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Ian Rankin - The naming of the dead
A murder has been committed - but as the victim was a rapist, recently released from prison, no one is too concerned about the crime. That is, until Detective Inspector John Rebus and DS Siobhan Clarke uncover evidence that a serial killer is on the loose... When Rebus also starts looking into the apparent suicide of an MP, he is abruptly warned off the case, not least because the G8 leaders have gathered in Scotland, and Rebus's bosses want him well out of the way.

Ian Rankin - Saints of the Shadow Bible
Rebus and Malcolm Fox go head-to-head when a 30-year-old murder investigation resurfaces, forcing Rebus to confront crimes of the past Rebus is back on the force, albeit with a demotion and a chip on his shoulder. He is investigating a car accident when news arrives that a case from 30 years ago is being reopened. Rebus's team from those days is suspected of helping a murderer escape justice to further their own ends. Malcolm Fox, in what will be his last case as an internal affairs cop, is tasked with finding out the truth. Past and present are about to collide in shocking and murderous fashion. What does Rebus have to hide? And whose side is he really on? His colleagues back then called themselves "The Saints," and swore a bond on something called the Shadow Bible. But times have changed and the crimes of the past may not stay hidden much longer -- and may also play a role in the present, as Scotland gears up for a referendum on independence. Allegiances are being formed, enemies made, and huge questions asked. Who are the saints and who the sinners? And can the one ever become the other?

Ian Rankin - Hurkok ​és keresztek
A ​skóciai Edinburgh hideg és esős városában elrabolnak és brutálisan meggyilkolnak két fiatal lányt. John Rebus nyomozó akaratán kívül keveredik bele a titokzatos fojtogató utáni hajszába, de a sors ennél jóval nagyobb szerepet szán neki… Pedig a lecsúszott nyomozónak van elég gondja: sokat iszik, keveset alszik, a házassága romokban, és mintha ez nem lenne elég, egy nap különös üzenetet kap; gyufából készült kereszteket… Egy mindenre elszánt és bomlott elméjű gyilkos halálos játszmába kezd a nyomozóval, amelyet csak egyikük élhet túl… Ian Rankin világszerte népszerű Rebus-sorozatának első darabja a Nagy-Britanniában igazi ikonná vált nyomozó bemutatkozó esete. A sorozat páratlan sikert ért el, az egyik leghosszabb ideje futó krimiként ismerik rajongói. „Rankin lenyűgöző” – Michael Connelly

Ian Rankin - Verborgene ​Muster
Eine ​Mordserie versetzt Edinburgh in Angst und Schrecken. Umso schlimmer, dass es sich bei den Opfern um junge Mädchen handelt. Lange merkt der mit den Ermittlungen betraute Detective Seargeant John Rebus nicht, dass der Täter längst Kontakt mit ihm aufgenommen hat. Erst spät erkennt er den Zusammenhang zwischen den seltsamen anonymen Briefen, die er bekommen hat, und den Morden. Und dann ist seine Tochter Samantha plötzlich spurlos verschwunden …

Ian Rankin - Rebus: ​The Early Years
KNOTS ​& CROSSES: Two girls have been abducted and brutally murdered. Now a third is missing. Detective Sergeant John Rebus, his own young daughter spirited away south by his disenchanted wife, is one of the policemen hunting the killer. And then the messages begin to arrive: knotted string and matchstick crosses - taunting Rebus with pieces of a puzzle only he can solve HIDE & SEEK: A junkie lies dead in an Edinburgh squat. Just another addict, until Inspector Rebus begins to chip away at the indifference, treachery, deceit and sleaze that lurk behind the façade of the city familiar to tourists. And only Rebus seems to care about a death that looks more like murder every day, a death that appeals to the darkest corners of his mind. TOOTH & NAIL: Drafted down to the Big Smoke thanks to a supposed expertise in the modus operandi of serial killers, Inspector Rebus is on the trail of a man who, due to his penchant for taking a bite from each of his victims, is known as the Wolfman. When Rebus is offered a profile of the Wolfman by an attractive lady psychologist, it seems too good an opportunity to turn down. But in finding an ally, he may have given his enemies an easy means of attack.

Ian Rankin - Las ​sombras del poder
Malcolm ​Fox, agente de Asuntos Internos y Conducta, se encuentra investigando a un policía por presunto abuso de poder cuando se cruza por su camino un caso lejano: la enigmática muerte de un abogado sobre el que recayeronsospechas de colaborar con grupos terroristas. Con Escocia sumida en un momento de inestabilidad que despierta viejos fantasmas, Fox correrá un grave peligro al descubrir hasta qué punto los antaño activistas ocupan hoy influyentespuestos de poder y están dispuestos a todo con tal de mantener enterrado su turbio pasado.

