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Jean Rabe - Goblin ​Nation
The ​climactic conclusion to the Stonetellers saga! Goblin Nation concludes The Stonetellers trilogy, finding Direfang and his army of goblins and hobgoblins deep in the Qualinesti Forest. Although they are far from the Dark Knights' mining camp they escaped from, they are also far from safe. The forest is fraught with its own deadly dangers--with the entire world seemingly bent on keeping the goblins from founding their new homeland. But Direfang is resolute and will risk all their lives in a final bid for freedom.

Jean Rabe - Death ​March
Jean ​Rabe's long-anticipated return to Krynn continues! Escaping from the slave pens of a Dark Knight mining camp was no easy feat, but what awaits Direfang, a former hobgoblin slave who has become the reluctant general of a growing goblin army is every bit as perilous. From the cruel ogre mountains to the shores of Newsea, Direfang, Mudwort the shaman, and the Dark Knight wizard Grallik fight the natural and unnatural forces that seek to destroy them. Direfang is tested to his limits by once-friends and powerful foes as he undertakes a death march to the Qualinesti Forest. His eyes on independence, Direfang refuses to surrender, and pledges his life for a chance to be free, even as he learns that freedom is a deadly prize.

Jean Rabe - The ​Rebellion
Jean ​Rabe returns to the world of Dragonlance with a tale of slavery, rebellion, and the struggle for freedom! When a series of earthquakes strike a Dark Knight mining camp, goblin and hobgoblin slaves take advantage of the bedlam and revolt. A fast and deadly rebellion erupts, pitting the Dark Knights against their slaves... and against the still-rumbling ground. Casualties on both sides climb as a leader emerges among the slave force --Direfang, a hobgoblin foreman with deep scars and a long, brutal history of servitude. He must rally the surviving goblins and hobgoblins and lead them out of Neraka, turning his rag-tag force into an army that will not allow itself to be enslaved again

Jean Rabe - The ​Silver Stair
For ​Goldmoon and her followers, Schallsea Island is a place of bright beginnings. In the shadow of the magical ruin called the Silver Stair, a translucent spiral that leads to visions and revelations, they have started construction on the Citadel of Light. For the first time since the Chaos War, the future looks promising. But two forces challenge Goldmoon's plan to launch a new mystical order on Krynn -- one clad in the plate mail of a Solamnic Knight, the other hidden by mysterious magic and dark shadows. Jean Rabe's novel tells the compelling tale of the struggle to preserve the Silver Stair and to prevent the dream of Schallsea Island from becoming a nightmare.

Jean Rabe - The ​Lake of Death
Dhamon ​Grimwulf, cursed to live as a shadow dragon, yearns for his lost humanity. His quest for its recovery takes him from the depths of the dragon overlord Sable's swamp to the shores of ruined, flooded Qualinost. Along the way, he is reunited with Feril, a Kagonesti druid he once loved fiercely. The search becomes perilous for all involved, and the goal, if attainable, hinges on what lies at the very bottom of the massive, mysterious Lake of Death.

Jean Rabe - Red ​Magic
When ​a powerful and ambitious Red Wizard uses his evil spells to gain control of the country, the Harpers send a magic-wielding council member to Thay to work with their human and centaur agents

Jean Rabe - John Helfers - Utóhatás
_2063. ​A Föld újjászületett, régóta szunnyadó mágikus erőket szabadítva el a bolygón. A megavállalatok irányítják a társadalmat, míg a szervezett bűnözők szindikátusai az alvilágot. A két világ mezsgyéjén élnek az árnyvadászok: vérbeli profik, akik a pénzért és a túlélésért bármire hajlandók._ Betörni egy üvegházba, és növényeket lopni gyerekjátéknak tűnik. A troll Hood és árnyvadász cimborái pedig sosem vetik meg a könnyű gördülékeny megbízatásokat. Balszerencséjükre azonban a kérdéses üvegház a biotechnológiára specializálódott Plantech Corporation tulajdona, a cég pedig szélsőségesen nagy erőkkel védi mintagazdaságát. Miután foggal és körömmel küzdve sikerül elmenekülniük, Hood csapata jogosnak érzi, hogy újratárgyalják a megbízás feltételeit rejtélyes kliensükkel, mielőtt leszállítanák az árut. Ám amikor a tárgyalás helyszínére érnek, csak egy holttest és egy ugrásra kész rendőrosztag vár rájuk. Valaki felültette őket, Hood pedig elhatározza, hogy utánajár, milyen növényeket loptak el _ténylegesen..._

Jean Rabe - John Helfers - Aftershock
The ​troll known as Hood and his fellow Shadowrunners steal some biotechnological agriculture from the Plantech Corporation--only to find themselves framed for murder and tied to an even greater conspiracy.