Vivianne Crowley könyvei a rukkolán

Vivianne Crowley - The ​Magickal Life
In ​this comprehensive guide, Vivianne Crowley shows that we can tap the mysterious power of the natural world and the creativity of the human mind by practicing true magic. With down-to-earth advice and detailed exercises that teach you how to perform magic such as rituals for health, prosperity, and love, Vivianne Crowley illustrates simple techniques for enhancing your life. She also shares her own inspiring journey, shedding new light on the connection between the ancient spiritual wisdom of magic and contemporary self-help techniques such as meditation, yoga, and positive thinking. Perfect for novices and seasoned practitioners alike, The Magickal Life illustrates how magic can help you lead a more successful and satisfying life and see the world as full of endless possibilities. Vivianne Crowley, Ph.D., is a psychologist, university lecturer, and management consultant. Through her studies in psychology and science, she discovered that ancient mystical beliefs and contemporary knowledge create magic that is practical and real. For twenty-five years, she has been a teacher of magic, inspiring thousands on their spiritual path. She has written numerous books about Wicca.

Vivianne Crowley - A ​jungi szellemiség
Carl ​Jung a XX. század egyik legnagyobb hatású alakja. Aki a szellem világában kíván elmélyülni, előbb-utóbb találkozik a gondolataival. Jung sajátos világlátását többek között a keleti hagyományok, az okkultizmus és a kereszténység tanulmányozása során alakította ki. Vivianne Crowley könyve izgalmas bevezető a jungi életműbe, amely rendkívüli hatást gyakorolt korunk gondolkodóira.