Ian Rankin - Mortal ​Causes
It ​is August in Edinburgh and the Festival is in full swing... A brutally tortured body is discovered in one of the city's ancient subterranean streets and marks on the corpse cause Rebus to suspect the involvement of sectarian activists. The prospect of a terrorist atrocity in a city heaving with tourists is almost unthinkable. When the victim turns out to be the son of a notorious gangster, Rebus realises he is sitting atop a volcano of mayhem - and it's just about to erupt.

Ian Rankin - Mejor ​el diablo
En ​1978 una joven llamada Maria Turquand fue asesinada en una habitación de hotel. Se investigó a los sospechosos, pero el culpable nunca apareció. John Rebus siempre tuvo la sensación de que algún detalle importante sele escapaba a la policía. Ahora ha decidido recuperar el caso y parece que eso aún puede acarrear imprevisibles consecuencias. No es lo único que le preocupa al exinspector Rebus. Darryl Christie, aspirante a controlar lasactividades delictivas en Edimburgo, ha recibido una paliza que lo ha dejado fuera de combate. Todas las miradas recaen sobre un viejo conocido de Rebus: el gánster Big Ger Cafferty, que asegura haberse retirado del negocio.

Ian Rankin - In ​a House of Lies
IN ​A HOUSE OF LIES. .. Everyone has something to hide A missing private investigator is found, locked in a car hidden deep in the woods. Worse still - both for his family and the police - is that his body was in an area that had already been searched. Everyone has secrets Detective Inspector Siobhan Clarke is part of a new inquiry, combing through the mistakes of the original case. There were always suspicions over how the investigation was handled and now - after a decade without answers - it's time for the truth. Nobody is innocent Every officer involved must be questioned, and it seems everyone on the case has something to hide, and everything to lose. But there is one man who knows where the trail may lead - and that it could be the end of him: John Rebus.

Ian Rankin - The ​Black Book
When ​the Central Hotel, a place of decidedly unsavory reputation, burned to the ground in a mysterious fire, the Edinburgh police were unable to disguise their delight. That is, until a body was found in the still-smoldering ashes, charred beyond all identification but with a bullet lodged in its skull. Now it's five years later and Inspector John Rebus is following any leads in a vicious off-duty ambush that has put one of his favorite junior officers into a coma. A cheap black notebook belonging to the wounded policeman contains a cryptic allusion to the almost-forgotten blaze, but crucial pieces of the puzzle obstinately refuse to fall in place. What could young Detective Sergeant Brian Holmes have learned to render him such a threat that he must be silenced at all costs? "The past is important," Rebus hardly needs to remind himself, yet the secrets he persists in uncovering are buried in layer upon layer of sordid and evil lies.

Ian Rankin - Muerte ​helada
Pocos ​inviernos en Edimburgo han sido tan largos y fríos como este. Pero la temperatura no es lo único que deja helado al inspector John Rebus. De la nada, surgen una serie de extrañas incógnitas para las que Rebus noencuentra respuesta y todas ellas conducen a las altas esferas políticas de la ciudad y del país. Esta vez, el pesimismo teñido de sarcasmo del inspector Rebus puede estar más justificado que nunca. Esta vez, los culpables puedenencontrarse fuera del alcance de la justicia.

Ian Rankin - The ​Flood
Mary ​Miller had always been an outcast. As a child, fell into the hot burn - a torrent of warm chemical run-off from the local coal mine - and her hair turned white. Initially she was treated with sympathy, but all that changed a few days later when the young man who pushed her in died in an accident. Now, many years later, Mary is a single mother caught up in a faltering affair. Her son, Sandy, has fallen in love with a strange homeless girl - and both mother and son are forced to come to terms with a dark secret from Mary's past.

Ian Rankin - Watchman
Miles ​Flint has been a successful middle manager in the shadowy ranks of British intelligence until recent mistakes, including a botched surveillance of an Arab assassin, put his career and reputation in jeopardy. Suspecting that the killer evaded him because of a tip from one of his own, Miles launches his own mole hunt, casting himself in a role that's uncomfortably active for him—especially as his search leads back to his wife, Sheila. And Miles's doings seemingly strike a nerve within the organization, getting him dispatched on a perilous IRA bombing-related mission.

