A legendás fejvadász, Boba Fett két jelentős kiadványt fűzött össze: _A fejvadász céh kézikönyvét_ és a Halálőrség toborzó könyvecskéjét. E két kiadványból lett _A fejvadászok kézikönyve_. A margón pedig Fett és a könyv korábbi tulajdonosai rögzítették gondolataikat és kommentárjaikat. Boba Fett módszerei, titkai... Mind itt vannak egy kötetben.

Ryder Windham - Destroy ​the Liquidator
The ​Imperial Star Destroyer Liquidator is quickly approaching the Rebel base on Yavin Four. It is part of an Imperial plan to control hyperspace—and crush the Rebellion. To prevent the Empire from carrying out this evil deed, the Rebels must locate the Imperial forces without being discovered. Your mission: to stop the Liquidator…and get out of Yavin Four alive!'' May the Force be with you.

Ryder Windham - Indiana ​Jones és az utolsó keresztes lovag
Indiana ​Jones ezúttal részben személyes okokból hagyja ott tanári szobáját és csatolja fel ostorát. Hírt kap arról, hogy édesapját - akinek az árnyékából számos kaland, eredmény és tudományos elismerés után sem volt még képes kilépni - elrabolták: Kiderül, hogy idősebb Jones professzor a nácik fogságában van. A németek tudják, hogy Jones titkos naplója segíthet nekik közelebb kerülni a hőn áhított ereklye, a Szent Grál lelőhelyéhez, amely a legenda szerint az örök élet kulcsa.

Daniel Wallace - Ryder Windham - Jason Fry - The ​Bounty Hunter Code
Legendary ​bounty hunter Boba Fett bound together two volumes of great personal significance: an edition of The Bounty Hunter's Guild Handbook, and a recruiting booklet issued by Death Watch, a secretive splinter group of Mandalorians. Together, these volumes make up The Bounty Hunter Code, detailing the skills needed to make a living beyond galactic law as well as the little-known history, philosophy, and gear of Death Watch. With notes from the books' former owners, this collection serves as a crucial guide to the bounty hunter's essential tools and techniques.

Sergio Aragonés - Ryder Windham - Randy Stradley - Aaron McBride - Robert E. Barnes - Star ​Wars Omnibus: Wild Space 2.
A ​second wild omnibus filled with sparkling, rare Star Wars gems from everyone's favorite galaxy! Get your adventure on as you catch up on the transgressions of crime lord Jabba the Hutt, smuggler Han Solo, and smooth talker Lando Calrissian; follow the misadventures of two Rebel officers named Tag and Bink; stomp on Star Wars with writer Mark Evanier and artist Sergio Aragones; read some unreal tales from the visionaries and concept artists behind Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith; and have some old-fashioned podracing fun with young Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine!

Ryder Windham - Darth ​Vader's Return
Darth ​Vader has returned to Coruscant after the destruction of the first Death Star. There, he discovers his next mission. In the days before Grand Moff Tarkin's death, Tarkin recorded a top secret holotape... complete with information that would enable the Empire to dominate hyperspace. Your mission: to retrieve the missing holotape and bring glory to the Emperor. Good luck.

Timothy Truman - Ryder Windham - Mark Schultz - Henry Gilroy - Haden Blackman - Emissaries ​and Assassins
Discover ​more stories set during the time of Episode I: The Phantom Menace in this mega collection bridging the gap between Episodes I and II! Star Wars: Episode I Adventures is a group of four tales featuring Anakin Skywalker, Queen Amidala, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon all set during the events of Episode I! Then, in Emissaries to Malastare, Outlander, and Jango Fett: Open Seasons, we get a closer look at members of the Jedi Council, Jedi-slaying bounty hunter Aurra Sing, and the life of bounty hunter Jango Fett - the man without whom there would be no Clone Wars!

Scott Allie - Mike Kennedy - Ryder Windham - Randy Stradley - Star ​Wars Epic Collection: Rise of the Sith 1.
When ​young Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn is dispatched to prevent a civil war, he has a close encounter with the Dark Side! Years later, Qui-Gon and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi face an out-of-control cloud cruiser and the lawless world of Ord Mantell, where everyone holds a grudge - and a blaster! And Mace Windu's Jedi Knights face the threat of the Yinchorri - a race more deadly than they ever imagined! COLLECTING: STAR WARS: JEDI - THE DARK SIDE 1-5, STAR WARS: QUI-GON & OBI-WAN - THE AURORIENT EXPRESS 1-2, STAR WARS: QUI-GON & OBI-WAN - LAST STAND ON ORD MANTELL 1-3, STAR WARS: JEDI COUNCIL - ACTS OF WAR 1-4, MATERIAL FROM STAR WARS (1998) 4-6; MATERIAL FROM STAR WARS TALES 1, 3-5, 7, 9-10, 13-14, 24

Mike Kennedy - Ryder Windham - Dean Motter - Randy Stradley - Jan Strnad - Ron Marz - Rise ​of the Sith
Before ​the name of Skywalker--or Vader--achieved fame across the galaxy, the Jedi Knights had long preserved peace and justice . . . as well as preventing the return of the Sith. Collected in this newest Star Wars Omnibus are tales leading up to The Phantom Menace. First--previously uncollected and out of print--Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi save a sinking ship in The Aurorient Express and investigate an unexpected death in Last Stand on Ord Mantell. The origins of bounty hunter Aurra Sing are revealed in "Aurra's Song." Then, in Jedi Council and Prelude to Rebellion we follow two key Jedi Masters, Mace Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi as they face new foes that will try the Jedi ways to the very limit. And finally, in Darth Maul, the terrifying Sith apprentice leaves a trail of death in his efforts to keep the secrets of his Master.