Ian Rankin - Let ​it Bleed
Struggling ​through another Edinburgh winter Rebus finds himself sucked into a web of intrigue that throws up more questions than answers. Was the Lord Provost's daughter kidnapped or just another runaway? Why is a city councillor shredding documents that should have been waste paper years ago? And why on earth is Rebus invited to a clay pigeon shoot at the home of the Scottish Office's Permanent Secretary? Sucked into the machine that is modern Scotland, Rebus confronts the fact that some of his enemies may be beyond justice...

Ian Rankin - Sötét ​jelen
John ​Rebus felügyelő ezúttal egyszerre négy különböző üggyel zsonglőrködik. Az egyik shetlandi olajfúrótorony munkása, Allan Mitchison gyanús körülmények között meghal Edinburghban. A szálak Glasgow-n keresztül Aberdeenbe és onnan - természetesen - az olajiparhoz, a fúrótornyok különös, törvényen kívüli világába vezetnek. A nyomozás során Rebus megismerkedik a glasgow-i alvilág hírhedt keresztapjával, Joe bácsival, és hamarosan világossá válik előtte, hogy az aberdeeni droghálózatot valahonnan kívülről, talán éppen Glasgowból működtetik... Mindeközben hatalmas erővel folyik a nyomozás a Bibliás Johnny-ügyben: egy rettegett kéjgyilkos már három fiatal nőt gyilkolt meg. Ebben a nyomozásban ugyan Rebus hivatalosan nem vesz részt, ám mégis igen élénken foglalkoztatja az ügy, ugyanis éppen akkor került a testület kötelékébe, vagy negyedszázaddal korábban, amikor Bibliás John, a mostani sorozatgyilkos "spirituális édesapja" tartotta rettegésben Skóciát. Rebus nem tud szabadulni attól az érzéstől, hogy Bibliás John megint ott ólálkodik a közelben: az sem kizárt, hogy "újjászületett", és valójában ő a felelős az áldozatok haláláért, ám sokkal valószínűbb, hogy - a rendőrséghez hasonlóan - ő is Bibliás Johnnyra vadászik, mert az "utód" megjelenése felbosszantotta, és nem tűrheti, hogy valaki elbitorolja tőle a dicsőséget... És ha még mindez nem lenne elég, a múlt árnyai minden eddiginél fenyegetőbben és valóságosabban jelennek meg a felügyelő életében: egy régi, már jó ideje lezárt, ám annál ellentmondásosabb ügy, amiben annak idején Rebus is tevékenyen részt vett, ismét felkelti a média érdeklődését, aminek hatására a sajtótól rettegő rendőrségi vezetők belső vizsgálatot rendelnek el. Amit éppen az a rendőrtiszt vezet, akit Rebus azzal vádolt meg korábban, hogy glasgow-i maffia fizetett embere...

Ian Rankin - The ​Hanging Garden
Detective ​Inspector Rebus is buried under a pile of paperwork generated by his investigations into a suspected war criminal. But an escalating dispute between the upstart Tommy Telford and Big Ger Cafferty's gang gives Rebus an escape clause. Telford is known to have close links with a Newcastle gangster nicknamed Mr Pink Eyes - a Chechen bringing refugees into Britain as prostitutes. When Rebus takes under his wing a distraught Bosnian call girl, it gives him a personal reason to make sure Telford takes the high road back to Paisley and pronto. Then Rebus's daughter is the victim of an all too professional hit-and-run and Rebus knows that now there is nothing he wouldn't do to bring down prime suspect Tommy Telford - even if it means cutting a deal with the devil.

Ian Rankin - Exit ​Music
Forced ​to retire by both the law and his relieved superiors, Detective Inspector John Rebus knows that his time in the blue ranks must now come to an end. But how will he deal with this grim terminus?

Ian Rankin - Witch ​Hunt
Interpol ​have tried and failed to find the terrorist, Witch. Now the combined forces of Scotland Yard and MI5 must try the impossible to prevent a major international incident. Dominic Elder carries her autograph wherever he goes. Witch is his passion, his obsession. And being retired is no bar to his willingness to restart the hunt. MI5 know that the man who wrote the Witch file is the key to catching their quarry. But the truth isn't easy to spot. And it is only when an MI5 novice and his French counterpart piece together the smallest of clues, that Witch suddenly looks vulnerable...

Ian Rankin - Tooth ​and Nail
They ​call him the Wolfman - because he takes a bite out of his victims and because they found the first victim in the East End's lonely Wolf Street. Scotland Yard are anxious to find the killer and Inspector Rebus is drafted in to help. But his Scotland Yard opposite number, George Flight, isn't happy at yet more interference, and Rebus finds himself dealing with racial prejudice as well as the predations of a violent maniac. When Rebus is offered a serial killer profile of the Wolfman by an attractive female psychologist, it's too good an opportunity to miss. But in finding an ally, he may have given his enemies an easy means of attack.

Ian Rankin - The ​Falls
A ​student has gone missing in Edinburgh. She's not just any student, though, but the daughter of well-to-do and influential bankers. There's almost nothing to go on until DI John Rebus gets an unmistakable gut feeling that there's more to this than just another runaway spaced out on unaccustomed freedom. Two leads emerge: a carved wooden doll in a toy coffin, found in the student's home village, and an internet role-playing game. The ancient and the modern, brought together by uncomfortable circumstance...

Ian Rankin - So ​soll er sterben
In ​einer heruntergekommenen Sozialsiedlung wird ein Asylant tot aufgefunden. Ein Verbrechen aus rassistischen Motiven? Rebus findet bald Hinweise, dass die Täter eher in der Unterwelt von Edinburgh zu suchen sind, wo mit modernem Sklavenhandel viel Geld verdient wird. Auch im Fall eines vermissten Mädchens laufen alle Fäden im Rotlichtbezirk der Stadt zusammen. Nur die zwei Skelette, die man in einem Keller entdeckt, scheinen nicht ins Bild zu passen – zumindest nicht auf den ersten Blick.

Ian Rankin - Black ​and Blue
Bible ​John killed three women, and took three souvenirs. Johnny Bible killed to steal his namesake's glory. Oilman Allan Mitchelson died for his principles. And convict Lenny Spaven died just to prove a point. "Bible John" terrorized Glasgow in the sixties and seventies, murdering three women he met in a local ballroom--and he was never caught. Now a copycat is at work. Nicknamed "Bible Johnny" by the media, he is a new menace with violent ambitions. The Bible Johnny case would be perfect for Inspector John Rebus, but after a run-in with a crooked senior officer, he's been shunted aside to one of Edinburgh's toughest suburbs, where he investigates the murder of an off-duty oilman. His investigation takes him north to the oil rigs of Aberdeen, where he meets the Bible Johnny media circus head-on. Suddenly caught in the glare of the television cameras and in the middle of more than one investigation, Rebus must proceed wiht caution: One mistake could mean an unpleasant and not particularly speedy death, or, worse still, losing his job.

Ian Rankin - Hide ​and Seek
A ​junkie lies dead in an Edinburgh squat spreadeagled, cross-like on the floor, between two burned-down candles, a five-pointed star daubed on the wall above. Just another dead addict, until John Rebus begins to chip away at the indifference, treachery, deceit and sleaze that lurks beneath the façade of the Edinburgh familiar to the tourists. Only Rebus seems to care about a death which looks more like a murder every day, about a seductive danger he can almost taste, appealing to the darkest corners of his mind.

Ian Rankin - Dark ​Entries
Occult ​detective John Constantine has seen his share of strange things in his career, but nothing could prepare him for the horrors of…reality television. "Haunted Mansion" is currently the hottest show on tv, but when the macabre house actually starts attacking the contestants, Constantine is hired to be the ultimate mole. Locked inside with a cast of wannabe-celebrities, his every move being monitored by a deadly figure from his past, Constantine must figure out who (or what) is pulling the strings before he gets cancelled—permanently. DARK ENTRIES is a classic locked-room mystery starring HELLBLAZER's John Constantine from Ian Rankin, the #1 international best-selling crime writer best known for his "Inspector Rebus" novels. Rankin has won numerous awards, including the Edgar Award in 2004 and is joined in this graphic novel by Italian artist Werther Dell'Edera, the illustrator of a number of American comics – most notably Vertigo's LOVELESS.

Ian Rankin - Blood ​Hunt
It ​begins with a phone call. Gordon Reeve's brother has been found dead in his car in San Diego - the car was locked from the inside, a gun in his hand. In the US to identify the body Gordon comes to realise that his brother has in fact been murdered. What's more, it is soon obvious that his own life is in danger. Once back in Scotland he finds out that there have been more visitors than usual to his house and his home has been bugged by professionals. But Reeve is a professional too. Ex-SAS, he was half of a two-man unit with someone he came to fear, then to hate. It looks like his Nemesis is back. The horror has just begun . . .