Ryder Windham - Showdown ​in Mos Eisley
You ​are a swoop biker working for Jabba the Hutt. Your base is a cantina in Mos Eisley, one of the most dangerous spaceport cities in the galaxy. And now things have become even more dangerous. Battle droids have attacked your cantina, injuring your friends…and threatening Jabba himself. Your Mission: to save Jabba from the deadly droids…or else. Good luck.

Dan Thorsland - Ryder Windham - Jan Strnad - Anthony Daniels - Star ​Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire 5.
Artoo ​and Threepio steal the spotlight! Even before joining the rebellion, everyone's favorite droids had plenty of exciting adventures. With the Empire on the march, the squabbling duo fi nd themselves right in the middle of trouble in the Kalarba system - but is Corellian rogue Jace Forno friend or foe? On the smuggler planet of Nar Shaddaa, con artist Olag Greck has a brush with the law - the newly deputized droids! Then, with a new Ithorian master to follow, Artoo is laid low by a computer virus! And thrill to planet-saving action co-written by C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels! Plus, pirates, bounty hunters, rock monsters - and Artoo's day out! COLLECTING: STAR WARS: DROIDS (1994) 1-6, SPECIAL; STAR WARS: DROIDS (1995) 1-8; STAR WARS: THE PROTOCOL OFFENSIVE 1; MATERIAL FROM STAR WARS GALAXY MAGAZINE 1; STAR WARS TALES 16, 20

Ryder Windham - Curse ​of the Black Hole Pirates
The ​adventures of young Jedi Nuru Kungurama and the newly formed Breakout Squad continue as they take an unexpected and very dangerous detour and find themselves overwhelmed by space pirates. This series is written by acclaimed writer Ryder Windham, who has authored over 50 Star Wars books.

Ryder Windham - Adam Bray - Star ​Wars: Rohamosztagosok - A páncél mögött
Amikor ​a _Star Wars IV.: Egy új remény_ben Darth Vader fehér páncélos katonák között masírozott be Leia hercegnő hajójára, a rohamosztagosok kitörölhetetlen nyomot hagytak a messzi-messzi galaxisban. A birodalmi elnyomás arctalan eszközeiből az évek során saját eredettörténettel rendelkező harcosokká váltak, akik önálló döntéshozatalra is képesek. A _Star Wars: Rohamosztagosok_ az első olyan könyv, amely mélységeiben tárgyalja ezeknek a híres katonáknak a történetét és a létrehozásuk körülményeit. Kövesd nyomon a rohamosztagosok megtervezését és megalkotását az eredeti trilógiától kezdve a rajzfilmeken, képregényeken, regényeken és a piacon fellelhető kísérőárukon keresztül! Tudd meg, miként fonódott össze alakjuk a Star Wars iránti rajongással, és hogyan alakult ki motivikus, központi szerepük. Ez a fényképekkel, illusztrációkkal, storyboard részletekkel és művészi alkotásokkal teli könyv kivehető részeket is tartalmaz: a benne található koncepciórajznak, képregénycsíknak és egyéb ajándékoknak ott a helyük minden Star Wars-rajongónál.

Ryder Windham - Millennium ​Falcon 3D Owner's Guide
The ​Millennium Falcon as you've never seen it before! This novelty format dissects the most famous ship in the galaxy section-by-section, revealing the ship's secrets and special modifications. Includes technical notes from Han Solo as well as a detailed overview of each of the ship's main functions. Even non-fans will be wowed!

Ryder Windham - The ​Fury of Darth Maul
Someone ​has stolen something that belongs to Darth Sidious. Now he wants it back. And when a Sith Lord wants something, there's only one person he can trust to get it — Another Sith Lord.

Ryder Windham - Adam Bray - Daniel Wallace - Patricia Barr - Star ​Wars - Minden ami Star Wars
SZEREPLŐK ​ÉS ÉLŐLÉNYEK HELYSZÍNEK TECHNOLÓGIA JÁRMŰVEK A Star Wars világának teljes körű, lélegzetelállító bemutatása. "Én Jedi vagyok, mint valaha apám is volt." Luke Skywalker

Ryder Windham - Search ​for the Lost Jedi
A ​Jedi Master is missing. She is trapped in a hostile fortress. Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and their fellow Jedi are her only hope. The rescue has begun.

Ryder Windham - Indiana ​Jones és az elveszett frigyláda fosztogatói
Indiana ​Jones, a régészet tudományának doktora - aki a civil életben egyetemi oktató, egyébként pedig szenvedélyes ereklyevadász és kalandor - különleges és titkos megbízást kap az amerikai kormánytól: meg kell találnia a Frigyládát, a legendás bibliai tárgyat, amelyről történészek úgy gondolják, hogy a Tízparancsolat kőtábláinak maradványait rejti.