Ian Rankin - Eindeutig ​Mord
„Das ​war eindeutig Mord“, erkennt der Fachmann – und das gleich in mehreren Fällen. John Rebus, der eigenwillige Detective aus Edinburgh, durchstreift die dunklen Gassen seiner Heimstadt auf der Suche nach Motiven, Tätern und verborgenen Indizien. Egal, ob ein Student erhängt an einem Galgen gefunden wird, ob es um einen Geist geht oder ein vermeintliches Attentat: Detecive Rebus kommt der Wahrheit mit Geduld und Sturheit auf die Spur …

Ian Rankin - Rebus's ​Scotland
In ​REBUS'S SCOTLAND Ian Rankin uncovers the Scotland that the tourist never sees, highlighting the places that inspired the settings for the Inspector Rebus novels. Rankin also reveals the story of Rebus and how he came into being, who he is, and what his - and Rankin's - Scotland is like. With over 100 evocative photographs, specially commissioned to reflect the text, REBUS'S SCOTLAND is the perfect gift for anyone interested in Scotland or in the novels of Ian Rankin.

Ian Rankin - Der ​Mackenzie Coup
Der ​smarte Enddreißiger Mike Mackenzie langweilt sich. Als Software-Designer hat er ein Vermögen verdient, doch leider kann ihn keines seiner kostspieligen Hobbys dauerhaft bei Laune halten. Zerstreuung findet er allein in der Welt der Kunst. Wenn man sich allerdings fast jedes Werk problemlos leisten kann, verliert das Sammeln rasch seinen Reiz – es sei denn, man wechselt die Seiten. Und so entsteht der Plan, die National Gallery in Edinburgh am Tag der offenen Tür um einige ihrer wertvollsten Gemälde zu erleichtern ...

Ian Rankin - Knots ​& Crosses
The ​very first Rebus novel from the No.1 bestselling author. 'And in Edinburgh of all places. I mean, you never think of that sort of thing happening in Edinburgh, do you... ' 'That sort of thing' is the brutal abduction and murder of two young girls. And now a third is missing, presumably gone to the same sad end. Detective Sergeant John Rebus, smoking and drinking too much, his own young daughter spirited away south by his disenchanted wife, is one of many policemen hunting the killer. And then the messages begin to arrive: knotted string and matchstick crosses - taunting Rebus with pieces of a puzzle only he can solve.

Ian Rankin - Doors ​Open
For ​the right man, all doors are open... Mike Mackenzie is a self-made man with too much time on his hands and a bit of the devil in his soul. He is looking for something to liven up the days and perhaps give new meaning to his existence. A chance encounter at an art auction offers him the opportunity to do just that as he settles on a plot to commit a 'perfect crime'. He intends to rip-off one of the most high-profile targets in the capital - the National Gallery of Scotland. So, together with two close friends from the art world, he devises a plan to a lift some of the most valuable artwork around. But of course, the real trick is to rob the place for all its worth whilst persuading the world that no crime was ever committed. But soon after he enters the dark waters of the criminal underworld he realises that it's very easy to drown...

Ian Rankin - A ​Question of Blood
Two ​seventeen-year-olds are killed by an ex-Army loner who has gone off the rails. The mystery takes Rebus into the heart of a shattered community. Ex-Army himself, Rebus becomes fascinated by the killer, and finds he is not alone. Army investigators are on the scene, and won't be shaken off. The killer had friends and enemies to spare and left behind a legacy of secrets and lies. Rebus has more than his share of personal problems, too. He's fresh out of hospital, but won't say how it happened. Could there be a connection with a house-fire and the unfortunate death of a petty criminal who had been harassing Rebus's colleague Siobhan Clarke?

Ian Rankin - Resurrection ​Men
Rebus ​is off the case literally. A few days into a murder inquiry following the brutal death of an Edinburgh art dealer, Rebus blows up at DCS Gill Templer. He is sent to the Scottish Police College for 'retraining' in other words, he's in the Last Chance Saloon. Rebus is given an old, unsolved case to work on, in order to teach him and others the merits of teamwork. But there are those in the team who have their own secrets and they'll stop at nothing to protect them. As if this wasn't enough, Rebus is asked to act as a go between for gangster 'Big Ger' Cafferty. And as newly promoted DS Siobhan Clarke works the case of the murdered art dealer, she is brought closer to Cafferty than she could ever have anticipated ...